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55: The Politics of Transformation - Kylee Fitzpatrick

Transformation is term we all embrace at some stage of our lives. From relationships to our bodies, perhaps our careers or even spiritual beliefs – they are all part of what we can transform. What if you need a bit of boost? Meet Kylee Fitzpatrick who is an expert in transformation and uses the power of storytelling to impact performance. She is an entrepreneur, influencer and compassion activist. She is the founding partner and coach at The Performance Code and founder of TEAM Women...


54: The Politics of Specialisation – Robert Tadros

I can still recall my Year 10 Economics teacher teaching me that specialisation is the key to workforce efficiencies. Today I am in conversation with Robert Tadros, who got his first job at aged 14 in a fast food outlet and has never stopped working since. He has most recently founded Melbourne-based digital marketing agency Impress!ve Digital two years ago. It is now a thriving company, with annual turnover forecast at $3.5 million (which Robert attributes to specialisation) and a team of...


53: The Politics of Image - Melinda Hird

They say a picture paints a thousand words. The online world is full of imagery that makes us feel a myriad of emotions, via Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and even LinkedIn with our smartphone-captured moments uploaded instantly. More than ever we have brands realizing the real power of the visual narrative. In speaking with Melinda Hird today, I do wish we could create some live video streaming on my podcast to be totally on theme! Melinda is a Sydney-based photographer and video...


52: The Politics of Expertise - Jenny De Lacy

Jenny De Lacy is best known professionally as a video marketing strategist, copywriter and speaker, with 25 years of experience presenting to audiences of all sizes, across diverse industries. Her online brand is called The Visibility Coach and her web site brimming with ideas to bring your video marketing strategies to life from the ground up. Here she is sharing ‘The Politics of Expertise’ – what it means and how we can claim it for ourselves. In this episode, you will hear: The...


51: The Politics of Marketing - Shannon Stone

Marketing is the cornerstone of any business or brand’s visibility. Once upon a time marketing was all about printed newsletters, physical events and even direct mail. Digitization has changed that dramatically over the past 20 years. Shannon Stone is a business and marketing consultant who specialises in digital marketing. Working 1:1 with brands and businesses, Shannon is the support system that uses her expertise in Marketing to grow businesses. Shannon is here to discuss The Politics...


50: The Politics of Authenticity - Joanne Schonheim

Being authentic is what we all need to do more of, according to my guests Joanne Schonheim, who prefers to be anything other than average and always strives to achieve her version of success on her own terms. Growing up in family businesses spanning three generations, Jo preferred sitting in on Board room conversations to sitting outside playing with dolls. By 25, Jo had lived on three continents, circumnavigated a mid-life crisis, started her own award-winning business and married her...


49: The Politics of Happiness – Alex Dawson

Happiness is the number one goal many people the world over strive for. However, few obtain in its truest sense. It seems that at the heart of it, we all know no amount of accolades, money, toys or lovers will be the final fix for us to be happy. My podcast guest today is Alex Dawson, who co-founded a company called Positive Scenario, and has become Australia’s only accredited trainer of ‘The Happiness Advantage | Orange Frog Workshop’ program, and he works with business leaders and groups...


48: The Politics of Money - Melissa Browne

If there ever was a topic that could equally excite, distress, motivate and polarize it would this one – MONEY. My guest is Melissa Browne is a woman who has devoted her entire career to the financial world – namely as an accountant, then expanding to invest in other enterprises like a new preschool and her latest venture The Money Barre. She is a well-known author for several memorably titled books such as ‘Fabulous but Broke’ and her latest which (close your ears kids) is called ‘Unf*ck...


47: The Politics of Gender - Bec Brideson

Gender is something that defines us from the very second we are conceived. The doctors declare us a boy or a girl once we enter this world and for most people it remains that way from birth to death. It also creates a lifetime of complexity, in how we are spoken to, what perceived societal value we have, how much money we are likely to earn and even whether we can get an education. This podcast explores ‘The politics of Gender’ and my guest is a woman called Bec Brideson, who for over two...


46: The Politics of Low Tox Living – Alexx Stuart

Everywhere we turn these days there is a new fad around ‘cleaner’ eating or secrets to living a healthier existence. My guest today is Alexx Stuart, a speaker, writer, podcaster and lox tox living expert – she is also soon to add author to that list of tags. Passionate about her purpose, Alexx has grown her business organically, no pun intended, but with a clear mission to educate, inspire and share devoid of the usual preaching we often hear from those in the health and wellbeing arena....


45: The Politics of Cryptocurrency - Steve Sammartino

With the hype around Bitcoin in recent times, Cryptocurrency is almost a household name term, wouldn’t you agree? It seems everyone from all walks of life is keen to capitalise on the potential riches that a non-regulated currency such as Bitcoin can produce in very short periods of time. Where do you start in the cryptocurrency world to get some skin in the games, what are the rules and is it all it’s cracked up to be or another dotcom bubble mixed with a second global financial crisis...


44: The Politics of Public Relations - Samantha Dybac

Microsoft founder Bill Gates famously said if he was down to his last dollar he would spend it on Public Relations. Other than journalism, public relations (PR) has formed the most significant part of my career over the last two decades. Meet Samantha Dybac, founder of The PR Hub, a public relations and talent management agency for entrepreneurs and business leaders wanting to raise their profile in the media and be recognized as experts in their field. I talk shop with Samantha as we...


43: The Politics of Leadership - Sonia McDonald

Leadership is a term that has many connotations, some good, some less so – from power and influence to narcissism and dictatorships. Sonia McDonald has made harnessing the best of leadership into her business. She can often be found delivering insightful, personal key notes talks on the subject, or coaching leaders across the country. As the founder of Leadership HQ, an author, e-magazine creator and coach, Sonia has been named as one of the Top 250 Influential Women across the globe, and...


42: The Politics of Creative Learning - Kelly-Ann Denton

Who doesn’t long to be more creative? After all the best ideas in business and beyond are created not copied. Kelly-Ann Denton is the Chief Visual Officer at ‎imagineer.me, an agency which works with The Visual Mind and Neuroscience, in order to guide individuals toward more innovative and pre-determined realities. Kelly-Ann Denton commenced a visual language and visual culture practice in 1993. She has designed visual education and imagination programs for two decades and written...


41: The Politics of Decluttering - Anita Birges

The idea of decluttering excites me. As someone who has moved house over 20 times, it makes sense to keep it simple. In fact I dream of residing in a hotel one day. Meet Anita Birges, who makes a living from organising others. Anita has completed her Professional Organiser Training, and is a registered member of IOPO (Institute of Professional Organisers). She is a former real-estate agent with a diploma in Property Styling. Anita is a regular media presenter and commentator. Let’s get...


40: The Politics of Startups - Sue-Ellen Watts

Start-Ups are everywhere in the current business landscape, but how many of them are profitable, sustainable or even around five years after they launch? Some of the more conservative statistics say that over 50% will fail. Sue-Ellen Watts or Sel as she is known by many –is a successful business leader, entrepreneur and a real start-up champion. Her first business wattsnext has been from start-up to grown up phase and her latest venture Scrappi was founded in Silicon Valley in September...


39: The Politics of Interiors - Emma Blomfield

Who doesn’t love the feeling of walking into a beautifully designed house, hotel or workspace? Interiors can ignite feelings, create memories and even affect how productive we are on an everyday basis. Today I am interviewing Emma Blomfield, an accomplished stylist and author who has creatively reframed how we view Interior Design. She has taken her sharp design knowledge to the masses with pragmatic, innovative solutions to living in style, no matter your budget or lifestyle. She has...


38: The Politics of Business Innovation - Anneke Van Den Boek

Anneke van den Broek is the Founder and CEO of Rufus & Coco, Australia's fastest growing and most awarded pet brand. Launched in 2008, the company is re-shaping the pet industry by offering ranges of well-branded and packaged product, covering horses to hamsters and from pet grooming tools to vitamins. Anneke has capitalized the global phenomenon of people viewing their fur babies or pets as humans and part of the family. Prior to running Rufus & Coco, Anneke ran a high-flying corporate...


37: The Politics of Persistence – Emma Veiga-Malta

At first glance, the story of Emma Veiga-Malta may appear pretty ordinary. A mother who has launched a successful creative business from her artistic studio, while raising a family and supporting her husband’s career is not so special these days. Emma is the founder of Bespoke Backdrops, a design company changing the world of video backdrops one brushstroke at a time. However, to gloss over her story is to miss the pearls of wisdom for us all. Emma has lived a real-life tale of riches to...


36: The Politics of Fitness – Lizzy Williamson

Getting fit and staying fit is high on the agenda for many people the world over. However, often sickness, work and family responsibilities get in the way of our regular exercise program. My guest today is Lizzy Williamson, a former dancer turned social media sensation and author of her first book called ‘Two Minute Moves’ which smashes the myth we don’t have time to get fit. She has a backstory that will motivate and inspire you too. In this episode, Lizzy explains: The Politics of...


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