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Respectful, intelligent, and relevant programming from the Pikes Peak region

Respectful, intelligent, and relevant programming from the Pikes Peak region
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Respectful, intelligent, and relevant programming from the Pikes Peak region






Special: Creekside Camping Ordinance Town Hall

A controversial ordinance prohibiting camping within 100 feet of Colorado Springs creeks is the topic of this June 14, 2018 public town hall. It included a brief presentation, followed by citizen comments, along with some limited dialogue with city councilors, regarding the proposed Creekside Camping Ordinance. At the time of this town hall, the first vote on this ordinance was planned for city council consideration on June 26. Check the council agenda at for...


Outdoors with Hiking Bob Podcast: Luis Benitez, Director, Colo. Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

Bob visits Luis Benitez, the Director of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office, where they discuss his history in outdoor recreation, and his job promoting Colorado to the outdoor recreation industry


Reality check: Smarter Cities Smarter Skills Jun 15 2018

Will Colorado Springs be left behind (they won't be the only ones)over the next couple of decades because of its lack of investment in people and infrastructure? Will the old nostrums of the past fix Colorado Springs' future? Lyn and Gary discuss Smarter Cities and Smarter Skills and point out that Colorado Springs is doing neither. They talk about EdX, an online educational institution: Data Science; Smart road technology; Education (does the K-12 system need to be changed?); Have we raised...


Council Matters: More Homeless & Marijuana Busts - June 18 2018

El Paso county is doing drug busts. Is it all for show? Colorado Springs City Councilors Bill Murray and Tom Strand wonder if these busts are being staged. Why? Plus: The homeless population in the Springs is increasing. And panhandlers are getting younger by the day. Where are they coming from? Not Colorado Springs. Not Denver. Will the city pass a Riparian Ordinance to prevent the homeless from camping near rivers and streams? (Episode 80, Recorded 6/2/18)


In Good Faith - Pets

For most of us, pets are part of the family. Losing a pet comes with sadness and grief. How do we handle our own feelings - and how do we help our children handle theirs? Is it wrong to have a pet funeral? Join Ahriana, David and Nori as they discuss pets, grief, and the importance of ceremony in our healing process. For more information about In Good Faith or to listen to previous podcasts, go to


Outdoors with Hiking Bob Podcast: Preferred footwear; fire danger; summer hiking ; meeting listeners

Bob and co-host Kevin hit on a variety of topics this week!


Council Matters: Collective Bargaining for Firefighters - June 11 2018

Will Tom Strand run for a second term on city council? The firefighters want collective bargaining and a seat at the table. Is that a reasonable request, and who should decide? Colorado Springs City Councilors Bill Murray and Tom Strand tee it up and talk it down the fairway. (Episode 79, recorded 6/2/18)


In Good Faith - Sin and Hell

What were you taught about evil and wrong-doing? Do you ever wonder if you are on the wrong path and destined to spend eternity suffering fire and brimstone? Listen as our panelists share their unique perspectives on Sin and Hell. For more information about In Good Faith or to listen to previous podcasts, go to


Special: Citizens Project Creating Community Breakfast 2018

Dialog Over Diatribe: Hear about the need for and the important community-building accomplishments of Citizens Project in Colorado Springs. Executive Director Deb Walker and Norm Bouchard kick off this 25th anniversary event - with the help of Mark Garner, Yemi Mobolade, Cynthia Nimerichter, Jane Ard-Smith, Joy Garscadden, Rachel Stovall, with vocals by Denise Rosier. Citizens Project works to foster equality, diversity, and separation of church and state. Find out more at...


Special: Hwy 24/ COG railway/traffic impact - May 29 2018

This CDOT-led community discussion for Woodland Park, Manitou, and Chipita Park citizens addressed congestion and traffic problems in their area.


Outdoors with Hiking Bob Podcast: Pike National Forest Ranger Oscar Martinez

Bob talks with Oscar Martinez, Pike National Forest District Ranger. They discuss his career with the U.S. Forest Service, the duties of a district ranger, the challenges of managing a national forest in close proximity to a large city and much, much more.


In Good Faith - Tears and Darkness

Do you ever cry at church? Is it hard to face God because you judge yourself as unworthy? This week our panelists address spirituality, emotion and relating to the Divine and each other. For more information about In Good Faith or to listen to previous podcasts, go to


Mike Johnston Colorado Springs Stump Speech Jun 01 2018

Mike Johnston gives a stump speech to a gathering in Colorado Springs, CO of decided and undecided voters and not so sure. The subjects varied (schools, roads & bridges, the economy and the list goes on) with complete explanations and then he opened it up to a Q&A session. The questions asked were not softballs and Mike answered them honestly and forthrightly. 2018 06 01


Peak Reality Check: Inequality - June 1 2018

Today, Lyn and Gary discuss inequality, the tax bill, robotics, AI, suicide rate among doctors and nurses, economic planning, trade war, tariffs, Canada, Mexico, Wilbur Ross, Steve Mnuchin, a segment called "By the Numbers", global warming, air conditioning, Inauguration protesters, Project Veritas, Katrina Vander Huevel, The Nation Magazine, Paul Ryan, Koch Bros., education, teachers, Working Family Party (WFP), Housing, Parkland students, Rochester, NY, Veterans, Der Spiegel, and the New...


Council Matters: Executive Sessions - June 4 2018

Is Colorado Springs City Council working in secret too often? Councilor Bill Murray thinks so. What are the true legal requirements placed on executive sessions? What subjects really should be discussed behind closed doors? City Councilor Tom Strand has a different take than Murray on the subject. (Episode 78, recorded 5/18/18)


Town Square: Bike Month is Here

June is a great month to get on your bike in Colorado Springs. This episode has the details on the many fun bicycling events in Colorado Springs during Colorado Bike Month in June, 2018. City Councilor and bicycling advocate Jill Gaebler guest hosts with Dave Gardner. They’re joined by Allen Beauchamp of Bike Colorado Springs and Eileen Healy of the Trails and Open Space Coalition. Includes details of: Mayors Ride, Starlight Spectacular, PikeRide, and Bike to Work Day. Bike Colorado Springs...


Outdoors with Hiking Bob: Climbing a 14er; hiking in Mesa Verde NP; National Trails Day

Bob and co-host Kevin talk about Kevin's recent climb up Colorado's Mt Elbert; Bob's recent trip to Mesa Verde National Park and Colorado's Mancos State Park; Clothes that repel ticks, and more


In Good Faith - Asking Hard Questions

Wanting to engage in interfaith dialogue is not the same as doing it. Sometimes it’s difficult to ask the hard questions - especially the ones that spotlight our differences. On this week’s show, our panelists give helpful guidance for those interested in holding deeper, more meaningful conversations. For more information about In Good Faith or to listen to previous podcasts, go to


Council Matters: Watering Our Parks - May 28 2018

Colorado Springs’ parks department can’t afford to water our trees and park grass adequately. Should Colorado Springs Utilities provide free or discounted water to keep the parks alive and well? Do we have a water surplus? City Councilors Tom Strand and Bill Murray discuss the issue and possible solutions. Note: shortly after this episode was recorded, the city council voted to have Colorado Springs Utilities cover some of the cost of watering parks. (Episode 77, recorded 5/18/18)


Reality Check: Another Potpourri May 25 2018

Talk about Another Potpourri dished out by Dee, Lyn, and Gary. This one is loaded with all sorts of goodies. National Police Week. Never heard of it? Neither did we. Net Neutrality, Bears Ears, NFL, National Parks, Farmer's Suicide Prevention, the Supreme Court Class Action Lawsuits, Whiskey (one of Lyn's favorite topics), Paul Krugman, Goldman-Sach's economists weigh in on the future economy and it ain't pretty, James Clapper, North Korea, Jared Kushner, and there's so much more. You gotta...