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Feeling drowned out by American media? Wanting to become more up to date with Canada? You've found the right Podcast. The Perri Platform highlights Canadian news and politics, broken down in ways that make it easy to stay informed.

Feeling drowned out by American media? Wanting to become more up to date with Canada? You've found the right Podcast. The Perri Platform highlights Canadian news and politics, broken down in ways that make it easy to stay informed.
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Feeling drowned out by American media? Wanting to become more up to date with Canada? You've found the right Podcast. The Perri Platform highlights Canadian news and politics, broken down in ways that make it easy to stay informed.




EP 42: Carbon Tax 101(Feat. Ecofiscal Commission)

We are joined by Brendan Frank of Canada's Ecofiscal Commission. Everything carbon tax and climate change is up for discussion, tune in to hear our conversation. Canada's Ecofiscal Commission is an independent economics organization formed in 2014 by a group of Canadian economists from across Canada.


EP 41: Handling Veteran Homelessness

A notion to immediately address veteran homelessness gets delayed in Canada. We discuss why the current approach may have been flawed and what better alternatives are present.


EP 40: Sudan Crisis Explained

We dedicate this episode to discuss the crisis in Sudan. To get a firm grasp on how the situation transpired the way it did, we start at the beginning by detailing Sudan’s history. Along the way we outline the heinous crimes that Al Bashir took which led the country to the current boiling point we’re witnessing.


EP 39: Banning Single Use Plastics | Hong Kong Protests

Canada plans to completely ban single use plastics by 2021. Say goodbye to plastic straws, cotton swabs and much more! We discuss how this is a positive move that sets us up to tackle climate change on a country-wide basis. Then, we talk about the protests that broke out in Hong Kong. Over one million citizens took to the streets to fight against China’s extradition proposal.


EP 38: YouTube's New Extremist Policies | Jail for Self Defence

YouTube is changing their community guidelines to tackle extremist content and other “borderline” inappropriate material. We discuss how this move destroys freedom of expression on YouTube and their transition to a publisher. Then, we analyze a case of an Alberta man being sent to prison for defending himself against a home invasion.


EP 37: Trudeau Spends Foolishly | D-Day Rundown

Justin Trudeau announces hundreds of millions of dollars in new foreign aid expenditures. We discuss how effective money really is in terms of tackling global issues and why Canadians are feeling betrayed. Then, we honor D-Day by retelling the historical invasion and discussing why it was so impactful in ending the second World War.


EP 36: Canadian Indigenous Genocide Explained

A public inquiry finds that thousands of indigenous women were murdered or disappeared at vastly disproportionate levels. The report claims that these women fell victim to a Canadian genocide. We discuss the validity of this claim and highlight some key recommendations on how to tackle the issue.


EP 35: Courts Not Prosecuting Crimes | Economy Rankings

People accused of petty crimes are being set free by the Canadian justice system. How come? According to CBC the legal infrastructure is way past capacity and simply doesn’t have the time. We discuss how terrible this is for a society and possible fixes. Then, we highlight the competitive economy world rankings and discuss Canada’s falling placement.


EP 34: Facebook vs Canada Continues | Bell Attacks Internet Freedom

Facebook refuses to cooperate with the Canadian government in their mission to remove “misleading” content prior to the federal elections. Canada responds by contemplating a social media ban. We discuss the implications of this and other possible paths forward. Then, we talk about Bell and their list of wishes for Canada’s upcoming broadcast laws.


EP 33: Media Subsidies and Soda Taxes

The federal Canadian government proposes 600 million dollars in subsidies to save a "dying" media industry. We discuss why this is a terrible move as well as why adding an interest group like Unifor into the equation spells trouble. Then, we look at a growing movement within Ontario's liberal party to push a new soda tax on overly sugary drinks.


EP 32: Doug Ford’s Ratings Tank and The British Prime Minister Resigns

A new poll shows that the Ontario PC’s approval ratings have tanked. Under Doug Ford’s leadership they have reached lower levels than the previous Liberal party (yes, the one that didn’t even earn official party status). We discuss the implications of this and what the future holds. Finally, we report on the latest on Brexit. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, was forced to resign after her mounting failures.


EP 31: Canada’s New Digital Charter

Today, the Canadian government launched a new digital charter. This document includes a variety of pillars that outline rules to assist with governing the digital world. We discuss each of these pillars and highlight the good, the bad and all the ways some can backfire.


EP 30: The Problem with Budget Cuts | Google Bans Huawei

The Ontario government’s latest cuts target AI research. We discuss the downsides to this policy and why the topic of budget cuts is generally hard to stomach. Then, we cover the latest in the #TradeWars as Google revokes Huawei’s access to Android software. Finally, we end with a casual conversation about the Game of Thrones finale.


EP 29: Canadian Opioid Lawsuit | Psychedelics Help Addiction?

Canadian drug companies face a billion-dollar lawsuit over opioids. The charges range from aggressive marketing to not advertising the addictive tendencies adequately. Then, we highlight a new scientific study that tries to establish a link between psychedelics and escaping alcohol addiction. We finish by discussing the latest news in the Canadian/American trade situation.


EP 28: Hate Speech and Government Censorship Don’t Work

Justin Trudeau takes a stand against hate speech, violence and extremism online at the Christchurch Call to Action. World leaders sign onto a pledge for government activism in terms of regulating speech and censorship. I explain why the notion of hate speech and government censorship is a deadly combination that has a plethora of unintended consequences. Then, I propose a counter measure that can be equally effective without nearly as much potential for disaster.


EP 27: Trade War Explained | Coca Cola Corruption

We breakdown the escalating trade war between the United States and China. First, we discuss how it all began and where things are likely to go. Then, we inform you on what this means to the average citizen. To wrap up the episode, we reveal the truth behind corporate backed scientific research and Coca Cola being the poster-boy for corruption.


EP 26: Legalizing Every Drug | Antibiotic Reversal

Mexico proposes a daring new policy to decriminalize all drugs to stifle the cartel. We explain the pros and cons of such an idea. Then we demonstrate the differences between legalization and decriminalization as the distinction is key. After, we respond to an article from the UN detailing how antibiotics are becoming more useless everyday. Finally, we end with some positive news on job growth within Canada.


EP 25: Uber Drivers Strike | Saudi Arabia's Wife Tracker

Uber and Lyft drivers around the globe strike in unison to fight against poverty wages and exploitation. We discuss the implications of this and how self driving vehicles make the strike seemingly meaningless in the eyes of Uber. Then we discuss an app in Saudi Arabia that lets male guardians track and trap women. Finally, we end by updating you on Canada’s latest attempt to subpoena Mark Zuckerberg.


EP 24: Is the Carbon Tax Constitutional? | America’s Helping Hand

The federal Carbon Tax is ruled constitutional in Saskatchewan. We explore this tax itself and discuss the legitimacy of the ruling. After, we report on Trudeau supposedly requesting for America's support in relation to our China crisis. Finally, we talk about the Italian student who was tortured and killed in Egypt.


EP 23: Right to Repair | Antivax Legal Battle

The Right to Repair bill gets killed in Ontario’s provincial parliament. We discuss the implications of this along with how lobbying by corporations (including Apple) is influencing politicians unjustly. Then, we break down a legal battle involving a divorced father and his ex wife in relation to the right to vaccinate their children. We end the episode with a casual conversation about Game of Thrones, specifically, the Battle of Winterfell.