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Friday News Highlights: Mueller Report Reactions, State Politics

It’s the day after the release of the Mueller report and we’re still unpacking its key points. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s been in office for 100 days. How’s he doing? In New York Governor Andrew Cuomo makes tuition free for Gold Star families. We’ll talk about these stores and more with our guests: Meena Bose, Ph.D., professor of political science, executive dean of public policy and public service programs and director, Kalikow Center for the Study of the American Presidency, Hofstra...


Baby Boomers: Self-Medicated And Depressed?

The Baby Boomers are going through a rough time. A rollercoaster economy and skyrocketing divorce rates have led to a depressed and self-medicated generation. But the worst of it is are those who have opted to take their own lives because of the stress. What can be done to save America's largest generation? Our guests: Wizdom Powell, Ph.D., associate professor of psychiatry and director, Health Disparities Institute, University of Connecticut Jeffrey Deitz, M.D., psychiatrist and assistant...


Sin Taxes

There is great debate in Connecticut and New York about the legalization, decriminalization and sale of recreational marijuana. Lawmakers expect large revenues from retail pot, but is it moral for the government to make money off it? What about other vices that lawmakers are pushing for, like additional casinos, not to mention more taxes on everything from e-cigarettes to sugary drinks? Our guests: David Lombardo, capitol reporter, Albany Times Union Susan Haigh, state capitol and political...


Should College Athletes Be Paid?

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut is making a case for college athletes to get financial compensation. He says universities and coaches make billions, while students don’t. But some worry that reimbursing students will hurt their academics and overall well-being. Should college athletes get paid? Our guests: Chris Murphy, U.S. senator, D-Conn. Dan Brechlin, sports editor, Hartford Courant Mark Conrad, associate professor, law and ethics, and director, sports business concentration,...


The Future Of Our Railroads

State lawmakers are pushing for funding to update and expand worn-out railroad infrastructure. In order to fund it, at least in part, some in Connecticut want to reinstate highway tolls. Meanwhile, New York's budget includes congestion pricing fees for those entering southern Manhattan, with some of the revenue going toward improvements to the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North. But hasn't this been the case for decades? What is the future of our railroads? Our guests: Tom Meehan, chair,...


Friday News Highlights: Remington Appeal, Dalio Philanthropy, LI Politics

This week in Connecticut, gun maker Remington plans to appeal a state court ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court and hedge fund mogul Ray Dalio pledges to donate $100 million to help public education. On Long Island Governor Andrew Cuomo celebrates the property tax cap and Suffolk County clamps down on plastic pollution. Our guests: Ana Radelat, Washington correspondent; Keith Phaneuf, economic reporter, Connecticut Mirror Jack Kramer, reporter, CT News Junkie Brendan O'Reilly, real estate and...


Free Speech On College Campuses

In March Trump signed an order to guarantee free speech on college campuses, threatening colleges with loss of federal research funding if they do not protect those rights. Trump cited instances of riots over conservatives invited to speak on campus, the banning of conservative speakers, and the harassment of conservative students. Our guests: Nadine Strossen, former president, American Civil Liberties Union; John Harlan Marshall II Professor of Law, New York Law School Ben Bogardus,...


The Future Of The Affordable Care Act

Included in the New York State budget approved last week were measures to codify elements of the Affordable Care Act into law at the state level. This as the Trump administration continues its assault on the federal health care law. Meanwhile, Connecticut Attorney General William Tong was in federal court recently in Texas, fighting alongside Democratic state attorneys general against Republicans who want to dismantle the ACA. What steps are states taking to preserve affordable health care?...


The 2020 Census

Connecticut and Long Island are ready to participate in the U.S. Census. Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz is finishing a tour of Connecticut to promote the count, especially in cities like New Haven and Bridgeport. Long Island launched a creative campaign last week to highlight the importance of the census. But how will both states reach out to communities that have been traditionally difficult to count? Our guests: Michelle Riordan-Nold, executive director, Connecticut Data Collaborative Susan...


Preserving Native American Culture In The Northeast

Native Americans struggle to preserve their culture even in 2019. A member of the Shinnecock Indian Nation on Long Island might have a solution to celebrate native cultures around the continent and build bridges with fellow Americans. Indigenous people working to reclaim their heritage on Long Island and in Connecticut, with our guests: Shane Weeks, member, Shinnecock Indian Nation ; founder, Indigenous International Harry Wallace, chief, Unkechaug Indian Nation Lance Gumbs, tribal trustee,...


Friday News Highlights: What's In And What's Out In State Budgets

Hartford and Albany were hard at work this week. New York finalized its budget and Connecticut pondered reaping revenue from vices. Our guests: David Lombardo, capitol reporter, Albany Times Union David Schwartz, environmental reporter, Newsday Ebong Udoma, senior political reporter, WSHU Ken Dixon, state capitol reporter and columnist, Hearst Connecticut Media Keith Phaneuf, economic reporter, Connecticut Mirror


The Effects Of Climate Change

Climate change is having an impact in our region. Allergy experts say the mild winter has resulted in a severe pollen count this spring. A ferry service on Long Island is taking action to deal with the sea level rise around Shelter Island. And a marine biologist at UConn has documented the temperature increase on the Long Island Sound over the past 45 years. Our guests: Hannes Baumann, Ph.D., assistant professor of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut Stella Lagudis, general manager,...


Clean Contracts In Connecticut

The AFL-CIO in Connecticut is crying foul over a bill they say would roll back safeguards for clean contracts. The bill was submitted by Democrats on behalf of Governor Lamont. Lawmakers say they neither support nor oppose the bill. But union leaders say it would bring back the bad old days of Governor John Rowland. Our guests: Gary Rose, Ph.D., professor and chair, Department of Government, Politics and Global Studies, Sacred Heart University Sal Luciano, president, Connecticut AFL-CIO Josh...


Long Island Sound Blue Plan, Racial Disparities In Maternal Mortality

Connecticut environmentalists release a draft of their Blue Plan for the Long Island Sound . Now they’re getting input from the public. In New York a recent report found black women to be more likely to die in childbirth than white women. Lawmakers are calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to create a review board to investigate. Our guests: James Albis, senior advisor to the commissioner, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Tony Hwang, Connecticut state senator,...


Prevailing Wage, Congress To Campus, Erase Racism

Developers in New York say a bill on pay parity will slow down public projects. Two former congressmen go to campuses to excite students about public service. And, an anti-racism group wants schools on Long Island to make their curriculum more multicultural. Our guests: Mitch Pally, CEO, Long Island Builders Institute John Brooks, New York state senator, D-Seaford Robert Weygand, former U.S. congressman, D-RI; professor, political science, University of Rhode Island Gil Gutknecht, former...


Friday News Highlights: State Budgets, Tolls, College Admissions Scandal

State budgets are the main story in our region this week. Will New York approve a ban on plastic bags or a property tax cap? What about campaign finance reform or congestion pricing? And is legal marijuana really done for this session? In Connecticut tolls are still front and center in the budget debate while lawmakers approved a new economics commissioner. And we get the latest in the Yale school admissions cheating scandal. Our guests: Michael Gormley, Albany reporter, Newsday Joe Shaw,...


Aid In Dying

Should we have the right to die? Connecticut and New York are considering bills that would allow doctors to help terminally ill patients end their lives. Some say it’s immoral. Others say it would bring peace to patients who are suffering while they wait for time to pass. Our guests: Timothy Quill, M.D., Georgia and Thomas Gosnell Distinguished Professor of Palliative Care, University of Rochester School of Medicine John Kelly, regional director, Second Thoughts Cathy Ludlum, disability...


Talking About Taxes

Taxes are on the minds of both residents and lawmakers in our area. Homeowners are just beginning to understand the impact of the Trump administration’s changes to the state and tocal tax deductions. New York Governor Cuomo is pushing for a permanent property tax cap. Meanwhile in Connecticut, legislators are considering taxes on sugary drinks and plastic bags. And what’s happening with the gas tax as electric cars become more popular? Talking taxes with our guests: Anthony Basile, Ph.D.,...


Connecticut School Regionalization: A Revised Proposal

Proposals to regionalize school districts in Connecticut have been met with fierce opposition. Now, new and more moderate proposals to share resources have been introduced. But will residents and lawmakers approve? Today's guests: Bob Duff, majority leader, Connecticut State Senate, D-Norwalk Norm Needleman, Connecticut state senator, D-Essex Lon Seidman, chair, Board of Education, Region 4 Patrice McCarthy, deputy director and general counsel, Connecticut Association of Boards of Education...


Friday News Highlights: Budgets, Tolls, Casinos, Marijuana, School Regionalization

Legalizing recreational marijuana may be out of New York’s budget proposal and some say it’s Long Island’s fault. In Connecticut, sports betting, new casinos and tolls move ahead in the legislature. We’ll talk about these and other top stories this week on The Full Story. Our Guests: Karen DeWitt - WSHU’s Albany Capitol Correspondent Michael Gormley - Newsday Albany Reporter Ebong Udoma - WSHU’s Senior Political Reporter Ken Dixon - Hearst CT Media State Capitol Reporter and Columnist Keith...