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The Other Side podcast is on a mission to discuss important cultural and social issues relating to race, culture, gender and equality.

The Other Side podcast is on a mission to discuss important cultural and social issues relating to race, culture, gender and equality.
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The Other Side podcast is on a mission to discuss important cultural and social issues relating to race, culture, gender and equality.






Remembering lives of Rubén Herrera and Amber Evans

Private investigator Cerise Allen joins the conversation via phone while on live surveillance, and attorney Sean Walton visits the studio to talk about the lives of two well-known Columbus activists who recently died. Rubén Castilla Herrera —who appeared on the The Other Side in 2018 to talk about sanctuary cities and the plight of undocumented immigrants — died unexpectedly April 7, 2019. Amber Evans, the face of many community protests, went missing in January 2019 was found dead in the...


LGBTQ advocate says Ohio needs to outlaw discrimination statewide

Alana Jochum, Executive Director of Equality Ohio, tells The Other Side how having only a patchwork of local communities that prohibit discrimination means Ohio’s LGBTQ community face having their civil rights in jeopardy on their daily commute to work or school. Jochum is pushing for the passage of the Ohio Fairness Act, which would add sexual orientation and gender identity or expression to the laws that make discrimination illegal in the Ohio. We also talk about why Jochum believes...


Female entrepreneur talks about being a black woman in tech, overcoming hurdles

Dawn Dickson, Columbus native and founder and CEO of 'PopCom' and 'Flat Out of Heels' shoes, sits down with The Other Side to talk about how she got her start in tech, her inspiration for a shoe vending machine, and how that has led to her owning multiple businesses and pursuing ambitious goals. Dickson also talks about women of color in the tech industry and how to encourage more kids to study science and math. She also gives would-be entrepreneurs some keen advice on finding funding and...


Republican Clarence Mingo comments on blackface, racism in the both parties and Kaepernick's protest

In part two of our interview with former Franklin County Auditor and Republican Clarence Mingo, he gives his take on Virginia's governor wearing blackface and why racism is not limited to Republican party. Mingo also says blacks should demand more from both political parties and that Republicans need to do more to court black voters. Finally, we talk about why he supports Collin Kaepernicks position on police abuse but condemns his method of protest.


Black Republican talks about being called n-word, being a 'token' and Trump

Politicians aren’t usually so candid about sensitive issues, but former Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo doesn’t mind opening himself up to The Other Side. Mingo talks about the open racism and hostility he faced growing up and the health issues he attributes to his military service in the Gulf War. He also talks about his thoughts on being labeled a 'token black' in his party. Mingo also doesn't hold back regarding his feelings on President Trump and why he feels Trump is leading...


Wife of ex-NBA, OSU star talks about stigma of mental health, battling anxiety

Achea Redd, wife of former Ohio State and NBA basketball star Michael Redd, sits down with The Other Side to share her personal struggles with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and how her own experiences led her to found an organization called Real Girls F.A.R.T. to help other women. Redd also talks about how being an NBA wife actually exacerbated her illness and why she's glad her son is a "momma's boy." Our chat wraps up with her thoughts on how to combat the stigma that keeps some in the...


Girls basketball coach on keeping girls safe, boycotting accused artists

In the wake of renewed allegations that singer R. Kelly sexually abused young women and girls, Eastmoor Academy's girls basketball coach Charity Martin-King talks to The Other Side about protecting girls from predators and what measures she and her staff take to ensure her players are safe. Martin-King also discusses whether an artist's work should be judged separately from personal behavior, and Michael Jackson doesn’t get a pass.


The best of 2018: The most popular interviews and our favorites

We have put together some of our favorite interviews and clips from this year, plus some of our most popular episodes with listeners. We even included some never heard before segments.


Native American advocate addresses community, DNA testing, using the term 'Indian'

Tyrone Smith, project director for the Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio, tells 'The Other Side' why it's challenging for native people to feel connected to the central Ohio community. Smith also addresses the issue of people claiming Native American ancestry and why some do so for the wrong reasons. And he clarifies whether using the word "Indian" to describe native people is offensive.


Wrongfully incarcerated man not bitter, wants to help others

'The Other Side' gets an update from Robert McClendon, who was released from prison a decade ago. DNA evidence exonerated McClendon after he spent 18 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit. McClendon, who had been featured in an award-winning Dispatch investigative series, talks about how he felt once he was free and what he has been doing since his release. He also talks about his case and why he isn't bitter despite losing so many years of his life behind bars. Assault charge...


Black cop in charge of minority recruitment says it’s a challenge

Columbus police Sgt. Christopher Smith-Hughes heads the department's minority recruitment program and talks about why it's so difficult to attract and hire minority candidates. Smith-Hughes shares what motivated him to pursue a career in law enforcement and why it's vital that more officers of color are hired. He also talks about the specific challenges black police officers face.


Transgender man teaches about lifestyle, transition and having babies

Cory Frederick talks about the many facets of transgenderism and what his transition has been like personally. Frederick also talks about why the push for transgender rights shouldn’t been seen as an assault on heteronormative values. He also shares what he’s learned about how men behave that he didn’t realize before he became one, and how his own transition has affected his relationships.


Sister of suicide victim talks about brother's struggle, how to cope

Amie D'Andrea talks about her brother Todd's suicide in early 2018 which devastated their family. We hear Todd's D'Andrea's last words when his sister reads the last text message conversation they had. D'Andrea also talks about what she's doing to cope and heal, and how other people can help their loved ones.


Buddhist teaches meditation exercise, explains how Buddhism can fit almost any lifestyle

Founder of the Buddhist Network of Central Ohio, Seth Josephson demonstrates how to meditate and practice mindfulness. Josephson also discusses how the religion can be a good fit for people looking for less-structured spirituality and how to spread love to those you have conflict with.


Does Columbus schools need more parents with middle-class values?

Community activist James Ragland has been a critic of Columbus City Schools, but he explains why he chose to keep his own kids in the district and why he believes the district needs more parents with middle-class values. In addition to questions about the schools, co-hosts Lucas Sullivan and Scot Kirk also ask Ragland about the ongoing controversy over the sexual orientation of Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie, and whether it matters.


Rapper addresses white people repeating the N-word in music, state of the Columbus music scene

Hip-hop artist Joey Aich sits down with 'The Other Side' and explains why white people should never repeat the N-word in rap lyrics, how his parents influence his music plus he plays hip-hop trivia. Window on the World: Joey Aich


Immigration activists, advocates join forces

Local activists and organizers Madeline Fitch and Ruben Herrera of the Columbus Sanctuary Collective discuss how radical methods are sometimes needed in their crusade to provide a safe havens for undocumented immigrants, and why they believe ICE should be abolished. Demonstrators protest immigration policies in downtown ColumbusPhotos: Demonstrators protest immigration policies in downtown Columbus


Former Ohio State receiver says sports are over glorified, Urban Meyer may need to be fired

Former Ohio State wide receiver Dimitrious Stanley says Americans over glorify sports. Stanley also believes that if Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer knew about Zach Smith's abuse allegations and didn't follow procedure, Meyer should be fired.


Inside border detention center: Columbus attorney tells what she saw

Amy Bittner gives an on-the-ground account of conditions at a U.S. illegal immigration detention center in Texas where women and children are being held. Lucas challenges Scot to a hip-hop lyric decipher contest.


Attorney talks criminal justice reform, police brutality

Attorney Sean Walton shares his views on criminal justice reform, police brutality and puts his knowledge to the test with the 'Other Side' trivia challenge.