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#SundayCivics is a weekly show that teaches civic education and engagement using the current political landscape.

#SundayCivics is a weekly show that teaches civic education and engagement using the current political landscape.


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#SundayCivics is a weekly show that teaches civic education and engagement using the current political landscape.




Episode 127: Biden Won, Now What?

While ballots are still being counted and it will take a few weeks to have certified results, Vice President Joe Biden is the projected winner of the 2020 Presidential race and Senator Kamala Harris will be our historic Vice President. We have reason to celebrate and to be optimistic about the possibilities ahead of us. L. Joy, June and Lurie discuss how they celebrated but also what happens after we pop bottles and dance in the streets.


Episode 126: Mamas Are On The Ballot

Election Day is finally here and L. Joy brings Stephanie Schriock, President of Emily’s List to the front of the class to talk about all of the mamas on the ballot. She also talks to one of the mamas on the ballot in North Carolina Sydney Batch about child welfare and how states will handle the post COVID economic recovery.


Episode 125: It' Ain’t Over

It's L. Joy's birthday but she still has lessons for us. Howard University President Wayne Frederick comes to the front of the class to discuss how HBCU's are leading testing and research of COVID-19 and Max Ritchman, the President of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare discusses the threat the Trump administration poses to Social Security.


Episode 124: “I Ain’t Never Really Gone”

L. Joy brings Clay Cane to the front of the class and the two have a conversation about the Presidential election, a Black agenda and lessons we should learn from the Reconstruction era.


Episode 123: Black Women Are On the Ballot

There are a historic number of Black women running for office in 2020. In addition to a Black woman being on the top of the ticket as the Democratic nominee for Vice President, at least 122 Black women filed to run for Congress and there are more running for local seats. L. Joy brings a few of those Black women to the front of the class including Joyce Elliott, candidate for Arkansas’s 2nd Congressional District and the four Black women of Justice 4 LACCD running for seats on the Board of...

Episode 122: What’s at Stake 2020

There is more at stake in this election than beating the big orange ugly. In advance of 2020 National Voter Registration Day, L. Joy hosts the 2020 SiriusXM Urban View Vote Special. Coming to the front of the class is Senator Elizabeth Warren and a number of special guests who highlight the many reasons to get engaged, organize and help turn out the vote during the 2020 election season.

Episode 120: Black Women’s Suffrage II

On the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, Prof. Martha S. Jones comes to the front of the class to discuss how Black women have historically led the charge for their own voting rights. She details Black women’s fight for suffrage and chronicles the story of our political voice and activism.


Episode 115: Black Samson and Black Liberation

How did the biblical story of Samson become associated with the fight for Black liberation? Dr. Nyasha Junior comes back to the front of the class to discuss the new book she co-authored Black Samson: The Untold Story of an American Icon. L. Joy also takes a moment to share her wish for America on its 244th birthday.


Episode 114: Court of the Last Resort

We the people have limited interaction and impact on the judicial branch and particularly the Supreme Court. Supreme Court justices aren’t elected by popular vote and we don’t regularly get a peek inside of the inner workings of the court. Sometimes we are in celebration of their decisions and other times we their decisions are a complete let down. L. Joy brings Elie Mystal to the front of the class to demystify this branch of government and give us a basic understanding of the Supreme Court.


Episode 108: Save the Post Office

The U.S. Postal Service is a vital institution. It is the only delivery service that reaches every address in the nation. Given how important the post office is to our economy and to our lives, why is it constantly in need of "saving"? We get a lesson from Mack Julion, a 20+ year letter carrier and postal union representative on the structure and restrictions of the postal service and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand joins us to discuss the proposal to return postal banking services.


Episode 106: The Working Families Party

Although you wouldn't know it from our regular political discourse, there are more than two political parties. L. Joy introduces us to an alternative to the democrats and republicans and brings the New York State Director of the Working Families Party to the front of the class to give us a an introduction to this progressive political party that focuses on the people.


Episode 107: Classroom to Congress

What would it be like to have a former Bronx middle school principal in Congress? While education is mainly managed on the state and local level, the federal government has expanded its reach in recent years. Congressional Candidate Jamaal Bowman joins L. Joy for a discussion on how he believes Congress can make further investments in public education and more.


Episode 105: Government Bureaucracy in a Crisis

We are all consuming a lot of information not only about this virus (COVID-19) and evaluating the government's response, at all levels. So coming to the front of the class we are bringing some science based facts from microbiologist Coqui Negra and some facts about how our various levels of government and bureaucracy work in a crisis from New York City Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal.


Episode 104: Black America and the U.S. Presidents

Margaret Kimberly, author of "Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents", comes to the front of the class for a discussion on the political relationship of Black America and the 45 U.S. Presidents.


Medicare for All: It Includes Dental!

Advocates of Medicare for All are burying the lead, did you know it includes dental coverage? New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera comes to the front of the class to breakdown the detailed aspects of the widely supported policy and discuss how states can adopt universal healthcare coverage. There are a lot of terms thrown around in the debate over healthcare, here are a few; Universal Coverage: The ultimate goal is for everyone to have health insurance. Single-Payer: A category of...


Who We Elect: Attorney General

We celebrate 100 episodes of #SundayCivics with another installment of our #WhoWeElect series focusing on the elected position of state attorney general. The state attorney general is the chief legal advisor to the state government and the state's chief law enforcement officer. We are joined by New York State Attorney General Letitia James who shares how she serves "the people". The state attorney general is the chief legal advisor to the state government and the state's chief law...


Who We Elect: Judges

How do those adorned in Black robes make it to the bench? Some judges are appointed but some also appear on our ballots. In another installment of our Who We Elect series we discuss the elections of judges, who funds their campaigns, lack of diversity in state supreme courts and how we should evaluate judicial candidates. Our Guest Alicia Bannon is the managing director of the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program. She leads the Center’s Fair Courts Project, where she directs research,...


Do Endorsements Matter?

If your favorite celebrity endorses a candidate for public office it may not matter much to you unless of course it is the candidate you are already supporting. Endorsements from individuals may not move your vote but endorsements come from many different sources and can have a huge impact on a campaign. Our favorite civics teacher gives us a lesson on how endorsements can move politics, money and votes in support of a campaign. 2:55 - 14:10 If you are a documentary filmmaker L. Joy is the...


Intersection of Race and Technology

"The Russian influence campaign on social media in the 2016 election made an extraordinary effort to target African-Americans..." That is a statement straight out of a Senate Intelligence Committee Report on the 2016 presidential cycle. But did you know that there is a history of Russia using race to to interfere in United States politics? We bring Mutale Nkonde to the front of the class for a history lesson on Russian propaganda tools and a discussion on the intersection of race and...


What Does It Mean to Be Healthy?

What does it mean to be “healthy” and how does our civic life and that healthy life intersect? What role does the government play in your “healthy” life and how should it address healthcare disparities, healthcare coverage and drug prices? Our civics teacher and friendly neighborhood strategist L. Joy Williams brings Dr. L Toni Lewis to the front of the #SundayCivics class to answer these questions and have a discussion on how we move toward health equity. Our Guest Dr. Luella Toni Lewis...