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A balanced, rational commentary on news, politics, the economy and the power of the free market and a free nation.

A balanced, rational commentary on news, politics, the economy and the power of the free market and a free nation.
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A balanced, rational commentary on news, politics, the economy and the power of the free market and a free nation.






DWD: From Mueller with Love

Dishing with Democrats. In a follow up to a series of episodes from 2018, I'm joined once again by my good friend and long-time political sparring partner to discuss the outcome of the Mueller investigation. What does it mean for the Trump presidency and the country overall. Dishing with Democrats. In a follow up to a series of episodes from 2018, I'm joined once again by my good friend and long-time political sparring partner to discuss the outcome of the Mueller investigation. What does it...


What Happened to Safe, Legal & Rare?

Transcript Lately, the issue of abortion has caused an endless chorus of debate, virtue signaling and value judgements, but do you wonder why this issue is suddenly so prominent? Comin up! Since the supreme court ruled in roe v wade, the issue of abortion has been an element of politics in one form or another. Conservatives sympathized with the religious right but were powerless to take any legislative action. Liberals pushed back against the notion of legislating morality and basically,...


The Kangaroos are Racists

The Kangaroos are Racists G’day mate, it seems as though Australia is no longer famous for it’s crocodiles and kangaroos, its now a haven for racists. Why do socialists get so upset when rich people give away tens of millions of dollars to those in need? And new data on American racism in the era of Trump. Comin’ up. A popular theme among the 2020 Democrat candidates is student debt. Whether they pledge to provide free college tuition, forgive student loan debt or simply wave their magic...


Marshmallows & Snowflakes

Since the 1960s, there has been a general trend toward passive parenting. The idea that kids free from harsh rules and punishment will grow into more well adjusted adults. Well, the verdict is in and it isn't good. Generations of parenting that revolved around artificially bolstering the self esteem of young people has led to a generation of weak willed youth. Youths who have an inflated sense of entitlement, a staggering sense of self worth and unrealistic expectations of what the world...


2020 Dems: Moderates to Maniacs

With twenty or so Democrats battling for the 2020 party nomination, the race to the left is in full effect. But the voters don't seem to be on board as Joe Biden holds a commanding lead, despite his difficulty forming complete sentences. We discuss the obvious disconnect between the average democrat voter and the pack of leftists, pandering for their votes. Despite being a closet capitalist himself, will Bernie Sanders succeed in pushing the US closer to a socialist state? After spending her...


Escaping the Debt Trap (special guest)

In the age of consumerism, a staggering number of Americans are using credit cards and consumer lending to live beyond their means. For most people, getting out of debt is significantly harder than getting into it. My guest today shares his journey of success, setbacks and his steadfast commitment to breaking the debt chains for himself and his family. Nic, a former deputy sheriff and K9 handler had the career he always wanted but in an instant, an unexpected injury sent his career and his...


Politics or Paranoia ?

Political division is not a new concept. After all, we are a country that fought a revolution and then a civil war. But at a time where peace and prosperity are at a relative high, why are so many Americans bitterly divided over politics? While some issues do have real significance and the potential to greatly affect many Americans, most of the discourse going on in both public forums and between friends alike involves aspects of politics that have little impact on our daily lives. Why then,...


You asked, I answered.

I answer your questions and respond to your comments on social media about issues like taxes, should the rich be forced to pay more? Have Republicans become hypocrites over deficit spending? Find out if I support universal basic income and why I think raising the minimum wage is a really bad idea. Should college athletes get paid for playing and who are my picks for March Madness? I will tell you why Denmark and Norway are bad examples of socialism and I will explain how Bernie Sanders and...


The Great American College Scam

For more than half a century, the benefits of obtaining a college degree have been imparted upon generations of American youth. Despite a changing economy, workforce and massive changes in technology, the American attitude toward higher education has barely evolved. We simply accept the notion that a college degree is a wise move for anyone and routinely tell people that no matter what they want to do in life, college is an "investment." In this episode, we look at how that "investment" has...


Are you oppressed? ...or just lazy.

At a time when the only more fashionable than fighting against forms of social oppression is being a victim of such oppression, it's important to ask ourselves if all of this hysteria is actually making people's lives better. Does believing you are a victim actually help you achieve success? The history of mankind is filled with examples of oppression. But although humanity has yet to reach Utopian perfection, there are few, if any, examples of modern oppression that mirror the sort of...


AOC: Screw you Amazon! ...and other leftist insanity

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the new face of economic ignorance. It takes a special lack of intelligence, an exceptional ignorance of history and a total lack of understanding of basic economics to believe that the "Green New Deal" peddled by AOC and Bernie Sanders is actually a good thing for America. So why are their ideas so popular with so many, especially young people? Is it a failure of our educational system or have be simply substituted emotional rhetoric in place of reasoned...


Dishing with Democrats - Part 3 of 3

In this episode, we dive deeper into America’s shifting electorate. We discuss who’s to blame for growing deficits and who, if anyone, will fix them. We debate whether it’s even possible for Trump to do anything right in the eyes of Democrats. We talk entitlement reform, Russian collusion and reflect on what really matters with regard to the Mueller investigation.


Dishing with Democrats - Part 2 of 3

In this episode, we discuss congressional salaries and the possible impact of newly-elected outsiders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. We remember George H. W. Bush, a true patriot and a model of bipartisanship. We discuss the evolution both political parties and what it means for future elections.


"Dishing with Democrats" (Part 1 of 3)

In this episode we’ll talk about what to expect from a newly elected Democrat majority in the House of Representatives and whether Nancy Pelosi will return to the Speaker’s chair. We discuss which party benefits more from bipartisan legislation on issues like immigration and criminal justice reform. We debate the electoral college and talk about how the new Supreme Court will address controversial issues such as asset forfeiture.


The Democrat New Voter Caravan Marches North

Florida has election troubles... again. Nancy Pelosi looks like she will once again he holding the gavel on the House floor, even if she has to knock a few people out with it to get there. John Kasich does his best H Ross Perot impersonation but it's probably all just a stunt. Jim Acosta, the activist disguised as a reporter gets banished from the White House and sues his way back in. The migrant caravan, once though to be a political stunt, is reaching critical mass as border crossers clash...


Useful Idiots Head to the Polls

Some people say that voting is a civic duty, I say that's nonsense. Voting is an important part of a healthy democracy provided those voting are somewhat informed. In 2018, voters are extremely familiar with rhetoric but all too ignorant about actual policy. Fueled by inflammatory politicians and a sensationalist media, the American electorate now choses candidates the same way kids choose their breakfast cereal- how exciting are the pictures on the box and how good is the prize inside. The...


1/1024th of a Good Podcast

Elizabeth Warren, whiter than the wind driven snow. Kanye West is the left's public enemy #1


Senate Republicans find their spines.

Leftist's collective heads are exploding across the country as people who have been told that the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh will destroy the country attempt to fix the problem by destroying the country. Amid their screaming and emotional outbursts, many turn violent as they are unable to argue their point any other way. With the Senate confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, Republicans, and one Democrat, have located their spines and are able to stand up for what is right for the first...


The War on Men Wages On

As toxic feminism once again dominates the realm of identity politics, female Democrat hopefuls Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand go full grandstand over the Kavanaugh hearings. Along with Mazie Hirono, the angry trio shows that when you weaponize feminism in the age of #MeToo, no one is safe. The excuse for such behavior is the righteous battle against the oppressive patriarchy a monolith led by the most vile of all, President Donald Trump. They make no apology for their righteous...


The Shallow Deep State

The "Deep State" has long been written off by many as a mere conspiracy theory. But between the recent anonymous op-ed about Trump officials secretly working to steer the President's actions and new text messages between FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the existence of the "deep state" and it's reach into the deepest parts of our government is cause for concern. Norm Macdonald was fired for making jokes about OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson and never wavered in his dedication to edgy...