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76: The Politics of Diversity – Cathy Ngo

Diversity is certainly having its moment in the Australian business landscape. To discuss The Politics of Diversity I am chatting to Cathy Ngo, a freelance copywriter and the marketing communications manager for DAWN, a professional and social network that aspires to have an inclusive Australia with culturally diverse leadership across the public and private sectors. She's worked for some of Australia's largest entities, such as Westpac and Insurance Australia Group in HR, corporate...


75: The Politics of Meditation – Jacqui Lewis

Jacqui Lewis is a bit of an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Today, along with her husband, she is the co-founder of a global school The Broad Place, gets stressed-out humans skilled-up in accessible tools and practices so that they become more creative, grounded, healthier and happier. Jacqui takes ancient knowledge and makes it easy to understand and easy to employ in our modern day lives. An educator, facilitator and speaker on clarity and high grade living, Jacqui teaches Integrated...


74: The Politics of Cyber Risk – Claire Pales

Cyber risk is a critical concept that many in the business and government worlds have to deal with on a regular basis, especially in a hyper-connected online world that covers everything from banking to medical records . Claire Pales is the bestselling author of “The Secure CIO” and Director of 27 Lanterns, a consulting company committed to helping organisations create and sustain effective information and cyber security teams. For more than 15 years, Claire gained experience establishing...


73: The Politics of Hypnotherapy - Eugenie Pepper

What comes to mind when I say hypnotherapy? My guest today Eugenie Pepper is going to discuss this concept in more detail. With a professional background in interior architecture, design, fine art curation and counselling, plus a more recent period helping family-owned babywear brand Plum, Genie has a new passion. She is co-founder of a business is called Key Mindfulness and she has launched The Key for Me App. As part of this practice, Genie and her business partner Rosemary will use...


72: The Politics of Influencers – Taryn Williams

Today’s guest Taryn Williams is one of Australia’s most prolific entrepreneurs in the tech start-up and media industry. Taryn is the CEO and Founder of The Right Fit and WINK Models. With over fifteen years of experience in the world of modelling, media and advertising, Taryn is an industry game changer and someone who has pushed the disrupt button even on her own business. TheRight.Fit is Taryn’s online influencer and talent platform used by major advertising agencies and brands to find...


71: The Politics of Team Pods – Madeleine Lambert

Everyone loves a business hack right? Madeleine Lambert heads up Content Refined, a medium-sized Content Marketing business based in Canada, which is under two years old. They are growing quickly in their focus on cutting-edge online content for affiliate marketers, e-commerce businesses, and SaaS companies. In the process, Madeleine has implemented a “team pod” strategy to streamline and create efficiency and accountability. We dive into The Politics of Team Pods. In this episode you...


70: The Politics of Confidence – Tracey Jewel

Confidence is a hard thing to maintain, especially up against the sterilised ‘success stories’ and filtered images on social media. I am interviewing Tracey Jewel, who is a mother, author, professional speaker, and award winning businesswoman in the marketing and communications world. She is also an Australian reality TV star, having taken part in the series Married at First Sight, a show which surely demands you muster up mountains of confidence! Tracey is a survivor of both a health...


69: The Politics of Vitality – Nikki Fogden-Moore

Vitality is a wondrous word isn’t it? To me, it means a sense of energy, mixed with purpose and wellbeing, and an extra dash of zing. Nikki Fogden-Moore is a world class business and lifestyle coach who lives and breathes vitality. Her other moniker is The Mojo Maker. Nikki is a public speaker, author, facilitator and leader in her field. Nikki's genius is in working with the real leaders in life - the CEO's, and all of those at the top end of town that possess vision, drive, tenacity and...


68: The Politics of Anxiety – Dr. Jodie Lowinger

We are examining The Politics of Anxiety, a topic many of us can relate to. I am with Dr Jodie Lowinger, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and University Medallist, with decades of experience management consulting, executive coaching and business. She helps others optimize performance, resilience, mental health, and a winning mindset. As the CEO and Founder of Mind Strength, Jodie empowers leaders and teams with expert strategies and also combatting performance blocking behaviors. Jodie is...


67: The Politics of Podcasting – Anthony Rigogliosi

If it wasn’t for Anthony Rigogliosi, there may well be no podcast career for me. Anthony is otherwise known as Podcast Ninja, his company’s name and his podcast name – he is the man behind the production of my weekly podcast The Politics of Everything. He edits the audio and does the technical support to ensure the program goes online every Wednesday without fail, and has advised me of the basics when I was a newbie podcaster who literally knew nothing on the process. Anthony does...


66: The Politics of Expat Life – Margot Anderson

Living and working abroad is a massive right of passage for many Australians and others seeking a cultural adventure and career shift. A regular speaker and writer, Margot Anderson is the founder of Insync Network Group, a rapidly expanding network that supports returning expats and their spouses to purposefully reconnect and confidently manage their journey ‘home’. She also runs talentinsight Australia, a management consultancy specialising in the optimisation of careers, performance and...


65: The Politics of Intimacy – Isiah McKimmie

Let’s talk about sex. No, this is not an R-rated episode but my podcast guest today Isiah McKimmie is one of Australia’s most popular experts on intimacy, sex and relationships. Isiah works as a couples Therapist, Sexologist, Sex Therapist and Coach, committed to loving relationships, whole-hearted sex and deep intimacy. She has credentials to boot, including a Masters Degree in Relational Psychotherapy and Masters Degree in Science of Medicine (Sexual Health/Psychosexual Therapy), among...


64: The Politics of Campaigning - Angela Vithoulkas

Politics makes for heated debates and sometimes is the value-driven glue that binds us together. My guest today Angela Vithoulkas has a solid history as a small business advocate, commentator and advisor. Then Angela she decided to become a politician, elected as an independent Councillor for the City of Sydney in 2012, where she was subsequently appointed as Deputy Chairperson of the City of Sydney Economic Development and Business Sub-committee throughout that term. In 2016 Angela...


63: The Politics of Dating – Kerry Sackville

Dating has changed a lot over the years – from traditional matchmaking to rise of online dating and whatever else is next! Today I speak to the incredibly awesome Kerri Sackville, who is an accomplished author, columnist and a divorced mother of three. Her latest book is 'Out There: A Survival Guide for Dating in Midlife'. Kerri shares her deeply personal account of what she has learned in a dating world gone mad. Hear from Kerri on: ? To find out more about Kerri (and buy her books...


62: The Politics of Customers – Alex Allwood

My guest today Alex Allwood heads up All Work Together, a specialised consultancy connecting customer and culture to empower “customer-centric growth”. Working with a range of businesses, Alex helps improve experiences that enhance customer value and distinctively differentiate. With a 20 year track record in leadership, operations and marketing, Alex’s strength is developing customer experience strategy such as customer understanding and empathy, experience vision and guiding principles...


61: The Politics of Champagne – Kyla Kirkpatrick

Champagne is an alcoholic beverage with many pre-conceived notions –a sparkly, glamourous drink to celebrate life, love and more. Today I am interviewing Kyla Kirkpatrick, who has two businesses The Champagne Dame and Emperor Champagne are dedicated to this special drink. Kyla Kirkpatrick lives a life of passion, following her heart and creating an incredible personal story. Kyla gave up her corporate career in 2005, going on a one-way ticket to Champagne in France to pursue a deep...


60: The Politics of Resilience – Brownwen Sciortino

Bronwen Sciortino is here today to discuss The Politics of Resilience. She is an author and self-professed ‘Simplicity Expert’ who spent almost two decades as a high powered, award winning executive before experiencing a life changing event that forced her to stop and ask the question ‘What if there’s a better way to live?’ Today, through corporate programs, conference platforms, retreats, professional mentoring and in the online environment, Bronwen teaches other people how easy it is to...


59: The Politics of Wealth – Chris Bates

The idea of wealth exudes the idea of excessive amounts of money and the ability to have more than our fellow man or woman. However, what is wealth was defined more broadly to include our overall state, to include mental, spiritual and physical wealth as well as just material wealth? Chris Bates, a Financial Planner and Mortgage Broker but he is not your ordinary player – his approach is very different. He was a Financial Adviser for over a decade and 1,000s of client conversations, and...


58: The Politics of Recycling – Narelle Anderson

Narelle Anderson is the founder and managing director of the award winning Envirobank Recycling, Australia’s most innovative reverse vending machine solutions and automated recycling depots. Narelle’s vision is to change the way Australians – and the world – recycle, using technology to reward consumers for it. Founding Envirobank Recycling in 2008 to incentivise recyclers, Narelle introduced the concept of Reverse Vending Technology to Australia. A born entrepreneur, Narelle has owned...


57: The Politics of Experience – Dr Emily Verstege

Every day we have a range of experiences with the external world. What makes some of them memorable for all the right reasons and some not? Dr Emily Verstege has 15 years of experience within the health and human services sector; she is an expert at capturing and integrating consumer voice into strategy and governance frameworks. She is a speaker, mentor, author and a customer experience futurist. Here she unpacks The Politics of Experience. In this podcast you shall learn: To connect...