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Roommates, part 3: It's a Long(horn) Story

Part 3 in our Roommates series. Larissa Herold, Sara Schleede, Ryan Chandler and Jason Onyediri talk to two groups of roommates to explore everything from cleaning routines to love seat love-making. Music by Blue Dot Sessions. Produced and hosted by Morgan Kuehler and JT Lindsey.


Texan Overtime: 'Horns' Defense Looks Hallo-weak

Alex and Ross analyze an eventful weekend for the Texas Longhorns. Suspensions and social media spats are spooky, but on the bright side, in the OK State game, Sam looked scary... good. ALSO: Who approved the Stanford Cardinal mascot? They should be fired, or at the very least publicly shamed. Music by Nctrnm.


Foiled FOIAs: How UT Handles Public Information Requests

Projects reporter Morgan O'Hanlon and former Daily Texan reporter Will Clark discuss how UT responds to public information requests and how that affects their reporting. Music by Blue Dot Sessions.


Roommates, part 2: It's a Long(horn) Story

Part two in our "Roommates" series. Sara Schleede introduces us to apartment 1512. Hosted by Morgan Kuehler and Sara Schleede. Music by Blue Dot Sessions.


Overtime: CFP Rankings, Cowboys and Baylor Bears, Oh My!

Alex and Ross are joined by "College Football Expert" Steve Helwick to recap the Texas bye week, Sam Ehlinger's injury and preview the rest of the season for Tom Herman's No. 6 Longhorns. ALSO: Congratulations to Alex, who this week accepted an internship with Sports Illustrated for the spring semester in the Big Apple! Don't forget about us when you're famous, Alex. Music by Nctrnm.


Roommates, part 1: It's a Long(horn) Story

Part one in our "Roommates" series. Cameron Belcher tells the story of what he learned when he lived in a hectic household with roommates. Hosted by Morgan Kuehler and JT Lindsey. Music by Blue Dot Sessions.


Newscast: What to Expect When You're Expecting (To Vote)

Early voting in Texas starts on Monday, so we bring in news reporters Sami Sparber, Raga Justin and Chad Lyle to inform all of you on what you need to know before heading into a voting booth. We recap headlines, talk about some exciting races and Ryan Steppe makes his behind the mic debut. Music by Podington Bear. Hosted by Ryan Steppe and JT Lindsey.


Activism: It's a Long(horn) Story

Many of America's most influential social movements have either started or been strengthened by activists on college campuses just like ours. Finding the ways in which students and faculty engage in social change is a long(horn) story. Stories from Clark Dalton, Aine McGinn, Alexis Thomas and Lorence Olivo tackle everything from environmentalism to voter turnout. Hosted by JT Lindsey and Morgan Kuehler. Produced by Ryan Steppe and Zeke Fritts. Music by Jahzzar, Nctrnm, Podington Bear and...


Newscast: Campus Response to YCT

The Young Conservatives of Texas's controversial protest in favor of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation brought counter-protestors and a whole host of responses from angry Longhorns. News reporters Sara Schleede and Megan Menchaca join Morgan Kuehler to take a look at campus response. Music by Podington Bear.


Texan Overtime: Texas is Back. For Real This Time.

Alex, Ross and senior sports reporter Donovan Smoot discuss No. 9 (!!!) Texas and their big win against the Oklahoma Sooners in Dallas. We retire "the question," we talk about Sam Ehlinger's massive game and we admire Cameron Dicker's cool under pressure. ALSO: Every sports editor at the Texan is coughing so much that JT has to edit them out of the podcast. Maybe consider getting a flu shot? Music by Nctrnm.


"The worst of all worlds": Texas Rho's continued operations

Investigative reporter Lisa Nhan discusses her latest story, an exploration of the Texas Rho fraternity's continued operations in the face of scrutiny from the university and the national chapter of SAE, with whom the organization was formerly affiliated. Hosted by Morgan Kuehler. Music by Blue Dot Sessions.


Texan Overtime: The Red River Rival-cast

It's here. The Red River Rivalry is finally upon us and we've got a show to match the big stakes this weekend. George Stoia III, the sports editor at the OU Daily, joins Alex and Ross to break down the big game, make CFP predictions, analyze 2018's hottest albums and figure out how to best utilize college football coaches in a deserted island scenario. ALSO: Alex, Alex, Alex. I had to break out the bleep for the first time this season, thanks to you. Tsk tsk. Music by Nctrnm.


Goals: It's A Long(horn) Story

Whether you're working to impress some future employer or you just want to find that special someone, you're probably going to set some sort of goal to get to where you need to be. How do students handle their various (sometimes competing) goals, all while looking to achieve the ultimate goal: graduating? Aine McGinn, Jason Onyediri, Clark Dalton, Lorence Olivo and Alexis Thomas report on various types of goals and how people handle and achieve them. Produced by Morgan Kuehler, JT Lindsey,...


Newscast: Breaking News w/ Gracie Awalt

Newscast: Breaking News w/ Gracie Awalt by The Daily Texan


Texan Overtime: The Question Which Shall Not Be Named

We finally ask the question: "Is Texas Back?" The answer... we're not sure. Alex, Ross and JT are joined by Copy Desk Chief Kirsten Handler to break down the Longhorns' win over TCU and talk about which college football legends they'd like to break bread with. ALSO: Michael Dickson, if you're listening - give Kirsten a call. Hosted by JT Lindsey. Music by Nctrnm.


Representation: It's A Long(horn) Story

Talking about representation (or lack thereof) on campus isn't simple. In fact, it's a long story. In the first episode of a new series, hosts Morgan Kuehler and JT Lindsey, along with reporters Larissa Herold, Sara Schleede, Ryan Chandler and Lacey Grace, tackle issues facing underrepresented groups on campus. Music by Podington Bear and Ryan Andersen. Produced by Morgan Kuehler, JT Lindsey, Ryan Steppe and Zeke Fritts.


Newscast: Raising Voices w/ Maria Mendez

It's been a busy week on the Forty Acres. UT bested the USC Trojans at home, the PCL is becoming a second polling location for students, buildings are going green and more. Podcast editors Morgan Kuehler and JT Lindsey are joined by Maria Mendez to discuss the launch of her and the Texan's semester-long project, Raising Voices, which seeks to reach out to all communities across campus to help their points of view be represented by the paper. Hosted by Morgan Kuehler and JT Lindsey. Music...


Texan Overtime: Lil' Hank and a Big 'Horns Win

Well, it finally happened. Texas notched its first "signature win" of the Tom Herman era against USC 37-14 at DKR. Alex, Ross and JT are joined by senior sports writer CJ Vogel to talk about the Longhorns’ Saturday night takedown of the Trojans and whether or not Texas really is "back." ALSO: With the "Yodel Boy" Mason Ramsey in attendance, Texas showed out; who's your dream pre-game performer? Music by Nctrnm. Hosted by JT Lindsey.


Newscast: September 14, 2018

In the first Newscast of the fall, podcast director Morgan Kuehler runs through the headlines of the week and sits down with Daily Texan reporters to dive into the stories they’ve been working on. Projects reporter Morgan O’Hanlon stops by to preview her latest piece about campus carry and its impact on the Forty Acres. Crime reporters Megan Menchaca and Meghan Nguyen join Morgan to discuss campus crime news. Hosted by Morgan Kuehler.


Texan Overtime: Goes For The Crossover Episode, He's Got It!

In a very special episode, Alex and Ross are joined not only by resident football savant Steve Helwick, but also by the sports editor of USC's student newspaper The Daily Trojan, Sam Arslanian. It's jam-packed with hot takes and predictions from the guys who know both sides of this weekend's USC-Texas matchup best. ALSO: Where were you when the Longhorns won the Rose Bowl? Engineered by Ryan Steppe. Music by Nctrnm.