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John Carlson is synonymous with Washington State Politics. Simply put, he is THE conservative voice in Seattle. John gives his unique perspective on local and national politics, news of the day and he isn’t afraid to call it like he sees it.

John Carlson is synonymous with Washington State Politics. Simply put, he is THE conservative voice in Seattle. John gives his unique perspective on local and national politics, news of the day and he isn’t afraid to call it like he sees it.


Seattle, WA


John Carlson is synonymous with Washington State Politics. Simply put, he is THE conservative voice in Seattle. John gives his unique perspective on local and national politics, news of the day and he isn’t afraid to call it like he sees it.








June 24, 2022 Show

Hour 1 -- Historic week for the Supreme Court // Senate Passes Bipartisan Gun Bill Funding Red-Flag Laws, Mental Health Programs // Black Bear dies in East Tennessee after getting trapped in a car; No, 7-Eleven isn't charging $7.11 for gas, even if the internet says so // Minnesota Democrats call for $1,000 rebate checks but Republicans want permanent tax cuts // GUEST: Lars Larson Hour 2 -- It's the worst "dad joke" of the week; Peter Doocy Hammers Jean-Pierre On Admin’s Efforts To Lower...


June 23, 2022 Show

Hour 1 -- Seattle police will not be marching in Seattle Pride Parade // Chateau Ste. Michelle moves white wine production, considers Woodinville property sale // REPLAY: Kellyanna Brooking // GUEST: Lars Larson Hour 2 -- Politico Reporter Says Congressional Democrats Told Her Jan. 6 Is Not a ‘Top Tier’ Issue: ‘Nobody Gives a Bleep’ // Iconic Elephant Car Wash sign to be considered for landmark status and Inslee won’t seek temporary suspension of state gas tax, despite Biden's call to do so...


GUEST: Kirby Wilbur

Texas is Washington in reverse, but the recent Texas GOP convention left us with questions, so our guest KIRBY WILBUR stops by to make sense of it all! Kirby will be substitute hosting for John Carlson Monday and Tuesday next week, June 27th & 28th


June 22, 2022 Show

Hour 1 -- Biden will call on Congress to pause gas tax for 3 months // Despite a fabricated screenshot circulating online, The Atlantic hasn't published an article with a headline describing President Joe Biden's bike fall as "heroism." // Why Democrats are paying for ads supporting Republican primary candidates // GUEST: Lars Larson - Bipartisan Gun Bill Clears Initial Vote in Senate Hour 2 -- Supreme Court says Maine cannot exclude religious schools from tuition assistance programs, but...


INTERVIEW: Kellyanna Brooking

Why young people are - and aren't - getting involved in politics? Our guest, Kellyanna Brooking joins us to discuss that and more, including the challenges of being at 14 year old conservative in Seattle!


The Three Things the SCOTUS Ruling on School Choice Means For Washington

The Supreme Court says Maine cannot exclude religious schools from tuition assistance programs, but what does this for us here is Washington? Vice President for Research at Washington Policy Center, Paul Guppy joins us to discuss!


June 21, 2022 Show

Hour 1 -- Triple shooting in Everett: Suspect sought after 2 slain, third man injured during attack // New 'Yellowstone' Spin-off Renamed '1923' as Focus Shifts to Prohibition Era // REPLAY: Dr. Raul Garcia explains why he wouldn’t give the covid vaccine to tiny tots // It’s the return of Lars Larson as the world swimming body effectively bans transgender women from women's events Hour 2 -- Hillary Clinton's flip flop on transgender issues: From 'highest priority' to 'should not be a...


June 20, 2022 Show

Hour 1 -- It’s Juneteenth and everything is closed for the holiday // Long waits at SeaTac Airport // The new Toy Story spin-off movie, “Lightyear” disappoints at the box office and Carlson explains why, plus we discuss the success of Top Gun: Maverick // A Parkland father wrestled with a would-be carjacker this morning to protect his young daughter in the backseat. Hour 2 -- Gov. Inslee, state Dems call on Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler to resign // Washington Post's Taylor Lorenz...


What "supply side economics" can teach us about Biden Inflation woes

Economist Steve Moore and KVI's John Carlson discuss the week's seismic financial and economic news. Moore delivers a perfect explanation of why 'supply side' economists and economic theory is the remedy to Pres. Biden's current supply-chain problems and inflation.


June 17, 2022 show

Hour 1 -- two tragic drowning deaths this week for river rafters on Nooksack River in Whatcom County, what we're learning about driver on Pac. Hwy South in Kent was doing right before police opened fire killing him, a driver in Massachusetts plows car into store selling Trump shirts and paraphernalia, a compare and contrast on how Tacoma and Seattle businesses are reacting to property damage and public safety problems connected to repeat criminal offenders, KVI's Lars Larson examines the...


'Woke' politics for one King County Prosecutor candidate

After the first debate involving two candidates for King County Prosecutor, KVI's John Carlson discovers that 'woke' social justice politics and 'restorative justice' will be a deciding issue for voters in November when they cast their ballots to replacing current prosecutor, Dan Satterberg.


Kitsap County ruling jeopardizes 7 years of DUI cases

A technicality about blood alcohol content (BAC) measurement on breathalyzer units will render such data inadmissible in court following a ruling by a four-judge panel in Kitsap County, Washington. KVI's John Carlson interviews Fox 13 reporter, Matt Markovich, about the ruling that will invalidate 7 years worth of DUI cases in Kitsap County and how it will eventually torpedo cases all across Washington that involved the Drager breathalyzer units. The judges ruled that the hand-held BAC...


June 16, 2022 show

Hour 1 -- The Fed raising interest rates 3/4 of a point is the biggest jump in 30 years, Starbucks hints they might close in-store bathrooms all together due to users who abuse the current access policy, after six years a significant unsanctioned homeless camp is finally getting swept in West Seattle, Seattle Police discover a DV suspect hiding a handgun in a cereal box, two candidates for King County Prosecutor show their stark differences between reality and 'woke' catch phrases in a new...


11 new WA initiatives filed to hold Olympia lawmakers accountable

The conservative group Let's Go Washington ( is unveiling 11 new initiatives to the Legislature on a variety of issues including when police can pursue criminal suspects, Gov. Inslee's emergency COVID powers, a plan to cut the state sales tax, a $250,000 property tax exemption and bolstering voter integrity on mail-in ballots. The group's spokesman, Brian Heywood, joins KVI's John Carlson to explain some of the initiatives and how voters can join the campaign on some of...


Biden gaffe: calls Japanese woman Karen Nagasaki

Pres. Joe Biden mistakenly called a Japanese civil rights leader Karen Nagasaki but her actual name is Karen Narasaki. KVI's John Carlson listens to the moment POTUS conflates his White House guest's name with one of the two WWII atomic bombings in Japan.


June 15, 2022 show

Hour 1 -- Carlson's Legendary Lyrics contest gives you a chance to win 2 tickets to The Beach Boys concert on Sept. 5th at The WA State Fair in Puyallup, 10 new WA initiatives debut to curb sales tax and Gov. Inslee emergency COVID powers among other hotly contested political issues, 27 Congressional Democrats--including one from WA--show their priorities by voting against added security for US Supreme Court justices, a Republican female candidate (Mayra Flores) wins a Texas special election...


Californians relocating to Mexico

A new report shows Californians are escaping the Golden State for cheaper real estate in Mexico. Its an ironic twist considering the lengthy history of illegal aliens flowing north across the U.S./Mexico border. KVI's John Carlson examines this new development that's driving Californians out of one of the most liberal and expensive states in America to live.


Gov. Jay Inslee indicating he wants Snake River dams torn down

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has indicated he supports tearing down Snake River dams, according to KVI interview guest, Todd Myers, the environmental policy director at the Washington Policy Center. KVI's John Carlson interviews Myers about Inslee's likelihood of supporting hydro-electric dam removal which would reduce the state's electricity grid by 8%. The irony of Inslee's policy straddle is that he's pushing for more electrification of Washington energy as he simultaneously pushing for...


June 14, 2022 show

Hour 1 -- your 401k is turning into a 201k, Wall Street stock market in bear territory, why the current economic collapse/crisis shows that business leaders don't have much confidence in the Biden Administration to create better business conditions, vandals smash windows and light a flare inside the office of a Republican state lawmaker in Olympia, Mick Jagger COVID+ forces cancellation of Rolling Stones show in Amsterdam, Adam Carolla drops a hilarious tweet about the 'cult of personality'...


Should minimum age to buy gun be raised to 21 across America?

KVI callers sound off on the minimum age to buy a gun and it turns out many support raising the age to 21, however the callers who do subscribe to raising the age to vote and join the military, too. One caller points out that the gun purchase background check should contain detailed information about a buyer's (high) school behavior or disciplinary record.