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How The Sun, Moon, And Stars Control The Christian Calendar

Mike Church and Brother Andre Marie break down how the sun, moon and stars control the Christian Calendar. The will reveal how December 25th was the determined to be Jesus' birthday, and how liturgical seasons were determined. They will explore our church sanctifies time, defend triumphalism, and Christmas. Listen to this special episode of the New Christendom Daily.


Parrott Talk- The Militant SGT Schultz Speaks Out

PREVIEW OF TODAY'S PARROT TALK. FOR THE FULL EPISODE SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES. An insider for Church Militant has rushed to defend the media entity. This is the first part of Mike Parrott's expose on the demise of Church Militant. On this episode Mike reveals the insider who rushed to defend Church Militant from Mike Parrott. This insider, who only worked for five months at the company, claims to know who leaked the information about Voris and the organization to Mike Parrott. She even claims that there two moles leaking information. Mike exposes why this insider shouldn't even be considered as an employee who is in the know, much less insider. He also reveals how much she really knows through her own words, and he even points out what she got correct. Listen to this episode for the first part of the demise of Church Militant.


Parrott Talk- Cardinal Virtues

PREVIEW OF TODAY'S PARROT TALK. FOR THE FULL EPISODE SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES. The cardinal virtues guide our behaviors, but so few actually know what they are. Mike Parrott even says that some people's use of a virtue is actually a vice. Listen to this episode of Parrott Talk, as Mike looks at each of the four virtues.


Meta Is Still Pumping Pedo Porn To Your Instagram Feed!

Meta has done nothing to stop distribution of child pornography on Instagram. Over the summer, Mike Church revealed that Instagram's algorithm was suggesting under age accounts to adult males. Mike cited the Wall Street Journal's investigation that led to this revelation. According the Wall Street Journal, men would follow topics like cheerleaders so that they would receive suggestions on accounts to follow. Since Mike and the Wall Street Journal exposed this "glitch," Meta has done nothing to fix this problem. Mike will reveal even more about the issues with Meta and other social media platforms and he will expose their little to nothing solutions to fix this problem.


Sky Marshall’s Have New Bad Guys To Chase: You Citizen

The job of the Sky Marshall is to protect us from terrorists on a plane. This task was given to them after the attack on the Twin Towers, well now they have a new mission. Their mission is to track MAGA people and other "right wing terrorists" Mike Church will reveal the new mission, who the Sky Marshalls are following, and why their mission changed. Mike wonders where is the outrage and asks why aren't the Sky Marshall's protecting us from the Hamas terrorists? Mike has that answer, and if you want to know it too, you need to listen to this episode of the New Christendom Daily.


Parrott Talk-The Soviet Socialist Republic Of Ireland Takes Aim At Free Speech

PREVIEW OF TODAY'S PARROT TALK. FOR THE FULL EPISODE SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES. The Irish no longer have free speech. In response to the "riots" over immigration, the Prime Minister of Ireland vows to push hate speech legislation. He promises this new law would allow enforcement agencies to round up and prosecute those guilty of "hate" speech. Mike Parrott predicted Ireland would become a communist country in a research paper he wrote while serving in the Marines. In his paper he stated that it took Ireland a decade to catch up with other European socialist countries, and that was after the former Catholic country realized it is was one of the last countries to implement socialism. On this episode of Parrott Talk, Mike reveals how Irish lost their right to free speech. He will also expose how Catholicism was replaced with socialism, and why Ireland will never be the same again.


The Mike Church Show November 22, 2023



No, Science Is Not The Answer

Mike Church and W.M. Briggs reveal that science and the expertocracy is not the answer.


Parrott Talk-The End Of The Militant Menace

PREVIEW OF TODAY'S PARROT TALK. FOR THE FULL EPISODE SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES. Church Militant releases the new that Michael Voris resigned from the organization and they acknowledged that Christina Niles was no longer with the company as well. They said Voris and Nile violated the company's moral code. Church Militant did not provide any details as to how the pair violated the company's code, but both Voris and Niles issued public statements that make them look like the victim. To those that were vilified and attacked by the pair, this is a small form of justice. Voris and Niles spent two years trying to destroy the life of host Mike Parrott. Mike reveals the swath of destruction the pair left in their wake, the impact of their false allegations and smear attack, and what forgiveness would look like. He also explores the dire situation Church Militant faces, can they recover or is it better for them to cut their losses and return to their roots. All of these details will be revealed on this episode of Parrott Talk.


The KingDude’s Recipé For New Awlins Style ‘Erstah (Oyster) Dressing’!

The KingDude's Recipé For New Awlins Style 'Erstah (Oyster) Dressing'! MITTER CHUR’S OYSTER DRESSING - As heard on the 28th Annual, Mike Church Show Extravaganza! How Do You Make The PERFECT 'Ersta (Oyster) Dressing For Turkey Day? The KingDude Has You Covered! I've been making this recipe every year since my Grandma Pearl taught it to me in 1985. I still remember calling her and asking "Grandma, will you tell me how to make that awesome oyster dressing recipe"? You'd have to know my grandma Pearl to know that this made her year! "Of course, sugar, but it's PaPa's recipe, I just use his!" referring to my then 88 year old great grandpa. Here is what Grandma Pearl/PaPa say are the perfect ingredients & method for Oyster Dressing. 1 Large yellow Onion diced into 1/4" bits (2 cups) 1 Bell Pepper diced (1 cup) 2 Celery stalks diced (1 cup) 1 bunch of Parsley chopped fine (1/2 cup) Minced Garlic 1/4 cup 2 Red Chili (hot) peppers minced fine (1 tblsp) 2 Boxes Jiffy Cornbread Mix 2 Tblsp White Sugar 1/2 lb Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage 1/2 lb Lean Ground Beef 1 Pint Fresh, Gulf Oysters (I'll tell you what to do with them shortly) 4 Cups Chicken Stock You'll have to listen to today's Mike Church Show for the instructions! Listen: https://crusadechannel.com


Parrott Talk-The Ukraine War Is All But A Memory

PREVIEW OF TODAY'S PARROT TALK. FOR THE FULL EPISODE SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES. Since Hamas sucker punched Israel, Americans have not given much thought about the war in Ukraine. Sure there is the occasional out cry from Conservatives when more financial aid is sent, but that is mostly to round out the news cycle. Mick Wallace, a member of the EU Parliament, said Ukraine should have ignored the advice of western leaders like Biden and Boris Johnson. He said Zelenskyy should have accepted the Russian deal because Western Countries have failed to cripple the Russian economy, and their aid has failed to stop the Russian advance. Mike Parrott has not forgotten about the conflict, and he takes a brief look at how things are going in the country where democracy died. Mike also better defines his stance on the new Argentina President and he exposes Media Matters and their slanderous report on Elon Musk. Is it too late for Zelenskyy to follow Wallace's advice and what will Elon do about Media Matters? The answers are here on this episode of Parrott Talk.


The Mike Church Show-New Catholic France Is Rising in The Bayou State Of Louisiana

The voters of Louisiana put the Demoncrats on notice. Over the weekend, the Republicans won three major seats in the state's run-offs. In addition to the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor, the Republicans now control the Attorney General's Office, the Secretary of State, and the Treasurer. This is the first time since 2015 the Republicans control all state wide offices in a state that has more registered Demoncrats than Republicans. Mike Church reveals how the Republicans won the state with the help from Old Time Democrats and Independents. He will expose why they voted the way they did and how this election is special for Louisiana, and why a New Catholic France is rising in the bayou state.


The Argentina Shocker

PREVIEW OF TODAY'S PARROT TALK. FOR THE FULL EPISODE SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES. The voters of the historically socialistic country of Argentina elected a man that is not a socialist. The people of Argentina are tired of inflation, unemployment and all manner of things associated with socialism so they turned to their new President, Javier Milei. Naturally, the world is appalled by his election. Milei is much like Donald Trump, from the crazy hair to the drain the swamp attitude. He promises to restore Argentina's greatness, stand up to the climate change narrative and reduce the size of the government. Mike Parrott breaks down the election, and he provides a brief history on Argentina and who is responsible for the decline. Plus, Mike has a prediction about Milei's term. To learn more, listen to this episode of Parrott Talk.


Murican Elites Come Out Of Their ChiCom Closets



Parrott Talk-The Great Noticing

PREVIEW OF TODAY'S PARROT TALK. FOR THE FULL EPISODE SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES. The people are noticing the bull pence spewed by the elites. The Israeli crisis was finally the catalyst for the people to realize that maybe the media, the politicians and other talking heads are spreading lies. Cancel culture could only go for so long before people got fed up, and it appears that time is coming. Conservative talking heads who once fought the libtards are now realizing that maybe their allies were just grifters. Mike Parrott says they were always grifters, and that some conservatives got caught up in the big CON. On this episode of Parrott Talk, Mike Parrott reveals who is starting to notice, and why the elites are desperately trying to hold on to the power. Mike also has a course of action for those who are noticing the lies and the bull pence, all you have to do is listen to this episode and future episodes of Parrott Talk. &nbsp


The Christians Strike Back

The feud between Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro has come to a boil. According to Candace, Shapiro has opposed everything she stands for. They do not have the same opinion about big pharma, the vaccine and other conservative issues. Their feud was contained within the "halls" of the Daily Wire. That was until Hamas "surprised Israel in October. Now Candace refuses to support genocide, and Shapiro has gone on the offensive. Mike Church takes a closer look at what Candace Owens is saying and her comments are very similar to what he's been saying for the last month. It's almost as if she is listening to the Mike Church Show. Mike breaks down Owen's interview with Tucker Carlson and he gives you a peek at the feud between Owens and Shapiro, and also reveals that there is not much Shapiro can do about it. Listen to this episode of the New Christendom Daily to learn more.


Parrott Talk- Oops They Stepped In It Again

PREVIEW OF TODAY'S PARROT TALK. FOR THE FULL EPISODE SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES. Marc Lamont Hill called out former Israeli Ambassador David Friedman for the misinformation regarding Israel's genocide of Palestinians. Friedman claims the hospital destroyed by the IDF was in fact the headquarters for Hamas. Friedman said that this a proven fact. However, when Hill pressed Friedman for the evidence, the former ambassador resorted to the tried and true Demoncrat strategy of name calling. Friedman proceeded to call Hill a holocaust denier. Hill continued to press Friedman on his claims, this time Friedman said to look at the evidence presented by Israel and to ask the CIA. This from an ambassador that was picked by President Trump. The same administration that has said countless times that the CIA or the FBI can be trusted. Again Hill was not deterred by Friedman and pressed again for facts, and that was when the gotcha moment happened. Mike Parrott breaks down the exchange between the two, and he reveals the gotcha moment, proving once again the talking heads stepped in it again. Also on this episode of Parrott Talk, Mike follows up on the Candace Owens story. Listen to this episode for all the details plus a few things you might not have heard on the main stream media.


Muricans And Their Lethal Fads: Have We Reached Peak Zionism Yet?

Americans today support their latest outrage with some rather lethal fads, from changing their profile pictures to support a foreign country to participation in idiotic challenges. Three months ago it was all about standing with Ukraine, but now that Israel is threatened it's time to switch from the Ukrainian flag to the flag of Israel. Mike Church exposes these fads but when it comes to Israel, he asks have we reached peak zionism yet. He takes a look at the comments made by the politicians at the March for Israel, and he looks at the comments made by war mongers like Nikki Haley. Listen to this episode of the New Christendom Daily to get all the details.


Parrott Talk-Anonymity Is A Threat To National Security

PREVIEW OF TODAY'S PARROT TALK. FOR THE FULL EPISODE SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES A risk to national security is the miracle probable cause for politicians, government officials and federal law enforcement. For instance, if you buy the wrong kind of shampoo you just might be a threat to national security. Oppose the school board and you are a risk to national security. Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley added a new threat to national security, anonymity. Especially the anonymity you have on social media. In a interview on Fox News, Haley said one of the first things she would do as president would be to force social media platforms to verify the identity of person using the platform. Haley's comment is proof that Republicans are just Demoncrats driving the speed limit. Mike Parrott breaks down Haley's comments and why despite being a so called Republican she is a communist. Mike will reveal why she wants everyone identified and how she is not the only politician to make these claims. Tune into this episode of Parrott Talk to learn what else is considered a national security threat, and Mike will also break down the attempt to Candace Owens.


It’s Open Season On White Kids So…Let’s Go To War For Israel!

A seventeen-year-old was beaten to death by a pack of bullies in Las Vegas. Witnesses said the teen was pushed into a fence and punched several times because he defended his friend who was thrown into a trash can. This a common occurrence across the country, and the school systems are too yellow bellied to stop them. If you as a parent try to complain will be labeled as a terrorist. Like other issues that plague this country, bullying in schools and online is on the back burner. Instead we must rush to defend Israel. Mike Church says that is unacceptable. Mike will break down this heartbreaking story. He exposes the truth behind the actions of these thugs, and he reveals an interesting FBI crime statistic on this episode of the New Christendom.