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John Carlson is synonymous with Washington State Politics. Simply put, he is THE conservative voice in Seattle. John gives his unique perspective on local and national politics, news of the day and he isn’t afraid to call it like he sees it.

John Carlson is synonymous with Washington State Politics. Simply put, he is THE conservative voice in Seattle. John gives his unique perspective on local and national politics, news of the day and he isn’t afraid to call it like he sees it.


Seattle, WA


John Carlson is synonymous with Washington State Politics. Simply put, he is THE conservative voice in Seattle. John gives his unique perspective on local and national politics, news of the day and he isn’t afraid to call it like he sees it.








August 11, 2022 show

Hour 1 -- several more prime examples of how Gov. Jay Inslee's 'sanctuary' policy is fueling fentanyl over-doses and addiction in Puget Sound, one example includes two Mexican drug cartel dealers in Fife WA, the long forgotten Newsweek reports that an informant confided to the FBI what documents might be at Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago predicating this week's raid/search warrant, what was a smart phone doing in the back pocket of a MLB baseball player when it popped out at third base?, Top Gun:...


Where are they now?: The 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump.

Ten Congressional Republicans voted to impeach Pres. Donald Trump in January of 2021. KVI's John Carlson recaps how their respective political careers have changed since those 'indict' votes were cast. Spoiler alert: only one of those 10 will win re-election in November 2022.


The Fife, WA connection to a Mexican drug cartel

What connection does Fife, Washington have to Guadalajara, Mexico? Unfortunately, according to federal prosecutors, it's illegal fentanyl smuggling. KVI's John Carlson reviews two stories about fentanyl drug dealing in Puget Sound and one of them is connected to two men in Fife. The connection to fentanyl smuggling, Carlson says, is made stronger by the politics and policy decisions of Gov. Jay Inslee.


Mixed-reaction to Dr. Anthony Fauci 1st pitch at M's game

KVI's morning show crew listens to the T-Mobile Park crowd reaction to Dr. Anthony Fauci, White House COVID advisor and director of the NIAID, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch for the Mariners game last night against the New York Yankees. KVI's Ari Hoffman even registered his disagreement to the ceremonial first pitcher.


Burien car fire turns into perfect example of everything wrong with Seattle-area crime

A Burien, WA car fire revealed the nexus of local crime problems after the driver tried to run over King County Sheriff's deputies and was ultimately discovered to be at the wheel of a stolen car. KVI's John Carlson inventories the crimes resulting from the Burien car fire after neighbors reported seeing two people either passed out or asleep inside the vehicle on their street.


August 10, 2022 show

Hour 1 -- Carlson's Legendary Lyrics contest today, Dr. Anthony Fauci surfaces in Seattle to receive a medical award and throw out the first pitch at M's game, crowd reaction to Fauci is mixed (at best), the M's win the ball game in highly dramatic fashion, a heart-warming story of sportsmanship from two teams playing for a slot in the boy LLWS, not the conclusion most people were thinking of regarding a New Mexico investigation into suspected serial murders of Muslim men, Republican...


Seattle's 'Belltown kicker' re-arrested for parole violation

KVI's John Carlson (and we're guessing a lot of Seattle residents and KVI listeners) are aghast at the news that a Seattle assault convict has been out on probation after two unprovoked attacks kicking women--one kicked blindside in the head while she was planting flowers in the Belltown neighborhood.


KVI's Kirby Wilbur: Joe Kent's election comeback and FBI raid at Trump's Mar-A-Lago

KVI's John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur join forces to discuss the pro-Trump voter surge that has boosted Congressional challenger Joe Kent ahead of Congressional incumbent, Jaime Herrera-Buetler, in Washington's 3rd District, after the latest ballot tally for the August primary. Kirby explains the split among Clark County conservatives and the campaign issue that Herrera-Buetler's vote to impeach Pres. Donald Trump over the January 6th mob attack at the Capitol had on her re-election bid. Also,...


Gov. Inslee vaxx mandate policy quietly shifting for unions

KVI's John Carlson examines the newly--albeit quietly--announced COVID vaccine mandate policy by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. Carlson interviews the Director for Health Care and Worker Rights at the Washington Policy Center, Elizabeth Hovde, who has been monitoring Inslee's policy decision after it was discovered that Inslee's office is acknowledging that labor unions are not happy with his vaccine mandate for state employees.


August 9, 2022 show

Hour 1 -- the unprecedented FBI raid of a former US President's home, some pointed legal reaction to the FBI raid of Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago mansion, Carlson analyzes the claim that the FBI/Dept. of Justice (A.G.) is being "weaponized" politically, consider the evidence of Hillary Clinton hiding classified information and no such actions against her private residence, the Trump/FBI raid invokes the story of former Clinton NSA Director--Sandy Berger--caught stuffing classified documents...


The irony of Seattleites who complain about The Blue Angels

KVI's morning show team examines some of the complaints Seattle progressives like to make about The Blue Angels when the "war jets" perform at the annual SeaFair Unlimited Hydroplane races on Lake Washington.


'Woke' history at US National Parks

KVI's John Carlson interviews long-time colleague and friend Kirby Wilbur who discovered some 'woke' politics during his recent Collette Tours American History trip through Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. at some national parks and monuments.


August 8, 2022 show

Hour 1 -- incredible SeaFair weekend with hydros and Blue Angels on Lake Washington, Republican voter turn-out surges on late arriving WA primary ballots, the Republican vote surge drastically changes the picture for Congressional incumbent Jaime Herrera-Buetler, candid talk from Seattle homeless man who blames local politicians for being "lax" on enforcing the laws, WA has $10 billion state budget surplus yet can't find mental health care bed for Seattle criminal assault defendant, Bill...


Seattle homeless enablers exposed in Fremont video

KVI's John Carlson riffs on The U.S. Navy Blue Angels and U.S. Army Golden Knights teams performing in Seattle this weekend for SeaFair. Meanwhile a Seattle resident confronts a homeless 'mutual aid' group as they unload a homeless person's belongings on to a portion of the popular Burke-Gilman bike trail in the Fremont neighborhood. The Seattle resident recording the 'mutual aid' group pushes back on making the bike trail unsafe for other users, including kids.


August 5, 2022 show

Hour 1 -- inflation is erasing pretty decent income gains in paychecks for most Americans, the good news and bad news for Republicans in the WA 8th Congressional District race, how the Republican who didn't run negative ads ended up emerging as the victor in the 8th District primary, FL Gov. plays hardball with county district attorney who won't prosecute some crimes related to a progressive agenda, talk show conspiracy theorist Alex Jones "hideously cruel" in claming Sandy Hook...


August 4, 2022 Show - Make-A-Wish Wishes in Flight Mileage Drive Day

6am Hour -- It's our annual Wishes in Flight mileage drive, benefitting Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington! We need your help to reach our goal of 6 million miles for the wish kids. To donate, call 206-588-8958 or you can donate online here >> For many wish kids, a wish marks a turning point in their treatment or illness. That’s where you come in! Donate your airline miles or cash and help grant wishes! Your donation ensures that Make-A-Wish can book...


August 3, 2022 Show

6am Hour – The latest results and analysis from the primary election // Nancy Pelosi departs Taiwan after visit criticized by China // GUEST: Lars Larson 7am Hour – GUEST: John Fund from National Review joins John to discuss Tuesday's Primary Election results in Arizona, Missouri, Michigan and Washington // Starbucks Interim CEO Howard Shultz weighed-in this afternoon on the company’s unexpected 3rd quarter profit – even as the company shut down five coffee shops in the Seattle this week due...


GUEST: John Fund from National Review

John Fund from National Review joins John to discuss Tuesday's Primary Election results in Arizona, Missouri, Michigan and Washington


August 2, 2022 Show: Primary Election Day

6am Hour – It’s Primary Election Day, so make sure you vote, vote, vote! Carlson breaks down other pivotal races around the country, as well as the big contests here in Washington // al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-zawahiri killed in airstrike // Liz Cheney touts endorsement by Kevin Costner: ‘Real men put country over party’ // Why doesn’t every state have their primary on the same day? // GUEST: Lars Larson 7am Hour -- Auburn gas station clerk fatally shoots alleged armed robbery suspect, police...


August 1, 2022 Show

6am Hour -- Remembering Bill Russell and his time with the Sonics // John talks about the upcoming primary election and Joe Manchin Repeatedly Refuses to Say He Wants the Democrats to Win Midterm Elections in Stunning Meet the Press Exchange // GUEST: Lars Larson 7am Hour – Radio Legend Mark Christopher talks about the return of the SeaFair Torchlight parade // Chris Rock responds to Will Smith’s “apology” video with a lesson about cancel culture // Political, Media, and Entertainment...