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Episode 207: The APS Show! Podcast for 9/24/2018

Episode 207 notes: In the intro, I cover Obama's Exec Order allowing him to control the deep state post his presidency and then I cover Pay Pal [and other financial institutions] enacting the Mark of The Beast! The main part of the podcast was recorded on August 16th, The day Elvis died and now Aretha Franklin! I discuss Rock N' Rolls legends all passing away :( I read an article from 1988 discussing how illegal aliens were hurting American & LEGAL Immigrants from the NY Times! The ZTE has...


The APS Show! Friday Night Live Update [AM Hours] for 9/22/18

Im making some changes to my podcast. plus i discuss my new album now streaming on #reverbnation #anthonyphillipstone #newalbum #newmusic #cdbaby


Episode 206: The APS Show! Podcast for 9-21-2018

Episode 206 Notes: Updated: I added an update to the already long update! This one is about the sheriffs getting together to help fund the wall at the border! I put my money where my mouth is and supported them! #buildthewall #deportthemall It will begin with a really long intro. I start out with a HuffPo article bragging about how we will never get the wall! plus I cover some Infowars news in the 2nd half of the intro [marked 205] It was the original intro. I added the...


Episode 205: The APS Show! Podcast for 9/20/18

episode 205 notes: The Intro covers news headlines from Infowars & Michael Savage plus another update from my Florida vacation!


Episode 204: The APS Show! Podcast for 9/19/2018

Episode 204 notes: In the intro of this podcast, I continue to harp on how important it is to get out and vote! Vote Republican! Even if you have issues! We MUST support our President Donald Trump! Plus I discuss what I would do with repeat offender illegal invaders! Should we sentence them to prison labor? Mexico does it! The main part of the podcast was recorded in August. It was a vacation segment! It was the 1st day they banned Infowars so it was from 8/6/18 on that day I read some news...


Episode 203: The APS Show! Podcast for 9/18/18

Notes for Ep 203... I record some local news about a suspected Illegal Alien Molesting a Child for 5 yrs.. plus some Infowars headlines! The main part of my podcast was recorded on my birthday and was some positive news about George Soros whining about Trump almost defeating his "New World Order".. Soros is frustrated lol! #jesuslives #georgesoros #illegalimmigration #presidenttrump #parklandshooting #davidhogg #alexjones #newworldorder #obama #freealexjones #soroforprison #hillaryforprison...


Episode 202: The APS Show! Podcast for 9/17/18

Episode 202 notes. The intro of this podcast is a reminder to Georgians why we MUST get out and VOTE in November! I cover some Illegal Alien news from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution! If we let Abrams win in November President Trumps efforts in Georgia will be hindered! The main part of the podcast was recorded Aug. 2nd. The day before my birthday! It talks about an article that appeared about "Blow Up The White House" Might-as-well be ISIS's, Queen Madonna! #maga #donaldtrump #obama #ICE...


Episode 07:The Sunday Edition for 9/16/2018

Heres Sundays podcast! I read some negative and positive Christian News


Episode 22: Paranormal Night-Owl Radio for 9-14-2018

Here is Episode 22 of The Paranormal Night-Owl..WARNING though no vulgar language is used in this podcast, It MAY OFFEND some... I discuss George Soros and Hillary Clintons future destination [if they refuse to repent] and Jimmy Carter putting lies in Jesus's mouth. Jimmy might be saved if he accepted Jesus in his lifetime. I'm not so sure about the other two. I also discuss the coming elections in GA. Lord, I hope Kemp makes it.. 4 years of Abrams will be terrible!


Episode 201: The APS Show! Podcast for 9-14-18

Episode 201 notes: In my intro I cover, an article I ran across from the New York Times on Alex Jones "not being covered" as free speech according to modern day scribes and Pharisees! and then I cover my approaching birthday [as in August] and I cover Trump's tweets!


Special Report: Clinton Staffers Hired by Google & Vise Versa!

This is a live podcast I did on Bullhorn an hr ago... the article I covered was from


Episode 200: The APS Show! Podcast!

Episode 200 notes! On this episode i celibrate another milestone in this show called "The APS Show!" I also address Elton John wanting Trump to do more for finding cures for AIDs. Hey Elton, if you listen to you will learn Trump wants to release the "cures" Big Pharma and the elite want to be suppressed! Why? It's a billion dollar business!


Special Edition: 17 Years Ago Today-9/11/2018

Special Edition: 17 Years Ago Today... 9/11/2018 This podcast was broadcast live on Bullhorn yesterday! I was gonna post here but got ill for the evening! Here it is today on Podomatic! It is my opinion after analyzing the events, the news, etc. 17 years ago on Sept. 11th, 2001 Saudi Arabia, The Deep State, and The Bush Admin ALL colluded to bring down the United States and get us into the New World Order! Plus I ask a question? Was George Soros involved? I know he's in everything else today...


Episode 199: The APS Show! Podcast for 9-2-18

episode 199 notes, In this podcast, I discuss the fall of the devil, the fall of the big tech, the fall of the new world order! I update with some recent news. plus I discuss Alex Jones! This podcast was recorded 2 days before the purge of Alex Jones! Jesus IS Lord!


Episode 198: The APS Show! Podcast for Sept. 11th 2018

Episode 198 notes It's been removed from my website? but at the time I recorded this podcast, I reported my statistics on my charts position. I have since changed my layout since this podcast was posted. I tried to simplify my front page. I discussed the coming hurricane season not much political stuff in this podcast, just an update on my life...and my experience in chat rooms!!!


The APS Show! Live Early Morning Archive 9-10-2018

In this live podcast [was recorded live on bullhorn] archive I discuss a number of Headlines from CBS News, Infowars & Michael Savage... Plus what I do best these days :D run my mouth!


Episode 197: The APS Show! Podcast- for 9/10/2018

Episode 197: Ok, Georgia we are finally closer to Election Day 2018 in Nov. [the election they are trying to steal by big-tech/chi-com collusion] I can't tell you who to vote for? But Trump supports Kemp for Governor in Ga! Abrams is a Bernie Sanders-George Soros backed Socialist! in this particular podcast, I cover Abrams debt issues. No, I don't believe this is a reason she should be disqualified? However, I still don't want her as my Governor! Shes being quieter about it but in the...


Episode 6: The Sunday Edition for 9-9-18

Warning: This episode may be offensive to some. Listener Discretion is advised. [not in a vulgar way but doctrinal] episode 6 of The Sunday Edtion On this episode, I discuss Christian Persecution, The Gay Agenda, and the Church and Romans 13


The APS Show! Saturday Special-Out of the Darkness Shines Jesus's Light 9-8-18

Though the darkness may be all around us? The light is around the corner!


Episode 21: Paranormal Night-Owl Radio for Friday/Early Saturday 9-818

PNEP #21 9-8-2018 On my 1st day back from Beautiful Helen Georgia and the mountains, I return to! Hello all and welcome to the return of the APS Podcasts starting tonight with a new episode of Paranormal! This paranormal is about Wrestlings...Hulk Hogan and yes I say he deserves his HOF Spot! #Wrestling #WWE #HulkHogan #WWEHOF