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co-host names are Dennis Bagley II and Peggy Rew

co-host names are Dennis Bagley II and Peggy Rew


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co-host names are Dennis Bagley II and Peggy Rew




Police - 041 Police - 041

Every town or city, every state, even every country has some form of law enforcement. It’s a tough job and the fact that while people are running away from the situation, these fine men and women are running towards it.


Sparks of Interest Unplugged - Bonus

In this special episode, Jeff opens up the flood gates and let’s the team go unplugged and censor free. In the last two years, the team has had a lot to say and a lot of it can’t be aired… or at least shouldn’t. So in this bonus episode, we let our hair down and share our thoughts. There is a lot of swearing and you learn just how un-classy we can be. Listener Discretion is advised as this episode’s content is not suitable for all listeners.


Announcement from Sparks of Interest

We're taking a short break with the end of the 2019 now passing us by. Please stay tuned because we will have a special unplugged episode out this January. Listener Discretion will be advised though since it will contain swearing and strong opinionated facts.


Decade in Reflection - 040

Season 2 has come to a close. Of course so has the 2019 year and the entire decade! So with so much ending the team at Sparks of Interest decided to do a reflection on a lot of things that have happened. There is also a little bit of foreshadowing on what to expect in the coming season 3!


Colleges - 039

Reno is proud to be a college town and are proud of being the home of the University of Nevada, Reno. You might be thinking about going to college in your home state or elsewhere. Or you may be deciding not to. Regardless, if college was or is on your mind, join us as we talk about our opinions on going to college.


Arts - 038

Reno is Art Town! We are proud of all artists here and with such a diverse community of art, we wanted to share some of what we see here and everywhere else with you! We look at local artists and local events, then get into things that we see all over the place.


Libraries - 037

Some say that reading is becoming a lost art. More so, they say that libraries are a thing of the past now that we have the internet. Jeff, Dennis, and Peggy feel differently and will explain why. From Sparks, Nevada to around the world, libraries are still important to our society.


Veterans - 036

The team decided to do an episode on veterans even though it isn’t released on Veteran’s Day because they felt you don’t need just one day to appreciate the fine men and women who have served our country.


Understanding Trusts - 035

Do you understand what a Trust is? Can you tell the difference between a will and a trust? Well we sure couldn’t so we decided to bring in an expert. Cindy Armentrout Esq. joined the team in this episode to educate us and you on what a trust is as well as answer some commonly asked questions and myths.


Vision Zero - 034

There is a goal in our community to start reducing fatalities to a rate of zero. How are we going to do that? How can your community do that? In this episode Jeff, Dennis, and Peggy introduce to you a program that the City of Sparks is getting involved in called Vision Zero. Learn how it can help us and help you too!


A Millennial Recession - 033

Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, and Millennials. Three generations and three levels of understanding in finances. But as we hear news about a new recession, do you know what that means? And do you know how to prepare your investments? We cover a lot of it in this episode so if Finances spark your interest but you don’t know what it is, then this episode will benefit you in some way.


Parks and Recs - 032

Does your community have a Parks and Recs program? Jeff, Dennis, and Peggy decided to talk about the Parks and Recs program in the City of Sparks and want to share with you some of the things that you could benefit if you had something similar in your are


Smart Homes and Devices - 031

Jeff and Dennis get to dive into the abuse with modern smart technology. Joined by a very special guest, this episode will either educate you on smart homes and devices or only just make you want them less.


Heroes - 030

Do you have a hero in your life? What even defines a hero? The trio share their personal thoughts on the topic of heroes in one’s life and how to even recognize a real hero.


Life Hacks - 029

We’ve all done it, worked harder not smarter. So when it’s time to make your life a little easier, we try to hack it. Some things work great, others are just horrible ideas. Jeff, Dennis, and Peggy talk about just that. Listen in and let our life hacks change your life!


Support Local - 028

Do you support local businesses in your area? The Sparks of Interest Team sure does! Jeff, Dennis, and Peggy team up once again but along with special guest Dave Asher head of Buy Nevada First. Listen in and see why buying local is so important to where you live.


What you'll find in our town - 027

We talked about food in the Reno/Sparks area, but now it’s time to entice you, the listener, to check out some of the other fun stuff in our area when you aren’t eating. Fun for all ages can be found here and we highlight some places we feel you should check out!


Food Trucks and Eateries - 026

Are you hungry? We dive into the best topic that sparked our interest. Food Trucks and some, just some, of our favorite restaurants. So if you aren’t a local to the Reno/Sparks area, you will need to listen to this episode before you come and visit! Or else, you’ll go hungry.area, you will need to listen to this episode before you come and visit! Or


Ghosts of Interest - 025

To celebrate our 25th episode we invited the hosts from the podcast, "Ghosts, or Whatever" to join us! Join Jeff, Dennis, and Peggy as we dive into what makes Ghosts, or Whatever tick. Ghosts, or Whatever is hosted by Cassandra, Charlie, and Brodie. We hope you enjoy! The hosts of Ghosts, or Whatever are: You can find them on Facebook and find other links on how to find them:


Adopting Children - 024

There are 50,000 children yearly who are adopted but there are more than that who need a family. This episode centers on Jeff, Dennis, and Peggy learning about adopting a child and what you can expect if you want to adopt yourself.