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Talk World Radio: Richard Silvertsein on AIPAC Buying Elections

This week on Talk World Radio, we're discussing AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and its financial power over U.S. elections. Richard Silverstein is an independent journalist who writes the blog, Tikun Olam, which exposes the secrets of the Israeli national security state. He also publishes at Jacobin Magazine, Middle East Eye, and The New Arab. Check out


Talk World Radio: Negar Mortazavi on Iranian-U.S. Relations

This week on Talk World Radio we're talking about Iran. Our guest, Negar Mortazavi, is an Iranian-American journalist and political analyst and host of the Iran Podcast based in Washington DC, who has been covering Iranian affairs and U.S. foreign policy towards the Middle East for over a decade. She is a regular media commentator and has appeared on CNN, NBC, NPR, BBC, France24, Aljazeera, and i24News. Her writing has been published in Foreign Policy magazine, The Intercept, Politico, and...


Talk World Radio: What to Do About Ukraine

This week on Talk World Radio, I'm discussing what to do about Ukraine. See also and


Talk World Radio: Myrna Pagan: U.S. Cleanup Effort in Vieques Is a Joke

This week on Talk World Radio, we're speaking with Myrna V. Pagan a longtime activist from Vieques, Puerto Rico, the Colony of the Colony. She is the founder of the Vidas Viequenses Valen movement (Vieques Lives Matter) established by the people of Vieques to continue their struggle for justice when they, after decades of protests and a campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience forced the U.S. Navy to close its bombing range and base on May 1, 2003. The struggle continues now in the cleanup...


Talk World Radio: Saadia Qureshi and Nick Rea on Preemptive Love

This week on Talk World Radio we're speaking with two people who will be leading a training session on Nonviolent Communication Skills at the July 8-10 online NoWar2022 conference. That can be found at -- We're speaking with Saadia Qureshi and Nick Rea, both of whom work at the Preemptive Love Coalition, which can be found at -- Preemptive Love Coalition’s mission is to end war and stop the spread of violence. Saadia Qureshi works as a...


Talk World Radio: James G. Kahn on 300,000 U.S. COVID Deaths from Lack of Universal Healthcare

This week on Talk World Radio, we're talking about the COVID pandemic. Our guest, James G Kahn, is an emeritus professor of health policy at the University of California San Francisco. He is an expert in evidence-based medicine and medical decision-making, and a leading researcher in U.S. and global health economics, with more than 200 academic publications. He is also the editor and primary blogger for Health Justice Monitor ( ), and a coauthor of a recent...


Talk World Radio: Irvin Waller on Ending Violent Crime

This week on Talk World Radio, we're talking about ending violent crime. Our guest Irvin Waller is emeritus professor of criminology at the University of Ottawa, and author of, among other works, the incredibly useful book, Science and the Secrets of Ending Violent Crime. His website is


Talk World Radio: Aisha Jumaan on Yemen

Aisha Jumaan is the Founder and President of the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation. Jumaan has over 30 years of experience in public health, including in viral vaccine preventable diseases, cancer research, maternal & child health and nutrition, and women in development. She worked with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for over a decade. Jumaan also worked in her native home, Yemen, with the United Nations Population Fund and the United Nations Development Program....


Talk World Radio: Norman Solomon on Defusing Nuclear War

This week on Talk World Radio, we're talking about Ukraine and nuclear weapons with Norman Solomon who is Co-Founder and National Director of Norman also founded the Institute for Public Accuracy in 1997 and is its executive director. Immersed in anti-war, social justice, and environmental movements since the late 1960s, he is the author of a dozen books including "War Made Easy" and "Made Love, Got War." Defuse Nuclear War:


Talk World Radio: Jenny Ricks on Davos and Inequality

This week on Talk World Radio, we're talking about Davos. Our guest Jenny Ricks, speaking to us from Johannesburg South Africa is the global convenor of Fight Inequality Alliance. See


Talk World Radio: Bruce Levine on Psychiatry and Spinoza

This week on Talk World Radio, we're talking about psychiatry. Our guest Bruce Levine's new book is A Profession Without Reason: The Crisis of Contemporary Psychiatry Untangled and Solved by Spinoza, Freethinking, and Radical Enlightenment.


Talk World Radio: Tim Pluta on Protecting Activists in Western Sahara

This week on Talk World Radio, we are talking about the unending Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara with Tim Pluta who is speaking to us from the town of Boujdour, in the home of human rights activist Sultana Khaya. Tim is an organizer in Spain with World BEYOND War, a U.S. military veteran, a conscientious objector, and an unarmed civilian protector. See:


Talk World Radio: Greta Zarro on #NoWar2022

This week on Talk World Radio, we're talking about #NoWar2022, an online event planned for July 8th to 10th. Our guest Greta Zarro is Organizing Director of World BEYOND War, where I'm Executive Director, so we are colleagues. Greta is based in Upstate New York, where she and her partner run Unadilla Community Farm, a non-profit organic farm and permaculture education center. See:


Talk World Radio: Angelo Cardona on Latin America and the War in Ukraine

Angelo Cardona is a multi-award-winning human rights defender, and peace and disarmament activist. He is representative of Latin America in the Council of the Nobel-peace prize-winning International Peace Bureau (IPB), Co-founder and President of the Ibero-American Alliance for Peace, member of the International Steering Committee of the Global Campaign on Military Spending, Youth for TPNW, peace ambassador of the Global Peace Chain, and Member of the Advisory Board of World BEYOND War.


Talk World Radio: Marjorie Cohn on the Rule of Law and Ukraine

This week on Talk World Radio we're discussing the state of international law and the war in Ukraine. Our guest Marjorie Cohn is professor emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, former president of the National Lawyers Guild, and member of the bureau of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers and the advisory boards of the American Association of Jurists and of Veterans for Peace. Marjorie is a legal and political analyst who writes a regular column for Truthout (...


Talk World Radio: Arthur Kanegis on Being a World Citizen

This week on Talk World Radio we're talking about world citizenship. Our guest, Arthur Kanegis, is President of Future WAVE, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to shifting our culture of violence to a culture of peace. He is the Director/Producer of "The World Is My Country" about the amazing adventures of World Citizen # 1 Garry Davis. Kanegis produced "War Without Winners" narrated by Paul Newman and filmed by Haskell Wexler -- a compelling TV documentary on the nuclear war issue. He...


Talk World Radio: Ned Dobos on Reasons Not to Keep a Standing Military

This week on Talk World Radio, we're talking about whether it's good or bad for a country to have a permanent military. Our guest, Ned Dobos is Senior Lecturer in Ethics at the University of New South Wales in Canberra, Australia. He is the author of Ethics, Security, and the War Machine: the True Cost of the Military.


Talk World Radio: Ruth McDonough on Unarmed Resistance in Western Sahara

This week on Talk World Radio we're discussing the use of nonviolent activism in Western Sahara. Our guest, Ruth McDonough is a 35-year-old former secondary school teacher who was born and raised in the northern mountains of Wabanaki/New Hampshire. Ruth is an educator, facilitator, and activist in service of understanding across diversity of experiences and perspectives. Right now she is one of a team of people serving as nonviolent unarmed protectors in Western Sahara.


Talk World Radio: Milan Sekulović on Saving a Mountain in Montenegro

This week on Talk World Radio we're discussing efforts by local residents to save a mountain in Montenegro from being turned into a military training ground. Milan Sekulović is a journalist and environmental activist. He started to deal with environmental activism after the government of Montenegro declared the mountain Sinjajevina a military training ground. Milan is the son of a farmer and was born and raised on Sinjajevina. Together with other members of the local community, he formed the...


Talk World Radio: Hassan El-Tayyab: Stop Waging War on Yemen

This week on Talk World Radio we're discussing the war on Yemen with Hassan El-Tayyab, the legislative director for Middle East policy at the Friends Committee on National Legislation. Prior to joining FCNL in August 2019, Hassan El-Tayyab was co-director of the national advocacy group Just Foreign Policy, where he led their lobbying work to advance a more progressive foreign policy in the Middle East and Latin America. He played a major role in the successful passage of the War Powers...