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Legendary talk show host Lowell Green is now on internet radio! Join him live weekdays 2-2:30pm ET, and here, with each day's show available to you as a podcast!

Legendary talk show host Lowell Green is now on internet radio! Join him live weekdays 2-2:30pm ET, and here, with each day's show available to you as a podcast!




Legendary talk show host Lowell Green is now on internet radio! Join him live weekdays 2-2:30pm ET, and here, with each day's show available to you as a podcast!






Where Is Lowell? An Update - Oct 20, 2021

Lowell has, unfortunately, broken his hip and is recovering in hospital. I'm happy to pass along your well wishes! Email is lowell@BlastTheRadio.com - John Mielke / Co-host, Exec. Producer, owner BlastTheRadio.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Is There Anything This City Can Do Right? Lowell Green Oct 15, 2021

Today Lowell vents his frustration with with The City of Ottawa and asks if there is anything this council can do right? A heated debate sees the mayor turn off a councilor's microphone, a vote on an inquiry into LRT never happens, but we do vote for more garbage disposal and to turn of gas fired electric. Not to mention the BILLIONS we're spending on a new library. WHY? See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Good Hospital Compliance, Wind Farms and Looming Line 5 Gas/Oil Shut Down - Lowell Green Oct 13, 2021

NOTE: Lowell is away Thursday Oct 14th. Today, we begin with some nature questions from Lowell, and a pretty cool wolf call that you do NOT want to miss! Then... Vaccination compliance in hospital staff appears to be very good. Also... We examine the Embrun wind farm situation... And finally, there is a looming shutdown of Line 5, the major pipeline that supplies Ontario and Quebec with oil, natural gas and propane. Lowell has been warning us for months, now it's situation critical....


Why Is Sports OK, But Not Restaurants & Gyms? We Need An LRT Investigation AND... Free Parking / Electric Charging For City Staff - Lowell Green Oct 12, 2021

Today Lowell asks Premier Ford why it's ok to have capacity crowds at sporting events and concerts, yet still be punishing restaurants, gyms and other small businesses who have already taken a huge hit? Also... We discuss the need for an impartial, judicial inquiry into the LRT. Of course the mayor is against it. And... Did you know that city staff get free parking, or free transit? Oh, and those with electric cars get free charging stations too! Well... Free for them, we pay for it. See...


An Inquiry Into LRT / Public Service Vaccinations / Post Panda Game Charges - Lowell Green Oct 8, 2021

Some councilors at city hall are discussing a motion to demand a judicial inquiry into the LRT. Every single response today was in favour. Also... We get your feelings on the news that all public servants will have to be double vaccinated AND... Just as Lowell predicted, only a small handful of people charged following the events after the Panda Game last week. HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM THE LOWELL GREEN SHOW AND BLASTTHERADIO.COM See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


The Cost Of Wind & Solar / Who Loves Trudeau And Why? Lowell Green Oct 7, 2021

Today Lowell, once again, points out the incredible investment Ontario has made in wind and solar power, and just how little the return on our investment that is. And he encourages you to see for yourself at www.ieso.ca Then... We discuss the ongoing Tofino visit on National Reconciliation Day and ask, once again, just what it takes for Canadians to get angry with the scandals involving Justin Trudeau. And... For the first time EVER on the internet radio version of Lowell's show, females...


An Apology To Mr. Trudeau / Good Job Doug Ford / Vaccine Boosters - Lowell Green Oct 6, 2021

Ohhhhh things got feisty on The Lowell Green Show today regarding vaccines and boosters... As you would expect. Lowell starts off, however, by offering an apology to or Prime Minister. You do NOT want to miss that! And, we also discuss the success Ontario has had in regards to Covid 19 (not without a heavy price of course) compared to other provinces and even the USA. Thanks for subscribing to the Lowell Green Podcast! Join us live weekdays at 2pm ET! Show links at...


Looters & Losers Learning From Leaders - Lowell Green Oct 5, 2021

Today Lowell discusses what is at the root of the violence we saw following the Panda Game, and that we see at other schools across the country... Just look at the behaviour of our leaders. Your calls, and your comments via social media add to our daily discussion on www.BlastTheRadio.com, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube and 613tv.ca Show links at www.LowellGreen.com Sponsored by www.Scheels.ca See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


The PM Outright LIED To Us - Lowell Green Oct 4, 2021

Facebook was offline worldwide today but YOU found Lowell Green Live on Twitter, Twitch, Youtube and on www.BlastTheRadio.com - THANK YOU! Today Lowell discusses just how complicated it is to move the Prime Minister and his family... Meaning that there is no possible way his Tofino vacation was a last minute thing. He lied. His office lied. The RCMP would have to have known a long time before too. AND... Just how much is this trip actually costing us? Also... Mic issues continue. Work...


National Day Of Surfing For PM - Lowell Green Oct 1, 2021

On a day HE designated as a day for Canadians to devote to learning about and remembering our indigenous people, the Prime Minister goes surfing. Some choice words for him on this edition of The Lowell Green Show. Plus... A dispute with the eye doctor for those in Ontario over 65... You won't believe this. AND... Lowell is very afraid of what could happen with interest rates. Again we apologize for Lowell's audio. It will be remedied this weekend. Lowell is live weekdays at 2pm ET on...


National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - Why? Lowell Green Sept 30, 2021

*Apologies for some slight audio issues due to internet connectivity today On this edition of The Lowell Green Show, Lowell addresses the first ever National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. With unanimous agreement from you, the audience, Lowell suggests that this holiday is not necessary and gives several history lessons to back up his thoughts. Also, we briefly get into the Conservative Party and vaccines, with Lowell telling Erin O'Toole to "grow a pair." And... A few words about the...


The LRT And What To Do... Plus Some Last Words For Anti Vaxxers AND What Does It Take To Get Canadians Mad? Lowell Green Sept 29, 2021

Today we discover that Facebook has a policy that you may NOT post facts or statistics. Producer John is in trouble with them again. Then... Some final words to the bombastic voices coming from the anti-vax camp before getting to the main topic of the day... What the hell do we do with the LRT? A new GM is on her way in for OC Transpo. Do we ditch it? Replace it? And that leads into our final topic of the day... Just what does it take to get Canadians pissed off about politics? Lowell is...


I Do NOT Understand Anti-Vaxxers - Lowell Green Sept 28, 2021

Today Lowell dives right in on his frustration with, and lack of understanding of, anti vaxxers. More specifically... Just WHERE do they get their information from? WHY do they feel it's ok to bully others? Are doctors lying? Nurses too? We hear from both sides in a heated conversation today on LOWELL GREEN LIVE - Join us at 2:00pm ET on www.BlastTheRadio.com weekdays. Video streams to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Twitch! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Does Nobody Want To Work? Annamie Paul Steps Down? What To Do With China - Lowell Green Sept 27, 2021

Today Lowell asks WHY nobody seems to want to work anymore. Companies are struggling to hire. Not just kids, but adults too. Is is CERB related? We discuss. Also... Lowell is not please at what has lead to the resignation of Annamie Pau as Green Party Leader. And finally... Now that the two Michaels are back in Canada, what should this country do about China? Lowell is live 2:00pm to 2:30pm weekdays on www.BlastTheRadio.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


A Covid 19 Death Every 90 Minutes In Alberta - Lowell Green Sept 24, 2021

Today we discuss the growing number of patients in ICU's in Alberta (especially) and across Canada. Should someone who chose to not receive the vaccine have priority for hospital care than someone who chose TO take the vaccine? Are passports a good idea? We take your calls and your comments on another edition of Lowell Green LIVE on BTR, www.BlastTheRadio.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


RCMP Charges SNC Lavalin - Timing Raises HUGE Questions - Lowell Green Sept 23, 2021

The RCMP has charged SNC Lavalin and some of its former top execs for forgery and bribes. The timing of this, just three days after an election, raises a LOT of questions. Just what DID the PM know? Does he have this kind of influence over our National police force? Jodi Wilson-Raybould seems to have been right. Why are you not pissed off? What more is it going to take? Scandal after scandal after scandal. We hear your comments on this and on the question of electoral reform. Lowell is live...


Should O'Toole Be Replaced? Time For A Female Leader? And... The LRT... What Do We Do? Lowell Green Sept 22, 2021

HUGE response on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch and text to today's show as Lowell asks if you think Erin O'Toole should be replaced as leader of the Conservatives. He also wonders if it's time for a female at the helm. Lisa Raitt, Rona Ambrose, Michelle Remple... Just a few of the names suggested today. Lowell also brings some of the voter numbers to your attention. This could be one of the lowest voter turnouts for an election EVER. And.... By the time you do the math, the Liberals won...


A Sad Day... Oh, And It's The Day After The Election - Don't Worry, Be Happy - Lowell Green Sept 21, 2021

Lowell shares some sad news from The Green Homestead... And then we get into dissecting the results of yesterday's election. As always we take your comments from Facebook, from Youtube, From Twitter, From Twitch and from www.BlastTheRadio.com Remember to SUBSCRIBE (free) to this podcast to automatically have new episodes pushed to your phone or tablet! Show links and more info at www.LowellGreen.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


ELECTION DAY - Plus The LRT Nightmare and... Garbarge - Lowell Green Sept 20, 2021

It's election day in Canada... We spend a few moments discussing that. Then we dive into the problems with Ottawa's LRT. Another derailment over the weekend. Finally... We discuss the garbage issue in Ottawa. Some tech issues towards the end of the show - trust us when we tell you that we are addressing them. We do apologize. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Monday Election Thoughts & Anti Vax/Mask Need Only Look At Alberta - Lowell Green Sept 17, 2021

With an election Monday, you know Lowell has a thing or three to say about where he thinks the chips will fall. He also addresses the impact that the PPC will have in that a vote for them will almost certainly mean another Liberal government. Of course we get YOUR thoughts as well! And, we get into the Covid 19 anti-vax / anti mask storm with Lowell saying those not choosing to get vaccinated need only look at the hell that is happening in Alberta right now. Please... On Monday, we encourage...