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The Amy Guth Podcast from Chicago's Very Own 720 WGN

The Amy Guth Podcast from Chicago's Very Own 720 WGN
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The Amy Guth Podcast from Chicago's Very Own 720 WGN




Saturday Night Special |Independent Films| 04.20.19

On this episode of The Saturday Night Special, Amy Guth welcomes guest co-host Rocco Cataldo, Founder and Principal at Potenza Productions in studio to talk about independent films, branding and how social media blends in with todays distribution of films. Also, Amy welcomes Avril Speaks, writer, director and film producer to talk about the process of creating a film. Listen to the full podcast here: Follow Amy Guth on Twitter!


Kon Mari with Patty Morrissey

Amy Guth talks to Kon Mari consultant Patty Morrissey about how to acquire the skill of tidying. According to Patty, Kon Mari is not only a journey to self-discovery but (much like a marathon run) is more about the process than about the finish line. Kon Mari focuses on identifying those material objects that bring you joy and letting go of those that you don’t need any longer. Never heard of Kon Mari? Check out Kon Mari and Patty Morrissey […]


Saturday Night Special | Your stuff, clutter, and Kon Mari

Tonight on the Saturday Night Special: Amy is helping you get organized as she kicks off the show giving the top things lost inside the home. Think you can guess what’s #1? Sometimes staying organized can be tough. We get attached to things for various reasons, but did you know there are professional organizers to help? Amy welcomes Professional Organizer Erin Kelly as she gives inside information what contributes to cluttered spaces and the best ways to handle them. Erin […]


Saturday Night Special | Books to read in 2019

Tonight on the Saturday Night Special: Amy is back again with her annual book show and this year it’s three more amazing authors with books you cannot miss. Author and film critic Elizabeth Weitzman highlights 50 women who have had an incredible impact on media in “Renegade Women in Film and TV“. From early trailblazers like Hedy Lamarr and Hattie McDaniel to current stars like Amy Poehler and Jessica Williams, Weitzman charts their stories and shows how important women have […]


Rich Lenkov weighs in on emergency declaration lawsuit, the Jussie Smollett case, and R. Kelly

Rich Leknov, resident legal expert and co-host of the WGN Radio podcast Legal Face Off, joins the Bill and Wendy show to discuss the latest developments in the Jussie Smollett case, the National Emergency lawsuit, the R. Kelly case, and much more. You can find Bill and Wendy on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The Bill and Wendy Show airs Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to noon, then streaming from noon to 1 p.m.


Saturday Night Special 2/9/19 | Whisk(e)y

Tonight on the Saturday Night Special, Amy Guth takes a deep dive into one of the most beloved beverages on Earth: whiskey. Whether you spell it with an “e” or without it, whiskey is a storied spirit steeped in so much tradition and history that we just had to talk about it. Author and bourbon expert Fred Minnick joins us from Kentucky to take us through the history of America’s finest export and shares his tips on what to look […]


Wintrust Business Lunch | Amy Guth | 1/19/19

Join Amy today for a packed Wintrust Business Lunch on the latest news and headlines. First, Amy speaks with Tim Higgins, a reporter at The Wall Street Journal covering tech and autos, to discuss the hype and concerns for driverless car technology. Then, she speaks with Lauren Zumbach, a business reporter for the Chicago Tribune, for an update on the status of suffering retail ex-giant, Sears. Finally, she checks in with Jane Margolies, a contributing editor at Landscape Architecture...


Saturday Night Special w/ Amy Guth | Conversations of 2018

Tonight on the Saturday Nigh Special, host Amy Guth takes a look back at some of her most compelling conversations of 2018. From her mixtape show, we hear Robert K Elder the author of The Mixtape of My Life: A Do-It-Yourself Music Memoir. You can here the full podcast here. Then we hear Rosalind Lannin, co-host of the Miss-Spoken live-lite series, on Amy’s annual books and literature show and this was also the last show Amy had from Tribune Tower. Dr. Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell & Anne...


Saturday Night Special w/ Hannah Stanley filling in for Amy Guth

Tonight on the Saturday Night Special, host Hannah Stanley stands in for Amy Guth, kicking off the show with the most considerate auto theft in news. Meanwhile, Metra trains are making changes and Poopsie the glitter-pooping unicorn is the next best gift this Christmas.


Saturday Night Special w/ Amy Guth | Classical Music in Chicago

Tonight on the Saturday Nigh Special, host Amy Guth explores the world of classical music in the modern era with musicians, composers and appreciators of the form. Kathryn Satoh and Elizabeth Newkirk of the chamber music duo Bow and Hammer join Amy in-studio to talk about the art and business of being classical music performers in Chicago. They discuss their mission of making classical music an enriching part of everyday life and thoughts on the Chicago classical scene. WGN Radio’s […]


Saturday Night Special | Food Justice

Tonight on the Saturday Night Special: Amy and special guest host Hannah Stanley talk about the multi-layered and complex issue of food justice. Together, they work through the intricacies of just what food justice is and what it means for the average consumer. Joining them are Jim Conwell, Senior Director ofMarketing and Communications at Greater Chicago Food Depository, celebrated chef Bruno Abate and Jose Oliva, Co-Director of the Food Chain Worker’s Alliance....


WGN Nightside w/ Amy Guth & Dometi Pongo | 9/13/2018 Full Show

On tonight’s edition of WGN Nightside, Amy Guth and Dometi Pongo talk about the many effects of natural disasters as we follow Hurricane Florence and the east coast; Producer CaSera aka DJ Ca$h Era talks about her DJ hustle and her accomplishments at this point in her career; and the current state of the news industry is discussed. Then, Amy and Dometi speak with Tiffany Seybert, founder of Cop To Yoga, to discuss the program and the inspiration behind it. Tiffany shares […]


Wintrust Business Lunch 7/28/18: Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz & Heather Haddon

On this Saturday edition of the Wintrust Business Lunch, Amy Guth discuses with Chicago Tribune’s Alexia Eljalde-Ruiz about employment among the disabled community and the window washer strike. Then later is joined on the show with Wall Street Journal’s Heather Haddon to talk in depth about the new and growing business in meal kits, why it is so difficult to maintain and what if the future of this business.


Saturday Night Special 6.23.18 | Labor and the Gig Economy

On this edition of the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth gathers a group of experts to tackle the topic of the “gig economy” and it’s effect on the American labor force. Sarah Kessler, author of Gigged: The End of the Job and the Future of Work, parses through some of the broad findings of the Bureau of Labor Statistics about the size of the gig economy and exactly how many people are part of it. She also goes into […]


Saturday Night Special | Underlying Narratives in Literature

The Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth returns with the annual Chicago Lit show in honor of the upcoming Printer’s Row Lit Fest. This year, we focus on underlying and hidden narratives and how storytelling can shed light on to these often forgotten or purposefully excluded perspectives. Joining her on the program are a slew of experts and authors that help raise up unheard voices in literature and beyond. Writer/editor Martha Bayne stops by to discuss the anthologies Rust Belt Chicago and...


Saturday Night Special | Fashion and the Garment Industry

In the wake of the spectacle of the high-fashion Met Gala, host Amy Guth takes a deep dive into the world of fashion and garment making with a group of experts that show a different side of the glitz and glamour. Fashion historian Dr. Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell shares her knowledge of hundreds of years of fashion and extrapolates on the study of fashion and the influence of fashion on every facet of society. Founder and editor of Vestoj magazine Anja Cronberg discusses the importance […]


The Buzzworthy Moments of The Correspondents Dinner, Free Comic Book Day, Women in Comedy, Zen Yoga and Personal Growth! | Full Show (April 30th)

Tonight Amy Guth is in for Patti! We dive into our Monday Night (April 30th) by discussing the Buzzworthy Moments of The Correspondents Dinner with Guth and Huppke on Politics co-host, Rex Huppke. Then, Free Comic Book Day is upon us! So, we bring on Third Coast Comics owner Terry Grant to give us the low down on scoring some comics! Women in Comedy is an amazing organization here in Chicago – to enlighten us on what has been happening […]


Pinch Hitters: Amy Guth’s Earth Day Extravaganza

It’s Earth Day and Amy Guth is sitting in for Brian Noonan! Author Emily Belden stops by the studio to talk about her book “Hot Mess”; Senior Policy Advocate Susan Mudd, who leads the Environmental Law and Policy Center’s Diesel Pollution Reduction Initiative, calls to discuss the Volkswagon Diesel Settlement; Amy shares a list of recyclable items that may surprise you and much more!


Saturday Night Special: Robert K. Elder, “The Mixtape of My Life”

In this Saturday Night Special digital exclusive, host Amy Guth sits down with prolific author and journalist Robert K. Elder for a spirited discussion of his upcoming book The Mixtape of My Life: A Do-It-Yourself Music Memoir. The Mixtape of My Life is a guided journal that offers prompts and questions to unlock memories through the soundtrack of your life. Together, Robert and Amy parse their own musical history and demonstrate the power that music can hold over memory, emotions and how...


Saturday Night Special 3.3.18 | Women’s Month

Tonight on the Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth, we kick off Women’s Month with an in-depth look at the trials and tribulations of women in a variety of fields and consider what course of action we must take to create a more equal world for women.