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Respectful, intelligent, and relevant programming from the Pikes Peak region

Respectful, intelligent, and relevant programming from the Pikes Peak region
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Respectful, intelligent, and relevant programming from the Pikes Peak region






Council Matters: Improving City Governance – June 24 2019

Better pay? Larger staff? Separate utilities board? How can Colorado Springs City Council be improved? Host and city councilor Bill Murray invites guest Bob Cutter back for one more episode, to get down in the weeds on changing the makeup of city council. (Season 3, Episode 3, Recorded 6/7/19)


Town Square: Town Hall with Pete Lee, Tony Exum, Marc Synder – June 6 2019

Legislation that was passed and not passed in Colorado’s 2019 legislative session pack the agenda in this town hall featuring Pete Lee (Senate district 11), Tony Exum, Jr. (House district 17) and Marc Snyder (House district 18). County Commissioner Longinos Gonzalez makes a brief appearance. Special guest, Jena Griswold, gives an energetic talk about the things her office of Secretary of State did for the legislative year. 2019 06 08 Ep29


Council Matters: Alphabet Soup: ADUs, STRs and PlanCOS - June 17 2019

Shall Colorado Springs spin off the various communities that are now in the city into independent cities? Shall businesses build "Communities of Excellence?" What's this about STR's (Short Term Rentals) being reclassified as commercial property? Will accessory dwelling units solve the affordable housing problem? Host and City Councilor Bill Murray welcomes Bob Cutter back to the guest mic, and they come out swinging. (Season 3 Episode 2, Recorded 6/7/19)


Town Square: Jena Griswold CO Secretary of State – June 8 2019

The Omnibus election bill, dark money, voting machines, foreign money in Colorado politics, lobbyists, and more were on the agenda as Jena Griswold, Colorado Secretary of State, spoke on June 8. She was the special guest of Senator Pete Lee and House members Tony Exum and Marc Snyder at their town hall in Colorado Springs. (Episode 29, Recorded 6/8/19)


Council Matters: How’s Our Local Economy Really Doing? – June 10 2019

In Colorado Springs, employment is up, we’re adding jobs, and tax revenue has been rising. But affordable housing and good-paying jobs are scarce, tax increases are still a routine occurrence, and park funding is still not back to pre-recession levels. Bob Cutter joins Council Matters host and City Councilor Bill Murray to take a hard and honest look at Colorado Springs' economy. This episode isn't for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for cheerleading or boosterism, this isn’t the...


Town Square: Gov Polis Town Hall – Colorado Springs May 4 2019

Colorado Governor Jared Polis offers his perspective on the recently concluded legislative session and his first few months in office. He also answers audience questions at this May 4, 2019 town hall co-hosted by the Colorado Springs Independent, Colorado Springs Business Journal, and Southeast Express. Subjects include: A re-insurance bill; full-day kindergarden, bills passed that will improve health care and reduce health care and insurance costs. (Recorded 5/4/19)


Town Square: National Popular Vote

The history of the Electoral College and advantages of a national popular vote for U.S. President and Vice President. The League of Women Voters of the Pikes Peak Region presented this session as part of their annual meeting April 27, 2019. The presenter is Sylvia Bernstein, co-chair of Colorado National Popular Vote. On March 15, 2019 Governor Polis signed the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and officially added Colorado to the growing number of states committing to a National...


SoapBox: Vaccinations – Who Should Decide? – April 29 2019

To immunize or not to immunize? Are concerns about harms from vaccinations valid, or an unfounded conspiracy theory? Should parents have the right to decide whether or not their children are vaccinated? Is the proposed bill in the Colorado legislature a needed regulation or a mistake? Three medical experts and one concerned mother weigh in on Colorado HB19-1312. Kat, Kayla, Patty, and Jennifer are passionate about their positions on this legislation. SoapBox gives the mic to citizens of the...


Council Matters: Old North End – April 22 2019

Traffic, the ONEN, ADU (accessory dwelling units), political candidates, CORA (Colorado Open Records Act requests), communication flow, parking, and other subjects are on the table. We’re back, after a post-election pause. City Councilor Bill Murray hosts (Tom Strand is AWOL for another week) conducts this spirited conversation about neighborhoods with Vic Appugliese of the Old North End. )Episode 115, Recorded 4/19/19)


Town Square: Surprised by Property Value Increase?

Learn how your property tax bill is determined from El Paso County Assessor Steve Schleiker. He explains the 2019 re-appraisal process and how it affects property owners. This town hall was hosted April 2, 2019 by the El Paso County Assessor’s Office and the Council of Neighbors and Organizations. Contact the Assessor’s office with your questions.


Town Square: MeadowGrass Music Festival 2019

Everything you need to know about spending a beautiful Memorial Day weekend listening to amazing music under the sun and stars. Now in its second decade, MeadowGrass is the perfect getaway for families and music lovers. The festival features more than 20 national, regional and local artists, music workshops, yoga, kids’ activities, and camping – all in the Black Forest between Colorado Springs and Denver. MeadowGrass Music Director Steve Harris joins Festival Director Nicole Nicoletta and...


Town Square: Tools for Transparency – Civic Superhero Training

Report a pothole, avoid cone zones, watch a particular agenda item in a city council meeting, see candidates’ campaign finance filings, see where your tax dollars are going. These are just a few of the powers in your hands with the City of Colorado Springs website and COSprings app. Jay Anderson, Open Data and Citizen Engagement Administrator for the City of Colorado Springs, explains how you can use these powers to be a “civic superhero.” This public presentation was hosted March 16, 2019...


Town Square: #23 CC Ice Arena Mtg 3 Q&A – March 23 2019

City for Champions, building materials, neighborhood congruity and existing neighborhood parking challenges are among the topics brought up in the Q&A section of public meeting #3 about the proposed Robson ice arena at Colorado College. (Episode 23, recorded 3/23/19)


Town Square: #22 CC Ice Arena Public Mtg 3 – March 23 2019

Major changes in the planned arena were explained in this third meeting about the Colorado College Robson Ice Arena: a parking garage and parking lot, plus a relocation of the arena and the tennis courts. The meeting also included more discussion of the architecture. Listen to the next episode of Town Square for the Q&A portion of this meeting. (Episode 22, Recorded 3/23/19)


Town Square: #21 Council Candidates Forum – March 21 2019

Growth, marijuana, homelessness, public safety, public transportation and affordable housing are among the topics addressed by the 11 candidates for 3 at-large positions on Colorado Springs City Council. Douglas Sharp and a few friends organized this forum at Cheyenne Mountain Elementary School on March 21. This is a “warts-and-all” recording without the help of microphones and an amplification system. (Episode 22, Recorded March 21, 2019)


Town Square: Collective Bargaining Ballot Issue Forum – March 18 2019

Learn more about Issue 1, Collective Bargaining for All Uniformed Fire Department Employees – the only question on the 2019 Colorado Springs ballot. Speaking for the proponents is John Roy, Deputy Campaign Manager for the Colorado Springs Professional Firefighters. Speaking for the opponents is Mayor John Suthers, representing Citizens Against Public Employee Unions. The forum was held at the Penrose Public Library the evening of March 18, 2019, and was hosted by the League of Women Voters...


Council Matters: No City for Old Men? – March 18 2019

Do we have a battle of the generations heating up? An off-hand remark about Colorado Springs wanting all the millennials we can get has sparked some conversation. Do we not value the oldsters? This episode has something for everyone to get excited about: bike lanes, taxes, traffic, red light cameras, and mentorship. (Episode 114, Recorded 3/8/19)


Town Square: Candidate Forum March 9 2019

Taxes, growth, traffic and collective bargaining for firefighters are among the topics debated by 11 candidates vying for 3 at-large Colorado Springs City Council seats. This forum was held at the Penrose House on March 9, hosted The Gazette, KOAA News 5 and the El Pomar Foundation’s Forum for Civic Advancement. (Episode 19, recorded 3/9/19)


Council Matters: Campaign Forums – March 11 2019

Co-hosts Bill Murray and Tom Strand (who happen to be City Council incumbents running for re-election) discuss the slew of candidate forums. Should they all follow a standard formula? If candidates get questions in advance, should their answers be published? (Episode 113, Recorded 3/8/19)


Town Square: Candidates Debate Environment, Energy, Open Spaces – March 7 2019

Candidates for Colorado Springs City Council debated environmental issues March 7 at Colorado College. Hosted by the Colorado College Collaborative for Community Engagement, the Trails and Open Space Coalition, the Colorado Springs Independent and The Colorado Springs Business Journal. (Episode 18, Recorded 3/7/19)