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7/1/18: Ocascio-Cortez Victory, Supreme Court Vacancy, French Prisoners, Justyn Sings Trump Quotes

This week Justyn and Josh share news that is not all doom and gloom. The left won big with the primary victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in NY primary, the supreme court has a vacancy. Antarctica is melting from below, and a french prison break straight out of the movies. Justyn sings trump quotes, talks about dolphin loving, and the guys review two beers: Cascade Lakes Cherry Blonde: 6.85/10 Anthem Watermelon Cider: 6.35/10


6/17/18: Trump tears children away from parents, Antarctica is Melting fast, Good news on AntiBacterial Resistance, and a round up of pop culture

This week Josh just brings you a short episode highlighting the dispicable, horrible actions by the Trump Administration. There are children of undocumented immigrants that are being housed in cages and tent cities, as Americans continue to ignore our responsibility for the problems abroad that we have collectively caused. Antarctica is melting at triple the pace in the last decade, igniting fears of a faster than expected sea level rise. Researchers at Purdue have found a new compound with...


6/3/18: Trade War, UN report on Poverty, Lil Pump, Puppies Vs Turtles

Not gonna lie y'all, this week was pretty rough. We had Trump start a trade war with our key US allies, Puerto Rico's official death toll of 64 appears to be utter baloney, the UN representative on Extreme Poverty released a damning report on poverty in the United States. Justyn tries to lighten it with talk about rapper feuds, puppies being fed to snapping turtles, and people using "This is America" to promote their own messages, but it was just as rough a discussion. We at least had...


5/6: Iran Deal, Heartbeat Bill, Michelle Wolf, Space tech, and Childish Gambino

This week’s show features two beers: Farm out PassionFruit Saison and Space Fruit IPA. The guys talk about the Trump plan to cancel the Iran Nuclear Deal, the heartbeat bill passed and signed in Iowa, the success of 3 amazing teens in the areas of science, despite racist pricks trying to bring them down. Josh shows Justyn Michelle Wolf’s WHCD monologue and discuss the real reasons the media tore her apart afterwards. Justyn talks all about space exploration and then breaks down his...


4/8/18: Syrian Chemical Attack, Space Exploration, Medical Science

This week we discuss the Syrian chemical Attack in Douma, the response by the US, Medical Science breakthrough in stem cell treatment curing Sickle Cell Anemia disease, Japanese Eugenics conducted during the 1970s and the people fighting back, Justyn talks space exploration, Netflix update. We review two lovely beers: Burnside Brewing's Free the Juice IPA: 6.5/10 Rogue Brewing's Paradise Pucker: 8/10 Leave us some comments and reviews on iTunes and Google Play, contact us at...


2/18: Fire and Blood, Royal Pilsner, Mercury Rising, Police Brutality, Sex surveys and more

This week we bring you the second of our limited edition beers from Omegang Brewing inspired by the HBO show Game of Thrones. Our second beer is the Royal Pilsner from Royal Brewing Company. We then move on to a variety of depressing topics in the news this week such as the Mercury levels that will rise thanks to climate change and the melting ice caps, a story of jail wardens in Florida abusing mentally ill prisoners, Switzerland's Animal Dignity laws, Dutch Ovens in the air, Justyn...


1/14: Imperial IPA, Peace Pipe Stout, Josh goes off, and space stuff

Josh lets loose on the GOP for targeting entitlement program cuts and goes off on weak willed democrats that won't stand up for these popular programs. They then discuss the fallout from the hawaii missle scare and trump's shithole country comments. Trent Presner calls back to let us know what he thinks of this whole debacle. Then Justyn lets us know all about space and tech! The guys tried 2 new beers this week: C-note Imperial IPA: 8.5/10 Peace Pipe Porter: 7.67/10


2018 New Years Special

Justyn and Josh and Justyn's friend Skyler talk about the new year, their predictions for the coming year and this year's dead pool. They also announce a few new podcasts coming your way from your favorite idiots at the news and brews show.


A climate Change denier calls the show

A climate change denier from Ohio decided to call into the show the other day. we heard him out and tried to get to the bottom of why he denies the accepted science of the day.


12/3: Russian Stout and Fight Club

The guys review a Russian Imperial Stout called Sirens Sound and an IPA called First Rule. They discuss Net Neutrality, the tax bill passed by the senate, police shooting prosecution in Arizona, Nikki Minaj's sharing of an offensive album art featuring charicatures of Native Americans and a lot lot more. Russian Imperial Stout Siren's Sound: 8.5/10 First Rule IPA: 8/10 Subscribe to us on iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts. Follow us on Twitter: @News_Brews Instagram:...


11/26/17: Sours, Red Ales, GOP fumbles tax policy sell, offended listener and more

The guys discuss the recent fumblings of Trump's attempt to sell the tax cut bill. Trump denies living in reality. There is good news in the world of science and technology. An offended listener calls Justyn to discuss his dismissal of Emo Rap, and a lot lot more. Beers reviewed include: The 7 Day Golden Sour from Trinity Brewing: 7.25/10 Paulie's not Irish Irish-Style Red Ale: 8.5/10 Send us tweets at @News_Brews Like us on Check out our website...


11/19/17: Porters, Stouts, Taxes, and Sexual Assualt Allegations

The guys discuss GOP tax plan, Roy Moore and other sexual assault allegations, Keystone Pipeline leaks and more. This weeks beers included: Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter And Quaker Shaker Oatmeal Stout