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Turning words into votes


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Turning words into votes








No more F-35s – with special guest Dan Grazier from the Project on Government Oversight

Dan Grazier on Twitter: @Dan_Grazier Project on Government Oversight on Twitter: @POGOwatchdog Project on Government Oversight's website: Will Bunch at the Philadelphia Inquirer: Will U.S. learn from a $1.7 trillion goof that would have paid for Biden’s infrastructure plan? Tony Capaccio at Stars and Stripes: Pentagon reportedly estimates that the F-35 budget plan is running $10 billion short through 2025 Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Help support Karishma Mehta in...


Trying to cling to the last shreds of power – with Michigan State Senator Erika Geiss

Michigan Senator Erika Geiss on Twitter: @SenErikaGeiss Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Jordan Zakarin at Progressives Everywhere: Seriously, WTFlorida?! How the GOP Pushed Through Its Zombie Attack on Trans Kids Progressives Everywhere's website: and Sign up for the Progressives Everywhere newsletter...


How Labor Beats Amazon – with special guest Congressman Andy Levin

Andy Levin on Twitter: @Andy_Levin Andy Levin at USA Today: Here's what Amazon got away with in union battle. Here's how to change that. Andy Levin at The Detroit News: We need the PRO Act to let workers unionize Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Progressives Everywhere's website: and Sign up for the Progressives Everywhere newsletter HERE. Support Progressives Everywhere by becoming a Patreon donor HERE. Give us a...


How government SHOULD(N’T) work – with special guest Don Moynihan

Don Moynihan on Twitter: @donmoyn Don Moynihan's Georgetown University profile is HERE. Buy Don Moynihan's book Administrative Burden: Policymaking by Other Means HERE. Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Adam Jentleson at The Atlantic: How to Stop the Minority-Rule Doom Loop Progressives Everywhere's website: and Sign up for the Progressives Everywhere newsletter...


The New New New Deal – with special guest Mike Grunwald

Mike Grunwald on Twitter: @MikeGrunwald Mike Grunwald at Politico: Say it ain’t so, Amtrak Joe Buy Michael Grunwald's book The New New Deal in paperback HERE and for Kindle HERE. Buy Michael Grunwald's book The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise HERE. Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Progressives Everywhere's website: and Sign up for the Progressives Everywhere newsletter HERE. Support...


The Bigger Lie (It’s Not Just Georgia) – with special guest MDP Voter Protection Director Erica Peresman

Erica Peresman on Twitter: @Erica_Peresman A great story about Erica Peresman and her advocacy can be found HERE. Dave Boucher & Clara Hendrickson at the Detroit Free Press: Michigan GOP senators file 39 election reform bills Democrats call racist, based on lies Jordan Zakarin at Progressives Everywhere: Voter Suppression is Bigger in Texas Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Progressives Everywhere's website: and Sign up...


If it looks like partisan hackery, it probably is – with special guest Christopher Kang from Demand Justice

Christopher Kang on Twitter: @cdkang76 Demand Justice on Twitter: @WeDemandJustice Demand Justice's website: Dahlia Lithwick at Slate: There’s a Reason Biden Has Been Slow to Install Judges Nick Corasaniti at The New York Times: Georgia G.O.P. Passes Major Law to Limit Voting Amid Nationwide Push Jordan Zakarin at Progressives Everywhere: How Activists Are Fighting Georgia's New Jim Crow Laws Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Progressives Everywhere's website:...


We have a moral obligation – with special guest Congresswoman Debbie Dingell

Debbie Dingell on Twitter: @RepDebDingell Debbie Dingell's website is HERE. Press release: Dingell, Jayapal and more than 100 Co-Sponsors Introduce Medicare For All Act of 2019 Dan Diamond at The Washington Post: House Democrats bring back Medicare-for-all, seeking to push Biden left Melissa Nann Burke at The Detroit News: Dingell provision in Violence Against Women Act again draws NRA ire Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Progressives Everywhere's website:


It’s time to question those assumptions – with special guest Stephen Miles from Win Without War

Stephen Miles on Twitter: @SPMiles42 Win Without War on Twitter: @WinWithoutWar Win Without War's website: Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Rebecca Traister at Intelligencer: Abuse and Power -- Andrew Cuomo’s governorship has been defined by cruelty that disguised chronic mismanagement. Why was that celebrated for so long? Progressives Everywhere's website: and Sign up for the Progressives Everywhere...


Primetime for Amazon’s workers – with special guest Labor journalist & author Steven Greenhouse

Steven Greenhouse on Twitter: @greenhousenyt Buy Steven Greenhouse's book Beaten Down, Worked Up HERE. Steven Greenhouse at The Prospect: ‘Everyone in the Community Is Cheering Us On’ Steven Greenhouse at the Los Angeles Times: How workers at one Amazon warehouse could change the union landscape Karen Weise at The New York Times: Pushed by Pandemic, Amazon Goes on a Hiring Spree Without Equal The Bessemer Amazon Union ("BAmazon") website: BAmazon Union on Twitter:...


Voting Rights for President! – with special guest Anat Shenker-Osorio

Anat Shenker-Osorio on Twitter: @anatosaurus Anat's website: Anat's podcast: Words to Win By We Make the Future's new website: Molly Ball at Time: The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election Alexander Burns at The New York Times: How Democrats Planned for Doomsday Dante Chinni at NBC News: The GOP is rapidly becoming the blue-collar party. Here's what that means. Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Learn more about...


The Vaccination Hunger Games – with special guest Michigan State Senator Jeff Irwin

Jeff Irwin on Twitter: @JeffMIrwin Jeff Irwin's Facebook page: Jeff Irwin's website: Barb Byrum at Eclectablog: Mike’s Militia: Republican Institutional Support of Insurrectionists Unacceptable Barb Byrum at Eclectablog: MIGOP vs. LGBTQ+ — The story of Michigan Republican Lee Chatfield failing up – spectacularly Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Jordan Zakarin at Progressives...


It’s an Apocalyptic Death Cult – with special guest Sarah Kendzior

Sarah Kendzior on Twitter: @SarahKendzior Sarah Kendzior's website: The Gaslit Nation podcast on Twitter: @gaslitnation The Gaslit Nation podcast's website: Support Sarah's work by becoming a Patreon HERE. Buy Sarah Kendzior's book The View from Flyover Country HERE. Preorder Sarah Kendzior's book Hiding in Plain Sight HERE. Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Jordan Zakarin at Progressives Everywhere: Democrats Must Expand the Supreme Court to...


The Big Lie predated Trump – with special guest Ari Berman

Ari Berman on Twitter: @AriBerman Buy Ari's book Give Us The Ballot HERE. Ari Berman at Mother Jones: After Trump Failed to Overturn the 2020 Election, Republicans Are Trying to Steal the Next One Ari Berman at Mother Jones: How Joe Biden Can Reverse Republican Attacks on Democracy Ari Berman at Mother Jones: The Insurrection Was Put Down. The GOP Plan for Minority Rule Marches On. Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Jordan Zakarin at Progressives Everywhere: We’ve Got One Shot to Fix...


The attack on public education is an attack on democracy – with special guest Jennifer Berkshire

Jennifer Berkshire on Twitter: @BisforBerkshire The Have You Heard podcast on Twitter: @HaveYouHeardPod Support the Have You Heard podcast by becoming a Patreon sponsor HERE. Buy A Wolf at the Schoolhouse Door at Veena Dubal and Juliet B. Schor at The New York Times: Gig Workers Are Employees. Start Treating Them That Way. Jordan Zakarin at Progressives Everywhere: Prop 22, Attacks on the New Deal, and What Biden Can Do About It All Jordan Zakarin on Twitter:...


We don’t know sh!t about the Capitol Coup… yet – with very special guest Marcy Wheeler

Marcy Wheeler on Twitter: @emptywheel Marcy Wheeler's website: Marcy Wheeler at In November, Emmet Sullivan suggested he might not be done with DOJ and Mike Flynn Marcy Wheeler at "Stand back and stand by": The Proud Boys node of the January 6 attack Jordan Zakarin on Twitter: @JordanZakarin Jordan Zakarin at Progressives Everywhere: These Elected Officials Were Part of the Capitol Rallies and Insurrection...


“This is about public safety” – With special guest progressive County Prosecutor Eli Savit and Victoria Burton-Harris

Eli Savit on Twitter: @EliNSavit Victoria Burton-Harris on Twitter: @VBH4Justice Samuel Robinson at MLive: Washtenaw County prosecutor-elect names first female assistant chief Sarah Payne at The Michigan Daily: Eli Savit sworn in as new Washtenaw County Prosecutor Oralandar Brand-Williams at The Detroit News: Washtenaw County prosecutor will no longer prosecute 'consensual' sex work For a list of the progressive policies already enacted by Prosecutor Savit, click HERE. Jordan Zakarin on...


How billionaires gave us Reagan then Trump – with special guest Ian Haney-López

Ian Haney-López on Twitter: @IanHaneyLopez Ian Haney-López's website: Purchase Merge Left: Fusing Race and Class, Winning Elections, and Saving America HERE. The Race-Class Narrative Academy can be found at Listen to Ezra Klein's interview with Ian Haney-López -- What Democrats got wrong about Hispanic voters -- HERE. For more information on the Showtime documentary The Reagans, click HERE. Progressives Everywhere's website:...


What you’re getting wrong about the DNC – with special guest David Atkins

David Atkins on Twitter: @DavidOAtkins Essential Twitter thread 👇🏻 Read David Atkins' work at Washington Monthly HERE. David Atkins at Washington Monthly: Dems Should Pay Less Attention To Issue Polling and More Attention to What Voters Actually Say Jordan Zakarin at Progressives Everywhere: The Stimulus Mess and the Media’s Misrepresentation Progressives Everywhere's website: and...


Lead, follow, or get out of the way – with special guest David Dayen

David Dayen on Twitter: @ddayen David Dayen at The American Prospect: It’s Not a Big Tech Crackdown, It’s an Anti-Monopoly Revolution The American Prospect on Twitter: @TheProspect The American Prospect online is at Read David Dayen's daily Unsanitized COVID-19 report HERE. Help Progressives Everywhere support Daniel Blackman for the Georgia Public Service Commission by clicking HERE. Progressives Everywhere's website:...