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Talking with like-minded entrepreneurs & creators. Discussing Crypto, Entrepreneurship, Mentality, and occasionally Las Vegas.

Talking with like-minded entrepreneurs & creators. Discussing Crypto, Entrepreneurship, Mentality, and occasionally Las Vegas.


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Talking with like-minded entrepreneurs & creators. Discussing Crypto, Entrepreneurship, Mentality, and occasionally Las Vegas.







Thread Guy is a booming NFT Influencer on Twitter. This conversation is the first time he's ever revealed his true identity. Mike, began his NFT journey during the winter of 2020, simply from buying some Top Shots. Little did he know this would catapult him into the spotlight and becoming the "Thread Guy" on Twitter, posting almost 150 tweets PER DAY. |GuestLinks | •Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiscoverXnft CONNECT WITH JAKE • Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/jakegallen/ • Twitter...


182 | Creators of MoonCatRescue Share Some Exciting and Unrevealed Plans for 2022 | ponderware

ponderware is back for their 2nd appearance on the Jake Gallen Podcast. They are the creators of the 2017 NFT relic, MoonCatRescue. In March of 2021 MoonCats were rediscovered by the NFT community and thus spawned the new movement of "NFT Archeology" and emerged a new sector, "Historical NFTs". ponder then quickly logged back onto the scene and began developing the MoonCat ecosystem with over 30,000 ETH in combined sales over those 10 months. Today, they share some new information regarding...


181 | How to Invest in Memetic Desire | NFTMachine

NFTMachine is a NFT investor, influencer, and AI artist. During his teen years NFTMachine was an options trader who found AI art in 2020. His experience of options trading and AI assisted him in goin all-in on the NFT industry. Today, NFTMachine is the largest holder of multiple NFT collections and remains very active in the space. |NFTMachine| Twitter OpenSea |JakeGallen| Instagram Twitter Facebook Linkedin |LISTEN and SUBSCRIBE to the platform of your choice| -Apple...


Attorney and Success Strategist Helps People Take Control Of Their Future | Amber Fuhriman | +170

Amber Fuhriman has been a practicing attorney since 2012. She opened her law firm in 2017. In 2016, through her own experiences, she started questioning what success meant to her. She spent the next few years learning about how the mind works, the power of our words and thoughts, and why we have the limiting beliefs and fears that we have. She became a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She started her podcast, "More Than Corporate" to discuss different...


Crypto Nativs #10: 2021 RECAP | Sina Pahlevan

Sina Pahlevan is the Vice President at NFT Stadium and the Host of the Talk2Much Podcast which talks about VFTs, Crypto, Tech, Business & Sports. After immigrating to Las Vegas from Romania, Sina graduated from UNLV in May 2020, where he focused on English and Journalism and was a founding father of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. While in school Sina published 49 UFC articles while reporting at Sin City Sports Mockery. While attending UNLV, he decided to pursue something of his own and created...


Creators of Laugh After Dark Share How They Are Changing The Comedy Industry | Kelsey Borlan & Robert E. Lee | +169

Laugh After Dark is an award-winning standup comedy TV show on Amazon Prime Video. Kelsey Borlan Lee is a brand strategist, producer and the director of Laugh After Dark on Amazon Prime. Kelsey has nearly 20 years experience behind the camera as a photographer and later videographer. As a branding and visual communication expert, Kelsey has helped develop such brands as Living with Leah of ABC’s The FAB Life with Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen and Joe Zee and partnered with The Annenberg Space...


Will Crypto Take Over The Music Industry? | T-Time | +168

T-Time is a rising artist from New York. A MC songwriter and vocalist inspired by his life and upbringing. His recent song "Real Enough" features Jadakiss and has over 100,000 views. |T-Time| Instagram Real Enough on Youtube |JakeGallen| Instagram Twitter Facebook Linkedin |TimeStamps| |LISTEN and SUBSCRIBE to the platform of your choice| -Apple Podcasts -Spotify -Google Podcasts -Amazon Podcasts -Youtube (VIDEO RECORDING)


Inside Scoop On The Las Vegas Music Scene | Irv Da God | +167

Irv Da God is a Las Vegas based artist, with bodies of work in the field of media & entertainment. He was raised in the Jamaica, Queens section of New York, home to artists such as 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Nicki Minaj, ONYX, and more. In regards to what drives Irv Da God, an upbringing of struggles, lack of support, and violence throughout N.Y.C. during the time drove him to adapt a survival of the fittest mindset. After a few incidents and moments of self-reflection, he moved around to areas in...


Crypto Nativs #9: Community Owned Art Museums in the Digital World | Shivani & Reniel

Shivani and Reneil are two contributing Co-Founder to the new Dapp "Museum of Crypto Art", which is a multi-stakeholder decentralized platform of art curation and exhibition. At its core, the Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△) challenges, creates conflict, provokes. M○C△ puts forward a broad representation of perspectives meant to upend our sense of who we are. It poses two questions: “what is art?” and “who decides?” Reneil previously was a founding member of POAP, Proof of Attendance Protocol,...



In the 4th edition of the Guest List Podcast Jake goes live at Allegiant Stadium for the 2021 Top Tech Awards, which is an annual awards show that passes out 12 varying tech awards from across the city. This was the first time Top Tech Awards were hosted in-person at Allegiant Stadium and Bake becomes the first podcaster to host a podcast inside the stadium. The podcast episode includes two 15-min interview with the judges and eleven 3-min interviews with the award winners. Vegas Inc....


Crypto Nativs #8: Sean Kelly | $2M NFT Drop Leads to On-Boarding NBA Players into the Chibi Universe

Sean Kelly is the CEO and cofounder of Jersey Champs, a one-person business selling jerseys featuring rap artist that he started in his dorm room in college. His newest project is Chibi Dinos NFT, a community built around anime dinosaurs called chibis an led by NBA Players. He also lunched PPE of America during the pandemic, to sell N-95 masks. He built this business to $15 million in sales in 2020 with only two employees. |Guest| Sean's Instagram Sean's Twitter Chibi Dinos...


Bovtiqve Fashion Week Coming to Las Vegas | Angelo Diaz & Franck Mille | +165

Franck Mille, CEO and Co-Founder of Pretty Fly Society, and Angelo Diaz, President and Co-Founder of Pretty Fly Society, speak with Jake about Bovtiqve Fashion Week and Pretty Fly Society. Pretty Fly Society is an events and promotions company that specializes in fashion, the arts, entrepreneur development and content creation. It is a direct result of what happens when you channel constructive criticism and continue your pursuit of success. Bovtiqve Fashion Week is a partnership of...


Crypto Nativs #7 Adam McBride | The Booms & Busts of Historical Digital Artifacts

Adam McBride is the author of NFT Ape and an NFT archeology leader. He is also the host of Adam McBride Podcast where he explores the past, present, and future of NFTs and blockchain technology with the individuals that have helped to shape the space. |Guest| -Instagram -Twitter -Discord |JakeGallen| -Instagram -Twitter -Facebook -Linkedin |TIMESTAMPS| |LISTEN and SUBSCRIBE to the platform of your choice| -Apple Podcasts -Spotify -Google Podcasts -Amazon Podcasts -Youtube...


Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know | Dennis Yu | +164

Dennis Yu’s mission is to create a million jobs. Not just any jobs, but meaningful work for digital marketers who get certified and progress at the same time. $500 a month in the Philippines, Pakistan, and Nigeria is life-changing money. Real estate agents, mortgage brokers, doctors, and other local service businesses, following the direction of the most respected figurehead in their industry, purchase implementation packages that are serviced by our network of agency owners. These agency...


Crypto Nativs #6: Top MoonCat Boutique Designer Creates Ultra-Rare 1/1 Item for Sotheby's Auction

Digivatar is a Digital Artist, NFT Artist, and popular MoonCat Boutique Designer. On July 7th, 2021 ponderware launched the MoonCatBoutique, a feature of the ERC721 "Official MoonCats" Wrapper that is ERC998-compatible and allows NFTs to own NFTs as well as other digital assets. All Boutique Accessories are stored "On-Chain" and are customizable assets; a MoonCats owner can decide what layer an accessory exists upon, with up to 65 000 total accessories supported both in front of and behind...


Psychic Tarot Consultant Shares How To Create Your Future + Live Reading | Mona Van Joseph | +163

Mona Van Joseph is an Intuitive Tarot Consultant. She has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel, local Fox, ABC affiliates, and several reality programs, including the popular series, Sister Wives . She has 3 publications: 9 Day Energy Reset & The Selfish Wish and is the creator of the Dice Wisdom App for iPhone & Android. She hosts Psychic View® radio show live on Saturday mornings at 9AM, Pacific Time, and since 2002, holds the Psychic Arts License through the City of Las Vegas.* She is considered...


Crypto Nativs #5: Chatting with the Dev Team behind MooncatRescue, Ponderware!

Ponderware is the original Dev team behind the 1st Generative Art, Cat NFT, and Naming NFT Collection on the Ethereum Blockchain, MoonCatRescue. The original Ponderware team was made up of 2 developers; Jurfles and WanderWonder. Midnight Lightning was added to the team within a few weeks of rediscovery in March of 2021, after being a community member since 2017. Paws was added as the Community Manager in May of...


LIVE at "Tech Alley" the Tech Startup & Entrepreneur Meetup | Jean Claude Luakabuanga, David Knight, Leeaux | +162

Tech Alley is a monthly meetup that is held on the 3rd Saturday of every month in The Art's District of Las Vegas, Nevada. Today I set up for the 2nd edition of The Guest List Podcast LIVE at Tech Alley. Joining myself on the podcast today is Founder of BRBCK Jean Claude Luakabuanga, Founder of Terbine David Knight, and NFT artist and full-time creator Leeaux. |Jean Claude Luakabuanga| -LinkedIn -BRBCK.com |David...


Permanent Makeup Expert Talks About Her Success With Microblading | NeeziieBabiie | +161

Parneet “NeeziieBabiie” Kaur is a Celebrity Permanent Makeup Artist (PMU), Brow Artist, Founder and CEO of NeeziieBabiieBeauty. Self-made, minority female serial-entrepreneur, NeeziieBabiie, is the founder and CEO of NeeziieBabiieBeauty, a permanent makeup artistry studio and training academy that specializes in eyebrow aesthetics, including ombre powder, microshading, microblading, brow lamination and threading, located in Las Vegas, NV. A successful celebrity professional makeup and brow...


Crypto Nativs #4: Fair Distribution, Smart Contracts, and MoonCats | Alex Sterk

Alex Sterk is a Co-Founder of Ubiq Blockchain, a 2017 smart contract platform that had 0 pre-mine, fair distribution, and a fork of the Ethereum Blockchain. Alex first purchased Bitcoin in 2014 and by 2015 was the host of his own Crypto Podcast called "Blocktalk". Today, Alex still actively works on building out the Ubiq smart-contract platform with recently introducing NFT...