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Episode 5: "Generation Screwed" Author Michael Hobbes on Millennials

Highline's Michael Hobbes joins Jordan to discuss the precarious position of millennials and what they can do to fix it. "Generation Screwed" author Michael Hobbes hops on the Beane 2018 Podcast for a wide-ranging conversation about how our millennial generation is so far behind their parents - from health care and housing to politics and policy. A terrific writer (check him out on twitter at @rottenindemark), Michael and Jordan discuss what made him write this deep dive into the...


Episode 4: Sean McElwee of Demos Action on Elections & Turnout

Demos Action's Sean McElwee joins Jordan to talk about youth turnout, running younger candidates and why a lot of "conventional wisdom" should be tossed out. The Beane 2018 Podcast is back! On this edition Jordan is excited to talk to Demos Action's Sean McElwee. A forward thinking analyst and a must follow on twitter (@seanmcelwee) Sean is a leading voice on what progressives need to do to get into office. Joining Jordan on the pod, the two discuss what Sean's role at Demos Action is...


Episode 3: A Conversation on Homelessness with Father Simon Mainwaring

With homelessness reaching epidemic proportions, Jordan Beane talks with Simon Mainwaring about morality, solutions and hope. Since arriving in Pacific Beach seven years ago, Father Mainwaring has become more and more involved in helping out the unsheltered community here in San Diego. From weekly dinners to coalition-building, Mainwaring is doing his part in this fight against San Diego's rising homeless epidemic. In their conversation, Jordan and Simon talk about the who those living on...


Episode 2: Dave Myers, Candidate for County Sheriff

The Beane 2018 Podcast is back for episode No. 2, discussing what a progressive criminal justice system looks like with Dave Myers, candidate for San Diego County Sheriff. With his second podcast, Jordan Beane sits down with fellow candidate Dave Myers, another Democratic looking to beat a Republican incumbent. Unlike Jordan's District 2, a fairly compact cut-out of America's Finest City, Dave has to traverse the entire county - from Imperial Beach to Borrego Springs, Oceanside to Jamul,...


Episode 1: Hilary Kearney, Girl Next Door Honey

It’s the Inaugural Beane 2018 Podcast! In this premiere episode, Jordan kicks things off talking about who he & why he started a podcast (0:27) before talking to Hilary Kearney of Girl Next Door Honey (3:32). Hilary is a native San Diegan, full time beekeeper and an Instagram superstar. Jordan and Hilary talk about her background, what she believes is causing the decline in bee populations (6:41) and the importance of bee populations, especially local bee species (9:44). The two also...