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SOTG 927 - FN Wins New Army Rifle Contract

FN USA of Columbia, South Carolina has won the new US Army Rifle contract according to the Army’s Contracting Command. The new contract is worth $119 million over a five year period. Which rifle will FN be building for the Army and in what caliber? Are you still on the fence about the RCP (Rifle-Caliber Pistol)? During our Brownell’s Bullet Points segment, Professor Paul considers the value of the RCP and addresses two critical components for using the short gun. How important is it to be...


SOTG 926 - Manual Safeties Pro & Cons and Tourniquet Saves

Just how important are manual safeties to defensive shooters? Is there a reason why many self-defense handguns do not have manual safeties but rifles and shotguns do have them? Thank you to our Warrior of the Week for bringing up these questions. We have yet another example of a tourniquet being used to save a life. This incident just happened in Maryland. Tune in to hear what the Physician-in-Chief of a major trauma center has to say about the use of tourniquets by citizens. For many...


SOTG 925 - Cheap Guns, Cheap Radios, and Pew Pew Pt. 2

Are cheap guns worth owning? Can a case be made to purchase an inexpensive gun now versus a more costly gun in the future? How does that thinking apply to other gear; such as handheld radios? Such is the topic for our Brownells Bullet Points segment. During our SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters, we have an example of dangerous on demand done the wrong way. Do the Four Universal Firearms Safety Rules apply during a fight? Before you answer that question, listen to this episode. Our...


SOTG 924 - The Pew Pew Jew and Good Gun Laws?

We are pleased to welcome a special guest and new friend, Yehuda Remer, also known as the Pew Pew Jew, joins to discuss 2nd Amendment rights and the struggle to convince Americans of the Hebrew faith to embrace those rights. Are there good gun laws in the United States? Our Warrior of the Week has a question about what Paul thinks about certain gun laws and if any of them are of value to society. Thanks to SWAT Fuel for their continued support of our weekly question and answer...


SOTG 923 - Red Flag Liar Charged and Anarchy in the UK

The woman who used Colorado’s Red Flag / ERPO law in an attempt to have a police officer’s firearms seized has been charged with lying under oath. An arrest warrant has been issued for Susan Holmes for two separate felony counts. During our Brownell’s Bullet Points segment, Professor Paul has some advice for dedicated gun people. Are you looking for a good deal on guns, ammunition, parts, and accessories? Now is the time. There is more anarchy in the UK. After only 3 years of struggle,...


SOTG 922 - Utah Gun Bills and Good Samaritan

We have a special guest in the studio to discuss Utah Gun Bills being put before the state legislature. Two of the usual suspects are being promoted; ERPO (Red Flag) and Universal Background Check or the end of private property. We also discuss and upcoming rally at the Utah state capitol. Regardless of where you live, you need to listen louder. These types of Anti-Constitution / Right-Killing bills are being put forth in most of the fifty states by the Democrat Socialist Party. Our SWAT...


SOTG 921 - The Virginia Fight and SHOT 2020 Pt. 2

Professor Paul takes a moment to consider the recent and ongoing fight in Virginia. The responsible patriots exercised their inalienable 1st Amendment rights to petition for redress of grievances. Where do we go from here? During our Brownells Bullet Points, we consider a bit of AR-180 history. Then we discuss some options available to the modern gun owner. Are you ready to build your own AR-180 replica? How important is it to be dangerous on demand? One father in New Hampshire learned the...


SOTG 920 - SHOT 2020 and Welcome Baby Ruth

Professor Paul and the Shipping Ogre are back from SHOT 2020 and they have the first part of the round-up from the most recent Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade show held each year in Las Vegas. The Markel family is thrilled to welcome the newest member of our family. Ruth Eliza Markel is our new honey badger, a healthy, strong baby girl. Momma did great and both are well. Zach and Paul came back, not only with more stories to tell and reports to submit, however, with some stuff to...


SOTG 919 - American Patriots are “Mentally Ill”

According to one Virginia State Senator, if you get “emotional” and angry because your Inalienable Rights are threatened, you are mentally ill. This coming from the same politician who referred to “gun guys” as “children”. So much for public servants. During our Brownell’s Bullet Points segment, we consider long-range optics and shooting. Brownells recently introduced their own line of long-distance rifle scopes and they are worth a look if you like to stretch out your shots. For our SOTG...


SOTG 918 - AR Lower is NOT a Firearm

More than one sitting judge has declared that the AR lower is not a firearm as defined by law thus dismissing numerous Federal gun cases against people charged with purchasing lower receivers. What do these decisions potentially mean to the American people? The Legion of Michael Church Security Team training is back. We have new dates for our exclusive distance learning program. Church security is about far more than just having a gun. Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question about...


SOTG 917 - St. Louis Shell Game to Ban Concealed Carry

The Democrat Socialist Mayor of St. Louis is playing a dangerous game with the lives of the people. Through a sleight of hand trick, the Mayor and her Aldermen have “reclassified” city parks, athletic fields, and recreation facilities to buck state law and make them “gun-free zones”. During our Brownell’s Bullet Points segment, Professor Pau has a question for you all. When it comes to being a better-trained marksman, what is more important; ammo or accessories. Hold your answers until you...


SOTG 916 - What is the Purpose of Fighting?

What is the “Gray Man” concept and how is it applied? Professor Paul will consider the use of the gray man strategy as a defensive technique and whether or not it applies to winning the fight. Do you understand the true purpose of fighting? We share a tremendously valuable and important quote from John Steinbeck regarding the differences between offense and defense. This goes right along with our discussion of the importance of a fighting mindset. Paul and Jarrad remind you about how you...


SOTG 915 - Iran Reality Check and Tactical Skill Set

When did Iran become a problem to the Western World? Professor Paul takes the time to break down the modern history of the problems with the terrorist state of Iran. Here’s a hint, the trouble did not start last week. During our Brownells Bullet Points segment, we consider when gun builds go bad. Paul has some advice about how to keep a gun build project from going bad and where to turn should you need advice. Also, we have a SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters. The recent attack in a...


SOTG 914 - Vet Owned Business and the Year for Fighting Back

Paul and Jarrad are excited to announce the SOTG program to reach out to veteran-owned businesses. Student of the Gun has launched a Vet Owned Business Outreach to help them grow and improve their companies. Is this the year that American patriots become fed up and start fighting back? The options seem fairly simple; either fight back against out of control government tyranny or submit and have your rights stripped away one by one. Our Warrior of the Week has a question about the use of an...


SOTG 913 - Why Virginia Matters to Everyone

Why does the current state of Virginia matter to everyone in the United States? It seems blatantly apparent that one political party believes that they can vote away the Constitutional Rights of the people. Forces are aligning in opposition to that erroneous belief. Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question regarding pocket pistols and pepper spray. Should a person choose one over the other? Professor Paul is happy to delve into that subject. This is our last episode of the year...


SOTG 912 - [Best Of] Hockey Player Rewarded with AK-47

Is it too late to apply for a hockey scholarship? One Russian hockey team has added a new incentive and reward. The “Player of the Game” will be awarded a new AK-47 rifle. Now that’s what we’re talking about. Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question about inherited firearms. How can you be sure that an older gun, such as one you might inherit from a relative, is in safe shooting condition? Professor Paul has some advice in that regard. Also, during our Quiet Time Moment from...


SOTG 911 - Georgia Gun Ban and Red Dots on Pistols

Georgia residents, are you ready for your employees to ban your guns? If the liberal fascists get their way that is exactly what will happen. It is time to not be nice. Are red dots on pistols toys or tactical? During our Brownells Bullet Points Professor Paul will consider the use of red dot optics on fighting pistols. Could you benefit from having a red dot on your self-defense, CCW pistol? During our SOTG Homeroom from Crossbreed Holsters, we will once more consider being dangerous on...


SOTG 910 - Talking Lead and Civil Defense

Whose responsibility is Civil Defense? How can you go about ensuring the civil defense of your community, your town, county, etc? During our Quiet Time Moment from, Paul reviews a book that might be a perfect companion to our Patriot Fire Team Manual. We have a special bonus for you all today. Jarrad and Paul were the guests of Lefthand on Talking Lead recently. Zach, the producer ogre, is going to drop some of that interview into this show for you to enjoy. Paul and Zach...


SOTG 909 - Polymer 80 and US Military: World’s Slowest Learners

Is it fair to award the US Military with the “World’s Slowest Learners” Award? Let us take a long look at the history of disarming and distrusting US service members. How many more of your sons and daughters need to be murdered before they are “allowed” to protect themselves? During our Brownells Bullet Points segment, we consider the Brownells Exclusive Polymer80 Glock-like frame. How difficult is it to assemble your own pistol in your workshop or garage? Also, we have a SOTG Homeroom for...


SOTG 908 - The End of the SBR?

Could we possibly see the end of the SBR, or more pointedly, the end of restrictive laws governing the SBR? The answer is “yes” if we can get behind some of our congressmen who have proposed an end to the egregious short-barreled rifle restrictions. Our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week has a question for us regarding selecting an appropriate concealed carry handgun for a small woman. Is .380 acp the answer? Or, is 9mm the way to go? During our Quiet Time Moment from,...