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Hosted by Bob Cesca, the popular contributor and editor for The Daily Banter, the Bob Cesca Show combines funny liberal political talk from podcasters knee-deep in the trenches of the American political debate. Brought to you by bath and body products. Download our free weekly audio podcast in the iTunes Store and be sure to Rate and Review the show in iTunes.

Hosted by Bob Cesca, the popular contributor and editor for The Daily Banter, the Bob Cesca Show combines funny liberal political talk from podcasters knee-deep in the trenches of the American political debate. Brought to you by bath and body products. Download our free weekly audio podcast in the iTunes Store and be sure to Rate and Review the show in iTunes.


Dumfries, VA


Hosted by Bob Cesca, the popular contributor and editor for The Daily Banter, the Bob Cesca Show combines funny liberal political talk from podcasters knee-deep in the trenches of the American political debate. Brought to you by bath and body products. Download our free weekly audio podcast in the iTunes Store and be sure to Rate and Review the show in iTunes.






The G*ddamn Supreme Court

[Explicit Language] Steven Breyer retiring from the Supreme Court. The frontrunners, the future of the Court, motivating Democratic turnout, Sam Alito and Clarence Thomas. Huge news on the economy, and how reporters won't give Biden any credit. Congresswoman's car hit by bullets in St. Louis. CBN reporter silenced by Jen Psaki. Active COVID patient Sarah Palin went to a NYC restaurant again. Kyrsten Sinema in big trouble for 2024. Shock jock witnessed Greenberg and Matt Gaetz discussing sex...


The Donna Halper School of Media

Donna returns to school us in the news media, politics, the Supreme Court, and more! You might know Donna as the WMMS deejay who introduced my favorite band Rush to American audiences. She's also a college professor, a media historian, the author of six books, and she runs a blog called Dialogue and Discourse. Follow her on Twitter here. Meantime, don't forget to subscribe to our bonus shows on our Patreon page at See Privacy Policy at and...


The Buzz Ding 2000

[Explicit Language] Farewell, Ziggy Blue. Next week: Malcolm Nance live from Ukraine. Bill Maher, Bari Weiss, and the "Done With COVID" movement. Scientist Nicholas Christakis on how COVID will probably end. Sarah Palin tested positive for COVID, again. Joe Biden calls Peter Doocy a "dumb son of a bitch." Fani Willis empanels a special grand jury in Georgia to investigate Trump. What the 1/6 committee has learned so far. Some great news about gerrymandering. With Buzz Burbank and music by...


The Track Suit Mafia

[Explicit Content] Exclusive "tape" of an Eric Trump phone call subpoenaed by the 1/6 committee (not really). Eric took the 5th on 500 questions. Letitia James ramps up her pursuit of the Trump Organization's corruption and fraud. Fulton County, GA, district attorney asks to empanel a grand jury to investigate Trump's election theft. Republicans block voting rights and filibuster reform. Mitch McConnell racist blurt about African-Americans. The Supreme Court sticks it to Trump. Trump's...


Kevin L. Johnson from Ozark

[Explicit Language] Kevin plays Sam Dermody, the real estate agent on the hit Netflix series Ozark. Season 4, part one drops this Friday – and you might recall how at the end of season 3, Kevin's character was arrested by the FBI for helping Jason Bateman and Laura Linney launder money through their river boat casino. Everyone's wondering whether Kevin's character will make it through the series without being brutally murdered. Follow Kevin on Twitter. Meantime, don't forget to subscribe to...


Mr. Short Term Memory

[Explicit Language] Happy Birthday, Jody Hamilton! The unspoken COVID death toll. Dr. Oz blames Biden for not ending the pandemic. Fairfax County is pushing back against Glenn Youngkin. Swing voters have a short-term memory problem. Young voters and the midterms. DirectTV drops OAN. Trump seemed to know about the forged electors. Why Republicans keep expanding voter suppression efforts. Trump's other attempts to cheat and undermine democracy. A possible Democratic plan to break the GOP...


Itchy Sinema

[Explicit Content] The supply chain thing hits the DC metroplex. Democrats find a way to circumvent the filibuster. Kind of. Republican officials forged electoral college documents. Bring on the DOJ! Kevin McCarthy is chickening out of testifying. McCarthy and removing Trump from office. "Pee all that you can pee!" Unvaxxed Glenn Beck has COVID for a second time. Long COVID is a real thing. Democrats introduce bill to ban congressional stock trades. Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend testifies in...


Brian Karem's Free The Press

[Explicit Language] White House reporter Brian Karem returns to the show to talk about journalism and his brand new book, FREE THE PRESS: The Death of American Journalism and How to Revive It. It's an outstanding look at some press history – tracking why we are where we are right now – and how best to fix journalism as we stare down the barrel of authoritarian fascism, disinformation, and the diminished role of local news. Follow Brian on Twitter here. Meantime, if you like what you hear, be...


Operation Warp Peed

[Explicit Content] The anti-vaxxers are drinking urine now. We debunk Bill Maher on liberals and COVID hospitalizations. Greg Gutfeld says the pandemic is over. Gutfeld also called for a violent attack against the government. Steve Bannon loves Big Government when social media is mean to Trump. The Republican Party has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Trump's legal defense. The Georgia prosecution of Trump is on. Cyber Ninjas are shutting down. The 1/6 committee is investigating...


Oozing Carbuncle

[Explicit Content] Our 1/6 insurrection commemoration show. President Biden's remarks from the Capitol. The insurrection by the numbers. Remarks from political reporters and observers. Ted Cruz's surprising remarks about the insurrection. Merrick Garland's speech from Wednesday. A word for the contrarian Dems who were satisfied with Biden's speech. Trump canceled his press conference. Gorka is about to go through some things. Stephanie Grisham's testimony to the 1/6 committee. Does DeSantis...


Zaki Hasan

Zaki is a “Top Critic” on Rotten Tomatoes, he's also a political blogger, and a professor of communication and media studies. His film reviews have appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, HuffPost, and The Philadelphia Weekly, and in 2015 he was inducted into the prestigious San Francisco Film Critics Circle. He also co-wrote Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture. You can find Zaki's work at and on Twitter here. This episode features the song "Superheroes" by...


Don't Look Up

[Explicit Language] Happy New Year! We're back with all new shows for 2022. Marjorie Taylor Greene kicked off Twitter. Our New Year's Eve show. Adam McKay's Don't Look Up film. Insanity on I-95 in Virginia. Ivanka Trump in the hot seat in both New York and Congress. The talking filibuster. Alex Jones vs Donald Trump. Corpse of the Week. The GOP is against all vaccines now. Devin Nunes joins the Titanic. Big gerrymandering news. With Buzz Burbank and featuring music by Circe Link & Christian...


New Year's Eve Spectacular 2021

[Explicit Content] It's our second annual New Year's Eve Spectacular, starring Kimberley Johnson, Buzz Burbank, Jody Hamilton, David Ferguson, Rocky Mountain Mike, Mary and Steve in Ann Arbor, and Jody's podcast co-host Sean Barton. Our top news stories of the year; our favorite movies, shows, and music; the Best of Rocky Mountain Mike, Buzz's favorite monologue jokes; and so much more. Pop open some champagne and enjoy the New Year with us! See Privacy Policy at


Doughy Pantload

[Explicit Content] Our last regular show of 2021! Jody's dentist. David's porn. And our weird holiday tradition continues with the Money Man, that's right Eddie Money. The House votes to recommend contempt charges against Mark Meadows. Jonah Goldberg, formerly known as "Doughy Pantload," reveals the Fox News duplicity about Trump. Build Back Better is being shelved in lieu of voting rights legislation. Republicans who criticized the American Rescue Plan are happy to accept the money. Biden...


Charlie Pierce For The Holidays

[Explicit Language] Charlie Pierce from and the Stephanie Miller Show returns to talk COVID, the 1/6 committee, Rachel Maddow's future at MSNBC, the Supreme Court and abortion, the JFK assassination and whether Oswald acted alone, and more. Charlie also dropped a prediction about reproductive rights that scared the piss out of me. Meantime, you can find Charlie at And on Twitter here. And don't forget to help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at...


Mud Wrestling For Textbooks

[Explicit Language] The DC attorney general announced a lawsuit against the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. The 1/6 committee recommends criminal contempt charges against Mark Meadows. The Meadows text messages. Don Junior's texts to his dad. Liz Cheney's presentation last night. Trump's reaction to the insurrection. Meadows email details deployment of National Guard on 1/6. Trump wanted to "bust some heads." The Kentucky tornadoes and Alex Jones's weather weapons. The Dive for Cash stunt...


The Weirdest Weirdos

[Explicit Content] TRex is back! Kimberley Johnson sits in for Jody. The Trump crucifix ornament. The Mark Meadows PowerPoint detailing the White House strategy for January 6. A progress report from Liz Cheney. Public hearings and pleading the Fifth. Letitia James will depose Trump in January. Joe Biden is the Jobs President. Democrats Deliver. Mitch McConnell links Biden to the economy. Jim Cramer says the economy is booming. Turtles and Crocs. Josh Duggar guilty of possessing child porn....


Heather Timmons from Reuters

[Explicit Language] Heather Timmons is the White House editor for Reuters, the former Asia Bureau Chief, and a former White House correspondent with Quartz. Today, we'll talk about covering politics in an age when clicks and outrage get all the attention, as well as the infuriating process by some outlets, mainly cable news, to manufacture artificial balance. How can the press inform the nation of this crisis, brought about by the Trump Republican Party, while maintaining its integrity and...



[Explicit Language] Buzz is back! Bob Dole, a Nun, and Buzz Burbank walk into a bar. Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to think cancer is contagious like COVID. Trump came into contact with 500 people after testing positive. Mark Meadows is refusing to testify. Trump feels betrayed by Meadows's book. Trump confessed to obstructing justice by firing Jim Comey. Nunes is quitting Congress. The latest from Trump's media company. Joe Biden is the jobs president. 60,000 hospitalized in the current...


Indie Music Countdown November 2021

All of the songs by the independent recording artists we featured on the Bob Cesca Show during November 2021 and played here in the same order they were previewed on our Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday podcasts. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at