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America Out Loud Network © – Shouldn’t NEWS deliver truth and inspire us to reach higher? Transformative news that will change the way you think! We are the heart and soul of a nation.

America Out Loud Network © – Shouldn’t NEWS deliver truth and inspire us to reach higher? Transformative news that will change the way you think! We are the heart and soul of a nation.


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America Out Loud Network © – Shouldn’t NEWS deliver truth and inspire us to reach higher? Transformative news that will change the way you think! We are the heart and soul of a nation.




Gullibles Travels!

Biden thinks they’re coming because he’s a nice guy. A nice guy or not, he’s created a humanitarian problem, but more critically, he’s created a National Insecurity Problem. While Joe counts the future Democrats entering America as migrants, are we being set up for another 9/11?


Beating the Odds: Lessons for Overcoming a Health Crisis

Chris MacLeod has Cystic Fibrosis, a hereditary lung disease with some eerie similarities to the lung damage in COVID. He is on a gene modulator therapy called Kalydeco that has saved his life. He shares his life journey and insights in his new book "Beating the Odds: 11 Life Lessons to Help You Deal with A Health Crisis and Lead a Resilient Life."


Love and Hope in the Time of COVID

Marc Kealey is a lead voice in Canada for public policy and the younger brother to David, who died from complications of COVID-19 in December of 2020. What lessons can we learn from this tragedy? How can we find meaning and new purpose out of such terrible loss? What can we do differently going forward?


Attorney Tom Renz on the UnConstitutional Mandates and Forced Vaccination

Our guest is Attorney Tom Renz, who thinks the pandemic's response has caused more damage than the virus itself, and the political response has shattered our constitutionally guaranteed liberties, particularly with the push for mandated mass vaccination. Renz discusses legal options to help restore our liberty...


Fractured Fairy Tales as Told by the Left

VP Kamala Harris recently gave a speech in Atlanta shaming America for its recent attacks on Asian Americans as evidenced by the heinous shooting by a psychotic white male of six Asian American workers in three different Atlanta massage parlors. Harris equated this kind of Asian-targeted violence to the 1942 internment of Japanese Americans during World War II...


Cancel Culture in Medicine is a Threat to Your Life

Why is the population being deceived about treatment options? We are talking today about the Cancel Culture in medicine and how that is a direct threat to your life. DrLee4America talks to a former military officer and physician whose medical license was suspended for treating Covid patients to save lives...


Early Treatment Works for COVID: So Why the Vaccine Push?

Why are we pushing to vaccinate even those who were excluded from the clinical trials? And why are we vaccinating those who have recovered from COVID? What's the difference between natural immunity and that from vaccines? We will be talking about all this and more with our guest expert today.


COVID-19: Global Predators’ Weapon to Weaken America

With his wife and research partner, Ginger Breggin, Dr. Breggin has uncovered a worldwide web of global predators that includes Anthony Fauci, multi-billionaires, America's most powerful corporations, the government agencies NIH, CDC, FDA, together with Communist China.


COVID-19 and Your Gut – Links to Long Hauler Syndrome

We are talking more about finding COVID-19 in the gut and what the virus does to cause upset in the balance of microorganisms in the gut that we need for an optimal immune function to stay healthy. We also explore how finding the COVID virus in the gut leads to our understanding of how the virus spreads...


The 2021 Liberty Manifesto to Restore Freedom

Operation Warp Speed was first applied to innovative measures to respond to Covid-19, but with the 2021 Biden-Harris radical Democrat agenda, "Operation Warp Speed" now applies to the speed of the multiple assaults on the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights. We are talking today about 'The 2021 Liberty Manifesto to restore America's Constitutional Freedoms.'


Biden Open Border Policies Only Benefit the Mexican Cartels

Biden Executive Orders ended the remarkably successful “migrant protection program,” better known as the stay in Mexico plan. So, now there’s no buffer zone for migrants to line up, in an orderly and safe manner, to file an asylum claim. Instead, it’s an all-out race to cross the border and enter the US before someone figures out that this Open Border policy only benefits the Mexican Cartels...


Intent to Do Harm

Why were many studies of HCQ and IVM stopped early for "administrative" reasons? Why was all the focus on either masks/lockdowns or waiting for the magic bullet of a vaccine? Why do we see media silence on vaccine deaths and life-threatening adverse reactions?


The Evil of Cancel Culture and Censorship

Democrats are building databases of those of us who have worked and/or supported the Trump administration to block us from employment opportunities and suspend us from social media platforms. They are also using Cancel Culture to convince a busy, distracted nation that their policies must be implemented or the sky will fall on America...


What’s the Link Between Your Health and Gun Control

Today we focus on the Democrats' twin goals of gun control and healthcare control in their quest to totally control the American population and how these goals became so very clear during the Covid pandemic with preventable deaths exceeding 450,000 Americans. Guest Host DrLee4America breaks it all down as she explains the connection between your health and the rabid agenda the Left has to remove and ban guns from the hands of all Americans. Are you ready to stand strong in the face of great...


Your Gut Connection to Covid

Finding Covid in the stools⏤what does it mean? How does your microbiome contribute to illnesses such as Alzheimer's, Covid, and others? How does a healthy microbiome help your immunity and keep you healthy? Why are placebo-controlled trials a bad idea? What are the ethical issues in insisting on a placebo at a time when early treatments are known to be over 85% effective and safe? Today we will explore what Dr. Hazan has learned from her many clinical trials on the microbiome linked to...


Crisis of Compassion

What has happened to the doctor-patient relationship? Why are so many physicians abdicating their Oath of Hippocrates and saying they are not going to treat COVID? What is happening behind the scenes that BIG MEDICINE is participating in suppressing information on early treatment. What can you, the patient, do about it? Talking today about the Crisis of Compassion throughout the Covid pandemic. Dr. Peter McCullough joins guest host DrLee4America on The Voice of a Nation to explore the lack...


Covid Vaccines: Risks the Media is Hiding

Talking today about the success with early home treatment for Covid-19 and the questions everyone is asking: What about the Covid vaccines? How effective are they? How safe are they? What are the risks we know? Who should consider the vaccine? If you have had Covid or have antibodies already, should you take the vaccine or not? What are the key differences between the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and the newly approved J&J vaccine? The void of real information and truthful answers for your...


Joe Biden says Guns are a Threat to Government

The problem is most people have no clue what the founders intended. Why? Because Democrats have refused to let it be taught. If Democrats succeed and infringe on the 2nd amendment⏤America as a constitutional Republic will be lost. Today on The Voice of the Nation, you'll learn everything the founders intended. Then make your choice. Congress is set to vote on violating the 2nd amendment and completing their takeover of America. We will be the Constitutional Republic no more, and the...


Why is Free Speech So Important?

Freedom of speech, or free speech, is the fundamental concept of American society. It has always been and hopefully will always be the single biggest influence our society has had on every aspect of life and liberty throughout the world. Free speech is a constitutionally defended human right, one bestowed upon everyone regardless of gender, sex, religion, race, nationality, or any other identifying factor. The question of “Why is Free Speech so important?” seems foreign to many rational...


Facing Fear, Broken Trust, and Finding Meaning After Covid

Today’s program has DrLee4America guest hosting for Malcolm to address the impact of COVID-19 that has destroyed lives and businesses and ripped apart the very fabric of our lives, our social relationships, and the core values of our nation. How do we find hope in the darkness? How do we rebuild trust in our personal advisors, social relationships, political leaders, and government institutions? What is the crucial importance of being able to find meaning and a new purpose out of this...