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The Amy Guth Podcast from Chicago's Very Own 720 WGN

The Amy Guth Podcast from Chicago's Very Own 720 WGN
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The Amy Guth Podcast from Chicago's Very Own 720 WGN




WGN Nightside w/ Amy Guth & Dometi Pongo | 9/13/2018 Full Show

On tonight’s edition of WGN Nightside, Amy Guth and Dometi Pongo talk about the many effects of natural disasters as we follow Hurricane Florence and the east coast; Producer CaSera aka DJ Ca$h Era talks about her DJ hustle and her accomplishments at this point in her career; and the current state of the news industry is discussed. Then, Amy and Dometi speak with Tiffany Seybert, founder of Cop To Yoga, to discuss the program and the inspiration behind it. Tiffany shares […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/28/18: Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz & Heather Haddon

On this Saturday edition of the Wintrust Business Lunch, Amy Guth discuses with Chicago Tribune’s Alexia Eljalde-Ruiz about employment among the disabled community and the window washer strike. Then later is joined on the show with Wall Street Journal’s Heather Haddon to talk in depth about the new and growing business in meal kits, why it is so difficult to maintain and what if the future of this business.


Saturday Night Special 6.23.18 | Labor and the Gig Economy

On this edition of the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth gathers a group of experts to tackle the topic of the “gig economy” and it’s effect on the American labor force. Sarah Kessler, author of Gigged: The End of the Job and the Future of Work, parses through some of the broad findings of the Bureau of Labor Statistics about the size of the gig economy and exactly how many people are part of it. She also goes into […]


Saturday Night Special | Underlying Narratives in Literature

The Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth returns with the annual Chicago Lit show in honor of the upcoming Printer’s Row Lit Fest. This year, we focus on underlying and hidden narratives and how storytelling can shed light on to these often forgotten or purposefully excluded perspectives. Joining her on the program are a slew of experts and authors that help raise up unheard voices in literature and beyond. Writer/editor Martha Bayne stops by to discuss the anthologies Rust Belt Chicago...


Saturday Night Special | Fashion and the Garment Industry

In the wake of the spectacle of the high-fashion Met Gala, host Amy Guth takes a deep dive into the world of fashion and garment making with a group of experts that show a different side of the glitz and glamour. Fashion historian Dr. Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell shares her knowledge of hundreds of years of fashion and extrapolates on the study of fashion and the influence of fashion on every facet of society. Founder and editor of Vestoj magazine Anja Cronberg discusses the importance […]


The Buzzworthy Moments of The Correspondents Dinner, Free Comic Book Day, Women in Comedy, Zen Yoga and Personal Growth! | Full Show (April 30th)

Tonight Amy Guth is in for Patti! We dive into our Monday Night (April 30th) by discussing the Buzzworthy Moments of The Correspondents Dinner with Guth and Huppke on Politics co-host, Rex Huppke. Then, Free Comic Book Day is upon us! So, we bring on Third Coast Comics owner Terry Grant to give us the low down on scoring some comics! Women in Comedy is an amazing organization here in Chicago – to enlighten us on what has been happening […]


Pinch Hitters: Amy Guth’s Earth Day Extravaganza

It’s Earth Day and Amy Guth is sitting in for Brian Noonan! Author Emily Belden stops by the studio to talk about her book “Hot Mess”; Senior Policy Advocate Susan Mudd, who leads the Environmental Law and Policy Center’s Diesel Pollution Reduction Initiative, calls to discuss the Volkswagon Diesel Settlement; Amy shares a list of recyclable items that may surprise you and much more!


Saturday Night Special: Robert K. Elder, “The Mixtape of My Life”

In this Saturday Night Special digital exclusive, host Amy Guth sits down with prolific author and journalist Robert K. Elder for a spirited discussion of his upcoming book The Mixtape of My Life: A Do-It-Yourself Music Memoir. The Mixtape of My Life is a guided journal that offers prompts and questions to unlock memories through the soundtrack of your life. Together, Robert and Amy parse their own musical history and demonstrate the power that music can hold over memory, emotions and how...


Saturday Night Special 3.3.18 | Women’s Month

Tonight on the Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth, we kick off Women’s Month with an in-depth look at the trials and tribulations of women in a variety of fields and consider what course of action we must take to create a more equal world for women.


Saturday Night Special 2.3.18 | Volunteering and Non-Profit

This week on a slightly shortened Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth looks at the topic of volunteering, non-profits and the often complicated nature of trying to help those in need. First, Amy talks with Lisa Dietlin, President/CEO of the Institute of Transformational Philanthropy. They discuss why we feel the compulsion to volunteer and how people can plan, in both big ways and small, to have a very giving 2018. Then Amy welcomes Dr. Noelle Sullivan, Assistant Professor of Instruction...


Saturday Night Special 1.27.18 | Oscars and the Film Industry

This week on the Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth, we take a look at the 90th annual Academy Awards, the shifting nature of the film industry in the era of #MeToo and looking at the future for the next generation of filmmakers. Amy talks with producer and No Coast Cinema host Tom Hush about the Oscars in historical context and how our collective tastes in film can shift over time. Pat McDonald of Hollywood Chicago stops by to give […]


Saturday Night Special 1.6.17 | Body/Mind 2018

We all say it: “New year, new me!”. But how often do we stick to our resolutions? Is there a better way to feel better without imposing large expectations on ourselves? On this edition of the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth welcomes a wealth of individuals with advice on how to inspire real change in the new year. Lisa Kaplin shares her thoughts on why people don’t keep their resolutions and what changes they can make to increase the […]


Saturday Night Special 12.30.17 | The Stuff We Missed in 2017

On this edition of the Saturday Night Special, Amy Guth looks back on the year that was and finds the news and pop culture we may have overlooked in 2017. WGN Radio producers Tom Hush and Griffin Filipitch kick things off with their picks for the most underrated films of the year. They discuss flicks like “Beatrix at Dinner”, “Good Time” and “mother!” and why they think each is worth your time. Music and culture writer Britt Julious returns to […]


Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth Full Show (12/28/17): Air your Grievances

Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth (in for Bill and Wendy) talk about some things we take for granted in life after the running water goes out in Amy’s building; we let you air out your Chicago grievances in a belated Festivus celebration; we talk dream vacation spots with the dead of winter on the horizon, and more.


Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth Full Show (12/27/17): Embrace the Hygge

Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth (in for Bill and Wendy) talk about the Danish concept of “hygge” and how it can help warm up your winter through comfort, warmth and togetherness, the challenge of setting personal goals for the New Years (and making yourself stick to them), a new study that outlines the health benefits of having more female friends in your life, and more.


Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth Bonus Hour 12.26.17

Bill and Wendy are out for the holidays so Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth are taking over the stream airwaves for today. They talk about how to let go of fears, being proactive in the new year, and much more.


Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth Full Show 12.26.17

Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth are back for a full week of shenanigans. On today’s show, they talk about snow shoveling etiquette, working the holidays, crazy headline news, smartphone apps to ditch, new years resolutions, and much more.


Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth Bonus Hour 12.22.17

Filling in for Bill and Wendy on the stream, it’s Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth! On today’s show, they talk about old diseases and old folk remedies. They also talk about how to come back from the holidays refreshed, weird Christmas gifts, and much more.


Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth Full Show 12.22.17

Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth are back in full effect while filling in for Bill and Wendy. Amy and Jen talk about supermarket shopping, their love for space, setting new year’s resolutions, seasonal depression, special holiday foods, bad holiday songs, and much more.


Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth: The Twelve Months of the News Year

At the 2017 WGN Radio Holiday Spectacular, Amy Guth and Jen Bosworth performed The Twelve Months of the News Year. Parody lyrics by Amy Guth On the first month of the news year The news cycle gave to me: A president tweeting each night at three On the next month of the news year The news cycle gave to me: Two Oscars swapped A president tweeting each night at three On the third month of the news year The news […]