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We're just a couple of folks from Charlotte, NC that stay woke...but we're still kinda sleepy. We're bringing you this week's news and thoughts in Black America and your weekly dose of "15 Minutes of Funk"

We're just a couple of folks from Charlotte, NC that stay woke...but we're still kinda sleepy. We're bringing you this week's news and thoughts in Black America and your weekly dose of "15 Minutes of Funk"
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Charlotte, NC


We're just a couple of folks from Charlotte, NC that stay woke...but we're still kinda sleepy. We're bringing you this week's news and thoughts in Black America and your weekly dose of "15 Minutes of Funk"




Rich Dad, Poor Dad for Real Ni&&as... - Episode 62

On this Episode, B-Wood starts off by sending us to hell, KNWLDG gives J. Prince's book a new title, and we sing the praises of King Bey.


RIP Nipsey Hussle - Episode 61

On this episode we talked about sneaker the midst of discussing politics, we found out that Nipsey Hussle passed and it changed the entire podcast...We kept it and raw...


Getting Flewed Out with T. Love - Episode 60

On this episode, we introduce T. Love! We have a discussion about Instagram being the new Backpage, a LITTLE bit about Jordan Peele's movie US, and have an in-depth discussion about mental illness.


Don't Be Wack, Don't Be Trash - Episode 59

On this episode we're joined by Rrell, who's back in the Carolinas. On this episode, B-Wood almost gets us cancelled, Rrell drops some science on us, and KNWLDG echoes Phonte when talking about Michael Jackson...


Top 5 MCs - Episode 58

This one's super late...Sorry for the gaps!


F&%$ How It Turn Out! - Episode 57

On this episode we want smoke with ERRBODY...but especially R. Kelly's pawnk ass after watching the Surviving R. Kelly documentary.


Last Episode of 2018

It's our last episode of 2018!


Pimpin Ain't Dead! - Episode 55

This show marks the return of Miss EP! On this episode we discuss all kinds of stuff like Bacon...God's favorite meat. KNWLDG professes his love for Bacon, B-Wood gives us a breakdown of the "Silent Sam" Treason Participation Trophy, and Miss EP gives Cardi B the FULL "Voice of Reason" treatment today. Oh yeah, and you can win $10 if you answer our trivia question on Instagram or by emailing the answer to


I'm the King of R&B - Episode 54

On this episode we're joined by Bosslady and B-Wood. KNWLDG proclaims himself the King of R&B, Bosslady discusses the idea of "shooting to wound," and B-Wood speaks nothing but facts about White Privilege. Sidenote: The Real King of R&B is Bobby Brown. PERIOD! Fight me if you disagree...


Oakland Should Boycott Lauryn Hill - Episode 53

On this episode, we're joined once again by B-Wood, "Your Favorite DJ's, Favorite DJ." Miss EP gives us a solid assessment of why Mississippi ain't just an isolated situation, B-Wood explains why Nancy Pelosi is the best bet for Speaker of the House, and KNWLDG tells us why Lauryn Hill's "Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" album is one long legendary disappointment....that he loves.


God Got Us! - Episode 52

Ya know...we don't have a lot of rules and boundaries here at The Kinda Sleepy Podcast. One rule we DO to never go on Facebook Live while running from the police....oh....and to not be a shitty person. This week we're joined by B. Wood again and Ms. EP does her duty as the voice of reason....kinda.


Election Madness - Episode 51

On this episode we're joined by B. Wood, "Your Favorite DJ's, Favorite DJ." He and I have a whole lot to say about the elections. B. Wood makes sure to speak to our white friends and family about what's going on in this country and KNWLDG has some words of his own. We opened up this week's episode with a quick chat with Author Victor Vinziant. You can check out his book The Code: A Blueprint for Achieving Solidarity Among Reasonable Black People. You can buy the book on Amazon here:...


Episode 50 - State of The Culture

On this very special one year anniversary episode we discuss a whole bunch of stuff. Natty is M.I.A. for this one, but Money Marv and Rrell came in to hold it down for him. On this episode, we discuss how all the Trump supporters apparently lost their mind in one week, Rrell talks to us while walking through the streets of Brooklyn, Miss EP tells us how to say "Asswhoopin" in Mississippi language, and both Money Marv and KNWLDG have some profound questions to ask the crew. Thanks for...


Don't Touch Mother Maxine...-Episode 49

On this episode we kinda meander along through the topics of the day. Miss EP is DEFINITELY on one this time around, KNWLDG tells us what would change him forever, and Natty gives us a homework assignment outchea. Oh yeah...stop wearing Blackface!


iPad Mini Booty - Episode 48

We REALLY wanna stop talking about Kanye... On this episode its just KNWLDG and Natty and we've got more than a few things to talk about. We kick it off with a funny story about Jack In The Box at 5 a.m. and end with a little more Kanye talk. Oh, and STOP CALLING THE POLICE ON BLACK PEOPLE FOR EXISTING!


Real Househusbands of Charlotte - Episode 47

On this episode we start off with Peter from RHOA and his talk about Charlotte. We also get into a little Kanye and a few other topics. Sorry for the delay, we had some technical difficulties.


Kanye Gone Bruh...-Episode 46

On this episode we talk about Kanye and the current state of hip hop. Miss EP makes a call to action regarding Kanye, Natty tells us about local struggle plates, and KNWLDG impresses....well....nobody with his knowledge of the girls from Flavor of Love. Also, we're ramping up to our State of the Culture show on Episode 50! Any suggestions? Send them to


Nasty N!&&@ 7687 - Episode 45

Sorry for the wait! KNWLDG was celebrating his birthday! On this episode we talk about a lot of stuff dealing with rape and the black community. Just wanted to warn you up front. Natty kicks us off with a big announcement, KNWLDG talks about y'all president having mental issues, and Miss EP has a new name for Bill Cosby... This episode speaks to some serious topics and while we try to be lighthearted sometimes, it's never in a spirit of disrespect...we laugh to keep from crying. We love...


We Shan't Overcome - Episode 44

On this episode of The Kinda Sleepy Podcast we have a good laugh at Roseanne's character passing from opioids on the new spin-off, Natty tells us what our white friends can't say around us, Miss EP tells us what she's bumping in her ride, and KNWLDG tells us why we shan't overcome... Be Free... And stop giving folks passes on disrespect...


Rap Beef & Nikes on Our Feet - Episode 43

On this episode, we've got Miss V back in the building. KNWLDG calls on the ancestors to whoop Kanye's ass, Natty recounts a story where somebody deserved an ass whoopin, Miss V loves her some Joe Budden, and Miss EP wants smoke with errbody buying synthetic hair in Oklahoma. Also, we've got new music at the end! We played "peace hOmie" from Translee's new album Freedom Summer. We also dropped in "Man Down feat. Chris Brown" from the YBN crew's new album YBN: The Album.