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Representation: It's A Long(horn) Story

Talking about representation (or lack thereof) on campus isn't simple. In fact, it's a long story. In the first episode of a new series, hosts Morgan Kuehler and JT Lindsey, along with reporters Larissa Herold, Sara Schleede, Ryan Chandler and Lacey Grace, tackle issues facing underrepresented groups on campus. Music by Podington Bear and Ryan Andersen. Produced by Morgan Kuehler, JT Lindsey, Ryan Steppe and Zeke Fritts.


Newscast: Raising Voices w/ Maria Mendez

It's been a busy week on the Forty Acres. UT bested the USC Trojans at home, the PCL is becoming a second polling location for students, buildings are going green and more. Podcast editors Morgan Kuehler and JT Lindsey are joined by Maria Mendez to discuss the launch of her and the Texan's semester-long project, Raising Voices, which seeks to reach out to all communities across campus to help their points of view be represented by the paper. Hosted by Morgan Kuehler and JT Lindsey. Music by...


Texan Overtime: Lil' Hank and a Big 'Horns Win

Well, it finally happened. Texas notched its first "signature win" of the Tom Herman era against USC 37-14 at DKR. Alex, Ross and JT are joined by senior sports writer CJ Vogel to talk about the Longhorns’ Saturday night takedown of the Trojans and whether or not Texas really is "back." ALSO: With the "Yodel Boy" Mason Ramsey in attendance, Texas showed out; who's your dream pre-game performer? Music by Nctrnm. Hosted by JT Lindsey.


Newscast: September 14, 2018

In the first Newscast of the fall, podcast director Morgan Kuehler runs through the headlines of the week and sits down with Daily Texan reporters to dive into the stories they’ve been working on. Projects reporter Morgan O’Hanlon stops by to preview her latest piece about campus carry and its impact on the Forty Acres. Crime reporters Megan Menchaca and Meghan Nguyen join Morgan to discuss campus crime news. Hosted by Morgan Kuehler.


Texan Overtime: Goes For The Crossover Episode, He's Got It!

In a very special episode, Alex and Ross are joined not only by resident football savant Steve Helwick, but also by the sports editor of USC's student newspaper The Daily Trojan, Sam Arslanian. It's jam-packed with hot takes and predictions from the guys who know both sides of this weekend's USC-Texas matchup best. ALSO: Where were you when the Longhorns won the Rose Bowl? Engineered by Ryan Steppe. Music by Nctrnm.


Texan Overtime: Of Mice and Mental Mistakes

Alex, Ross and JT are joined by Steve Helwick to break down exactly what went down for the Longhorns on Saturday against the Terrapins of Maryland and preview what's to come for the 'Horns this week against Tulsa and beyond. A lot of questions are answered, a lot are raised, but won't you tell us about the rabbits, Tom Herman? Produced by Ryan Steppe. Music by Nctrnm.


From Armadillo to Zilker: A is for Armadillo World Headquarters

In the first installment of The Daily Texan's From Armadillo to Zilker, JT Lindsey investigates the Armadillo World Headquarters, an influential but shortlived concert venue that ran from 1970 to 1980. Through archival audio and conversations with founder Eddie Wilson, the 'Dillo and its central players are shown to be energetic, exciting, and eclectic- to say the least. Written and produced by JT Lindsey with production help from Morgan Kuehler. Music by Ryan Andersen and Blue Dot Sessions.


Texan Overtime: The QB Battle is Over

With a winner finally declared in the battle to become Texas football's latest quarterback, Ross and Alex break down what to expect from Tom Herman's squad with Sam Ehlinger behind the wheel. ALSO: What should we name the Austin MLS franchise? Music by Nctrnm.


Texan Overtime: Longhorns Start Fall Practice

Don't call it a comeback: Alex, Ross, and JT bring the heat in the first (and last) Overtime of the sweltering Austin summer. Tom Herman's Longhorns started fall practice and we break down every major story- from player safety to who's gonna start at safety. We say farewell to Ross's employment at Target (R.I.P. 2018-2018.) Hosted by JT Lindsey, Ross Burkhart, and Alex Briseño. Music by Nctrnm.


Texan Summer Summary: July 31, 2018

After a week off filled with moving, exams, and shifts at America's favorite chicken store, the DT podcast is back with a conversation with Alex Briseno about the most important Texas Athletics news- from Breckyn Hager and Tom Herman's reconciliation to Royce Hamm Jr.'s path to getting recognized. JT and Morgan Kuehler, the once and future member of the podcast department, host. Music by Nctrnm.


Texan Summer Summary: The Meechaiel Criner Trial, Day 4

For the second straight week, JT sits down with senior crime reporter Megan Menchaca to discuss the trial of Meechaiel Criner, accused of killing UT freshman Haruka Weiser in 2016. JT and Megan discuss the first four days of testimony and a few prominent themes and issues that have arisen throughout the trial. Music by Ryan Andersen.


Texan Summer Summary: Previewing the Meechaiel Criner Trial

JT is joined by senior crime reporter (and loyal Texan podcast listener) Megan Menchaca to discuss the trial of Meechaiel Criner, the man accused of killing UT freshman Haruka Weiser in 2016. Be sure and follow the Texan's coverage throughout the trial, and follow Megan on Twitter @MeganMenchaca13 to get live news straight to your phones. Music by Ryan Andersen.


Texan Summer Summary: June 26, 2018

The crew grows by a few this week. Kasim, the newest member of the podcast team, offers his thoughts on the Incredibles 2 and defends Apple Music from attacks on all sides. (Sorry, dude. Spotify + Hulu for $4.99 is too good to pass up.) Conans Pizza is closing on the Drag, but Ross Burkhart and Alex Briseno open up about big changes in Texas Athletics. Do you believe in Magic? After they added Longhorn center Mo Bamba, we very well may. Hosted by Kasim Kabbara, Mike Iwaniec, and JT Lindsey....


Texan Summer Summary: June 19, 2018

Austin City Council passes big changes aimed at easing concerns of the immigrant and minority communities of Austin, an update on the Meechaiel Criner trial, and Texas baseball is on the ropes in Omaha. JT talks with Travis Hlavinka, the baseball beat writer, about the Longhorns loss against Arkansas and what to expect against Florida. No comment on if Gators are indeed better equipped to handle rainy and wet conditions. ALSO: Incredibles 2 was great! But while Incredibles films doubled this...


Texan Summer Summary: June 12, 2018

In the first summer edition of The Daily Texan Podcast, Mike and JT break down the latest in campus news. Sports Editor Alex Briseno stops by to talk Longhorn baseball as David Pierce's squad heads to Omaha for the College World Series, and News Desk Editor Meara Isenberg explains everything you need to know about the return of those darned dockless scooters. ALSO: It's IHOb, now. Hosted by Mike Iwaniec and JT Lindsey. Music by Nctrnm. Logo suggestions desperately needed.


Newscast: May 4, 2018

On May 1, 2017, a UT student stabbed four other students on campus. Freshman Harrison Brown died as a result of his wounds. On this week’s episode, we’ll hear from Lori Brown, Harrison’s mother, on her efforts to increase campus safety. Also: Texas and six other states sue the federal government to end DACA. And why have all of the electric scooters suddenly disappeared from campus? All those stories and more on this week’s Daily Texan Newscast.


Longhorn Lab Report: Do Re Mice

From finding a friend to fending off foes, the right call can go a long way. Larissa Herold reports on the Alston's Singing Mouse, a rodent with a unique way of communicating. It's the last Lab Report of the semester, and we say farewell to science and tech editor Julianne Hodges, who is leaving the Neverland of the Forty Acres and finally growing up (she's graduating! Congratulations!). Hosted by Julianne Hodges and JT Lindsey. Music by Nctrnm.


Texan Overtime: May 3, 2018

On the FINAL Texan Overtime of the 17-18 school year, Trent, Ty, Alex, and Drew recap the NFL Draft and a year's worth of Texas sports memories. It's farewell to Drew and Ty, who are graduating and (hopefully) moving on to bigger and better things! Good luck! ALSO: The man behind the curtain makes an appearance on the pod, and wants the crew to know it's been a fun semester producing each of these episodes! Music by Nctrnm.


The Hookup: The Mother of All Podcasts

In the eleventh and final episode of The Hookup, Morgan and JT talk to each others' moms- after a semester of learning more about what makes our campus what it is, the podcast looks into what makes its hosts who they are. Happy (two weeks early) Mother's Day, Karen and Suzanne! Hosted by Morgan Kuehler and JT Lindsey. Music by Blue Dot Sessions.


Texan Overtime: April 27, 2018

Trent, Ty, and Drew are joined by senior softball and baseball writers Robert Larkin and Travis Hlavinka to break down where the Longhorns stand as the season heads into the final stretch. ALSO: Alex is AWOL to cover the NFL Draft, so the guys preview where they think Texas's best players are going to land. Music by Nctrnm.