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What is the Role of Congress?

We are counting down to the midterm election with a discussion on the role of Congress featuring an interview with Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke (D-NY 9th District). Whether you have already decided on a candidate or if you are still weighing who best represents your political values, use this episode for insights on the job your elected representative should be doing for you in Congress. First, Congresswoman Clarke shares her #FirstCivicAction which she experienced by way of her parents’...


What to Do After You Lose

Primary election season is officially over and some candidates didn't make it across the finish line. But just because you or your candidate lose the election, it doesn't mean it's time to take your toys and go home. L. Joy is always reading something to help keep us #CivicallyEngaged. This segment, she’s sharing the book she’s into now. “Lighting the Fires of Freedom: African American Women and the Civil Rights Movement” by Janet Dewart Bell shines a light on the many everyday women who...


Power and Importance of State Legislatures

Class is back in session!! Our civics teacher, L. Joy Williams is back with our Social Justice “Lawya” Lurie Daniel Favors and June to bring us back to the basics discussing the power and importance of State Legislatures with our guests New York State Assembly member & Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party Michael Blake (Assembly District 79 Bronx, NY) an New York State Senator Kevin Parker (21st Senate District, Brooklyn NY) and our “Lawya” will break down the importance of the Supreme...


When Activists Get Elected

What happens when the activist goes from protesting outside City Hall to getting elected and becoming part of the system? L. Joy introduces us to Council Member Jumaane D. Williams, an “activist-elected official”. 3:01 - Say hello to our summer interns Samantha and Amani. They hit the ground running doing the pre-production for this episode, creating content and questions for our guest. (Remember to pay your interns and not with food.) 8:30 - L. Joy will be attending the NAACP 109th National...


What Do You Know About Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is experiencing a humanitarian crisis following the slow and inept response to Hurricane Maria. Senator Gustavo Rivera and renowned organizer and independent journalist Rosa Clemente give us a history lesson on the political and economic reality of the U.S. territory. 3:14 - But first, L. Joy reiterates for us why she is so deeply committed to doing this show and that our audience knows that civic participation goes far beyond election day and weaves that into her take on the...


What’s Policy and What’s Law?

L. Joy sets aside the #CivicDocket to give us a quick breakdown of the difference between a policy and a law and we begin the first of many discussions on Universal Basic Income (UBI) with film maker, actor, writer and UBI advocate Conrad Shaw. 5:30 - What can you do in the civics space when you are feeling overwhelmed by daily events? L. Joy explains what #CivicAction can take during these times that are in flux. 9:30 - What is the difference between a law and a policy? L. Joy breaks it...


What We Should Demand of “Big Tech”

On this episode of #SundayCivics L. Joy shares where she’s been and what she has been doing with Higher Heights, sends love to our “Lawya” Lurie Daniel Favors and continues our conversation surrounding technology and our online data, which we believe will move you to #GetCivicallyEngaged, with Comedian, Writer and Activist Baratunde Thurston. #CIVICDOCKET - 03:23 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow the hashtag...


A Women’s Place Is In The House

On this episode of #SundayCivics L. Joy begins with a clarifying discussion on the difference between an elected "executive" official and an elected "representative" official with Lurie and June. Then her guest (featured on the #CivicDocket on episode 28) Liuba Grechen Shirley, candidate for Congress in New York’s 2nd District on Long Island joins L. Joy and the team for a stirring discussion where she shares her #FirstCivicAction, life journey that led her to politics and her very important...


Political Girls Trip to the ATL

L. Joy has packed her bags and is headed to Atlanta, Georgia on a Political Girls Trip, and of course, she brings along some friends. We talk about the importance of engaging in local and state politics and just why electing a Governor is important. 2:28 - L. Joy shares her experiences and great time she had speaking with the American Women’s Party’s Win With Women Conference and the Junior League of Northern Virginia. #CivicDocket - 05:03 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on...


Working on a Campaign

This episode of #SundayCivics is all about working on a campaign. Get out your pen and paper for this wealth of information! #CivicDocket - 07:35 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow the hashtag #CivicDocket on Twitter or view more here. Women Running to Lead: When Black Women Try to Take Seats of Power, They’re Met With a Litany of Criticism http://snip.ly/tggtg Women Candidates Finding Success In Early Primaries...


When Black Women “Set The World On Fire”

On this episode L. Joy introduces us to Dr. Keisha Blain a 20th century historian and Assistant Professor of History at the University of Pittsburgh whose research focuses on black internationalism, radical politics and global feminism. Dr. Blain joins us to discuss her new book “Set the World on Fire: Black Nationalist Women and the Global Struggle for Freedom” which is important context for today’s climate and is also our next #CivicBookClub selection. 10:35 As we ask of all guests, Dr....


Legislative Efforts to Control “Lady Parts”

Comedian, political satirist and professional troublemaker Lizz Winstead sits in with us to discuss legislative efforts to control lady parts and how she and others are fighting back. #CIVICDOCKET - 08:30 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow the hashtag #CivicDocket on Twitter or view more here. Want women to run for Congress? We need someone to watch our kids first. https://buff.ly/2H7BQ47 What We Mean When We Talk...


Our Government Segregated America

On this episode of #SundayCivics, L. Joy has a conversation with the author Richard Rothstein about his book “The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America”. The book is our first pick for the #CivicBookClub and it gives a detailed analysis of the history of housing segregation and breaks down how the policies and laws enacted by local, state and the federal governments helped support the practice. Richard Rothstein is a research associate of the Economic...


Representing the Boogie Down Bronx

Take a trip to the boogie down Bronx with the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr and learn how a local elected official has dedicated his public career to improving the lives of his neighbors and tackling issues of education, healthcare, income inequality, poverty and economic revitalization in the Bronx. Ruben Diaz Jr. first entered public office as a member of the New York State Assembly in 1997, and is currently serving his third full term as Bronx Borough President, having been...


What is Microtargeting?

Does the Cambridge Analytica scandal have you ready to delete Facebook? That's just one source of information about you that's used in "microtargeting". L. Joy gives a lesson on how microtargeting is used on political campaigns and shares her favorite Easter song. UNIVERSAL FANCON The #SundayCivics team will be in Baltimore, MD April 27-29th registering voters and serving up mini civics lessons and interviews at Universal FanCon. Universal FanCon is the first large-scale, 24-hour event that...


What Does a Political Party Do?

Delving deeper into our discussion from Episode 23, L. Joy walks us through what a political party does. The #CivicDocket returns with a discussion on police reform and gun violence. #CIVICDOCKET - 09:00 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow the hashtag #CivicDocket on Twitter or view more here. Police are still killing black people. Why isn’t it news anymore? - link Inside a secret 2014 list of hundreds of L.A....


What Is Partisanship?

What does it mean to be partisan? Are we more partisan and divided by politics than ever before? Prof. Brian Arbour of John Jay College joins us to discuss and define political partisanship, ideology and our hosts share where their political values come from. GUEST INTERVIEW - 11:58 Brian Arbour, Associate Professor of Political Science, received a BA from Pomona College and a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests focus on political communication and campaign...


Be a Lobbyist for Your Community

Most Americans have an unfavorable view of the lobbying profession but the act of lobbying or persuading an elected or public official to support an issue, isn't inherently bad. The team discusses issues and legislation happening in the states, speaks with registered lobbyist Jacqui Williams about the lobbying profession and gives tips on how to "lobby" or advocate on behalf of your community to elected officials. #CIVICDOCKET - 05:21 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the...


When Children March

Our hosts get local and discuss the need for reform in the states on occupational licensing and we continue our conversation about youth and civic engagement with a quick history lesson on movements led by young people. #CIVICDOCKET - 08:19 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow the hashtag #CivicDocket on Twitter or view more here. It's Harder to Become a Hair-Braider Than an EMT. Who's to Blame? - link To Help...


Civic Engagement is Learned Behavior

The exceptional Nell Merlino, creator of Take Our Daughters to Work Day, organizer, advocate and author joins us for our civics lesson on engaging young people in the political process. #CIVICDOCKET - 05:33 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow the hashtag #CivicDocket on Twitter or view more here. Hot pink for hunters: Young sisters push for new law in Maryland - link 6 teenagers are running for Governor in Kansas...