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A weekly podcast that looks at issues in-depth, centered around politics, culture, and faith. Your hosts are Jay Caruso and Ben Howe

A weekly podcast that looks at issues in-depth, centered around politics, culture, and faith. Your hosts are Jay Caruso and Ben Howe
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A weekly podcast that looks at issues in-depth, centered around politics, culture, and faith. Your hosts are Jay Caruso and Ben Howe




Free Markets, Social Media and the Woke Effect on Comedy With Carol Roth

Carol Roth joined the crew for a wide ranging discussion about free markets, the effect of social media on relationships and the difficulty of doing comedy in the age of wokeness. Follow Carol on Twitter ( and be sure to check out Future File (, a legacy and wishes planning system. Carol also has a great podcast called The Roth Effect on the Ricochet ( network. Be sure to sign up for that...


Tlaib and The Holocaust, Generation X and Game of Thrones with Bridget Phetasy

After a week off, the show is back with the entire crew. Jay, Ben and Andrea welcomed Bridget Phetasy to the show to talk about a variety of issues including Rashida Tlaib's comments about Palestinians and the Holocaust. A brief aside about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez delves into nicknames and how some don't make sense. They also discuss the recent hate-articles directed at Generation X and also discuss the latest from Game of Thrones! Follow Bridget on Twitter...


Barr Testifies, Impeachment and Ben on Morning Joe?

Ben and Jay talk about Wiliam Barr and his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as the Democrats next move as they contemplate impeachment, the political culture and the guest appearance that Ben makes on Morning Joe...sort of. Click this link ( to get the podcast every week in your favorite podcast app! The Fifth Estate now has premium content ( The latest is a a conversation with David where he, Jay and...


Trump, The Mueller Report and Faith with David French

Jay and Ben welcome to the show, Senior Writer at National Review, David French. The gang starts talking about the Mueller report but pivot into a general discussion about Trump and why his supporters support him as strongly as they do. They also get into issues of faith and how that relates to the President. Click this link ( to get the podcast every week in your favorite podcast app! The Fifth Estate now has premium content...


Talking Mayor Peter, Bernie, Chick Flicks and Game of Thrones

Jay, Ben and Andrea talk about Pete Buttigieg and his official entry into the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. They also talk about Bernie Sanders and his chances of getting the nomination and his briliant move of going on Fox News. They also talk about the Netflix Twitter account complaining about "chick flicks" and also have a discussion about Game of Thrones that does not include any spoilers! Click this link ( to get the podcast every week in your favorite...


Jay Cost on How To Bring Back The Strength of Political Parties

While Ben is recuperating, Jay and Andrea talk with AEI's Jay Cost about political parties, why they are weaker, have less ability to control members and what can be done about it. Jay and Andrea also discuss the latest with the Russia investigation and the overhaul Trump is making at DHS. This is also the first week there is premium content. The discussion with Jay Cost continues where he discusses his outlook for the 2020 election and has some very interesting things to say about the Never...


Mueller Report, Biden's #MeToo Problem and Party Political Power

Ben, Jay and Andrea have an in depth discussion about various topics including the Mueller Report, Joe Biden's #MeToo problem and engage in a back and forth about whether or not would be good for parties to regain some power over their members. Additionally, they also discuss the subsciption model for news and some ideas on how to make it better. If you are listening here, consider subscribing! ( Go to our subscription page...


A Political Movement Fueled by Isolation and Alienation with Tim Carney

Tim Carney, commentary editor of the Washington Examiner talks with Ben and Jay about his new book, Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse. In the book he explores how Trump's election was fueled in part by a portion of America that feels alienated and isolated. They also discuss the Mueller report. Plus, there's Andrea Ruth with the news! You can buy Tim's book on Amazon!...


Social Media, Culture and Beto's Wokeness with Christine Rosen

In this episode, Christine Rosen from Commentary Magazine joins the crew to talk about social media, it's effect on politics and culture and the some talk about the backlash Beto O'Rourke received for not being sufficiently woke. Christine has a piece at Commentary about Beto's run-in with feminists. ( Also, the news with Andrea Ruth. Read the stories about dogs in Florida...


Episode 91: The Battle of Never Trump With Tom Nichols

Can one be Never Trump while still acknowledging he's done something good? Is one an "enabler" if they vote with Trump or approve of something Trump does, despite the label of Never Trump? That's the question tackled on this episode. Jay and Ben are joined by Naval War College professor Tom Nichols to take that on and try to find out if there is a middle ground. Also, the news with Andrea Ruth! Special Guest: Tom Nichols.


Episode 90: CPAC Is Different, Anti-Semitism and Mad About You Rebooted

Jay and Ben talk about CPAC and how it’s changed over the years. They also talk about the Democratic Party and how they seem to be diminishing anti-Semitism within their own ranks. Also, the news brought about a long discussion about television/movie reboots as Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt will reprise their roles in the sitcom, ‘Mad About You.’ (The old years??) Plus, the news with Andrea Ruth. Enjoy!


Episode 89: Trump Meets Kim, Cohen Meets Congress, and Ugh….CPAC

A day later brings more up to date content! Jay and Ben talk about two big events – The Trump/Kim summit in Vietnam and how critics and defenders see it. Also, Michael Cohen testified before a House panel and it was a crapfest. Also, the MAGACPAC is this week and the gang picks who will give the craziest speech. Plus, the news with Andrea Ruth. Enjoy! Please subscribe! You can do so in two ways. If you like iTunes, click this link to subscribe or search for The Fifth Estate. If you use...


Episode 88: Emergency Declarations, Jussie Smollett and Bath Sheets

On this week’s show, Jay and Ben talk about President Trump’s emergency declaration and what that means for the future with respect to Democrats, the Republican Party and the conservative movement. They also discuss the Jussie Smollett issue and how the media screwed the pooch–again…and a fascinating discussion ensues about bath sheets and towels. Plus, the news with Andrea Ruth. Enjoy! Please subscribe! You can do so in two ways. If you like iTunes, click this link to subscribe or...


Episode 83: NeverTrump, AOC and The 2020 Democrats

“We’re back, baby! We’re back!” No, it’s not George Costanza, but The Fifth Estate podcast is back after nearly a year away. Ben Howe is the new co-host and he joins Jay and the news gal, Andrea Ruth, in a familiar, but new venture. The podcast will take on a new format as a result, focusing more on conversation than interviewing guests. Current events will get covered and that’s where the gang is on this episode as they discuss Erick Erickson going from NeverTrump to a full-blown Trump...


Episode 81: The Government and The Age of Adulthood

How old does one have to be, to be considered an adult? Officially, in the United States, that age is 18. But the government has exceptions to that rule and it makes zero sense. In some cases and in some states, you’re considered an adult at 18. In others, 21. In some states, two types of the same activity, such as gambling, have two different minimum ages depending upon the type of gambling one engages in. It’s all so absurd and it does nothing but create confusion for people who believe...


Episode 80: David French and The Return of The Battle Over Gun Control

Another day. Another mass shooting. While violent crime sits at near all-time lows, several of the worst mass shootings in our nation’s history have happened in the last several years. The recent mass shooting in Parkland, Florida served to take the conversation to a new level where hopefully, conservatives and liberals can agree on some gun control reforms. Unfortunately, it won’t be easy. People still want “assault weapons bans” that do not work and “universal background checks” that do...


Episode 76: Jay Nordlinger On Conservatism and Trump’s First Year

How did Trump do in his first year? How did he do on judges? Taxes? Foreign policy? In his role as President and leader of The United States. Amy and Jay break that all day with National Review Senior Editor, Jay Nordlinger. They went into a long discussion not only of Trump but how the institutions of the United States are keeping everything moving along. They grappled with news coverage and what people read to keep themselves grounded on all the issues. It was a great conversation. We...


Episode 75: Elaina Plott and What’s To Come For Journalism in 2018

Journalism had some high notes and some low notes in 2017. Elaina Plott, a young journalist at the Washingtonian, proved to be one of the high notes with her work. Jay and Amy talk to her about how she got started, her influences and what her thinking is about the state of journalism today and what the media needs to do to gain back some of the trust they’ve lost. We want to thank the show sponsor, Quip! These amazing toothbrushes start at just $25 and if you visit


Episode 73: Conservative Distrust of The Media

Why do people distrust the media? And why do conservatives distrust the media even more? There are many reasons and some of them occurred in just the last week. Jay and Amy touch on issues related to CNN, Jimmy Kimmel and the NY Times laughable math about the lies President Obama told in his two terms. They also offer up some advice for people in the media to regain that trust. We want to thank the show sponsor HelloFresh! For $30 off your first week of HelloFresh, visit and...


Episode 72: Karol Markowicz and The GOP Tax Reform Bill

Taxes, baby, taxes! The Republican Party is pushing to get through a tax reform (or tax cut) bill by the end of the year. It would give them and President Trump a major legislative victory in 2017. But is it worth it? The tax bill does away with a lot of deductions and credits that people are upset over. Karol Markowicz of the New York Post joins Amy and Jay to discuss. Karol has written about the plan – and not entirely favorably – so her perspective will be interesting! We want to thank...