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Made with love in beautiful B.C., the Dogwood podcast brings you to the front lines of the biggest political battles around our province's land, air and water. Through stories and strategy, our guests will give you the tools to make a difference in your community.

Made with love in beautiful B.C., the Dogwood podcast brings you to the front lines of the biggest political battles around our province's land, air and water. Through stories and strategy, our guests will give you the tools to make a difference in your community.
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Made with love in beautiful B.C., the Dogwood podcast brings you to the front lines of the biggest political battles around our province's land, air and water. Through stories and strategy, our guests will give you the tools to make a difference in your community.








Podcast for May 2019: The Pact for a Green New Deal in Canada

This week a coalition of Canadians from all walks of life including labor groups, environmental organizations, Indigenous groups, scientists, and artists, came together to launch a call for a Green New Deal in Canada. But in order to get to a just and equitable transition that creates jobs and reduces carbon emissions, we must stop handing out billions of public dollars to coal, oil and gas companies. That’s why Dogwood has launched an action to call on the government to consider the...


Podcast for November 2018: Talk to your friends about Pro Rep

As we head into the final campaign push for electoral reform in B.C., many of us are reaching out to friends, family and acquaintances to encourage them to vote yes to Pro Rep. But some of us are wondering how to engage folks who aren’t likely to vote or dragging their feet to get their ballots in before the November 30 deadline. In this episode, Dogwood’s own Vancouver Organizer, Emily Glass, discusses how to have motivating conversations with the people in our lives and ensure they vote...


Podcast for October 2018: The case for Pro Rep

In this Pro Rep deep dive, Seth Klein, the director of the B.C. chapter of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives dispels the myths of the No side, explains what proportional representation really is and how it will fix our democracy, and describes what your three Pro Rep options on the ballot are. This episode was recorded on Coast Salish territory. Register to vote:


September 2018: We quashed the Trans Mountain pipeline. Now what?

On August 30 2018, the Federal Court of Appeal ruled on fourteen different court cases brought forward against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion’s NEB review process. And they all won. The court invalidated the permit approval on the basis of two claims: 1. The NEB under Trudeau’s government did not adequately consult First Nations and 2. The review did not account for impacts on marine life. Now the federal government must go back to the drawing board and restart the entire process....


July 2018: Money-laundering in B.C. -- who is to blame?

In the wake of the explosive Peter German report which connected money-laundering in B.C. to the fentanyl crisis and housing market, we look at reactions from journalists, politicians and the public, talk about who is to blame and discuss the growing calls for a public inquiry. Sign the petition: Send the Attorney General a message: Join a Dogwood team: This episode was recorded on...


June 2018: Trans Mountain Q&A

Do you have questions about the government’s buyout of Kinder Morgan’s pipeline and tanker expansion project? We hosted a live Q&A on Facebook to address Dogwood supporters’ most pressing Trans Mountain questions. Want to take action? Write your MP: Call Minister Morneau’s office: Volunteer with Dogwood: This episode was recorded on Coast Salish territory.


April 2018: When pipelines and tankers spill...

The B.C. government filed a reference case to the province’s highest court to prove their jurisdiction to protect local people from diluted bitumen. And they want to hear from you (yes, you!) about oil spill response. With help from former Transmountain engineer Romilly Cavanaugh and lawyer Stephanie Hewson, we give you the information you need to submit your comment. Submit your comment: Read more on the West Coast Environmental Law blog:...


March 2018: The dark underbelly of B.C.

With dirty money pouring into Vancouver casinos, luxury car dealers and real estate market, Attorney General David Eby heads to Ottawa to ask for help. Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating Trump Tower Vancouver. And it turns out the worldwide Facebook data scandal got its start in B.C. Sure, we live in a beautiful province – but what lies beneath the surface? Sign the petition: Send Attorney General David Eby a message:...


February 2018: Pipelines and B.C. wines

A lot happened in B.C. this past month! Between B.C.’s announcement of their new regulations and restrictions on the transport of bitumen to the wine war between Alberta and B.C., British Columbians have a lot to sort out. With the help of some expert guests, we are here to help weed through the poli-speak and media rhetoric to find out what’s actually going on. This episode was recorded on unceded Coast Salish territory.


January 2018: Oil tanker spill hits close to home for B.C.

In this first Dogwood podcast episode of 2018, we tackle the biggest but least covered stories of the month: the largest oil tanker spill in a quarter century. Could a similar tragedy happen on the B.C. coast?


December 2017: The year in review and the battles ahead

For many British Columbians, 2017 was challenging. So why are we filled with optimism for the new year? From Kinder Morgan to U.S. thermal coal exports to democratic renewal, tune in to find out what opportunities we see for British Columbia in 2018.


November 2017: Illegal construction, grassroots resistance

A jam-packed month in the Kinder Morgan fight. Back in the host chair, Kai Nagata talks with Sophie Harrison about illegal construction, the Squamish Nation’s Supreme Court case, massive stockpiles of pipe coming to a town near you, and what the heck our governments are doing about it all. Emily Glass brings an update on this month’s province-wide organizing action, marking the anniversary of our betrayal by Justin Trudeau. Join the day of action in your community.


October 2017: Knocktober

Happy Knocktober! This month Dogwood's remote organizer, Anna Barford, takes over the podcast to talk about the month-long push to gather support for a Corruption Inquiry. Anna talks to four volunteers who have signed up to knock their block -- from trophy hunting to Kinder Morgan to fish farms, they tell us how they see corruption impacting their communities and why they are taking action. Take action against corruption in your community:


September 2017: B.C. Throne Speech, third time's a charm

After a roller coaster of a year in politics, this week British Columbians are preparing for our third throne speech of the year. What does the new government have in store for Dogwood’s campaigns? Guest host Christina Smethurst finds out what’s going on with Ban Big Money, stopping U.S. thermal coal exports and the fight against Kinder Morgan.


July 31, 2017: Kinder Morgan myths busted!

Dogwood's pipeline and tankers campaigner Sophie Harrison takes on ten of the most popular myths about Kinder Morgan's expansion project, with help from economists Robyn Allan and Marc Lee, as well as UBC Law professor Jocelyn Stacey and Dogwood's communications coordinator, Christina Smethurst. You can find out more information at


June 2017: Where is this ship headed?

In the first episode since the provincial election, B.C. is still in rocky waters. SFU political scientist David Moscrop joins host Kai Nagata to explain what’s going on in the legislature and what could happen next. Director of Organizing Laura Benson hops aboard to explain what’s happening with the Citizens’ Initiative now that a new government is in sight. And Sophie Harrison, Arie Ross and Lisa Sammartino sail by to chat about the future of Dogwood’s campaigns.


April 30, 2017: The B.C. Election

In this election edition of the Dogwood podcast, Kai Nagata debriefs Christy Clark's great flip-flop on U.S. thermal coal with Arie Ross. Lisa Sammartino breaks down last week's leaders' debate and discusses the role of political donations in the campaign. And "resident youth voter motivation expert" Sophie Harrison talks about what Dogwood is doing to help Get Out the Vote.


March 31, 2017: Dirty donations, dirty coal

Kai Nagata digs deeper into B.C.'s growing donation scandal, exploring the relationship between Christy Clark's donors and her decisions, with help from Lisa Sammartino and Sophie Harrison. Arie Ross explains how U.S. thermal coal gets a free ride through B.C. at the expense of our health and environment. And, meet Dogwood's newest organizer, Mike Soron, who has come on board to help with the upcoming initiative.


Feb 24, 2017: Union of BC Indian Chiefs, British Columbians make the call

Preparations are underway for the Citizens' Initiative. Neskonlith Chief Judy Wilson, Dogwood's Tankers campaigner Sophie Harrison, Fight HST campaigner Cheryl Baron and North Island organizer Dave Mills join Kai Nagata to chat about their part in the plan to stop Kinder Morgan. Also, Ban Big Money campaigner Lisa Sammartino breaks down the new political donation legislation and what British Columbians can do to help it pass.


The First Ever Dogwood Podcast

Join Dogwood’s Kai Nagata as he checks in with Tankers campaigner Sophie Harrison and director of organizing Laura Benson about Dogwood’s plan to stop Kinder Morgan’s pipeline. Ban Big Money campaigner Lisa Sammartino discusses Christy Clark’s 2016 donations, and Beyond Coal campaigner Arie Ross tells us what impact President Trump will have on U.S. thermal coal being exported through B.C. ports. Got name ideas for our new podcast? Tweet @dogwoodbc!