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A straightforward look at the day's top news in 20 minutes. Powered by ABC News. Hosted by Brad Mielke.

A straightforward look at the day's top news in 20 minutes. Powered by ABC News. Hosted by Brad Mielke.


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ABC News (US)


A straightforward look at the day's top news in 20 minutes. Powered by ABC News. Hosted by Brad Mielke.




The Secret Life of Spam Calls

In a special Black Friday episode, "Start Here" explores why spam calls and texts have exploded despite government restrictions.


The Gassed & The Furious

In a bid to lower gas prices, President Biden will tap the nation's strategic oil reserves. Organizers of an infamous Charlottesville, Virginia protest are found liable in a civil trial. And Ethiopia teeters toward outright disaster as the country's prime minister announces he'll join the fight against rebels himself.


Christmas Fear: How a Parade Turned Deadly

Police reveal new allegations surrounding a deadly Wisconsin crash. The jury prepares to deliberate over the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. And election workers weigh whether to quit after a rash of death threats.


A Christmas Horror Story

A Christmas parade in Wisconsin turns terrifying and deadly. The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict sends a message about the U.S. justice system. Americans rush to get COVID-19 vaccine boosters ahead of the holidays. And a missing Chinese tennis star resurfaces.


Introducing 'Man in the Arena' from ESPN

Whether you love him or hate him or are somehow completely indifferent, you’ve probably spent at least some of the last 20 years thinking about Tom Brady. Brady has altered friendships, families and communities. He’s changed the trajectory of careers and reputations, enabled fairy tale dreams to be both realized and dashed. 'Man In the Arena' is a new 10-part series from ESPN and Religion of Sports that looks at those two decades of Brady through the eyes of the fans and the haters, those in...


Pete Buttigieg’s Trillion Dollar Road Trip

With a trillion dollars of infrastructure money waiting to be spent, Brad interviews Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. The CDC prepares to greenlight "boosters for all." And Diane Sawyer gets an exclusive interview with two of the "Turpin Children" who managed to flee their abusive parents.


Malcolm Ex-onerated

Half a century after Malcolm X was assassinated, the men convicted as accomplices are about to be cleared. In an exclusive interview, George Stephanopoulos asks Vice President Kamala Harris how the White House will keep inflation under control. And a new report shows more Americans overdosed on drugs during the pandemic than ever before.


Dopesick: What Purdue Pharma Knew About Opioids

In a special edition of "Start Here," Brad interviews Danny Strong, the creator of the Hulu show "Dopesick," along with former U.S. Attorney John Brownlee, about the explosion of OxyContin that resulted in millions of addicted Americans.


OSHA’s Twelve: Biden's Mandate Lottery

A growing number of lawsuits against the Biden administration's workplace COVID mandate has resulted in federal courts holding a "lottery" to offer a ruling. The prosecution rests in trial for the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery. And American officials are outraged after "space debris" from a Russian laser endangered astronauts.


Kenosha Braces, Again

The jury gets the case in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. As COVID cases rise, states are encouraging residents to celebrate Thanksgiving together...but to get a booster shot beforehand if possible. And new "anti-division laws," meant to sideline uncomfortable racial conversations, are resulting in nervous teachers.


BIF Is Popular. Biden’s Not.

President Biden prepares to sign his signature piece of legislation. An ally of former President Trump is indicted for his refusal to answer congressional questions. And a conflict on the border of Belarus escalates, with thousands of migrants' lives on the line.


January Nix: The House’s Subpoena Problem

Ahead of today's deadline, a judge delays Congress from getting key documents in its investigation into January 6th. Russian troops piled up on the Ukrainian border stoke fears of another invasion. And Britney Spears prepares for what could be the end of her conservatorship.


Kyle Rittenhouse Takes the Stand

In dramatic testimony, the man who killed two people during Kenosha protests breaks down on the stand. Colorado hospitals go into emergency mode as COVID cases surge. And a new study could pave the way to psychedelics being used to treat depression.


Overdosed, Then Overruled

Oklahoma's Supreme Court overturns a landmark ruling that declared Johnson & Johnson liable for opioid deaths. Amazon and other companies scramble for seasonal employees. And a California woman alleges her fertility clinic implanted the embryo of the wrong baby in her womb.


A New Type of “Rage” for Travis Scott

Lawsuits are being leveled and the FBI is involved after a Houston music festival ends in tragedy. A man shot by Kyle Rittenhouse testifies in a Kenosha murder trial. And an Alaska community debates whether to increase logging in America's largest rainforest.


A Big BIF’ing Deal

After a whirlwind of deal-making, President Biden prepares to sign a massive infrastructure bill. Eight Texas concertgoers die amid crushing crowds. And terrorists target the Iraqi prime minister using armed drones.



The Ahmaud Arbery murder case gets underway with an overwhelmingly white jury. Gas prices hit a peak. And Brad hits the water to learn how to mitigate escalating flood disasters.


The Right to Rare Arms

The Supreme Court appears likely to expand who can carry a concealed weapon. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy narrowly escapes an upset, but it's not making Democrats confident about chances in the midterms. And the Biden administration gets ready to implement strict rules for businesses on COVID mandates.


Virginia Victory for the GOP

Republican Glenn Youngkin outperforms expectations in the Virginia governor's race. The CDC recommends a COVID vaccine for children as young as five. And as leaders strike a climate agreement, India grapples with its soaring coal needs.


The Climate Famine

David Muir travels to witness a famine induced by climate change. The Supreme Court hears a fast-tracked case on Texas abortions. And Virginia voters head to the polls for what could be a bellwether election.