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Allen Edwards discusses slanted media, one-sided politicians and what they’re doing to this country. A view from a centrist. A true moderate tired of both radical left and right. It’s a new, refreshing kind of show that reveals what’s really going on with the political structure in America.


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Allen Edwards discusses slanted media, one-sided politicians and what they’re doing to this country. A view from a centrist. A true moderate tired of both radical left and right. It’s a new, refreshing kind of show that reveals what’s really going on with the political structure in America.








The 'Stop Trump Summit' is taking action to save our country

How did we get here? This is among the questions asked to the excellent panel of historians at TNR’s Stop Trump Summit this past October at the Cooper Union. Ruth Ben-Ghiat of NYU, Nell Irvin Painter of Princeton, and David Greenberg of Columbia have all published many scholarly works on American and/or world history. This event was huge. They had an impressive range of speakers and panelists who either are working hard to do what the title of the event says—stop Trump—or have particular expertise to lend to the proceedings. Mary Trump, Jamie Raskin, Stuart Stevens, Al Sharpton, Randi Weingarten, and so many more. Panels covered the legal cases against Trump, the role of the media in the election, the No Labels effort, and more. This is just another example of people (serious people) coming together to stop a madman from taking control of our democracy.


”Second Amendment” Surpasses “Thoughts & Prayers”

In 2020, firearms overtook car accidents as the primary cause of death for children and teenagers in the United States. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Wonder database, firearms were responsible for almost 19% of childhood deaths (ages 1-18) in 2021, resulting in the tragic loss of nearly 3,600 young lives. This equates to approximately five children per 100,000 children in the United States. Remarkably, no other comparable country lists firearms among the top four causes of child mortality, as per an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF). The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on child and adolescent mortality, primarily due to fatal injuries, as indicated by a recent study published in JAMA. In 2020, firearms played a substantial role in the overall increase in mortality, accounting for nearly half of the surge. In this latest radio show segment, listen to a radical gun owner explain his outlandish claim that the more guns we have in this country, the more lives are saved.


Marjorie Taylor Greene Raises Millions By Being OUTRAGEOUS

In the current political landscape, it is no secret that the most effective way to secure funds for one's campaign is to adopt a highly controversial stance. The individuals who make the most noise tend to attract substantial financial support from both the radical left and the radical right. Prominent figures such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jim Jordan have grasped the dynamics of modern fundraising. They have become adept campaign fundraisers by capitalizing on the concept that more exposure on television equates to more financial backing. This trend is rapidly spreading to other politicians who are keen to emulate the success of these seasoned campaigners. The prevailing strategy seems to prioritize generating a significant buzz through being vociferous, contentious, and confrontational, often overshadowing the objective of effectively governing and legislating. Marjorie Taylor Greene, in particular, has mastered the art of being loud, obnoxious, and provocative, thereby maximizing her fundraising potential. Her approach is to seize any opportunity to make audacious statements, promptly dispatching texts and emails to her supporters with headlines that read, "Look At What I Did For You." The pivotal question that arises is: Who are the contributors supporting this seemingly outlandish conduct? It is the radical elements on both the right and the left ends of the political spectrum who are the primary patrons of this political theater. These individuals, often immersed in ideologically driven media, are eager to allocate their hard-earned funds to sustain this spectacle, perpetuating a cycle where controversial rhetoric is rewarded with financial reinforcement.


4 SHOCKING INTERVIEWS: MAGA Cult Becoming More Radical

It's now come to where Donny's followers no believe ANYTHING other than what he tells them. For those that don't believe this is not a cult, take the time to watch these four interviews. These people represent a large portion of the Trump base. They worship him like he's the second coming. We've heard all that before but the problem now is they all refuse to believe reality. They have created their own universe where the only truth lies with their cult leader. You'll hear the same narrative with all these separate interviews. Each person basically says the same thing. They refuse to believe the truth. They worship Donald Trump. The believe that the truth lies with Trump himself. AND, Trump can do and say whatever he wants and they will support him to the end.


Xi Jinping Is Done With the Established World Order

While America is trying to get their act together. While infighting continues and the country has never been so divided, China's President Xi is ready to pounce calling for a 'new world order.' Russia's leader Putin is all for it! Abandoning the summit represents a significant shift in China's foreign policy. In recent years, President Xi seemed determined to position China as a Western alternative. However, he is now strategically repositioning his nation as a direct adversary, prepared to forge a bloc that counters the United States, its allies, and the international institutions they uphold.


Trump: "The Judge Is Holding Me Here! Send Me Money!"

ALL of Donald Trump's cult believe everything he says. He has free rein to do and say whatever he wants because his followers will believe and support him no matter what. This freedom allows him to be as outrageous and radical as he wants. He can lie about anything and still get the full support of his cult. That's the playbook of a dictator and a cult leader. So for those that don't believe they are supporting a wannabe dictator / cult leader; take a close look at this man's lies and actions.


Dear McCarthy: Please Stop Blaming Dems For YOUR Mess.

Kevin McCarthy continues to repeat the same fake narrative that the GOP speaker mess is the Democrats fault. Here's proof it's all Kevin's fault. Many members in his own party state that McCarthy needs to own 100% of this disaster. He keeps blaming Democrats.


Stuck In The Middle Radio Show

The full radio show from last week's headlines. All segments from the news stories of what's going on in this wacky wide world of ours.


I Asked For Feedback Phone Calls: I Got 'Em

Our feedback line is for those to let me know what they think. In today's environment, I don't think it's a good idea to open the lines to radical right and left crackpots.


Cause Drama Make Money: The Formula of Politics

It's no secret that the more drama you create, the more money you raise. That's the recipe to being a successful politician. That's why Marjorie Taylor Greene makes the most money. Gaetz wants in on that deal.


Did Matt Gaetz Oust McCarthy for Personal Reasons? Yes

Contrary to the idea that Matt Gaetz voted to get McCarthy removed was "for the good of the country"; this was done for personal reasons. Let's discuss.


I'm Puzzled Why Everyday Americans Are Supporting Trump

I understand why the radical right follows Trump. I understand why "the poorly educated" (as Trump puts it) follows him. What I don't understand is why everyday hard-working Americans continue to follow this guy. I got some great answers from Hillary.


Let's Stop With The "United" Title . . . That's Long Gone

We're at a boiling point because of the out of control tribalism. You're either with us or you are a traitor. How has this gotten so bad? What can we do to get together again? Let's discuss.


Republicans Blame Dems For McCarthy Ousting

One thing that Republicans are good at is setting a narrative that sticks with their base. That's not hard to do because their base believes anything that's on Fox News. So they said it's Dem's fault for the removal of McCarthy. It worked! The base believed it!


An Introduction to Stuck In The Middle

Allen has worked in radio for over 30 years. He currently is the news anchor for Dailycast Radio News. Dailycast News is a national unbiased radio newscast that provides headlines with no left or right slant, aired on over 200 radio stations worldwide. With his experience of only providing facts and not leaning in any direction, Allen is the perfect host for the new ‘Stuck In The Middle Radio Show.’ As a political moderate, he presents a talk show that targets the silent majority, independents and moderates that are tired of the current radical political scene. His show is a refreshing look at what can be done when people come together to get things done in this country. If you’re tired of the madness and division in this country; this show is for you!