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Making sense of the world. Collectively making a difference.

Making sense of the world. Collectively making a difference.
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Making sense of the world. Collectively making a difference.






Justin Trudeau is an enemy of the left | March 2019, IDC Live

More The first episode of IDC Live. We start by focusing in on Canada and quickly discuss 1) The latest about SNC Lavalin, 2) the grassy narrows debacle, 3) Why Conservative voters might be more closely aligned with NDP voters than "Liberals", and 4) How Justin Trudeau actually ends up empowering the alt-right. Always looking for your feedback and collaboration: Follow me, Matt the host, on Twitter: Follow the IDC on Twitter:...


Class Warrior Boot Camp: Essential Skills | IDC #1

What are the skills of a powerful citizen gearing up for class conflict? There are a ton, but we'll argue there are three key ones all organizations are looking for: rationality, agency, and communication. Well take a look at each and detail specific strategies and tactics you can employ to be the most effective agent of change possible. About the International Department of Citizenship: We aim to make sense of the world and collectively make a difference. New episodes every other...


Ep.0: What is the International Department of Citizenship?

Are you tired of the internet failing to live up to its potential? In our first episode we'll explain how we hope to be a voice fighting to reverse the slacktivism trend and give the overview on all we hope to achieve with the podcast in the coming months. Links from this episode: Barbara Sher's TED Talk on Success Teams can be watched @ The Third Industrial Revolution can be watched @ Jeremy Rifkin's Bibliography...