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'Caster Ken Krawchuk showcases the political, cultural, and environmental challenges facing Pennsylvania, and explores solutions.

'Caster Ken Krawchuk showcases the political, cultural, and environmental challenges facing Pennsylvania, and explores solutions.


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'Caster Ken Krawchuk showcases the political, cultural, and environmental challenges facing Pennsylvania, and explores solutions.






37. Facing up to Facebook, Part One

Facing Up to Facebook, Part One Ken’s guest is a collection of contributors to The Pennsylvania Project’s Facebook page, responding to the question, “What bothers you about Pennsylvania?” Issues range from corruption in Reading and in Philadelphia, to the SB 76 property tax shell game, to alternatives to government education, to the reasons behind high taxes, to state police taking over small town policing, to overtaxation of breweries, to turnpike tolls NOT being spent on the turnpike, to...


36. Up in Smoke, with Alan Fox

Up in Smoke Ken’s guest is Alan Fox, proprietor of the Vapor Phoxxe vape lounge in Hatboro, talking about how the quality of vaping is being dramatically compromised by yet another government-led crackdown, leading to the creation of yet another black market. Listeners questions include a whimsical grammatical issue, plus one about the very non-whimsical, very expensive, very-un-Libertarian Real ID, and how Pennsylvania’s legislature performed a near-180-degree flip-flop under federal...


35. Stupid Toastmasters

Episode 35 Stupid Toastmasters Ken, his Cohort, and Narrator explore the frightening side of Toastmaster, namely: speech contests, including a presentation AND evaluation of Ken’s winning speech titled “Stupid, Stupid, Stupid”, not to mention of a captive audience: Toastmasters club in prison. Listeners question include more silence from our spammer, negatarian pots calling the negatarian kettle black, and how the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is protecting your password from the...


34. Hunting for a Solution, with Tom Cunningham

Hunting for a Solution Ken’s guest is Tom Cunningham, an avid, self-styled “wildlife population control specialist”. Listeners question include reactions to Libertarian “Humor”, videographers that push the limits, and spam. What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week? Negatarians Guest Toastmaster Narrator: Liz Jordan of the Sunrise Toastmasters club in Allentown Guest Toastmaster Cohort: Art Farnsworth of We The Speakers Toastmasters in Plymouth Meeting. More...


33. A Toast to Toastmasters

Episode 33 A Toast to Toastmasters Ken’s guest hit a deer on his way to the studio (he’s fine, car and deer are not), so the Narrator and Cohort stepped in to provide a primer on your typical Toastmasters meeting, with a who’s who and who does what when to who. Listeners' question includes more about the Pledge of Allegiance, and a charge of corporate hypocrisy. What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week? Libertarian “Humor” Guest Toastmaster Narrator: Cate Conti of the Doylestown...


31. Artificial Everything, Intelligence Optional with Donna Herb

Episode 31 Artificial Everything, Intelligence Optional Ken’s guest is Donna Herb, Artificial Intelligence project manager at a major research firm. Listeners question include more about the abominable Marsy’s Law and an as-yet-unnamed law also attempting to muddy our state constitution even more. What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week? The good old Pledge of Allegiance, and a suggested alternative. Guest Toastmaster Narrator: Camille Byrd of the Northeast Philadelphia Toastmasters...


30. Life, the University, and Everything with Anna Egan Hess and Ariel Kamen

Life, the University, and Everything Ken’s guests are Anna Egan Hess and Ariel Kamen, students at Philadelphia’s Drexel University with an in-depth review of what’s going on with today’s campus scene, including political correctness, student debt/free college, drugs, alcohol and more. Listeners question include Philly’s unconstitutional “stop and frisk” searches, and more about the primaries. What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week? The abominable Marsy’s Law aiming to muddy our state...


Marketing Cannabis, from Pa Cannabis Fest

Marketing Cannabis Welcome to the fifth annual Cannabis Festival in Kutztown Pennsylvania, and meet some of the scores of vendors and thousands of attendees. Ken’s guests include a parade of cannabis growers, distributors, lobbyists, legalizers, and more, sharing their opinions on just how soon recreational cannabis is hitting a store shelf near you What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week? Cannabis: Why ain’t it legal yet? Found in this episode: Conversations in the Cannabis...


32. Champions of the Downtrodden, with David Osborne

Champions of the Downtrodden Ken’s guest is David Osborne, president, co-founder, and general counsel of the Fairness Center in Harrisburg, a nonprofit, public interest law firm that provides free legal services to those hurt by public-sector union officials. What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week is corporate personhood.. Guest Toastmaster Narrator: Michael Ferry Guest Toastmaster Cohort: Dodie Preston Found in this episode: What’s in the Mail Bag? · DOZENS of Libertarian electoral...


26. The Nuts and Bolts of Muffing It

The Nuts and Bolts of Muffing It Ken’s guest was swallowed by a crack in the schedule, so instead the topic du jour is a nuts-and-bolts primer for those who want to become involved in politics without muffing it. Topics range from initial contact to strange bedfellows to making your own news, replete with press releases, dealing with the cops, and living with yourself afterwards. Listeners question how Libertarians deal with sinister, inane gun reporting, and suffering under self-imposed...


25. Moore Elected Libertarians, with Jennifer Moore

Moore Elected Libertarians Ken’s guest is Jennifer Moore, Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania and the elected auditor of Upper Providence township, discussing the challenges she faced in her court-contested election, and how she helped orchestrate the upcoming uncontested elections of dozens more Libertarians. The listener-submitted questions include DUI checkpoints and liquor store privatization. What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week? Pennsylvania’s self-manufactured...


Manufactured Gun Rights, with Konstantin Divinsky

Manufactured Gun Rights Ken’s guest is Konstantin Divinsky, a firearms manufacturer from York, PA, discussing liability issues, the regulatory environment, and other challenges of his profession. Be sure to catch the video when he breaks out a foldable, fully-automatic AR-15! The listener-submitted questions include cutting social programs, separating society and state, and everyone’s favorite topic – abortion – and how to defuse the debate.. What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week? The...


Morning in Pennsylvania, with Kevin Gaughen

Morning in Pennsylvania Ken’s guest is Kevin Gaughen, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania and land use expert, discussing the phenomenal growth of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party, the record number of candidates this year – many of which are virtually guaranteed victory – and how you can be a part of the groundswell. The listener-submitted questions include enforcing the state constitution, Universal Basic Income, and subsidized pop music. What “sticks in Ken’s...


22. Pennsylvania Has a What??

Pennsylvania Has a What?? Ken’s guest is a virtual unknown: The Pennsylvania Constitution. What powers possessed by We The People are lurking within? What powers have those sneaky politicians illegally assumed for themselves? And why hasn’t the Pennsylvania Constitution been (and isn’t it being) taught in our schools? Don’t like the answers to these questions? Then sign the petition! The listener-submitted questions touch on the questionable Deana’s Law, and the question of a co-host. What...


21. The Vexatious Requester of Gregg Township, with Michelle Grove

The Vexatious Requester of Gregg Township Ken’s guest is Michelle Grove, a local political activist from Gregg Township near State College. Imagine a local government out of control. Imagine the sparks when it meets a regular citizen, affectionately known colloquially as “the vexatious Right-to-Know requester of Gregg Township”. Then there are the listener-submitted questions regarding forced vaccinations, zoning, and pollution, plus a vignette about one ranger’s reaction to hunting...


20. Folkin’ Around in Schwenksville, with Jon Detweiler

Folkin’ Around in Schwenksville Ken’s guest is Jon Detweiler, second in command at the nation’s longest running outdoor music event, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, why it still draws thousands for the fifty-eighth consecutive year, and why it’s so much better than Woodstock. And rather than listener-submitted questions, Ken sets up shop in the middle of the Fest campground to interview a steady parade of random Festers. What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week? Why aren’t you here camping at...


19. Plumbing the Depths of Over-Regulation, with Marc Bozzacco

Plumbing the Depths of Over-Regulation Ken’s guest is Marc Bozzacco, Master Plumber and Journeyman Steamfitter, discussing the high cost of over-regulation of the craft trades, and how the constantly-changing regulatory landscape wastes millions. Then there are the listener-submitted questions about taxes (again), free markets for organ transplants, and Paul’s Law. What “sticks in Ken’s craw” this week? Park rangers! Guest Toastmaster Narrator and acapella singer: Donna Herb of the...


18. It’s Not All in Your Mind, with Rhea M. Baskerville

It’s Not All in Your Mind Ken’s guest is Rhea M. Baskerville, an outspoken mental health advocate and a member of the National Alliance for Mental Illness, engaged in a candid conversation about the challenges of life with a mental disorder. Hear first-hand examples coming from the viewpoint of the other side of a stereotypically-misunderstood situation. Then there are the listener-submitted questions about copycat legislation, taxes (again), and an overture about medical freedom. What...