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A fortnightly podcast with two mates, and sometimes their mates, putting the gaming world (and the rest of the world) to rights.

A fortnightly podcast with two mates, and sometimes their mates, putting the gaming world (and the rest of the world) to rights.
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A fortnightly podcast with two mates, and sometimes their mates, putting the gaming world (and the rest of the world) to rights.




Episode 43 - Battle Royale With Cheese

Another fortnight, another episode. Both suffering with hayfever after the insane two day summer the UK had this week, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker play through the pain to bring you another jam-packed episode. And speaking of fortnights, or fortnite, its time to talk about Battle Royale. With the news that both Call of Duty and Battlefield are working on shoe-horning the massive multiplayer mode in to the latest iterations of their games, the lads discuss whether or not it’s a...


Episode 42 - Pretty Fly For. A Far Cry Bad Guy

It’s been a couple of weeks, and we’re back to a normal schedule. For now. This week, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker talk about GTAV - the game that has officially become the worlds most profitable entertianment product - and try and dissect how and why that happened. Including some terrible maths. They boys then take a butcher’s at the revelation that Sam Fisher’s return - Including the return of his much beloved original voice actor - is, in fact, a weekend special event for...


Episode 41 - Nothing Important Happened Today

As we head towards being back to our regularly scheduled programming, a sever lack of anything to talk about crept up on us this week. With little in the way of news appearing anywhere now the bigger games for this quarter have been released, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker chugged along in this episode chatting about a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. A brief chat about the incoming closure of Grainger Games leads the guys into their regular What We’ve Been...


Episode 40 - Nintendo’s Fully Erect

Loads of peaople announcing loads of new games at the moment. That means, as much as John and Brooker tried to not spend ages talking about the new and upcoming games we’ve been hearing about; they did. The hosts of this shindig stretched out another bumper length episode becasue they simply couldn’t stop talking about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4; Battlefield V; The Division 2 and a whole host of other announcements. But they weren’t finished there. Once they started talking about the...


Episode 39 - Rambling About Racing

Loads of racing chat this week as both of our hosts dust off their arcade driving skills and at least one of us gushed over a game that’s on the way. John has been getting to grips with arcade rally racer Gravel and gives us the low down on the new player in the fields. While Brooker has spent a significant amount of time playing backwards compatible xbox freebie Split/Second. Elsewhere, (one of) the guys gets full on luvvie-duvvie over the now officially annound Burnout Paradise:...


Episode 38 - Fighting Backstage

John has been playing fighting games. All year. John has been playing fighting games. This week’s podcast proves that he still hasn’t stopped. With in depth chats about WWE 2K17 and the recently released UFC3, the man that keeps telling us he doesn’t play fighting games shows his deep love for the genre. All the while, Brooker plays runnish bike games and an old Deadpool remaster. It’s like he’s not even putting the effort in anymore! Sticking our necks out and chatting about the...


Episode 37 - Pokken’s Gone Home

We’ve been complaining for weeks that there’s no news to talk about. This week, our hosts’ cup runneth over with stuff to talk about. From Microsoft being the first out the gate with the Netflix of video games (Trademark: Brooker) and somehow thinking it’s ojk to spend 35 BILLION DOLLARS to beat off the competition; to the delay of Anthem - Including a little rage from guess who about early announcements and constant delays - and the announcement of Sony’s next exclusive to get a firm...


Episode 36 - Mario Lives: The Return of the Switcheroo

It is a full blown Mario love-in this week. After the insane journey CU host John went through trying to get his hands on a Nintendo Switch in the last episode; things have taken a major turn towards the better. With a shiny new Switch in his hands, John has done nothing but play Mario based games for the last fortnight; his crazy is beginning to show as he brings the conversation back to the House of Mario at every turn! Ofcourse, this isn’t helped by the fact that a Nintendo Switch...


Episode 34 - So Long… 2017

Another year passes, another video game podcast comes along to force their best games of the year list down your throat. Well, kinda. We couldn’t decide how best to do it, so instead of a “Top Five” list or a “Best and worst”, we simply said five games that defined our 2017. Come join us in this bumber episode as we see out 2017 and look forward to Christmas. Join us again next year, but until then why not join us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


Episode 33 - Two World Wars and One Award Show

It’s all go at CU towers this week. Never a pair to let anything get in their way, one of our hosts is recording from a scummy London hotel, while the other lavishes at home in a 4K paradise struggling to pull himself out of the uncanny valley he now finds himself stuck in. Still, the boys have a podcast to record, so they should get on with it, right? First on the docket this week, a dive into the upcoming (or by the time you listen to this, the already done) Game Awards. Hosts Johm...


Episode 32 - EA… EA… OH!

Welcome to this, the latest episode of our silly little podcast. This week, the same as everyone else is, we are talking about EA’s lootbox controversy, how they annoyed Disney/Lucasfilm and every gamer, ever. We get on our high horses and spend some time ranting at Electronic Arts, and everyone else that has ever had a lootbox. It’s safe to say we got a thing or two off our chests. Elsewhere, John spends some time with the latest Pokemon iteration and tries to exlain it to Brooker....


Episode 31 - Assassin’s Pod Pt 2: Enhanced for Xbox One X

The most powerful console in the world has finally arrived; but was it the massive launch that Microsoft wanted? Or did the Xbox One X hit with all the enrgy of a dusty fart? We aren’t the ones to answer that question for you. Becasue after hitting their local midnight release, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker have done little more than stare at a couple of very pretty Project Scorpio branded boxes! We do have a chat about it none the less, and find plenty to talk about. Elsewhere,...


Episode 30 - Weaponised Peer Pressure

Things fall apart quickly in this week’s episode. Call it a bad case of Brooker being sick and insisting on sniffling his way through an episode and John sitting back and hoping he doesn’t say anything too mean; but boy do we have an episode to lighten your day and offend your sensibilities. It’s been a fortnight of bad news sonce the last episode, so what better way to deal with such an awful couple of weeks than to let the lads let off sopme steam at the awfulness of games publishers...


Episode 27 - Birth, Marriage, Destiny 2

One of the most anticipated releases of 2017 is here. And we are just the guys to talk to you about Destiny 2. Ok, maybe not both of us. So to get a little extra insight into the second installment of Bungie’s FPSMMO, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker have drafted in an expert. Last joining us on the Mass Effect special, the lads welcome back fellow shooter fan Lee Loveridge to get a little in-depth with John about the futuristic multiplayer shooter. While Brooker tries desperately to...


Episode 26 - The Agents of eBay

And we’re back. No sooner have we spent an hour complaining that we can’t pre-order our Xbox One Xs yet, than Microsoft release the latest and greatest console out for pre-order. So of ourse, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker have to start bitching about that, don’t they? Along the way, we spend an extraordinary amount of time talking about the lunacy of buying a console that no one owns yet for a thousand pounds on eBay and the lads wonder if it’s worth doing it themselves. In...


Episode 25 - All By Ourselves

We promise… There’s no cheesy music in this episode. Not for lack of trying, One of our hosts was desperate to load our first independant episide up with a bunch of breakup music just to set the mood. Instead… We just talked some nonsense for an hour an a half. Welcome to this week’s Character Unlock Podcast. Hosts Johm Miller and Andrew Brooker are here with another episode filled to the brim with some games chat and a load of rants brought on by listener questions. Let us know what...


Episode 24 - Doubling Down on Destiny

You won’t believe this, but for the first time in months, your hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker found time to play games… together. Taking their own advice from last week’s episode, John and Brooker spent some time on the Destiny 2 online beta, before starting the original FPS MMO over and losing an entire night to killing aliens in Old Russia. Did it convince Destiny skeptic Brooker to stick with it? You’ll have to listen and find out. Stuck in another slow news week, the lads...


Episode 23 - Death Before Destiny and Dishonored 2

We honestly don’t know what’s going on. There should be plenty of big news floating about about now, but it seems like everyone has started their summer holidays early and the guys struggled to find news this week! Still, they have to try don’t they? Welcome to this week’s episode of Character Unlock. That’s not to say there wasn’t stuff to talk about, with the fresh of the presses (at time of recording) announcement that Titanfall 2, a favourite game from last year for both of our...


Episode 22 - The Classic Super Mini Turbo Episode

Welcome to this week’s episode of Character Unlock, where hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker decide to mark the occasion of the recently announced Super Nintendo Classic by dragging back on their guest from February’s Resident Evil episode, fellow Failed Critic Matt Lambourne rejoins the duo. With a veritable buffet of nonsense to cover, the lads tackle the ridiculous situation that Activision caused for themselves with their insane rerelease of their Modern Warfare rerelease....


Episode 21 - Life on the Horizon is Strange

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming. After a mammoth E3 last week, the Character Unlock guys are back to doing what they do: playing video games and talking an unlimited amount of nonsense. This week is no different. This episode, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker forego a news section – nothing much happened anyway – and jump straight into what they’ve been playing since the end of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Having garnered some help in the form of a Twitter...


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