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Episode 11: A further discussion about genetics and weight loss

In this week’s episode, Shannon and Nick have a follow-up discussion concerning genetics, diet and weight loss. Included in the discussion is the role genes can have in weight loss, but why it’s not the only factor. Plus, Nick elaborates more on his 300-pound weight loss journey over the past six years.


Episode 10: How secure is your genetic information online?

Data breaches are all too common today, ranging from retails to credit companies. In June, we learned that MyHeritage had a data breach that impacted 92 million users. How serious was the database breach and how can you fight back and prevent the damage? In this episode, we talk to Burton Kelso, a cyber-security and technology expert out of Kansas City to discuss data breaches and possible solutions.


Episode 9: Exploring the link between weight loss, diet and genetics

How important are your genes when it comes to fitting in your jeans? In this week’s episode of Genetic Jackpot, we explore how genes can impact obesity and the food you like. We speak to Emily Brown of Genetic Garden about how your genes, diet and overall health can be connected. We also have a discussion about the obesity gene and while it may exist, it doesn’t serve as a permanent road map to your life and Nick shares his story of his 320-pound weight loss journey.