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We're just a couple of folks from Charlotte, NC that stay woke...but we're still kinda sleepy. We're bringing you this week's news and thoughts in Black America and your weekly dose of "15 Minutes of Funk"

We're just a couple of folks from Charlotte, NC that stay woke...but we're still kinda sleepy. We're bringing you this week's news and thoughts in Black America and your weekly dose of "15 Minutes of Funk"
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Charlotte, NC


We're just a couple of folks from Charlotte, NC that stay woke...but we're still kinda sleepy. We're bringing you this week's news and thoughts in Black America and your weekly dose of "15 Minutes of Funk"




Toodles Tabitha! - Episode 32

On this episode we get a little deep into the school to prison pipeline after talking bout Malcolm Jenkins' signs. Miss EP tries to give Robert DeNiro the big piece of chicken while KNWLDG preaches a fiery sermon about why people don't really care about veterans. Oh...and stay ya black ass out of Waffle House...


Lil' Uzi Got Heart - Episode 31

On this episode we talk about more than a couple of things. KNWLDG talks of Lil Uzi's gangster exploits and Miss EP has the #1 rule for men carrying "Man Bags..." Also, we talk about Kanye's new album, the Pusha T vs. Drake beef, and take a quick moment to express our love for Black Thought and 9th Wonder's EP.


Bye Roseanne! - Episode 30

On this episode, Miss EP returns to Kinda Sleepy after a couple of weeks off. We talk about Rachel Dolezal being tricked by state workers with swollen ankles, laugh at Roseanne getting kicked off air, and lightly touch on Drake getting bodied by the newest Pusha T diss track... We also touch on R. Kelly, Harvey Weinstein, and Morgan Freeman too. Check us out!


Keep Ya Black Ass Outta White Churches - Episode 29

On this episode KNWLDG's homegirl from way back, Tooty, comes on the show. On this episode we continue our list of things you can't do while black, laugh at a woman in D.C. with no home training, and KNWLDG goes to a predominately white church... Also, we close out the episode with K.L.U.B. Monsta's new track "Ain't Sanctified" off their latest album, When Gawd Ready.


This is America...-Episode 28

On this episode KNWLDG calls on B. Wolf to fill in this week. We break down Childish Gambino's "This is America", talk a little bit about Netflix's "Dear White People", and run down a whole list of things we learned that we can't do while being Black in America...


Bonus Episode 1 - Melanin & Merlot

INTRODUCING MELANIN & MERLOT! A new podcast from the Kinda Sleepy family, Melanin & Merlot brings you black girl magic, a healthy dose of shade, and a little bit of laughter to "Wine Down" your week. Nola B., K. Dion, and Mr. Adonis are coming to you live from Charlotte once a week with enough wine & "tea" to get you through the week. Make sure you check them out when they launch!!!


Maaaan F%$& Kanye... - Episode 27

On this episode, Natty offers us bad cigars, Rrell asks Siri what Rachel Dolezal's new name is, Ms. EP starts the #HimToo Movement, and KNWLDG cusses Kanye and his stans out for a strong 20 minutes.


Maaan F%$& Bill Cosby - Episode 26

On this week's episode, we talk about a whole lot. Rrell joins us and hits us with some BARS, Miss EP channels her inner Miss Sophia, and KNWLDG breaks down why Kanye West loves Donald Trump. Oh and we also vote Bill Cosby off the island...


Chicken Sandwiches & Salvation - Episode 25

On this episode we're joined by the tag team duo of K. Dion & Nola B. On this week's episode, K. Dion is Lil' Kim, Nola B. believes in Lauryn Hill, KNWLDG roasts R. Kelly, and Natty gives us a passionate talk about Black Owned Businesses.


Titties, Trump, & Lacefronts - Episode 24

On this week's episode Miss EP plays the devil's advocate role, Natty continues his reign as Curve Gotti, KNWLDG has a whole moment about customer service, and we're joined by the awesome duo of Nola B. & K. Dion!


Curve & Cleanse All 2018 - Episode 23

On this episode we get Ms. EP back. Jersey pops her head in and has a few words for us about a few things, KNWLDG tells us about RG3's knees, Ms. EP tells us we're on the "Hell Train," Jersey becomes the conductor of the train, and Natty tells us how to curve these gals and cleanse your soul ALL 2018!!! Also, shoutout to Rocki! We've got her single "Mental" to close us out on this episode. You can catch her on Youtube and every other music outlet too. Here's a link to the video:...


Another Heavy One - Episode 22

This episode marks the return of Miss EP!!! KNWLDG tries a social experiment on this one, Miss EP gives her thoughts on "7 Seconds," and we're joined by our special guest "The Smartest Man in The Southeast." On this one we're talking about white supremacy, the criminal justice system, and our experiences with Law Enforcement. You don't want to miss it!


Cognac & Conversations

On this episode, Natty & KNWLDG discuss all of the foolishness that's occurred these last couple of days, including but not limited to the "Affluenza" Douchebag, the Tiki Torch losers in Charlottesville, and the school shooting in Maryland. Also, Natty and KNWLDG offer their sincerest condolences to the families of Justine Diamond and Stephon Clark. Our Special Guest this week is Vic - A.K.A.: "GRITS" MAJOR SHOUTOUT TO ALL THE TATTOO ARTISTS IN CHARLOTTE AND TIA WILLIAMS OUT OF AUSTIN,...


Curse Of The Ex - Episode 20

On this week's episode we discuss crazy stories with our exes! Jersey, our kinda special guest, shares her thoughts on the 2nd Amendment and hitting em with that Badu Box. Natty tells us the woes of having "Dope Dick." KNWLDG talks about the 2nd Amendment too and talks about his low...but kinda high speed chase with an ex. Also, we've got Grandma dropping in a little bit here and there. Shoutout to AB.Y.SS for tonight's outro music!


GO HOME RACHEL! - Episode 19

On this episode we discuss whether or not men are valued for more than what they can bring to the table. KNWLDG tells Rachel Dolezal to go home, Ms. EP tells us that she ain't shit, Natty tells us what ordering a plate of salmon will get you on a date, and Bosslady shows up with an AMAZING story to tell us. You DO NOT want to miss this one!!!


F&$% Myrtle Beach - Episode 18

On this episode we discuss Donald Trump's Depends Undergarments, get deep in the cycle of pain of black fatherhood, and KNWLDG says F&%$ Myrtle Beach...Tupac Style...


Wakanda Forever Part 1 - Episode 17

This is the first of what looks to be 2 episodes about Black Panther. KNWLDG goes on a rant about Barack Obama and America, Ms. EP wants a spear, Natty tells us where we can find Wakanda, and our special guest tells us we gotta kill a few of us to be happy... Featured Music - "Pre-Season" by K.L.U.B. Monsta


Valentine's Day, Cough Drops, and Grapefruit - Episode 16

On this week's episode of the podcast we discussed 45's dumb ass Blue Apron idea, KNWLDG teaches you how to build a gun, Natty tells us about the glory of make-up cooty cat, and Ms. EP "The Voice of Reason" returns! We also have a special guest who discusses relationships with us!


Ain't Nobody Trippin' Off Richard Pryor - Episode 15

In this episode, Rrell and KNWLDG chop it up about Sean Hannity being the human equivalent of a Mayonnaise sandwich, people in Philly eating shit, and how we ain't trippin off Richard Pryor sleeping with dudes...don't nobody care bruh!


Maaaan, Eff That State of The Union - Episode 14

This week, the guys touch on The State of The Union, discuss Mo'Nique's case a little bit and we get the 15-year-old Black Trump supporter smoove the FOH...