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James Hake, a producer for Jesse Lee Peterson and his nonprofit BOND, talks society, politics and religion LIVE Sunday - Friday 9 AM US PT (Los Angeles). Call-in: 888-775-3773.

James Hake, a producer for Jesse Lee Peterson and his nonprofit BOND, talks society, politics and religion LIVE Sunday - Friday 9 AM US PT (Los Angeles). Call-in: 888-775-3773.
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Los Angeles, CA


James Hake, a producer for Jesse Lee Peterson and his nonprofit BOND, talks society, politics and religion LIVE Sunday - Friday 9 AM US PT (Los Angeles). Call-in: 888-775-3773.






Conservative Christians Bad / LGBT Drag Queens Good (Tues. 1/28/20)

The Hake Report, Tues. 1/28/20, 9 AM US PST (Los Angeles), Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: Far-left Right Wing Watch, liberal “progressive Christians,” and atheist Satanists attack Paula White for ranting prayer, “We command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now.” She’s Special Advisor to the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative. This Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons guy’s openly homosexual. Drag Queens get in Super Bowl LIV commercials for hummus company Sabra. Boycott! Trump tweeted: Don...


Trump Puts Man Against the Wall to Get a Job! Or No Food Stamps! (Mon. 1/27/20)

The Hake Report, Mon. 1/27/20, 9 AM (Los Angeles), Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: Super Chats! Happy B-day, Jeanette K. and Lele (sp)! … Kobe died! One friend’s hero! James talks Trump, the wall (shows pictures of The Wall Goin’ Up from Chris from AZ), and haters lying (like Mike Enoch)! Great calls from Gary and Lele from Ft. Lauderdale, Lana from KY, and Lynn from Chicago, IL. Good news! Trump’s ending Food Stamps (SNAP) for able-bodied people who aren’t working. James reads NY Times sob story...


Hake's Weekly Recap (Sun. 1/26/20)

Hake interviewed Richard Spencer this week. He called Trump a liar! James invites people to give their take on how Trump's doing, and gets a few calls on that. He also talks about Jesse Lee Peterson, Christianity, love, and sticking with what you know, rather than assuming things that aren't true. At the very end Hake gets into a heated argument with RC about what Trump's done or not done — and RC even tries to predict the future! BLOG POST:...


Hake Interviews Richard Spencer (Fri. 1/24/20)

The Hake Report, Fri. 1/24/20, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream, with GUEST: Richard B. Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute He’s on Twitter … Richard debunks Wikipedia smears, reacts to being called the white MLK, and gives history on Gen. Robert E. Lee. He accepts historical documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s comparison of Spencer to Democrats in ‘The Big Lie.’ He acknowledges the ‘woke’ radical pro-LGBTQ wing of...


Why I Don't Respect Bernie Sanders: BLM Women (Thu. 1/23/20)

The Hake Report, Thur. 1/23/20, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream: Hake tells why he does not respect “Independent” Democrat Bernie Sanders. Remember Bernie’s 2015 cowering to angry Black Lives Matter protestor women who shut down his Seattle event. Trump rightly called Bernie weak. At a CNN Dem debate, Bernie again kissed up to the fake “racism” narrative, lying that “innocent” people like Sandra Bland could end up dead due to white injustice. Bland’s “mama” spoke at Mothers of the...


The Civet, SARS Song, White Worries in USA, Puerto Rico Corruption (Wed 1/22/20)

The Hake Report, Weds. 1/22/20, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: James talks about the civet animal blamed for transmitting SARS to human beings in the 2002-03 China epidemic, then talks about Chinese food and music. Hake was out the past couple of days due to food poisoning allegedly from El Cartel carne asada burrito with no sour cream. James was supposed to interview Richard Spencer who said, “Based AOC!” in response to her saying that we the people want your power (addressing billionaires). Great...


Stupid Women's March 2020 (Sun. 1/19/20)

The Hake Report, Sunday, 1/19/20: Shoutout to Gloomtube for the NYC/DC Women's March 2020 chant footage, and Elijah Schaffer / Slightly Off*nsive for the clip of the little girls shouting, "F*** Donald Trump... He's stupid!" in L.A. BLOG POST: VIDEO FROM THIS EPISODE: Call in! 888-775-3773, live Sunday 9 AM PT (11CT/12ET). (I'm also on Jesse Lee Peterson's channel Mon-Fri 9 AM PT, in...


Vaush Makes 'Fascism' Sound Good! (INTERVIEW, Fri. 1/17/20)

The Hake Report, Fri. 1/17/20, from Hour 4 of JLP’s stream, with GUEST: Vaush a socialist guest previously on The Fallen State with Jesse Lee Peterson. They talk about how leftism is female thinking, and James disputes Vaush’s mind-reading of right-leaning figures like Nick Fuentes. But he calls PragerU “fashy.” Callers get pretty disgusting about homosexuality. One guy tries to defend the America First movement. Beau from Santa Barbara, CA, has a great call with...


LGBTDQ Psycho-Spiritual Illness / Don't Need to Know Why (Thu 1/16/20)

PLEASE PARDON THE BAD AUDIO IN MIDDLE OF SHOW! ... The Hake Report, Thursday, January 16, 2020, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream: Women’s Forum tonight. 2009 BOND Sunday Service premiere last night. James got email and text correcting his comments on who uses the term for non-Jewish more, including some interesting Sephardic rabbi quotes. // Great callers: Rick from Maine on ballot harvesting and voter fraud. Louie from Idaho talks homosexuality and mental illness. Lynn from Chicago...


2016: Chicago Blacks Beat, Carjack White Man for Voting Trump (Weds. 1/15/20)

The Hake Report, Weds. 1/15/20, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream: Hake gives a flashback to November 2016: Blacks in Chicago beat, stomp, rob, carjack, and drag a white middle-aged Trump voter after a collision. Blacks like to play “FDT” by rapper YG. Out-of-control passionate people: Project Veritas exposed pro-Antifa Bernie Bro who got arrested last week. Trump rally liberals including white women and a black dude got arrested for public intoxication, resisting arrest. Gay guy vs....


Phony CA Dem Pushes Anti-Freedom, Job-killing Law AB5 (Tue. 1/14/20)

The Hake Report, Tues. 1/14/20, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream: James doesn’t quite get to more details on the gay guy who committed suicide after being smeared for protesting Drag Queen Story Hour in Australia. But he covers new California law AB5 attacking companies working with independent contractors, freelancers, and people in the gig economy. Phony Democrat female Assemblyman Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher defends and obfuscates criticism from workers who’ve lost their jobs to this...


'Dignity and Respect' for the 'LGBTQ+' Is Not What Libs Pretend (Mon. 1/13/20)

The Hake Report, Mon. 1/13/20, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream: Hake talks about a gay “conservative” (liberal) who protested against Drag Queen Story Hour in Australia around University of Queensland — the protestor killed himself like the next day — he was a homosexual being called “homophobic”! Mothers more likely to be accepting of evil and degeneracy? Also this Lorena Gonzalez Democrat California female Assemblyman, a “mama” and “progressive Latina” has a husband celebrating...


The White Boy Who Wouldn't 'FDT' (Sun. 1/12/20)

Sunday, January 12, 2020, James talks about rapper YG going after a young white male, Austin Joyner, for not singing along to his dumb rap song "FDT" (F*** Donald Trump), which also featured the late Nipsey Hussle. Hake takes some calls including from a boomer Skip criticizing the Zoomers for embracing black culture. James touches on media and Democrat smears against anti-vaxxers, and how blacks and others are sometimes wise to distrust the government. They want to force vaccinations on...


Bunch of Dishonest Liberals Running the World! (Fri. 1/10/20)

The Hake Report, Friday, 1/10/20, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream: Pelosi’s gonna transmit articles of impeachment to the Senate as Crooked Hillary Clinton gets off easy, thanks to liberals overrunning as government employees. BLOG POST: Callers! Earl from MI, a Democrat, asks if Bible characters had to forgive their mothers. Ryan from NC, Moses from CO, Carlos from L.A., CA, all give...


Predictions for 20s: Civil War, Whites Rise Up, Jesus Returns? (Thur. 1/9/20)

The Hake Report, Thur. 1/9/20, Predictions for the 20s: Callers see civil war, insurrection, last days, and Jesus coming back. Why don’t whites and conservatives stand up before it comes to fighting? Shoutout to Slightly Offensive / Elijah Schaffer for weight loss: “Fat shaming is a gift from God.” BLOG POST: Watch yourself Watch Church with Jesse Lee...


Predictions on Masculinity: Awakening or Degeneracy in 20s? (Weds 1/8/20)

The Hake Report, Weds. 1/8/20, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream: Cool pics by Elias Chasiotis of “red devil horns” appearing over the Persian Gulf during an eclipse on Boxing Day. Was Soleimani behind IEDs killing Americans? People mistake what waking up or being “woke” (I hate that term) actually means. Worried people freaked out about a war that does not exist, whether civil war or WWIII. BLOG POST:...


Female-Minded Beta Socialist Countries Get Divided and Destroyed (Tue. 1/7/20)

The Hake Report, Tues. 1/7/20, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream: 13-year-old U.S. citizen gets killed in attack on family visiting relatives in Mexico. Great calls, thank you! Beau is worried about a second civil war. Did from NYC asks if WWIII is imminent. Alex from Australia talks wildfires, climate change activists, finding Jesse, finding peace, and forgiving his mother and father. Skip from Augusta, GA, talks about whites dominating the Democrat field. Lynn from Chicago, IL, says...


Why Forgive Mama? Iran IED Experience. PP in LA Schools. (Mon. 1/6/20)

The Hake Report, Mon. 1/6/20, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream: Hake talks more with callers about Trump’s strike killing Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, who reportedly was behind IED's killing and maiming American soldiers — one of whom calls at the end of the show! Amazing calls, thank you — there’ve been crazy wildfires in Australia (continuing) and California (recently). Homelessness and opioids are a major problem here in the U.S. Marines are integrating women and men together, SMH....


Gross Pro-Abortion Women (Sun. 1/5/20)

I talk about CBS’s conflicting reports on abortion and “depression” / “mental health,” and this reproductive health psychologist woman M. Antonia Briggs who pretended she debunked the link between abortion and decline in women’s well-being. Also I have a story from October about a hate crimes psychologist who was murdered and robbed in South Africa in her home, by a gang after her husband left for Synagogue. I do have a little info on Iran and Gen. Qassem Soleimani being killed by Trump. I...


Men vs Communists; Trump vs Iran; Hake vs Blacks (Fri 1/3/20)

The Hake Report, Fri. 1/3/20, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream: Hake plays an old favorite clip from Brother Dean Saxton responding to a lame “hate speech” accusation: “NO. It’s called Free Speech, you communist F****t!” Great Men’s Forum last night, first one of the year. Pic of Jesse watching pastors talk about the Bible. Hake invites comments on Trump’s strike on Iran, assassination of the Islamic general. BLOG POST:...