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Hosted by Bob Cesca, the popular contributor and editor for The Daily Banter, the Bob Cesca Show combines funny liberal political talk from podcasters knee-deep in the trenches of the American political debate. Brought to you by bath and body products. Download our free weekly audio podcast in the iTunes Store and be sure to Rate and Review the show in iTunes.

Hosted by Bob Cesca, the popular contributor and editor for The Daily Banter, the Bob Cesca Show combines funny liberal political talk from podcasters knee-deep in the trenches of the American political debate. Brought to you by bath and body products. Download our free weekly audio podcast in the iTunes Store and be sure to Rate and Review the show in iTunes.


Dumfries, VA


Hosted by Bob Cesca, the popular contributor and editor for The Daily Banter, the Bob Cesca Show combines funny liberal political talk from podcasters knee-deep in the trenches of the American political debate. Brought to you by bath and body products. Download our free weekly audio podcast in the iTunes Store and be sure to Rate and Review the show in iTunes.






My Interpretation Is No

[Explicit Language] COVID deaths surpass 1918 pandemic. Congratulations to California. The Breitbart conspiracy theory about liberals and vaccines. Tucker on military vaccinations. Anti-mask Republican official in Florida dies of COVID. Laura Loomer asked for COVID and got it. Marjorie Three Toes and masking/vaxxing hypocrisy. Mike Pence temporarily located his spine. Adam Schiff's slate of presidential reforms. Ken Burns and the cultural civil war. Marginalizing Trumpism like we did with...


Clean Your Balls

[Explicit Content] Buzz Burbank sits in for TRex again today. Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend's ball. Gen-X Bob is totally out of touch with pop culture. Nuclear tests on the Korean peninsula. Mark Esper planned for a possible Trump nuclear launch long before General Milley. Mike Pence's conversation with Dan Quayle. Don't forget Steve Bannon. The latest Red Hat freakout over monoclonal antibodies. Jody's Facebook post about COVID. Waiting on a booster. Who's Suing Trump Today? Kids are being...


Fitness Expert Shawn Phillips

[Explicit Language] Shawn is a fitness expert, bodybuilder, bike rider, and the author of the book, Strength For Life. You might remember reading about his brother Bill Phillips a couple weeks ago. Bill is also a bodybuilder who wrote the best selling fitness book of all time, Body For Life – and this year, Bill suffered from a severe case of long haul COVID, which landed him in a medically induced coma. So today, we'll talk with Shawn about his brother's battle with COVID, as well as...


Non-Mandate Mandate

[Explicit Langauge] General Milley says he blocked Trump from using nukes. Bob's ocular migraine. California Recall Day. Biden's vaccine mandate isn't really a vaccine mandate. Buzz's Bookmarks. Corpses of the Day. Anti-vaxxers are snorting Betadine now. New York hospital shuts down maternity ward due to anti-vaxxers. The worst doctors in the world. DC is preparing for the Sept. 18 rally by insurrection supporters. Howard Stern's rampage continues. Capital Police arrest suspected terrorist...


Rage Room

[Explicit Content] It's Buzz and Jody on the show today as Buzz fills in for TRex. A correction from Tuesday's show. Howard Stern has the right idea about freedom and COVID. Children now represent 26% of COVID cases nationwide. Biden announces vaccine mandate for federal workers. Ivermectin study might show fertility issues in men. Three cheers for Patton Oswalt. The latest on the Mu variant. Copycat states duplicating the Texas abortion ban. A fascinating post about body autonomy. With...


Eric Boehlert Returns

[Explicit Language] Eric Boehlert returns to the show to talk about the press coverage of the Biden administration, and why the news media continues to overcorrect for this myth of a liberal media bias. By the way, you might know Eric from his weekly appearances on the Stephanie Miller Show, or his work for Media Matters back in the day, or from his newsletter: Pressrun.Media. Follow Eric on Twitter. Meantime – if you can, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at...


Everything Tastes Better On A Ritz

[Explicit Language] Bob's last visit to NYC before 9/11. Buzz's news coverage from New York on 9/11. Someone should sue Greg Abbott for the child COVID deaths. George Carlin on Republicans and abortion. Merrick Garland intends to fight back against the Texas abortion ban. Tele-abortions. Former Florida House Speaker calls women "host bodies." The Lincoln Project's ivermectin commercial parody. Alex Jones says he has COVID. Those football crowds over the weekend. Fauci on the stadiums. With...


Indie Music Countdown: Summer Songs 2021

Our first annual Songs of the Summer Indie Music Countdown. The best Summer Songs by the independent recording artists we featured on the Bob Cesca Show during the past several months and played here in the same order they aired on our Tuesday, Thursday and Friday podcasts. Welcome to your Labor Day Weekend and thanks so much taking us along with you as your soundtrack for the next few days. Links to support our indie bands under this episode at See Privacy Policy at...


Anthrax And Dog Sh*t

[Explicit Content] The flooding in New York City. The Texas abortion ban. How will bounty hunters know someone's had an abortion? Real life HIPAA violations. The Supreme Court and the consequences of third party votes. Let's prank the Texas pro-life whistleblower website. Elie Mystal's idea for retaining privacy, and creative solutions to issues. The Texas voting law passed. Kevin McCarthy's obstruction of justice. Joe Rogan has COVID and took Ivermectin because bro-science. With Jody...


Mary Trump and The Reckoning

[Explicit Language] The great Mary Trump returns to the show to discuss her must-read new book, The Reckoning: Our Nation's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal, about America's battle with PTSD following the Trump presidency and while the COVID pandemic continues to rage on. So, we'll talk about mental health and how we heal, and we'll talk about some of our national history -- Reconstruction and the Lost Cause in particular -- and most importantly how we can best navigate an increasingly...


Phil McCracken

[Explicit Language] Teens prank a Virginia school board meeting. Buzz was first with the "neigh" jokes. The COVID infection rate nears January levels. Ohio judge forces doctor to administer horse de-wormer to a patient. Hoax alert with Milo Yiannopoulos. Louie Gohmert pushing Ivermectin. More anti-mask, anti-vax Red Hats die of COVID. Supreme Court ends Biden's eviction moratorium. Hurricane Ida. The War in Afghanistan is over, but the concern trolling and condemnations of Biden continue. A...


Forceful With His Caucus

[Explicit Content] Michigan judge destroys Lin Wood and Sydney Powell over The Big Lie. Wood and Powell will have to pay attorneys' fees and attend continuing legal classes. The California Recall and Dianne Feinstein. The House is requesting documents from Trump and 30 members of Trump's team. Afghanistan bombing and the lead-up to the withdrawal. Who's suing Trump today? Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman are totally screwed. Igor Fruman pleads guilty. Lev Parnas is hitting on Kimberley again. Red...


Encore Interview: Dr. Leah Torres

In case you missed it, here's an encore presentation of my June 2021 interview with Dr. Leah Torres, an OB/GYN who also handles abortion services in Alabama, of all places. And she's not afraid to put herself out there, making her one of the most courageous people I know. Even if you've already heard this one, you should listen again. Among other things, we talked about reproductive rights, the Texas abortion ban, the Supreme Court and Roe v Wade, and more. Follow her on Twitter...


Porn Star In My Car

[Explicit Content] Buzz's encounter with a porn star. What the cable news media is getting wrong about Afghanistan. Taliban sets an August 31 deadline. Biden's poll numbers are dipping...for now.Taliban blocks the road to the Kabul airport. U.S. military has evacuated 58,000 people since August 14. Rachel Maddow will stay at MSNBC. The FDA hammers the de-wormer morons. The latest from the Florida wave. Alex Jones turns on Trump. CNN confirms all Fox News staffers are vaccinated. With Buzz...


Land War In Asia

[Explicit Content] Late start for the show today -- we apologize for the inconvenience. There's a guy threatening to blow up three city blocks in DC today. The suspect is a white Trump supporter who thinks Trump will pardon him. Ron and Jim Watkins and Donald Trump made this. The latest on the Afghanistan withdrawal. Nikki Haley is a soulless automaton. Great news about jobs. Trump's Save America PAC grift continues. Greg Abbott tests positive for COVID. South Carolina Republican dies of...


Spencer Ackerman

You might know Spencer from his reporting for The Daily Beast, WIRED, The Guardian, and The New Republic. He's also the author of a brand new book called Reign Of Terror: How The 9/11 Era Destabilized America And Produced Trump. The book takes a hard and often harrowing look at how 9/11 led us on an inevtitable path to Afghanistan, Iraq, the exploitation of fear, and the war on terror itself. We're also going to talk about the American withdrawal from Afghanistan and whether the chaos was...



[Explicit Language] The withdrawal from Afghanistan and the inevitability of the Taliban's return. Fox News and "showing strength." Joe Biden's enormous steel balls. The American people and the Afghan people want this. The press and its outdated script. Loitering for politics. Laura Jedeed's thread. The RNC deleted the web page about Trump ending endless wars. Trump and Pompeo telegraphed all of this to the Taliban. Trump's freeing of 5,000 Taliban prisoners and Mullah Ghani. The Taliban and...


The Alex Jones Alien Symbiont

[Explicit Content] Judge rules Dominion Voting Systems can proceed with lawsuit against Giuliani, Lindell, and Powell. Conservative YouTube knockoff hires Greenwald and Gabbard. Rand Paul suspended from YouTube. Rand Paul's hair pieces. The Red Hat Freakout. How Biden can fire Louis DeJoy. Alex Jones talking about Bob in 2015. Frats, Sororities, and Carbs. Another way Congress can get Trump's tax returns. With Jody Hamilton and David 'TRex' Ferguson. And Summer songs by Feed Your Wolves and...


Travis Bone from the Stephanie Miller Show

[Explicit Language] Travis is the executive producer of the nationally syndicated Stephanie Miller Show, the greatest liberal radio show of all time. Like me, Travis is also a fan of comic book movies and related TV shows. And so we talked a lot about The Suicide Squad, the Marvel and DC multiverses, which TV series to watch, the humanizing of supervillains, Travis's work with Kevin Smith, and more. Plus, we're treated to an inside look into the making of the Stephanie Miller Show, and more....


Marjorie Three Toes

[Explicit Language] Andrew Cuomo resigns after charges of sexual harassment. A brief correction from last week. Louis DeJoy just gifted his former company with a multi-million-dollar USPS contract. DeJoy is trying to screw up another election. The alleged Democrat who's keeping DeJoy at USPS. Greg Abbott calls for healthcare workers from other states to help with COVID. Florida schools to defy DeSantis order against mask mandates. Anti-vax deejay dies of COVID. Dr. Fauci looks beleaguered....