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A local businessman and civic activist, Ari Hoffman ran for Seattle City Council after its failed policies affected him, his family and his community. Now he has a more powerful platform on America's first conservative talk radio station, 570 KVI

A local businessman and civic activist, Ari Hoffman ran for Seattle City Council after its failed policies affected him, his family and his community. Now he has a more powerful platform on America's first conservative talk radio station, 570 KVI


Seattle, WA


A local businessman and civic activist, Ari Hoffman ran for Seattle City Council after its failed policies affected him, his family and his community. Now he has a more powerful platform on America's first conservative talk radio station, 570 KVI








Top Gun: Maverick Review - Full Spoiler Discussion

Ari is joined by Producer Mike and KVI Executive Producer Kevin to discuss the long-awaited sequel, Top Gun: Maverick. Go watch it on the biggest screen you can! BONUS: This podcast also incudes our discussion about the Wall Street Journal article ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Loses Chinese Investor Due to Pro-U.S. Messaging Tencent Holdings pulled out of financing the film over concerns about Chinese officials’ reaction


May 27, 2022: We Know the Timeline in Uvalde

Latest from Uvalde, Texas – We’re learning more about the timeline, and it’s not good. SEATTLE WAY- The response to minimum wage- Robot workers at Chilis The Swamp- Biden and the dems claim to care about shootings and police and abortion but really don’t. They all just left town Woke report- Baseball teams instead of posting info about games on social media decide to start posting about gun control AG Bob Ferguson is excited because he recovered 66 million in defrauded funds. Great only a...


May 26, 2022: Who gave the stand down order?

Latest from Uvalde, Texas and the gunman’s final 90 minutes fuel questions about police delays SEATTLE WAY - More prolific offenders are the cause of more crime, when will politicians realize this The Swamp- You can’t afford Bidens green energy agenda and neither can anyone else Woke report- There is a new term that needs to be dropped from use because it is racist and its insane Is the left finally waking up to sound transits boondoggle? LEFT COAST - Bob Ferguson is excited because he...


Can the right and left come together to protect our kids?

Ari is joined by Batya Ungar-Sargon, Deputy opinion editor for Newsweek and author of "Bad News: How Woke Media Is Undermining Democracy," for our weekly Friendly Faceoff. This week's topic: In the wake of the tragedy at Uvalde, can the right and left come together to protect our kids?


May 25, 2022: So Inslee Got the Rona

Latest from Uvalde, Texas Seattle Way - Seattle city council is refunding the police but is it too little too late and will schools let them back on campus The Swamp- Everyone in DC has an agenda and none of it includes keeping your kids safe Woke report- Steve Kerr of the Golden state warriors goes viral for calling for gun control but this is the same guy who called for police to be removed from schools Inslee has tested positive for COVID. Turns out those masks don’t work Left Coast - A...


INTERVIEW: Drew Hernandez at Uvalde

Drew Hernandez joins us from Uvalde, Texas with the latest updates on the school shooting massacre


May 24, 2022: The World Economic Forum Does Not Run the World

At least 18 children dead and multiple injuries reported after shooting at Texas elementary school Is there really an elite cabal running the world? The latest from the world economic forum Seattle Way- Crazy car accident stops traffic this morning and we have some tragic updates on what happened The Swamp- The media ignored that Hillary ordered the false Russia collusion narrative to be pushed but we have all the details for you Woke report- The Washington Post pushes false facts with...


Jack Posobiec Detained?!

Jack Posobiec, host of Human Events for Turning Point USA joins Ari to talk about being detained by law enforcement while covering the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland


May 23, 2022: Monkeypox Was Not on my 2022 Bingo Card!

Are the democrats and the elites dragging us into World War 3? SEATTLE WAY-Thousands of volunteers turn out to clean up politicians messes in Seattle The Swamp- Joe Biden’s approval ratings are so low that every democrat is announcing plans to run for president Woke report- Are we seeing streaming platforms having enough of the woke nonsense and cancel culture? On Friday, Gov Jay Inslee issued an order canceling parole for Timothy Pauley who is currently serving life for three counts of...


EXCLUSIVE: Journalist Jonathan Choe Announces His Next Chapter

Journalist Jonathan Choe joins Ari exclusively to announce his new media job!


2000 Mules: Dinesh D'Souza Interview

Author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza joins Ari to talk about his new movie "2000 Mules"


May 20, 2022: Interview-Palooza!

Replays of some of our favorite recent interviews you may have missed, including: Paw-shank Redemption: $125,000 settlement reached in government's multi-year legal battle against Miska the cat - Ari spoke to Jon Zimmerman, cat owner Anna Danieli's attorney Mariya Frost, Transportation Director, Washington Policy Center Dana Loesch, Host of the nationally syndicated Dana Show - Weekdays, 6pm-9pm on KVI Glen Morgan, founder of Congressional Candidate George Santos Stephen...


May 19, 2022: Price of Gas is the Only Poll Number That Matters

Senator Josh Hawley GRILLS Biden's Energy Secretary Granholm for blaming high gas prices on Putin. Seattle Way - A Seattle jogger who was mauled by two homeless dogs has some strong words for elected officials who won’t deal with the homeless The Swamp- Congress is spending like drunken sailors and none of it will help you Woke report- former czar of the former ministry of truth claims it was all shut down because of disinformation Inslee gave a press conference which no one paid attention...


May 18, 2022: The End of the Ministry of Truth

Ari shares his commentary on the results from last night’s Primary. Seattle Way - Seattle public schools going back to masking for 10 days to stop the spread The Swamp- The ministry of truth is officially on hold. At least their czar will have more time for karaoke Woke report- Elon musk says he is done voting for democrats and the internet explodes Gas stations are reprogramming their pumps to have more digits in case gas goes above 10 bucks a gallon Left Coast - Latest results in primary...


May 17, 2022: Karine Jean-Pierre is Not Having a Great Week

Fauci says covid is going to kill us all but not those unvaccinated illegals coming across the border Seattle Way - Jay Inslee is telling us to clean up our trash, you first The Swamp- No more uniter and chief! Biden’s new plan is demonizing anyone who disagrees with his administration Woke report- Twitter gets busted by project veritas and admits their bias A local basketball coach is rehired even though complaints have been mounting for years. Carleen Johnson from Northwest Newsradio joins...


INTERVIEW: George Santos, Candidate for Congress

George Santos is a first-generation American born in Queens, New York and he joins Ari to talk about his platform, including why we have to stop the Socialist agenda from destroying Long Island and out country. For more information and to get involved, check out this website


May 16, 2022: Everyone Wants to Politicize Buffalo

The latest on how everyone is politicizing the buffalo shooting Seattle Way - Is that snow in Seattle? No just shattered glass from all the car break-ins, San Francisco snow has come to Seattle The Swamp- Jen Psaki's replacement pulled an amber heard in her first presser Woke report- Netflix tells woke employees suck it up or find a new job Arby’s manager arrested for allegedly urinating in milkshake mix Worshippers ‘hogtied’ gunman who killed one and injured five at Laguna Woods church in...


May 13, 2022: Will Jay Inslee Keep a Murderer in Jail?

Is Elon Musk’s twitter deal falling through? Seattle Way- A local architect of critical race theory decided to pick a fight with me and call me an anti-Semite. All I did was wake up this morning The Swamp- Its Psaki’s final presser today and it was a train wreck, just like the Biden administration Woke report- School district has filed a sexual harassment complaint against 3 students for using the wrong pronouns A murderer is about to be released from jail. Will Jay Inslee stop it? Left...


May 12, 2022: The Maga King and Biden's lies

The Biden Administration’s lies are all exposed in one day SEATTLE WAY- Why the homeless problem will not be solved The Swamp- Newsmax beat CNN in the ratings and guest Hogan Gidley Woke report- BP is punishing a franchise for not removing the joe Biden I did that stickers Inslee makes the case for voting for democrats and like him it is weak LEFT COAST- It’s Wildfire season in California, but activists can’t agree on a solution to make more water. Friendly faceoff with Batya Ungar-Sargon...


May 11, 2022: Roe won't stop Bidenflation

Inflation is here to stay. Remember when Biden and crew said it would be temporary? SEATTLE WAY- Is Seattle finally changing course and looking to refund the police? The Swamp- Senate votes on Abortion. Woke report- Disney is mum on some racist comments of one of their ABC hosts. Has the mouse lost its appetite for politics? Inslee’s DOH refuses to look at the data in our state LEFT COAST- Oregon prolife HQ is firebombed and no one is talking about it A new idea for mental health awareness...