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Episode 1: Cybersecurity - The Next Great Battlefield

In this series scheduled to run from April to July, RealClearPolitics and RealClearDefense will take an in-depth look at the intersection of cybersecurity, technology, and the warfare of the 21st century. The series will examine how the world’s leaders are using cyber-espionage to fundamentally shift international power dynamics.


The Future of the Administrative State with Tony Mills - Ep. 1

The Future of the Administrative State is a weekly podcast that explores the virtues and vices of administrative power. In this first episode, Real Clear Policy editor Tony Mills breaks the subject down with Adam White, a research fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution. Talking points include Steve Bannon's use of the term 'administrative state', along with the innovative use of administrative power by former President Barack Obama's administration to implement a domestic agenda.


Politics Is Everything Episode 5: Fashion

In episode five of “Politics is Everything, Caitlin Huey-Burns looks at the connection between politics and fashion. She talks with Kate Bennett of CNN, who is a former fashion editor and covers the first lady, and with Robin Givhan, fashion editor for the Washington Post.


Politics is Everything Episode 2: Media

Politics is Everything Episode 2: Media by RealClearPolitics


Politics is Everything Episode 1: Comedy

The first episode explores the world of late night comedy, where certain programs that have focused more on politics have seen an uptick in ratings. Guests include Sopan Deb of the New York Times and Ben Terris of the Washington Post, along with Professor Sophia McClennen, an expert on satire and democracy.


The First 100 Days - Episode 14

In our final episode, RealClearPolitics managing editor Emily Goodin talks to Cliff Sims, Special Assistant to the President and Assistant Communications Director for White House Message Strategy, about the president’s first 100 days. Then RealClearWorld editor Joel Weickgenant talks with Robert Zaretsky, a professor at the University of Houston, and an expert in foreign policy matters about the political situation in Europe.


The First 100 Days - Episode 12

In our twelfth episode, RealClearEducation editor Christopher Beach travels to Kansas City, Missouri, to talk with Awais Sufi, President and CEO of SchoolSmartKC, about the launch of his new education nonprofit dedicated to closing the achievement gap in Kansas City public schools. He also speaks with Aaron North, Vice President of Education at the Kauffman Foundation, which was instrumental in the inception and launch of SchoolSmartKC.


The First 100 Days - Episode 10

In our tenth episode, RealClearPolicy’s Tony Mills talks with Brookings Institution’s Bill Gale about tax reform and the upcoming battle in Congress. And RealClearDefense editor David Craig talks with Metin Gurcan, a columnist for Al-Monitor's Turkey Pulse, about the Middle East.


The First 100 Days - Episode 9

In our ninth episode, RealClearPolitics national political correspondent Caitlin Huey Burns talks to Dan Holler, the Vice President of Heritage Action, a conservative group opposed to the GOP healthcare bill. And RealClearWorld editor Joel Weickgenant talks with Kaj Leers, the campaign analyst for the Dutch daily de Volkskrant, about the results from the Netherlands election and a preview of the upcoming French elections.


The First 100 Days - Episode 8

In our eighth episode, RealClearDefense editor David Craig and RealClearBooks editor John Waters talk with Sen. John McCain about the upcoming defense budget and the Russian hacking allegations.


The First 100 Days - Episode 7

In our seventh episode, congressional correspondent James Arkin talks with Rep. Mark Meadows, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus. Then, RealClearPolicy editor Tony Mills talks with Jonathan Rauch of the Atlantic.


The First 100 Days - Episode 6

In our sixth episode, associate editor A.B. Stoddard has an exclusive interview with Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer. Then, RealClearWorld editor Kevin Sullivan talks with Al-Monitor Diplomatic correspondent Laura Rozen about Trump's Mideast policy.


The First 100 Days - Episode 5

In our fifth episode, congressional correspondent James Arkin talks with Angel Padilla and Sarah Dohl of Indivisible – a group organizing the protests of congressional townhall meetings. Then, RealClearEducation editor Chris Beach talks with Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, the new chairwoman of the House Education Committee.


The First 100 Days - Episode 4

In our fourth episode, national political correspondent Caitlin Huey-Burns talks with Jamie Harrison and Ray Buckley, two of the candidates for Democratic National Committee Chairman. Then, RealClearDefense editor David Craig talks to two officials from the Center for a New American Security: Executive Vice President Shawn Brimley and senior fellow Loren Schulman about the changes coming to the Department of Defense.


The First 100 Days - Episode 3

In our third episode, In our third episode, Congressional Correspondent James Arkin talks with Rep. Kevin Brady, the new chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, about Obamacare repeal and tax reform. RealClearEnergy Editor Bill Murray talks with Sen. Heidi Heitkamp about the keystone pipeline, energy issues and if she’ll run for reelection in 2018. And national political correspondent Caitlin Huey-Burns talks with Peter Buttigieg and Tom Perez, two of the candidates for Democratic...


The First 100 Days - Episode 2

In our second episode, RealClearMarkets editor John Tamny talks to Steve Forbes about Treasury Secretary Nominee Steve Mnuchin and the future of the Affordable Care Act.


The First 100 Days - Episode 1

In our first episode, Managing Editor Emily Goodin talks with former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer about the first impressions the Trump administration is making and its relationship with the press. Then, Joel Weickgenant, the managing editor of RealClearWorld, talks to Vaira Vike Freiberga, the former president of Latvia, about how a vulnerable NATO ally is reacting to the expected foreign policy of President Trump. It’s part of RealClearWorld’s series on America’s Role in the World...


In The Arena - Episode 10

In this episode, Elections Analyst David Byler sits down with Senior Elections Analyst Sean Trende to dissect the political dynamics in swing states while taking us on a final tour of the Electoral College map. White House Correspondent Alexis Simendinger discusses with the White House Transition Project Director Martha Joynt Kumar about how the Obama Administration is working with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's Presidential transition teams.


In The Arena - Episode 9: New Hampshire

In this episode, National Political Correspondent Caitlin Huey-Burns looks at the battleground state of New Hampshire, especially its competitive Senate race. Elections Analyst David Byler speaks with George Washington University Professor John Sides, who runs the Monkey Cage Blog at the Washington Post, about political science and polls. Finally, Congressional Correspondent James Arkin talks with the Cook Report’s Jennifer Duffy about the battle for control of the upper chamber.


In The Arena - Episode 8

In this episode, RealClearPolitic’s election analyst David Byler talks with Stanford University professor Doug Rivers about online polling and White House correspondent Alexis Simendinger talks with Michael McDonald of the University of Florida about early voting.


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