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Episode 671 | BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The Relaunch of Frederick Douglass's North Star

The biggest lesson I've learned over the past four years of doing independent media and using that platform to fight for what's important to us is that if you don't control your stories -- if you don't have decision making power to determine what is told, how it's told, or when it's told -- then someone else will, and it's a good chance that "someone else" doesn't have the concern and love for our community that we do. BIG NEWS. My good friend Shaun King and I are relaunching Frederick...


Episode 670 | Pence Uses "Rabbi" Who Believes Jews Are All Going To Hell To "Comfort" Victims of Antisemitic Murders

This conversation with @MediaStudied got real! Matt is a good friend of mine and I hate to see him this upset, but it's for good reason. Imagine someone who thought your loved ones were going to burn in hell was sent to comfort you? Imagine if Candace Owens was sent to comfort the families of Mother Emanuel AME. Listen in.


Episode 669 | Part 1 : The White Supremacy Week From Hell

Again, white supremacy kills. Full episode on


Episode 669 | Part 2 | Jewish Leaders of Pittsburgh Open Letter to Trump | Deciding To Be A Bigot

White supremacy kills. Full episode available on


Episode 666 | Stacey Abrams Burned a Confederate Flag. People Upset Probably Weren't Voting For Her

Stacey Abrams burned a Georgia flag that had the image of the confederacy on it. My friend Marcus Ferrell put it brilliantly: Anyone that has an issue with this was never going to support her. I think that this statement can say a lot about the fight that I apparently refuse to let go of: Anyone who has an issue with directly fighting racism was never going to support a coalition that does fight racism. So why should we waste time on them when there are tens-of-millions of people we CAN...


Episode 662 | The 2020 Court Packing Litmus Test | Why YOU Need to Run for Office

There is no progressive future without fixing the damage on the Supreme Court. In 2018 it is critical Democrats get majorities in the Senate (except Manchin, he can eat a ****). But in 2020, it is critical that we hold Democrats to a Court Packing litmus test. IMPORTANT: This isn't a litmus test that says "I'm not gonna vote for Dems if they don't do what I like." This is a litmus test that says, "I'm going to check with the politicians from my district and state and if they aren't going to...


Episode 661 | Radical Conservative Nikki Haley Resigns | Olive Branch to the Misguided Left

Hey everyone! 661 is up. Listen, there are no "moderate" Republicans. What they want is the complete destruction of what we want and they are willing to burn down everything to get it. And I've extended an "olive branch" of sorts to the "misguided" Left. It's the same exact message that I've been giving over the past few weeks, but I try to do it without all the venom I'm fully aware that I dished out. 661 is a full episode so let's go! Episode 661 | Radical Conservative Nikki Haley Resigns...


Episode 660 | Part 6 | Solutions for Progressive Independent Spaces - with @TheWayWithAnoa

The finale. Part Six. Anoa made a statement in here that brings it all together. It is our mandate. Not only for media but also for those of you who are trying to find your way through being politically active. Thanks for riding with me through this entire series! - Ben


Episode 659 | Problems in Progressive Political and Media Spaces with @TheWayWithAnoa

Finally, the two-part conclusion to our six-part series! Part six is available now to Patrons only and will be made available to everyone else next week. Thanks to everyone who participated in this very impromptu series on this topic.


Episode 656 | Republicans are LITERAL Neoliberals

For some of you, this will be like "Duh." But I'm discovering more and more how many people don't understand that Neoliberalism is a specific set of economic policies that are most promoted -- and promoted in their extreme form -- by Republicans. If this is a review for you, then bare with me as I make this plain for some people.


Episode 655| A Farewell to Ignorance

Enough is enough. Time to move on from hoping to talk sense into a group that doesn't want any. Long story short, we've got to work. We've got to organize more. We've got to get into position to actually effect change. Shouting at Democrats from the sidelines while Republicans are running up the score for neoliberalism is a failing strategy. Let's talk about it.


Episode 654 | Kavanaugh Wielding Power Over Women's Bodies | Grandstanding Over Gillum

We're seeing the worst in the treatment of women revived to help elevate Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court so that Bret Kavanaugh can enforce his will on the bodies of women by repealing Roe-v-Wade just as he allegedly forced his will on the body of the women who reported sexual assault.


Episode 653 | Part 4: Independent Media: No Girls Allowed with @MuseWendi and @Sansdn

I delayed part four so I could include voices of women. Even though I pointed out the male-dominated space, I would have been perpetuating the problem by not including the voices of women. Once again, my homegirls came to the rescue. Wendi Muse shared this amazing podcast with me and I've chopped it to share with you. But be sure to listen to the entire podcast here: Check out Wendi...


Episode 652 | Part 3: Why Media Caters to Its Audience Versus The Hard Truth w/@mediastudied

Part three in a four-part series on independent media and how it reflects mainstream media. In this conversation, I speak with @MediaStudied again about the lanes that support the current power structure and why it has become increasingly necessary for media to cater to those lanes. In the context of how people of color (Black people specifically) fit into these lanes, historically it has always been about how we can serve one of those lanes. The moment you challenge your lane, you're likely...


Episode 651 | Part 2: How The Independent Media Space Is Nearly Identitical to Mainstream Media

Part two of an ongoing conversation. Today's podcast is a conversation I had with @QGotNoRings and @Deuce1042 about this independent media space.


Episode 650 | How Independent Media Reflects and Serves the Current Power Structure

This is part one of four podcasts based on two hours of conversations I had with @MediaStudied, @QGotNoRings, and @Deuce1042 (all on twitter) about how independent media both reflect the current power structure and, in its own way, is merely fulfilling a function of the current power structure. We get into the weeds a bit, but it was an important conversation -- especially for me.


Episode 649 | The Smearing of Botham Jean

Watching the Dallas police smear a man who was killed while resting in his home is surreal. But they've done this so many times, the smearing of Black people killed by police has been perfected down to a science. Today's bonus show I cover "Useless contrarianism" -- the performative art of grandstanding but doing nothing to help progressive goals.


Episode 648 | Why The Culture War and Social Issues Are All That Matter

Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk is a friend of mine and I respect his work. But a tweet he sent out -- though he certainly offered clarification -- gives us the opportunity to explore the idea that the culture war is a distraction or best understood as a tool used by oligarchs to keep us divided. I used to think this too until I thought this all the way through.


Episode 647 | How The "Angry Black Person" Trope Is Repeated All Across the Country

What happened to Serena sadly happens too often around the country to black people. Ask them.