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America Out Loud Network © – Shouldn’t NEWS deliver truth and inspire us to reach higher? Transformative news that will change the way you think! We are the heart and soul of a nation.

America Out Loud Network © – Shouldn’t NEWS deliver truth and inspire us to reach higher? Transformative news that will change the way you think! We are the heart and soul of a nation.


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America Out Loud Network © – Shouldn’t NEWS deliver truth and inspire us to reach higher? Transformative news that will change the way you think! We are the heart and soul of a nation.




America with an Asterisk

It’s safe to say, that the media, both social and mainstream, have gone full schizophrenia! The biggest story out there is the media themselves who portend that covid is going to kill us all and Trump is the bogeyman. What an injustice to the American people. The question is how many Americans are under their spell - and not thinking for themselves? We’ll know soon enough. The fact that we are all waiting for the next lie, smear, or hoax to be unleashed as if it were a legitimate part of the...


Trump Plays The Trump Card

As the clock continues to tick forward toward an election that has the potential to reshape the country like non-other before⏤the scandals and news-bombs are coming quick. The level of scandals and newsworthy moments are like torpedos, so much, that as fast as they arrive on the scene, another one takes it off the front page the next morning. President Trump shocked the establishment when he ordered the declassification of any and all related documents on the Russia Collusion hoax, and the...


The Barack Obama – Hillary Clinton CoverUp

There are three takeaways you will discover in these recent revelations from Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe, and they are: 1) Hillary Clinton manufactured a Russian Collusion scheme against Donald Trump. 2) CIA Director John Brennan briefed President Barack Obama. 3) FBI Director James Comey was a key player in their scheme. “In late July 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies obtained insight into Russian intelligence analysis alleging that U.S. Presidential candidate...


Stupid Republicans!

What has become an all too familiar scene⏤White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany had another clash with reporters during a media briefing over President Trump’s deflection to condemn white supremacy during the first presidential debate. Asked repeatedly for a definitive statement on whether Trump denounces white supremacy and other groups that espouse it by Fox News reporter John Roberts, McEnany read out several quotes from the past. "He has condemned white supremacy more than any...


Peaceful Transfer of Power

The president was asked if he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power, win, lose or draw. When the reporter noted that “people are rioting,” Trump replied: “Get rid of the ballots, and you’ll have a very – you’ll have a very peaceful – there won’t be a transfer, frankly, there’ll be a continuation. The ballots are out of control,” Trump said, adding, “The Democrats know it better than anybody else.” “Well, we’ll have to see what happens. You know that. I’ve been complaining very...


The Beauty and Greatness of America – Michael Beatty’s Music

Messaging through the gift of music is the one universal language that can transcend barriers of all kinds. Singer Songwriter, Michael Beatty has found his groove, and just at the right time. Beatty is inspiring patriots to go the extra mile in their love for their country, and he is reminding those that have forgotten or misplaced their patriotic values⏤that a nation is crying out for love. This episode of ‘The Voice of a Nation’ showcases many of Michael Beatty’s hit songs, combined with...


Durham, The Clock & AG Barr

The coronavirus-related lockdown orders were surpassed only by slavery as the “greatest intrusion on civil liberties” in our nation’s history, says Attorney General William Barr. “You know, putting a national lockdown, stay-at-home orders, is like house arrest. It’s — you know, other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history.” AG Barr went on to say, “The person in the white coat is not the ‘grand seer’ who...


Climate Prey – Far Left Adventurism Gone Wrong

Bet you didn’t know that Governor Newsom of California and President Trump are best pals? The President was in California touring the fires and while at a press conference, Newsom lightly poked at the president about climate change perhaps being the cause of the devastating fires in the Golden State. To which Trump shot back... "I don't think science knows actually." So the following day, the press were not happy with Newsom and called him out... to which the governor responded... “I develop...


Saving America’s Cities

The double whammy of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, and the Minneapolis, George Floyd incident with law enforcement that has created major civil unrest and destruction⏤is the perfect cornerstone in the collapse of our once great cities. As Speaker Pelosi desperately tries to steal the treasury once again to bail out far-left Progressive failed politics in these cities⏤it has become clear that while the moment is urgent, the damage has been building over many, many years. This special report...


Erin Cruz, #Election2020

Erin Cruz is a Native Californian who just simply could not stand on the sidelines any further⏤she felt compelled to step into a leadership role to help save her beloved state. Watching California deteriorate was not an option. The problems in California are many: crumbling infrastructure, out of control homelessness, escalating crime, drugs on the streets, out of control spending and an unmanageable tax burden are all at the top of the list. Mrs. Cruz is a Tea Party Republican and...


Reopen After The Election

The unprecedented lockdown, compliments of China and their reckless policies and disrespect for human life, has taken an enormous toll on the business community. It is an economic model that was always doomed to fail. The idea that you could lock everything down tight and expect people to thrive somehow. What initially started as a two-week lockdown so that we did not overwhelm hospital beds and ventilators, has turned into a political tool for the far left socialists, and the mainstream...


The Fort Sumter Election

With every passing day, we get closer to the inevitability that election 2020 will be anything but routine. As more and more states see universal mail-in voting as the answer to people voting in person during these Covid times⏤the possibility of fraud increases. There is great concern that we may not even know the winner or winners until days or weeks after Election Day. In addition to the Covid Election Day panic, is the unrest in America’s cities. As Lt. Joe points out, we may have missed...


The Marvel of Life Explained

Considering the insurmountable odds that any of us are alive and here on earth⏤is a miracle. We are each a walking, living, breathing miracle. Yet he day-to-day grind makes it easy for us to lose grasp of the big picture of life. What is our role here? The New Book: How Everything Happened Including Us The story begins a very long time ago, 13.7 billion years ago, about 5.3 billion before our planet was born 4.5 billion years ago. It then took about another 4 billion years for Earth to...


Buzz Patterson, #Election2020

Things have gotten so bad in California, that good people are giving up and chalking the state up to a vast wasteland. In the past 10 years, roughly five million people have left California. In 2018 alone, nearly 700,000 left California for greener pastures in other states. A recent survey found that 60% of California residents feel that California's best days are over. Many of those people are considering leaving the state in the very near future, and we’re not just talking retirees moving...


The Covid Blockbuster

We were in a period of time with so many unknowns. People were legitimately scared. There were reports that a minimum of 2 million plus could die from the Coronavirus, and there were reports that went much higher than that. We were playing a guessing game. The Intercept publication had the following report: Without mitigation, the new coronavirus pandemic could kill as many as 2.2 million people in the U.S., according to a report from the Imperial College of London Covid-19 Response Team....


The Race to November

The first order of business is for voters to define 'Peaceful Protests’, 'Black Lives Matter’ and 'Law and Order’. Once you define those phrases and words and how they match up to your own life⏤the path forward and who you wish to lead this country⏤should become apparently clear. Former Democrat Congressman Jeff Van Drew, NJ's 2nd District, who switched parties when the Democrats were attempting to impeach President Trump out of office, had this to say: “The party had moved from liberal to...


Here is Why The Democrats #Election2020 Plan Is Wrong For America

If you watched or caught any part of the political conventions this election cycle, then you know it was the tale of two different visions for America. The DNC was sure to stay clear of the violence in their democrat run cities. Not a single word was mentioned on what is one of the biggest stories in the news cycle. Dr. Marty Fox is a political analyst, public speaker and physician. Marty will talk on the relationship between the pandemic mask wearing, lockdown and the unrest and violence in...


The Tale of Two Americas

Any rationally thinking American can see that there are two conventions, two narratives and two Americas. The question becomes, can America ever be unified again? Are we suppose to be unified? Practically speaking, only 'one America' wins and moves forward. The soul of humanity rests in the balance. The stakes could not be higher! The RNC Convention featured a diverse background of Americans. Some of the most interesting quotes com from: Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky: “If you hate war like I...


The Censoring of Conservative Voices

Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information, on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or "inconvenient." Censorship can be conducted by governments, private institutions, and other controlling bodies. Seems like an easy enough explanation to understand compliments of Wikipedia. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MI): “The internet has changed, and I think we need to keep pace with change. The dominant, monopoly-sized...


“We’ve Let Politics Override The Science”

With great anticipation, heads were tuned in to hear President Trump’s news conference on a breakthrough for Covid-19. Speculation was that the president would make hydroxychloroquine more accessible to the American public. Perhaps the time had come, that HCQ might even be available over-the-counter. But this message had nothing to do with hydroxychloroquine, it was an announcement from the Food and Drug Administration saying that it has authorized the use of blood plasma from patients who...