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Listen to The Unknown and Impossible, the Daily Press' look back at 100 years of NASA Langley.

Listen to The Unknown and Impossible, the Daily Press' look back at 100 years of NASA Langley.
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Listen to The Unknown and Impossible, the Daily Press' look back at 100 years of NASA Langley.




Virginia Politics Episode 6: Lawmakers debate state budget

On this week’s podcast, we let our lawmakers do more of the talking. We visited Richmond this week to catch up with the Senate as it reconvened for special session. We wanted to see what they’re thinking about the budget, as the House waits for senators to take action. Some lawmakers had strong words — for Medicaid, for the media and for each other. Music: Puzzle Pieces by Lee Rosevere.


Teel Time: Episode 38

On episode 38 of the Teel Time podcast, David Teel and Jonathan Heeter run through some of the biggest news stories in the sports world over the past week. We chat about ACC basketball recruiting and the NBA Draft, as Duke and some other ACC times wrap up recruiting classes. Virginia also added a basketball transfer and an intriguing international prospect over the past week. We also talk about the Virginia players in the NBA and how Tony Bennett has been able to send guys to the next level....


Virginia Politics Episode 5: Wall Street and Virginia

This week, we talk about the piggy bank, but on a multi-million dollar level. A Wall Street firm and credit agencies have raised concerns about how much cash the state is keeping in its reserves. And as the budget stays unresolved and we get closer to the deadline, the nerves are kicking in -- from firms and lawmakers alike. We will also talk about the state of mental health services in the state and how it is likely to be a talking point, even on the local level.


Teel Time: Episode 37

On Episode 37 of the Teel Time podcast, David Teel and Jonathan Heeter talk about the NFL Draft and look at Virginia Tech's historic night in Texas. The Hokies became the first school in history to have two brothers drafted in the first round of the same NFL Draft with Tremaine Edmunds headed to the Buffalo Bills and Terrell Edmunds landing in Pittsburgh. We talk about the topline quarterbacks and try to figure out the difference in Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson, and we talk about the...


Virginia Politics, Episode 4: Local elections and school safety

This week on Virginia Politics with Ress and Reema, we talk about a topic that has been on a lot of people's minds: school safety. State lawmakers have started the discussion — but not on guns — while one local town has proposed a tax rate increase to pay for its first school resource officer. We break down the local elections in Newport News and Hampton and talk voter turnout. We'll chat about state senators fundraising in the off-season and, of course, we'll also have an update on the...


Teel Time Episode 36: The Rice Commission and the NFL Draft

On Episode 36 of the Teel Time podcast, David Teel, Jonathan Heeter and Norm Wood are all in the same room together (for the first time on the podcast). Teel talks about the Commission of College Basketball — led by Condoleezza Rice — and its recommendations to the NCAA just a few hours after the commission released its report on the issues facing the sport. Will any of the recommendations help, and how fast can they be implemented? The gang also chat about the NFL Draft and discuss where...


Virginia Politics, Episode 3: Conflicts of interest and the state budget

On this week's episode, we talk about conflicts of interest — which lawmakers have them, how they're reported and why it matters. We raise questions about how transparent Virginia lawmakers are required to be as they take certain votes, and if everyone is following the rules. We'll also give you an update on what is happening with the budget impasse in Richmond, and do a brief chat with Daily Press education reporter Jane Hammond who caught up with Sen. Tim Kaine during his visit to NASA...


Virginia Politics, Episode 2: Medicaid and passing the state budget

On this week’s episode, we discuss what is happening under the surface as state lawmakers continue a second round of trying to pass a state budget. Medicaid expansion is a key anchor of the House of Delegates budget plan, and delegates will need to win support from the state Senate for that. We talk about the potential peace offerings from one side to another in hopes to reach a deal. We also talk about a state senator who broke ranks to support Medicaid expansion, the consequences for him...


Teel Time; Episode 35

Episode 35: David Teel and Norm Wood bring back the carcast version of the Teel Time podcast as they return from the Virginia Tech spring football game in Blacksburg. The guys discuss the quarterback competition and look at how the depth chart will play out there. What did they learn about the Hokies in general coming out of the spring? They also discuss spring storylines at Virginia and around the ACC. Music: Slow Burn by Kevin MacLeod.


Teel Time: Episode 34

On Episode 34 of the Teel Time podcast, Teel and Jonathan Heeter discuss the Masters, college football and college hoops. Patrick Reed won his first major championship, slipping on the green jacket in the same city where he played college golf and won two national championships. How did Reed pull it off, and why he makes such a good golf villain. We also talk about the state of American golf and the potential for American dominance for years to come. Teel talks Virginia Tech and U.Va....


Virginia Politics with Ress and Reema: Episode 1

On the first episode of Virginia Politics with Ress and Reema, we talk about the state budget — rather, the lack of one. While the budget itself has the simple goal of funding state spending for the next two years, the politics behind passing one can get really hairy. This year, the battle over Medicaid stopped lawmakers from deciding a budget plan by their deadline of March 10. So, now what? With a dramatically different General Assembly — the result of an election that the entire nation...


Coming soon: Virginia Politics with Ress and Reema

Coming soon: The Daily Press Podcast Network will bring you a new weekly political podcast featuring Daily Press reporters Dave Ress and Reema Amin. They will talk all things politics, from local municipalities to statewide issues to the federal government. Catch the debut episode the week of April 9, as the Virginia legislature reconvenes for a special session to discuss the state budget. Music: Puzzle Pieces by Lee Rosevere.


Hampton University 150: Harvey and the city of Hampton

In an excerpt of time spent with Hampton University President William R. Harvey, he likens his “haters” to snakes, when talking about why he could never be an elected official in the city where he has spent 40 years shaping its historically black university.


Hampton University 150: Alumnus Booker T. Washington

As the Daily Press commemorates the 150th anniversary of Hampton University, we're sharing audio stories from its history. In this brief episode, we share the story of HU alumnus Booker T. Washington, who was tapped by then HU president Gen. Samuel Armstrong to lead Tuskegee Institute.


Teel Time: Episode 31

On Episode 31 of Teel Time with David Teel, Teel and Jonathan Heeter discuss Virginia's shocking defeat to Maryland-Baltimore County in the NCAA Tournament. What went wrong for the Cavaliers, and what does this mean for their future? They also try to put the defeat in historical context. Virginia Tech also lost in the opening round of the tournament against Alabama. The guys discuss the Hokies defeat, and what next year holds for the Cavaliers and Hokies. Finally, they break down the rest...


Teel Time: Episode 30

On Episode 30, David Teel and Jonathan Heeter talk all things ACC tournament. They discuss the methodology of selecting tournament teams and chat about what things the selection committee should and should not consider. They discuss Virginia's run through the ACC tournament and break down the Cavaliers chances of cutting down the nets in San Antonio. Teel and Heeter talk about the top No. 1 and No. 2 seeds, and which ones seem like good bets to reach the Final Four. And they pick their...


Teel Time: Episode 29

On the 29th episode of the Teel Time podcast, David Teel and Norm Wood talk about the ACC Tournament as they drive towards Charlottesville, Va. for the final news conference before U.Va. heads to Brooklyn, N.Y. for the tournament. They chat about Virginia and Virginia Tech heading into the ACC Tournament. Which schools still need to put in some work to guarantee a NCAA Tournament bid?


Teel Time: Episode 28

David Teel and Norm Wood talk ACC hoops and Virginia Tech's upset win over Duke on Episode 28 of Teel Time podcast.


Teel Time: Episode 27

On episode 27, David Teel and Jonathan Heeter chat about approaching end to the ACC season. Virginia remains No. 1 in the AP poll and seems headed for a top seed in the NCAA Tournament. Virginia Tech has been on a roll lately, with wins over U.Va. and Clemson adding to its tournament credentials. Are the Hokies now a sure bet for the tournament? They also chat about the other bubble teams in the ACC: N.C. State, Louisville and Syracuse. Also, will Notre Dame be a threat if its star Bonzie...


Teel Time: Episode 26

Episode 26: David Teel and Norm Wood talk about Duke's blowout win over Virginia Tech on a dreadful Valentine's Day for the Hokies. They chat about Virginia's rise to No. 1 in the AP Poll, and the Cavaliers standing as the top overall seed in the NCAA's preliminary tournament rankings. How good is Purdue and Michigan State, and should U.Va. actually be ranked No. 1? The guys talk about ACC Player of the Year candidates and the folks who are in contention for first-team All-ACC. Music: Slow...


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