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Factor producer Robert Samuel brings you in-depth on the stories that matter to you.

Factor producer Robert Samuel brings you in-depth on the stories that matter to you.
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Factor producer Robert Samuel brings you in-depth on the stories that matter to you.




O'Reilly: Nancy Pelosi Suggestion to President Trump

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has suggested that President Trump postpone giving the State of the Union until the government shutdown is over. Bill O'Reilly is on with Wayne Allyn Root as the two predict that on January 29th, President Trump will give the State of the Union address as does every sitting president. Whether or not Nancy Pelosi chooses to attend is up to her.


The Grievance Industry

O'Reilly is back with the Talking Points Memo. This week, Bill sets his focus on the grievance industry in the year 2019. The platform of the modern day Democrats is we are looking out for Americans, but not all Americans. Find out what groups of people the Democrats are after.


Why Do 58% of Americans Oppose the Border Wall?

Bernard McGuirk and Sid Rosenberg are back on the No Spin News for the first time in the new year. The lively trio discuss at length why Americans oppose the border wall. The simple answer? Because President Trump backs the border wall. The wall? What's the opposition?


El Chapo Gave $100 Million Bribe to Ex-Mexican President

In a New York City court, Alex Cifuentes, El Chapo's former secretary, testified that the drug lord bribed Ex-Mexican President Nieto with a $100 million dollars. El Chapo has been on trial since November after he was extradited from Mexico to face charges of trafficking large amounts of drugs as the leader of the world's largest drug cartel. These are the drugs that are continuing to come into our country and back the United States drug epidemic. This is just one example of why the border...


Bill O'Reilly on Sean Hannity's Radio Program: FBI Collusion & Bogus New York Times Articles

O'Reilly and Hannity discuss the attacks on President Trump through the Main Stream Media, as well as the FBI's double standard on going after Trump while not pursuing Democrats.


Bill and Beck on the week's biggest headlines: Trump's National Address, The Death of Cable News & Proposed Terms Limits on the Senate

Today on Beck, Bill Touches on the How President Trumps National Address Went Over With the American People, The Declining State of Cable News & Ted Cruz's Proposal to Limit Term Limits on Senators.


O'Reilly: Who Was the Big Winner of Tuesday Night's Confrontation?

Bill O'Reilly is on Newsmax TV with Wayne Allyn Root to recap the address that was given by President Trump and then rebutted by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. After nearly 24 hours of analyzing the situation, Bill describes why he see's President Trump as the winner of the confrontation to win the hearts and minds of people that aren't engaged in the political process and gain support for border security.


Laying Out Tuesday's Oval Office Address

Tonight is a big night for President Trump and his administration as he addresses the nation regarding border security. On this week's Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly offers his advice to the President how he would go about the address to best reach the American public. The key to gaining support for the border wall is ensuring the President stays fact based and does not make any verbal mistakes.


O'Reilly: Analyzing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Democratic Socialism

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aired on 60 Minutes and expressed her dedication to breaking down capitalism. Bill O'Reilly is on with Wayne Allyn Root to discuss whether or not the majority of Americans are buying the socialistic policies being put forth by Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and other celebrity Democrats.


O'Reilly: Exposing the Democratic Agenda

Bill O'Reilly is on Newsmax TV with John Cardillo to discuss the Democratic agenda entering the new year. The two heavily discuss the growing idea of socialism in the Democratic Party and how that tie up in the Democratic party could be the biggest benefit to President Trump.


O'Reilly: The Media in the Trump Phenomenon

Bill O'Reilly is back with Wayne Allyn Root to discuss where President Trump's position as he starts his campaign for reelection. Plus, the two depict the harm that the media caused to the American people in 2018 and where they stand now. Will the American people continue to walk away from cable news in 2019?


The Impact of the Migrant Caravan

The Impact of the Migrant Caravan Description: Two migrant caravans have caused chaos throughout the United States immigration system in 2018, totaling nearly 8,000 migrants attempting to reach US soil. Immigration was a key campaign tool for President Trump and his tough stance on immigration was a main reason he was elected. As 2018 concludes, U.S. immigration policy is still unclear and no border wall funding has been approved. Get Bill's take on the funding behind these caravans and the...


The Best of Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck

Each Friday, O'Reilly and Beck get together to discuss the hottest topics of the week. The duo takes on politics, PC culture, and economic affairs, with a lot of laughs and debates along the way. Hear an array of the best segments over the course of 2018, and get the unique views of both Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck.


Bill O'Reilly's No Spin Interviews

Blurb: The best of Bill O'Reilly's recent guest interviews. Guests include Anthony Scaramucci, Corey Lewandowski, Jenna Ellis, and Brandon Judd - Border Patrol Union President with a very important message about border security.

Duration:00:19:49 Members Give Insights

Premium Members of are the No Spin vanguard and are paying closer attention than most. Each No Spin News, Bill responds to Premium Members' points of view and questions. Watch some of the best mail segments over the course of 2018.


PC Culture Takes Over the Holidays

Over the course of the year the No Spin News has covered the PC madness that has taken deep root in taking over holiday tradition. From ensuring Halloween costumes aren't racist to Satanic Christmas trees, watch a full rundown of the major changes that holiday seasons are seeing.


Christmas Special: The Decline of Religion - and the Rise of Bearing False Witness

No doubt religion is on the decline in America. It coincides with the rise of bearing false witness and the obliteration of due process. Check out the best of BIll O'Reilly's coverage on religion.


College Campus Craziness Spreads Across the U.S.

It has become apparent that campuses of colleges and universities across the country are becoming far left sacred grounds. Professors are able to diminish white students, fascism on one Ivy League's campus, and 'privilege programming' at the University of Alaska. Will college campuses ever be a "safe place" for traditional thinkers?


Bill and Beck on the week's biggest headlines: The Possible Government Shutdown,Democrat and Republican Relations & FBI Practices

Today on Beck, Bill Touches on the Impacts of a possible Government Shutdown, How will the Shutdown Impact the Relationship between America's two Biggest and Most Powerful Parties & The Suspicious Activities of the FBI.


O'Reilly: The Most Corrupt Politicians of 2018

Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust released the list for the most corrupt politicians of 2018. On this week's Talking Points Memo, Bill discussed the top politicians on the list and the reasons they have been named the most corrupt. The names on the list may surprise you.