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The Summit

Donald got in a fight with his friend Justin over some 'milk people', then went to visit his new friend Kim in Singapore. Kim's a megalomaniacal despot, and Donald likes him very much. READ MORE Five strange facts about Trump and Kim Jong-un's meeting The viral G7 photo that paints one thousand words CONTACT US Your hosts are Amelia Lester and Mia Freedman. We REALLY want to hear your feelings about the show. Leave us a message on the pod phone. We listen to all of them. 02 8999...


When They Go Low, We Go Feckless

Melanie reappeared just as quickly as she vanished at an event for the families of fallen soldiers. The footage is blurry but we think it's her. We think. Plus, Donald's insisting he hasn't committed any crimes BUT IF HE HAD HE COULD PARDON HIMSELF. And Hillary's husband Bill is having a week to forget on the press tour for his new novel. READ MORE Would 24 days be a normal recovery time for plastic sugery? The compelling theories about where Melania went. CONTACT US Your hosts are...


Run, Melania, Run

While Donald's wife seems to be missing, Donald is very busy trying convince people he is the protagonist in an espionage film plot he calls 'Spygate'. Plus, is Donald responsible for 1475 ‘lost’ children? READ MORE Why Kim K and Trump met at the White House Josie Duffy-Rice explains the 'lost children' on Twitter Magie Haberman, on 'Spygate' CONTACT US Your hosts are Amelia Lester and Mia Freedman. We REALLY want to hear your feelings about the show. Leave us a message on the pod...


Welcome Home, Melanie

Donald's wife Melanie got back from the hospital this week. He missed her very much. While she was gone, he hereby wrote some lunacy on Twitter. And why did media coverage of the 101st mass shooting in the US this year vanish into thin air? CONTACT US Your hosts are Amelia Lester and Mia Freedman. We REALLY want to hear your feelings about the show. Leave us a message on the pod phone. We listen to all of them. 02 8999 9386. Or fling us an e-mail. JOIN OUR GROUP...


Be The Most Best

Melania made the world a better place for children this week by launching a campaign called 'Be Best'. No that's not a typo. Ivanka visited Jerusalem to open the new American embassy there. And Mia went to see Hillary live in the flesh, but left feeling a little uneasy... MORE THINGS Ivanka's Instagram Daddy's Little Ghoul CONTACT US Your hosts are Amelia Lester and Mia Freedman. We REALLY want to hear your feelings about the show. Leave us a message on the pod phone. We listen to...


Rudy Returneth

Donald's friend Rudy went on the television and accidentally said that Donald did some lying. Then he said Donald didn't do some lying. Then he maintained Donald did no lying, but said that lying is okay sometimes. Donald said some things about Rudy being 'new' and then went off for some very important 'executive time', which a leaked schedule suggests is code for 'watching tv and being angry on Twitter'. READ MORE Trump's Secret Shrinking Schedule CONTACT US Your hosts are Amelia...


The President Who Cried Wolf

After forgetting to buy a birthday present for his wife who won't hold his hand, Trump phoned in to his favourite television show and did some shouting. Plus, lots of people are very angry at comedian Michelle Wolf because she told some jokes they didn't like. READ MORE... Michelle Wolf's White House Correspondents routine on YouTube Adam Gopnik on the moment Trump decided to run for President Stephen Colbert's performance at White House Correspondents' Dinner 2011 Michelle Wolf on...


I (Don't) Wanna Hold Your Hand

Donald's friend Emmanuel came to visit this week, and they buried a tree together. Emmanuel had some dandruff on his shoulder, which Donald pointed out in front of the world's media. In other news, a New Yorker article suggests we have entered the final stages of the Trump Presidency, but Amelia's not so sure. And, what advice does the Director of Comms for Hillary's 2016 campaign have for future female candidates? READ MORE... The Painfully Awkward Moment Donald Trump Tried To Hold...


Untruthful Slime Ball

Former FBI director James Comey is very tall and has very big hands. Now that everyone is clear on that, he also thinks that Donald Trump is morally unfit to be President and is a lot like a mob boss. Also, the pee tape makes a triumphant return to the news cycle. But are you, like Mia, a “pee-liever”? MORE... I'm A Peeliever And You Should Be Too James Comey on NPR's Fresh Air podcast CONTACT US Your hosts are Amelia Lester and Mia Freedman. Vote for us in the Australian Podcast...



Tipped off by Robert Mueller, the FBI raided the home, office and hotel room of Trump's personal lawyer - Michael Cohen. Trump struggled to express his anger aptly on Twitter alone, which is perhaps why he diverted a press-conference about the chemical attack in Syria to explain why HE is the real victim in all of this. Plus Mark Zuckerberg fronted congress, looking like he would rather be literally anywhere else. MORE... Mia recommends Jill Palmieri's podcast interviews on both Inside The...


Toilet Tweetin', Eatin' And Cheatin'

After a series of highly strung Easter Sunday tweets about a caravan and also some Hondurans, Trump ordered the US Military down to protect the Southern Border, much to the surprise of... well, the military. You'd think he might have been in a good mood after the premiere of Roseanne Barr's television reboot, not to mention the pro-Trump propaganda and conspiracy theories the sitcom star's been peddling on his behalf. Plus, why has Trump turned his Twitter machine on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos?...


The Woman Out-Trumping Trump

SHOW NOTES After Former National Security Adviser H.R McMaster stood down on March 22nd, we thought we had our show. Another week, another sacking. Right? Wrong. As the week progressed, it became clear another name would dominate headlines... Stormy Daniels. Between a tell-all 60 Minutes interview, recounts of their sexual encounter, and some blisteringly sharp tweets of her own, Stormy appears to be having the time of her life, toying with media attention in a way that’s not unlike Trump...


Congrats, Vlad

After Jeff Sessions fired Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe just 26 hours before his retirement, it's official. Trump is unleashed. Having stripped his administration of those who coddle or perceive him a moron, the self-proclaimed "really smart guy" is free to do as he pleases. Call and congratulate Vladimir Putin on his re-election, for example. Or attack Special Counsel Robert Mueller directly via Twitter. READ MORE Trump, Flush With Power by Maureen Dowd What Hope Hicks Knows by...


You May Get A Tweet

It's confirmed: Trump and Rocket Man will meet in person to compare nuclear buttons later in the year. Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson must have missed the memo, announcing only hours beforehand that the US was still “a long way off” negotiations with Kim Jong-un. Was that why he was fired days later. Plus, why is Trump tweeting in all caps about Russia again? And why has the media been giving Melania a free pass? CONTACT US Your hosts are Amelia Lester and Mia Freedman. We REALLY...


We've Lost Hope, Officially

Long gone is the news that White House Communications Director Hope Hicks resigned. In a week that's left us all with political whiplash, Amelia and Mia debrief on Hope's resignation; Gary Cohn following suit; Sam Nunberg's off-the-rails interview binge; and the fact Stormy Daniels is back with a vengeance. NOTES When does Hope Hicks get to be a wunderkind instead of a former model? CONTACT US Your hosts are Amelia Lester and Mia Freedman. We REALLY want to hear your feelings about the...


Ivanka Trump: Trojan Horse

After taking cheat notes into a meeting with victims of the Florida School Shooting, Trump made the claim that if he were on the scene he would've confronted the shooter with his bare hands. Unsurprisingly, Mia and Amelia have a lot to say about this. Plus, Fashion Brand Owner turned First Daughter turned Presidential Adviser Ivanka Trump has decided she can switch between aforementioned titles at will. Is that her prerogative, or does she need to decide whether she's a blameless child or...


Thoughts And Prayers, Again

The 18th school shooting of 2018 felt different. After 17 people died in Florida, students, teachers stood up and called 'BS' to Trump's "thoughts and prayers". The President dodged responsibility however, blaming mental health and the FBI, who he claims were distracted by their efforts to prove his campaign colluded with Russia. Speaking of Russia, Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian groups for meddling in the 2016 US election. Finally. But why do we have to look back to...


Hope Hicks Becomes The Story

In a headline that's become all too familiar, another White House staffer has resigned in shame. Amid allegations of domestic abuse, Staff Secretary Rob Porter stepped down. That didn't stop Trump wishing him well, however, and reminding us via Twitter that when it comes to abuse allegations, "some are false and some are true". Plus, thanks to Porter and some paparazzi shots, Hope Hicks has been thrust into the spotlight for the first time. So how's she coping there? And why is a former...


Stock Market? Barely Knew The Guy

Trump's indexing of his own Presidential worth to the success of the Stock Market has come back to bite him. On Monday February 5th, the stock market had its largest ever absolute crash in history. And we have one question: is Trump to blame? Plus, confirmation from the Pentagon that The President is planning his very own 'penis parade' as Mia so aptly puts it; we follow up on the drug-addicted mother of Baby Hope; and is it possible for Hillary to fail as a feminist in...


The People Can Rule Themselves

As Melania, the kids and 15 guests sat in the galleries, Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union. It took seventy-three hours, or that's what it felt like, thanks to a standing ovation from Republicans every two seconds. Plus, Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe has stepped down, and everyone's asking: did Trump have something to do with it? Show notes Your host is Mia Freedman with Amelia Lester. Head to our newly formed Facebook group to chat all things Trump. It's a safe...