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Get the latest news on Texas politics and policy from The Texas Tribune now on Amazon Alexa. With reporters based in Austin, Washington, D.C., and on the U.S.–Mexico border, we are your go-to source for news on statewide issues.

Get the latest news on Texas politics and policy from The Texas Tribune now on Amazon Alexa. With reporters based in Austin, Washington, D.C., and on the U.S.–Mexico border, we are your go-to source for news on statewide issues.


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Get the latest news on Texas politics and policy from The Texas Tribune now on Amazon Alexa. With reporters based in Austin, Washington, D.C., and on the U.S.–Mexico border, we are your go-to source for news on statewide issues.




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ACLU calls on feds to investigate Abbott’s border policy transporting migrants back to border

In July, Abbott authorized state law enforcement to transport migrants to ports of entry. It’s unclear how and why migrants are being detained, raising civil rights concerns and questions about whether the state is overstepping its authority.

Abortion is considered basic health care in Mexico City. Its clinics are open to U.S. women.

Private clinics offer abortions at a fraction of the cost in the United States. City public health clinics may be more difficult to navigate but offer abortions free of charge, including for noncitizens.

The EPA has identified 23 U.S. facilities that are emitting toxic air pollution that puts people at risk

One of them is in Laredo, which has elevated rates of cancer, according to a recent state analysis. The findings come after reporting by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune.

With rural Texas watching, Greg Abbott and Beto O’Rourke dig in on school vouchers fight

O’Rourke is hammering Abbott over vouchers on the campaign trail in rural Texas, where Democrats know they need to do better and where vouchers are a political hot potato for Republicans.

Author of “critical race theory” ban says Texas schools can still teach about racism

State Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola, said his intention was never to gloss over American history or have negative effects on teachers and administrators. His comments to the State Board of Education come as members consider new social studies curriculum.


Almost 600 Texas youth are trapped in a juvenile prison system on the brink of collapse

The agency is so understaffed that teens have reported spending up to 23 hours locked in their cells, using water bottles to go to the bathroom. A staggering number have hurt themselves or been placed on suicide watch.


Bucking other Texas Democrats, Cuellar and Gonzalez vote against U.S. House bill that would ban semi-automatic weapons



Texas troopers are causing car chase fatalities and racially profiling drivers under Abbott’s border crackdown, complaint claims

Two civil rights groups have expanded their request for a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into Operation Lone Star, citing evidence of risky pursuits and more frequent traffic stops of Hispanic drivers.


Ted Cruz says Texas should repeal its now-defunct law banning gay sex

The law was made unenforceable by the Supreme Court in 2003, but Justice Clarence Thomas recently suggested that the court should reconsider it.


New Texas law increasing penalties for abortion providers goes into effect Aug. 25

The U.S. Supreme Court issued its judgment Tuesday in the Mississippi case that revoked a constitutional right to abortion. That means Texas’ “trigger law” severely limiting the procedure will soon take effect.


Ken Paxton bans staff lawyers from speaking at state bar events, escalating feud sparked by 2020 election

The bar, which licenses lawyers and offers training sessions, is suing Paxton in an attempt to sanction him for trying to block the certification of Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump.


Lawyers preparing for abortion prosecutions warn about health care, data privacy

While people consider deleting period tracking apps and worry about interstate travel restrictions, most pregnancy-related criminalizations start in a much simpler way: with a report from a health care provider.


Offshore wind farm proposed for Gulf of Mexico near Galveston could power 2.3 million homes

Two proposed wind farms off the Texas and Louisiana coasts would join offshore oil drilling rigs in the gulf as the Biden administration tries to boost the country’s clean energy supply.


Uvalde superintendent recommends firing police Chief Pete Arredondo

The school board plans to meet Saturday to vote on the proposal, days after a Texas House committee report highlighted widespread failures in the police response to the Robb Elementary shooting.


Universities in Texas grapple with how to provide reproductive health care information to students amid new abortion laws

Texas’ abortion ban will go into effect around the start of the fall semester. The changing legal landscape is raising questions for public colleges about how to talk to students about reproductive health care options and creating hesitancy among students about whether they can trust their universities’ health centers.


Texas Department of Public Safety investigating how 91 of its troopers and Rangers responded to Uvalde school shooting

The department’s officers made up nearly one-fourth of the 376 law enforcement members who responded to Texas’ deadliest school shooting. Announcement of the inquiry came one day after a report criticized police response to the massacre.


“Systemic failures” in Uvalde shooting went far beyond local police, Texas House report details

In total, 376 law enforcement officers descended upon the school, according to the most extensive account of the shooting to date. It says that better-equipped departments should have stepped up to fill a leadership void after the Uvalde schools police chief failed to take charge.


Uvalde police officer criticized for checking his phone was waiting to hear from his dying wife

“I couldn’t say nothing seeing this man, who’s lost everything, maligned as if he was indifferent or actively malicious,” state Rep. Joe Moody, a member of the Uvalde House Investigating Committee, said on Twitter.


Texans asked to conserve energy to protect the power grid for the second time in a week

Texans have been asked to turn up their thermostats and avoid using large appliances from 2 to 9 p.m. Wednesday. The power grid operator said it does not expect rolling blackouts.


House committee to release Uvalde shooting video to public on Sunday

State Rep. Dustin Burrows will lead a private briefing for victims’ families in Uvalde on Sunday morning, allowing them to see the hallway video from a Robb Elementary School surveillance camera and discuss the committee’s preliminary report. Later, the footage will be released for anyone to watch.