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A fortnightly podcast with two mates, and sometimes their mates, putting the gaming world (and the rest of the world) to rights.

A fortnightly podcast with two mates, and sometimes their mates, putting the gaming world (and the rest of the world) to rights.
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A fortnightly podcast with two mates, and sometimes their mates, putting the gaming world (and the rest of the world) to rights.




Episode 55 - Red Dead's Redemption (The RDR2 Special)

This is it folks. Red Dead Redemption 2 is here and John and Brooker have dropped all attempts at sticking to any form of order this week and they've just jumped into the year's biggest game. Brooker's incessant questions (far too many beginning "why?") and John's admiration for what he's just finished playing make up the entirety of our show. All the talk, from the news to what we've been playing, is all entered on the western epic. Enjoy, partner! Join us again next time, but until then...


Episode 54 - It's Crunch Time

Welcome to the Red Dead Redemption podcast! Basically, yeah. While all our listeners are playing Rockstar's latest classic in the making, we are hiding out in CU towers, like a pair of old fogeys, moaning that we don't have time to play games! This week, your hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker are chatting about RDR2 and all the nonsense that's surrounded the Developers over the last couple of weeks. We also chat about Playstation letting you change names and the caveats it comes...


Episode 53 - A Family Affair

It's a special day for us today. Celebrations all around. We have managed to snag the legendary Dodgy Collie from the Last Save Loaded podcast to join us in talking our special brand of nensense for a couple of hours. That's right, boys and girls; the one, the only, Colm Sheridan has joined hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker to pull apart the last couple of weeks worth of stuff going on. But not until he's answered our now traditional five questions all our guests have to go...


Episode 52 - Telling Tales of Horse Testicles

This week seems to be hiting a couple of sombre notes. With the closing of Telltale Games and Capcom Vancouver dominating the news for the last week, it would be daft for our hosts not to talk about it. Buit not all is bad. Hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker get to muse over the soon to be hitting consoles Red Dead Redemption 2 and the genius invention of horse balls affected by the weather. And of course, stealth bears! Elsewhere, John has played the latest FIFA and Brooker has...


Episode 51 - Spider-Man Themed Threesome

Was there ever any other game for us to talk about? It's been teased and delayed and teased some more for more thsan two years and Insomniac Games' Spider-Man is finally here. But this is too big a job for just two men to take on. So our regular hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker have dragged in regular guest and all round beautiful man Lee Loveridge to tackle the webslinger's latest outing. Along the way there's more THQ chat, some Netflix Witcher gossip and even chat about the God of...


Episode 50 - Golden Shower Anniversary

Life begins at 50! It's our 50th episode! FIFTY! So, to celebrate, we're doing absolutely nothing. Ok, that's a bit of a lie. After our most lovable of podcast hosts cover the expanse of news that the last couple of weeks has brought - ncluding release dates for Shenmue III and Devil May Cry 5; the newly announced Xbox finance program; Assassin's Creed release info and more - The guys settle into a little bit of a blast from the past and roll out a little celebratory triple-bill! Covering...


Episode 49 - (Doom) Eternally Yours

It's Quake-Con baby! Which basically means one of our hosts is going to get super-excited about almost everything that was news worthy this weekend; while John is going to get annoyed because Brooker is talking about DOOM. AGAIN! And that's pretty much it. THe boys have been struggling to find the motivation to get stuck into games so this week's episode is half full of the lads talking mainly from their rectums hoping for something good to talk about. John got a new gaming laptop and...


Episode 48 - Something Old... Nothing New

As we sit smack-bang in the middle of the longest, most boring summer drought in memory; the lads are struggling this week. There's not even any news! Save for Spider-man going gold and Quantic Dream losing a battle to prove they aren't a fun place to work. So hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker go deep into their back catalogues and piles of shame to find games to play and talk about. Brooker fails miserably at EA NHL and jumps into Darksiders 2; while John fails miserably at Crash...


Episode 47 - The Power Of The Darksiders

Welcome back to CU Towers. It's been an eventful couple of weeks and with it being far enough away from big events like E3 and close enough to the very quiet looking summer, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker finally have some things to talk about. What things? Well, let me tell you. The boys get into release date news for Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu and Evee and discuss the possibility of forwards compatibility with the upcoming Pokemon RPG. They get into the multiplayer mode finally...


Episode 46 - Like Spider-Man. With An Owl. And A Boy

Accepting our invitation from the last episode, one of our favourite friends joins us for this, our 46th episode. Lee Loveridge joins hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker to chat nonsense for an hour and a bit and maybe, just maybe, they'll talk about games, too. THey start off though, with something that they maybe should have been doing since the beginning; they've set up a list of questions to get to know our guests. which is lucky becasue there's next to no news again this week....


Episode 45 - Dusting Off The Pile Of Shame

Have you recovered from E3 yet? We have. Well, kind of. But recovered or not, it's time to get into another episode and after a bit of a chat about our highs and lows of the gaming industry's five day advert for itself, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker have finally had time and energy to get into a load of games. With the pair both firmly sat in a bit of a funk, sales and back logs provided plenty for them to sink their teeth into. Revisiting Destiny 2 and getting his hands on Marvel...


E3 2018 - Part Seven - Nintendo

And so we've come to the end of our E3 2018 coverage. And we end, as we always do, with a Nintendo Direct. From Smash Bros to Overcooked, Nintendo have something for everyone today. but more so if you love your Smash.


E3 2018 - Part Six - Playstation

As has been the way for years, Sony closes out the opening couple of days of conferences with it's massive showcase of upcoming titles. Big demos of Spiderman and The Last of Us Part II bookend a show jam-packed with big names. And we are here to talk you through them all.


E3 2018 - Part Five - Ubisoft

Famously the biggrst hitter of the developers that have their own pressers, Ubisoft is back with a bang this year. We all were wondering if we'd see more from Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey and so much more. We pick apart everything we saw in the mammoth conference and hope for good things coming from everything we saw.


E3 2018 - Part Four - Square Enix

Lightning fast and with absolutely no frills, Square came back to E3 this evening with a short, sharp and to-the-point presentation for the games they are bringing to us in 2018 and beyond. Loads to discuss, not all of it good, but do come and have a listen to see what we thought about the Japanese publisher's showings. Come find us on Twitter to catch our coverage of the Ubisoft presentation tonight.


E3 2018 - Part Three - Bethesda

At the grand old time of 2.30am UK time, World renowned developer and publisher held their annual E3 showcase. While your usually lovely and personable hosts just got tired and snarky with the company, eachother, the world, pretty much everyone. Bless them. By the time they were done, it was nearly 5am. Listen in as they discuss new announcements like Doom and Wolfenstein expansions to the rise and rise of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. Join us again in just 12 short hours when we dive...


E3 2018 - Part Two - Xbox

The second night of E3 conferences sees the first big hitter come out to the satge. And man were Microsoft swinging for the fences tonight. 50 games shown. 18 with some form of exclusivity. 15 world premiers and 1 conference so jam packed with stuff that our "bitesized" podcast hit nearly an hour long. So enough with the pre-amble, come join us for our thoughts on the XBox briefing and remember to keep your eyes on our Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute info and commentary as the...


E3 2018 - Part One - EA Play

It's finally here. The E3 2018 conferences have begun and that means our yearly binge and podcast routine has started with it. first up, EA's not-a-press conference as we get the yearly sporty announcements, some new games and some info on stuff we know is coming. Get this in your ears before the next big conference and keep your eyes on our Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute info and commentary as the conferences go off. See you tomorrow.


Episode 44 - Pre-E3 2018

Welcome to a long delayed episode 44 of our daft little video game podcast. This week, we jump straight back into the thick of things with our, no annual, chat on the things we expect to see at the Electronics Entertainment Expo this year. What do we want? What would we love? Are there any surprises left after a fortnight of leaks? Listen in and find out what we think. Then keep your eyes on our feed as we cover all the conferences as they happen! Join us again next time, but until then...


Episode 43 - Battle Royale With Cheese

Another fortnight, another episode. Both suffering with hayfever after the insane two day summer the UK had this week, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker play through the pain to bring you another jam-packed episode. And speaking of fortnights, or fortnite, its time to talk about Battle Royale. With the news that both Call of Duty and Battlefield are working on shoe-horning the massive multiplayer mode in to the latest iterations of their games, the lads discuss whether or not it's a...