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Check out the podcasts produced by The DA, WVU's independent student newspaper.

Check out the podcasts produced by The DA, WVU's independent student newspaper.


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Check out the podcasts produced by The DA, WVU's independent student newspaper.






WVU men's basketball and women's basketball continue losing

Another bad week for men's basketball with losses against Texas and Oklahoma. Nick and Cody look at the WVU men's basketball slide, as well as updates from women's basketball, baseball, rifle, swimming and diving and wrestling.


DA Sports Roundup Podcast: Kansas, Baylor and Oklahoma St. recaps; baseball opens

There's been three men's basketball games since our last podcast, and only won one of three of those games. Nick and Cody recap the Kansas, Baylor and Oklahoma St. Plus, the boys talk women's basketball, baseball, golf and much more.


DA Sports Roundup Podcast: Iowa St and Oklahoma recaps; baseball returns

It's a tale of two teams- men's' basketball has a phenomenal home record, but they can't seem to win on the road. Nick Kremer and Cody Nespor recap the Iowa State and Oklahoma games and look forward to the rest of the season. Plus, the boys talk women's' basketball, baseball, wrestling, tennis and gymnastics.


DA Sports Roundup Podcast: Texas Tech recap; tennis beat UConn

Nick Kremer, Cody Nespor, and Charles Montgomery talk about the Texas tech loss for men's basketball, plus updates on women's basketball, gold, tennis and track & field (2/3/2020).


DA Sports Roundup Podcast Ep 13- WVU Football Defeats TCU

In our final episode of 2019, Nick and Cody review the final game of the football season, plus men's and women's basketball, wrestling and much more.


DA Sports Roundup Podcast Ep 12- WVU Beats Kansas State and Rifle Takes on Japan

Nick and Cody recap an impressive win by WVU football over Kansas State, plus the rifle team takes on Japan, and the boys talk men's basketball, women's basketball, women's soccer, men's soccer, and much more.


DA Sports Roundup Podcast Ep 9 - Football vs Spooktacular Baylor

In this Halloween edition, Nick and Cody have some tricks and treats including a preview of WVU football vs Baylor, a tie for rifle, men's and women's basketball, and much more.


DA Sports Roundup Podcast Ep 8 -The Sooner Schooner

The Sooner Schooner's crash was almost as bad as WVU's loss to Oklahoma. Nick and Cody talk about the big loss to Oklahoma and the outlook for the rest of WVU's football season. Plus, updates on golf, rifle, men's and women's soccer, and women's basketball.


DA Sports Roundup Podcast Ep 7 - Texas and Iowa Recap, Oklahoma Preview, and More

Nick and Cody were off last week for Fall Break, and have a ton to talk about. Join them in this episode for a recap of the Texas and Iowa State football loses, a preview of Oklahoma, and updates on all other WVU athletics including men's basketball, golf, rifle, and more.


DA Sports Roundup Podcast Ep 6 - Horns Down Preview, Ranked Golf, and More

Nick Kremer and Cody Nespor are gearing up for the big Texas game this week. Join the boys for a recap of last week's football game and a preview of WVU vs Texas. Plus, men's soccer and women's soccer, golf, cross country, and more.


DA Sports Roundup Podcast Ep 5 - Can WVU Football make the big plays?

The DA's Nick Kremer and Cody Nespor have a lot of sports to cover this week. The boys break down football's win against Kansas, and talk about whether WVU football can make the big plays. Plus, recaps of men's and women's soccer, volleyball, golf, tennis, cross country, and even basketball.


DA Sports Roundup Podcast Ep 4 - Football's big win, soccer and the 2019 basketball schedule

The DA's Nick Kremer and Cody Nespor are giddy about WVU football's win over NC State. Join the boys as they break down this big win and preview this week's Kansas game. Plus, recaps of men's and women's soccer, volleyball, and a look at the 2019 men's basketball schedule.


DA Sports Roundup Podcast Ep 3 - Football blues, soccer, and more

The DA's Nick Kremer and Cody Nespor return for episode 3, and they still can't get over WVU football's performance last week. The boys recap the Missouri loss and give you their predictions for NC State. Plus, they talk men's and women's soccer, golf, and volleyball.


DA Sports Roundup Podcast Ep 2 - James Madison football recap and basketball recruits

The DA's Nick Kremer and Cody Nespor are back for episode 2 of their weekly sports podcast. In this episode, the boys break down WVU football's win against James Madison, and talk about the latest in women's soccer, volleyball, and cross country. Plus, Nick and Cody talk to DA sports writer Charles Montgomery about some big changes to the line up for WVU's men's basketball.


DA Sports Roundup Podcast Ep 1 - Football Season is Upon Us

The DA's Nick Kremer and Cody Nespor host this week's inaugural DA Sports Roundup Podcast. Get in-depth analysis of Mountaineer football as the boys prepare you for the first game of the season and what we should expect on the field. Plus, they take a quick look at other WVU sports coming this season.


DA Interview Series: WVU Police Chief W. P. Chedester

WVU Police Chief W.P. Chedester sits down with the DA's Temitayo Adesokan to chat about what's like to be the chief of police for WVU, Black Lives Matter, and lots more.


DA Interview Series: Why No Waffle House in Morgantown

Casey Johnson, a junior computer science student from Martinsburg, West Virginia, is asking the tough questions: why is there no Waffle House in Morgantown, WV? The DA's Cody Nespor sat down with Casey to talk about why he thinks Waffle House should come to town.


DA Interview Series: President Gee

WVU's President Gee sits down with Temitayo Adesokan for the first edition of The DA Interview Series.


Behind the Story: Campus Carry Rally at WVU

Daily Athenaeum video editor Kayla Gagnon and editor-in-chief Douglas Soule discuss what it was like to cover the campus carry rally in WVU's Woodburn Circle last Thursday. They talk about the importance of covering all parties involved in issues, as well as recent harassment the DA has faced. Read more from the DA at thedaonline.com Music- "Corporation Motivation" from Audionautix.com