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America Out Loud Network © – The heart and soul of a nation – beckons the call. It is time once again friends to reclaim our honor, our soul. We choose liberty. This is the Voice of a Nation.




Biden Legacy Will Be Wrapped in Terrorism and the Decimation of America’s Cities

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – America’s counterterrorism programs have “almost collapsed” under the Biden administration — nothing underscores the decline better than DHS’s release of more than a dozen Uzbekistan nationals, who came to the United States illegally. The other big elephant in the room, or really, jackass, we should say - is the decimation of...


Prisoner Swaps Compromise Americans Security Abroad

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – There is a bounty being placed on Americans' heads when traveling abroad to a host of countries. It’s a hostage bounty that says you are worth some strong negotiating power when these evil regimes want sanctions lifted, money sent, criminals released, etc. However, I thought I remembered that the policy of the U.S. government was not to negotiate with these bandits...


Musk Controls Starlink To Change Outcome of Ukraine War

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – Dive into the complex world of billionaires shaping global politics and societal norms. Elon Musk's ethical choices in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Mark Zuckerberg's monumental impact, and Bill Gates' controversial actions all come under scrutiny. As the 2024 election nears, discover how these financial titans wield their influence. In a time of increasing polarization, we examine the...


Supreme Court Steps up To Review Controversial Issues

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – Navigating the tangled web of the U.S. government's current state, this piece delves into the erosion of checks and balances, while spotlighting upcoming Supreme Court cases that could redefine our legal landscape. From controversial Trump trademarks to landmark decisions like Bruen, we explore the uneasy coexistence of politics, law, and constitutional integrity. Witness the courts'...


Legacy Media’s Fascination With the Absurd Is Almost Entertaining

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – Navigating today's headlines can be a comedy show if you know where to look. From Venice's "endangered" status to Mitt Romney's retirement plans, the news is a goldmine of fallacies and contradictions. Throw in the latest on COVID-19 vaccines and you've got a full-blown satire. Laugh or cry, the choice is yours. But proceed with caution: believing the hype could cost you more than you think.


The US Political System Is Rotten to the Core

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – America is on the brink of collapse, and it's not a foreign enemy we have to fear—it's our own leaders. Biden's team, aided by globalists and corrupt agencies, is destroying everything we hold dear. It's time for the silent majority to rise up and safeguard our liberty. We must overcome this domestic threat, revitalize the American spirit, and take back our nation. If we don't act now, the...


Realignment of World Powers Post-Afghanistan: The New Axis of Evil

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – The Far East is realigning itself, and a new Axis of Evil has appeared’ China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. The four countries are each led by egotistical, maniacal tyrants driven by the insatiable craving for power and control, who will stop at nothing, even destroy their own people, in order to maintain their...


Build Back Better to the Stone Age

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – Why would any US president take unprecedented steps to dismantle the American economy so that we can not compete with other nation’s economies? Those same nations, like China and India, are laughing at America as they reap the rewards in big ways. These countries are the biggest polluters in the world...


A Convention of Statesmen Could Unite a Polarized America

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – We’ve not seen such a clash of ideologies across our land since the 1860s when the issue of slavery divided our nation. Are we not now facing a similar moment in history? We aren’t all enjoying our freedom. Some Americans chose to abide by our Constitution. They assembled on 6 January 2021 to petition their government for a redress of serious grievances, namely, a stolen election. That...


Impeachments & Government Shutdowns! It’s How You Play the Game

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – The political system whereby the people of a nation are governed is designed, in its ideal form, to prosper a nation and afford peaceful living to its citizens. When a free republic goes rogue by imposters and infiltrators in government, everything goes haywire. Peace is dissolved. Free speech dissipates. Lies become prevailing headlines. Crime escalates. Taxes increase. Resources...


Needed: A Contingency Plan for the 2024 Election

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – Times in America have not been this uncertain since the Civil War days. Can anyone fully define what’s going on right now in our country? What are we willing to do to save our freedom? The Voice of a Nation team consisting of Arnetta Notkin, Wallace Garneau, and Dr. Steve LaTulippe unite for a lively and heartfelt discussion on a number of critical issues that weigh heavily on the hearts...


McConnell Goes Blank Again & The Daily Beast Goes Full Propaganda

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – There is growing concern among many Americans about the aging of not only McConnell but Dianne Feinstein, John Fetterman, and the president himself. Is it time for all politicians to be required to take a mental acuity test at a determined age? Daily Beast Goes Full Propaganda ⏤ This headline in the Daily Beast was a head turner... America's In Much Better Shape Than You Probably Think...


Can We Correct Our Youth’s Course?

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – In this episode of Malcolm at Eight: The Voice of a Nation, Wallace Garneau, and Stephen LaTullipe take a sobering look at the opinions and beliefs of younger Americans and then discuss what can be done to guide our youth into a better future before it is too late. There is an old saying that "our children are our future," and of course this is true. Each generation is a bridge between what...


Are We Facing an Election or a Revolution?

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – Can America endure more under this massive oppression? All the signs say no. The American empire either fights for human individual rights and for justice, or we will face the full wrath of the Communist top bananas who now rape us. It is time to come clean and show the world what we’re made of — otherwise, we perish...


Why All Americans Should Be Fearful of the Takedown of Trump

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – "These proposals are obviously very far apart," Judge Chutkan said. "Neither of them is acceptable." The Obama-appointed judge did what any good Marxist would do. She pretended, with her public statements, that she would be fair ⏤ but quickly reminded everyone with her decision ⏤ that there's no way she is going to give an inch with Trump...


The Plot To Take Down an American President

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – Dr. Steve LaTulippe fills in, and Paul Engel joins for this episode of The Voice of a Nation. When Tucker Carlson asked former President Trump, “What’s next? Are they going to kill you?” His implication was clear: Why wouldn’t they kill you? Every other plan to demonize, terrorize, ostracize, and otherwise cancel Donald Trump has only made him more popular. As Tucker pointed out, first came...


Eight for Debate, Who’s on First?

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – The country observed an amateur panel of eight Republican primary debaters who put on full display their detachment from reality and the American people. Surfacing in many minds are the words “Little League” and “farm team.” The primary issue is saving America. Period. But that topic was specifically avoided, except to some degree by one scrawny debater with a funny last name. Sure...


Current Events in the Valley of the Shadow of Death

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – Apparently, Vladimir Putin was eager to make a statement by launching two surface-to-air missiles against Yevgeny Prigozhin as he was flying in his private jet from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Prigozhin's coup attempt against Putin in June may have been a bad idea, or at least he might have carried it out rather than turn back 100 miles from Moscow. Now, the Wagner mercenary force is...


Facebook, Google, Trudeau – Who Can Out-Marxist the Other?

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – What we call the mainstream media today is not news – it's processed opinion – designed for intellectually lazy listeners who leave critical thinking at the door and prefer a pre-digested storyline that fits their Marxist leanings. The media have created an echo chamber where they can repeat the same lies about the day's events, obfuscating the real news into politically correct soundbites...


The DOJ Is ‘Weiss-Washing’ the Biden Crime Family

The Voice of a Nation [malcolm at eight] – The Biden presidency will be a legacy of deep and dark corruption — an American Dark Ages — recorded in history as the most sinister years of the American empire. Whether or not we overcome the current assassination attempt on America is a matter of returning to our roots and a renewal of the kind of courage that...