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James Hake, a producer for Jesse Lee Peterson and his nonprofit BOND, talks society, politics and religion LIVE Sunday - Friday 9 AM US PT (Los Angeles). Call-in: 888-775-3773.

James Hake, a producer for Jesse Lee Peterson and his nonprofit BOND, talks society, politics and religion LIVE Sunday - Friday 9 AM US PT (Los Angeles). Call-in: 888-775-3773.


Los Angeles, CA


James Hake, a producer for Jesse Lee Peterson and his nonprofit BOND, talks society, politics and religion LIVE Sunday - Friday 9 AM US PT (Los Angeles). Call-in: 888-775-3773.






White TEDx Talker Promotes Rewarding Hate Crime Hoaxes! (Weds 2/19/20)

The Hake Report, Weds. 2/19/20, 9 AM PT, Hour 4 of JLP: TEDx Talk from white male academic Dr. Paul Richards details a fake hate crime hoax by POC students. He rewarded them! He praises BLM and Me Too, etc., and smears Trump for wanting to enforce the law. Great calls! One lady Stacy’s husband told their son to joke back at racist insults with other kids instead of crying about “bullies.” // BLOG POST: James's video of this episode:...


Dumb Angry Bernie Bros Fight Over BLM vs 2A 'RACISM' (Tue. 2/18/20)

The Hake Report, Tue. 2/18/20, 9 AM PT, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: VIDEO: Brawl erupts during Bernie speech in Denver, CO. Black Guns Matter t-shirt vs. dumb Black Lives Matter supporter. Great calls! AMAZING testimony from Mister Badger in UK about forgiving his mother and JLP’s Silent Prayer. THEN: Samuel from Sweden’s ex-fiancée broke of their engagement because he won’t follow her! And other interesting calls including about Greek entitlement mentality. Thank you! // BLOG POST:...


Hairstyle Discrimination Is a Basic Human Right (Mon. 2/17/20)

The Hake Report, Mon. 2/17/20, 9 AM PT, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: Interesting calls today, lots of talk about the CROWN Act, outlawing discrimination based on hairstyle. (Such anti-discrimination laws violate the human riots of Californians and citizens of many other states.) Some people also ask a little about James’s relationships with women. // BLOG POST: Jesse Lee Peterson’s original...


Google Is Censoring Decency, and Promoting Degeneracy (Sun. 2/16/20)

The Hake Report, Sun. 2/16/20: Another conservative Christian male banned from YouTube. EVIL! (btw: Did you catch Hake on TKR?) Trump rallies this week; stay tuned re: Women’s Forum? Media like AP trying to undermine Trump’s support with phony “fact checks” about the wall and voter integrity. PLEASE! Drudge says Bloomberg may choose Hillary as his running mate. PSH! BLOG POST: James's...


Catch Hake on Azzmador's TKR for Valentine's Day 7 PM PT (Fri 2/14/20)

The Hake Report, Fri. 2/14/20 — Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies! — 9 AM (Los Angeles), Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: Dumb guy in India hangs himself, falsely believing he had coronavirus. James is going on Azzmador’s DLive show The Krypto Report tonight 7 PM PT (10 PM ET). Great calls from Ryan from Concord, CA (Mike Bloomberg wasn’t “racist”), Mike from San Antonio, TX (Maze’s “husband,” if he exists, is beta!), Mari from CA (Happy anniversary!), Hot Computer Smell from VA...


Obama Judge Bias Against Roger Stone; Racism Against Mexicans? (Thur. 2/13/20)

The Hake Report, Thur. 2/13/20, 9 AM PT, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: James praises Trump for defending Roger Stone from evil attacks by corrupt liberals. Interesting side note: Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson is a white Jewish liberal woman married to a black man Darryl who worked for W. Bush, and they have a smart mixed son Matt who stole the show on Jeopardy. // Great callers! Felix from Miami converted liberal friends into Trump supporters. Chris from Los Angeles, the veteran with Mexican...


What Turns Men Effeminate? WHO Celebrates #WomenInScience Day (Weds. 2/12/20)

The Hake Report, Weds. 2/12/20, 9 AM PT, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: James talks about meaningless accusation that BOND is a cult. But Jesse Lee Peterson tells people he’s not their leader, not to believe him, but to know for themselves. James also bashes UN’s WHO president and feminist activism. // A ton of calls! Nick from FL talks about estrogen-infused fake meat food! Art from OH supports asking God for things in prayer. Ryan from Concord, CA, talks about Jesse’s message of dropping anger....


WHO Handles Coronavirus; Hake Accuses a White Snake! (Tues. 2/11/20)

The Hake Report, Tues. 2/11/20, 9 AM PT, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: James talks coronavirus: It’s killed more than SARS! You can’t trust China or the UN’S WHO! There’s no free speech anywhere, as long as “hate crimes” exist. // Great calls! Andrew from PA says his black sister-in-law doesn’t like him speaking his mind. Rich from Palmdale, CA, blows James’s mind with the spells and curses in English. Mike from Nashville, TN, tells about the Facebook purge of Proud Boys, and others. Mike from San...


Snoop vs. Gayle King on Kobe: Black Men vs Anti-Male Black Women! (Mon. 2/10/20)

The Hake Report, Mon. 2/10/20, 9 AM PT, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: James tells of the Snoop Dogg vs. Gayle King controversy after her bringing up old, dumb accusations against the late Kobe Bryant. It’s part of the attack on all men! Great callers! Some callers bring up a gross type of sex (and disease) on which Jesse offered a red pill. “Disgusting… shameful.” Robert from FL’s birthday — he’s 21! Maze calls at the end about the whites running for president! Colin Flaherty is right that Jesse...


AOC Has White BF Riley Tell Whites About Racism (Sun. 2/9/20)

Riley Roberts and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez do a public service on Instagram live. BLOG POST: Call in! 888-775-3773, live Sunday 9 AM PT (11CT/12ET). (I'm also on Jesse Lee Peterson's channel Mon-Fri 9 AM PT, in his fourth hour.)


Bible Verses for POT! (Fri. 2/7/20)

The Hake Report, Fri. 2/7/20, 9 AM (Los Angeles), Hour 4 of JLP’s stream. GREAT CALLS: Ryan (Concord, CA) Question about SOTU Tony (California) I want to run you down the list of benefits for smoking weed! Jose (Texas) Joel’s wisdom is impressive Alex (Australia) Re: Third Eye thing Michael (Los Angeles) What was the Gazi Kodzo situation like? Was what he said true? Willy (1st) (Salt Lake City) Parts of the bible where it says weed is good Josh (Georgia) Truck driving is a great job for guys...


Trump Tells the Truth After Acquittal of All Impeachment Lies. (Thur. 2/6/20)

The Hake Report, Thur. 2/6/20, 9 AM PT, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: James laud’s Trump’s statement calling out the fake religious people like Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi at the National Prayer Breakfast (he later says he was four seats away from her). // James takes a few calls from people, then plays Trump making his statements in the White House after being found NOT GUILTY, in full acquittal by the Senate. Footage courtesy of Fox 10 Phoenix on YouTube. THEN:...


Hate-filled Libs Smear Rush for Earning Medal of Freedom (Weds 2/5/20)

The Hake Report, Weds. 2/5/20, 9 AM PT, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: James defends a hit-piece clip of “That time Rush Limbaugh made fun of Michael J Fox and his Parkinson’s disease.” Don’t side with Hollywood sleaze! James compares SOTU 2019 to SOTU 2020 — this year’s got rave reviews even from the dissident right. Great calls! Sion from GA says Happy Birthday to Brandon Johnson. Lorin from Idaho talks about the baby born at 21 weeks, honored by Trump. Alexis from Houston, TX, says a lady with...


'Stay in Mexico,' Snakes! Fake Racism Complaints... (Tue. 2/4/20)

The Hake Report, Tue. 2/4/20, 9 AM PT, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: James plays MLive clip: ‘Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?’ Diversity and inclusion meeting turns volatile at Michigan school. James also plays a John Dennis for Congress clip: ANTIFA bully thought he could intimidate San Francisco Republicans. Wrong! // Then some great calls: A couple of black guys (Art from Ohio and Zack from Detroit) agree with the whites in the clips. Hector from New Mexico wants...


Super Bowl and Socialism: America, Blacks, and Whites on Decline (Mon. 2/3/20)

The Hake Report, Mon. 2/3/20, 9 AM (Los Angeles), Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: Bald Ayanna Pressley bemoans small crowd for Elizabeth Warren; The useful idiots prefer Bernie. It’s Black History Month for media/academia, but Hispanics are the largest voting minority now. Whites on decline: Why do “conservatives” kiss up to all the other races? Antifa is full of prejudice. Be careful not to hate or become like the communists. CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s evil, always ready to smear Trump. James reads DMs...


Communism in America: CBS, FTP, BLM, CNN... (Sun. 2/2/20)

The Hake Report, Sun. 2/2/20, 9 AM (Los Angeles) - Hake talks communists / Antifa / BLM / Occupy in NYC with this FTP/J31 vandalism and theft. CBS guy, Katy Tur’s husband, promotes socialism / redistribution of wealth. BLOG POST: VIDEO FROM THIS STREAM: Call in! 888-775-3773, live Sunday 9 AM PT (11CT/12ET). (I'm also on Jesse Lee Peterson's channel Mon-Fri 9 AM PT, in his...


Women’s Equality = Anti-Freedom LIE! NO ERA! RIP Phyllis Schlafly (Fri. 1/31/20)

The Hake Report, Fri. 1/31/20, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: Equality is a lie! The late Phyllis Schlafly fought the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment). Defund PBS and Sesame Street, promoting LGBT Black Drag Queen madness! Great calls on the Fed, Trump, and the economy — some disagreement. One guy got blacklisted at his school’s coffee shop, accused of being transphobic. Check out James and the Experts on The Fallen State today! // BLOG POST:...


Saagar Enjeti on Anti-Establishment Populism and the 'New Right' (Thur. 1/30/20)

The Hake Report, Thur. 1/30/20, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream, with GUEST: Saagar Enjeti, host of The Hill.TV show Rising with Krystal Ball, co-author of The Populist’s Guide to 2020: A New Right and New Left are Rising (on Ryan Grim’s Strong Arm Press). James asks about whites on the decline in this country, and the smear on Congressman Steve King (R-IA). He responds to Maze from Dayton, OH. Then some great calls from Bruna from Albania, and Morty from Kansas City. // BLOG POST:...


Flog the Rebellious! Hake Shares Childhood Classic Fire by Nite (Weds. 1/29/20)

The Hake Report, Weds. 1/29/20, 9 AM US PST (Los Angeles), Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: Teespring store has new items from Lock Your Door! James shares a throwback to a childhood classic Christian video show “Fire by Nite” episode about rebellion. A prison inmate says “Stupid idiots…” Dork and Geek get rebellious. And Muskogee Vice knocks off Miami Vice. James liked the Indonesian Muslim female flogging story. The guy who smoked pot in a Tennessee courtroom should be flogged! Great calls on...


Conservative Christians Bad / LGBT Drag Queens Good (Tues. 1/28/20)

The Hake Report, Tues. 1/28/20, 9 AM US PST (Los Angeles), Hour 4 of JLP’s stream: Far-left Right Wing Watch, liberal “progressive Christians,” and atheist Satanists attack Paula White for ranting prayer, “We command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now.” She’s Special Advisor to the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative. This Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons guy’s openly homosexual. Drag Queens get in Super Bowl LIV commercials for hummus company Sabra. Boycott! Trump tweeted: Don...