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Feeling drowned out by American media? Wanting to become more up to date with Canada? You've found the right Podcast. The Perri Platform highlights Canadian news and politics, broken down in ways that make it easy to stay informed.

Feeling drowned out by American media? Wanting to become more up to date with Canada? You've found the right Podcast. The Perri Platform highlights Canadian news and politics, broken down in ways that make it easy to stay informed.
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Feeling drowned out by American media? Wanting to become more up to date with Canada? You've found the right Podcast. The Perri Platform highlights Canadian news and politics, broken down in ways that make it easy to stay informed.




EP 56: TFSA vs RRSP: Do Tax Free Savings Have Adverse Effects on Retirement? [PART 1]

We are joined by Dr. Lu Zhang to discuss a research paper titled “An Empirical Analysis of the Displacement Effect of TFSAs on RRSPs”. We explore topics regarding Tax Free Savings Accounts, Retirement Savings Plans and the relationship they have in terms of the ability for Canadians to retire. This portion of the discussion focuses on the sample and findings of the research. The primary discovery of every 1 percent increase in a TFSA contribution reduces an RRSP contribution by approximately...


EP 55: Violent Mentally Ill Inmate Cleared for College

Ontario’s top court has allowed a mentally ill individual who was responsible for a knife attack at Toronto’s military recruitment centre to be cleared to attend college. Given that the defendant plead insanity only 3 years ago for the crimes committed, this seems like a rash decision. We explore the inadequate justice system handling of mentally ill inmates and why introducing them unsupervised back into society can be disastrous.


EP 54: "Anti Fascist" Rally Targets Maxime Bernier

Maxime Bernier’s Peoples Party of Canada has an event shut down due to threats of violence from an “anti fascist” rally. Oddly enough, this rally was organized by a pro-communism organization. We explain why the charges of fascism are incorrect and question how a group can actively be supporters of a communist ideology.


EP 53: John McCallum, China's Bestfriend

The former ambassador to China, John McCallum, publicly announces that China should soften up on Canada to avoid the election of a conservative government. We discuss why this attempt at election interference provocation should be condemned but we also dive deeper. We analyze why McCallum would say this and why it seems likely he has another agenda.


EP 52: The Downfall of Bombardier

Bombardier is set to layoff half their staff at the Thunder Bay manufacturing plant. We discuss the repeated failures of Bombardier and why Canadians are becoming fed up with government bailouts for this company. Then, we highlight what solutions exist to bring Bombardier back to relevancy.


EP 51: Canada's Job Market - Good or Bad?

Canadian employment hits an all-time high! That’s a good thing, right? We discuss how this stat may be misleading, especially when considering that the quality of Canadian jobs has worsened.


EP 50: Diversity of Opinion in Universities?

Does diversity of opinion exist on university campuses? We discuss the role of politics and the lack of conservative thinkers in academia. Polarization, intolerance and a misguided aim of diversity all spell trouble for our post secondary education systems.


EP 49: Politicians Appointing Their Friends (Dominic LeBlanc)

New Brunswick MP Dominic LeBlanc comes under fire after reports of five judges who were recently appointed hold personal connections with him. The five judges range from his neighbour to family relative. We discuss why this is a blatant example of government corruption and steps to mitigate nepotism.


EP 48: The 2019 Election - How Canada Feels

CBC reports that Canadians are conflicted about the upcoming 2019 federal election. We discuss the latest polling data to explain why these trends exist.


EP 47: Canada at G20 - Day 1 Highlights

The G20 summit commences! The primary objective of Canada is to establish a dialogue with China to alleviate some of the pressure they’ve placed on us in relation to Huawei. We highlight what occurred and why we need to pay attention to the global power landscape.


EP 46: The Game of Fake News

The University of Cambridge creates a video game that simulates a propaganda producer. As players manipulate news, use social media bots, photoshop evidence and incite conspiracy theories they develop a resistance to misinformation. Players leave the game on average being 21% less susceptible. We breakdown the elements of the game and what it teaches us about fake news.


EP 45: Why Populism Is Trending

We discuss why populism is becoming a trending political device. We go over the appeal to the "average person" to the raise of demagoguery. MacLean’s reported that half of Canadians have attitudes that make them open to populism. Due to this, it is important to understand prior to the federal election.


EP 44: Why We Should NOT Forsake Our Military

Canada’s head of military personnel calls for better defences. This is based on raising global instability and how our army has been forsaken as of late. We discuss the merit of this argument and why we need to care. Then, we highlight a Norwegian island who has supposedly abolished the concept of time. Spoiler, they didn’t.


EP 43: Climate Emergency!... Here's an Oil Pipeline

The Canadian Government declares a national climate emergency. During this same week they also announce approval for the expansion of the Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline. We discuss the hypocrisy of this move but also why it may not be as bad as it seems.


EP 42: Carbon Tax 101 (Feat. Ecofiscal Commission)

We are joined by Brendan Frank of Canada's Ecofiscal Commission. Everything carbon tax and climate change is up for discussion, tune in to hear our conversation. Canada's Ecofiscal Commission is an independent economics organization formed in 2014 by a group of Canadian economists from across Canada.


EP 41: Handling Veteran Homelessness

A notion to immediately address veteran homelessness gets delayed in Canada. We discuss why the current approach may have been flawed and what better alternatives are present.


EP 40: Sudan Crisis Explained

We dedicate this episode to discuss the crisis in Sudan. To get a firm grasp on how the situation transpired the way it did, we start at the beginning by detailing Sudan’s history. Along the way we outline the heinous crimes that Al Bashir took which led the country to the current boiling point we’re witnessing.


EP 39: Banning Single Use Plastics | Hong Kong Protests

Canada plans to completely ban single use plastics by 2021. Say goodbye to plastic straws, cotton swabs and much more! We discuss how this is a positive move that sets us up to tackle climate change on a country-wide basis. Then, we talk about the protests that broke out in Hong Kong. Over one million citizens took to the streets to fight against China’s extradition proposal.


EP 38: YouTube's New Extremist Policies | Jail for Self Defence

YouTube is changing their community guidelines to tackle extremist content and other “borderline” inappropriate material. We discuss how this move destroys freedom of expression on YouTube and their transition to a publisher. Then, we analyze a case of an Alberta man being sent to prison for defending himself against a home invasion.


EP 37: Trudeau Spends Foolishly | D-Day Rundown

Justin Trudeau announces hundreds of millions of dollars in new foreign aid expenditures. We discuss how effective money really is in terms of tackling global issues and why Canadians are feeling betrayed. Then, we honor D-Day by retelling the historical invasion and discussing why it was so impactful in ending the second World War.