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The Maine Cannabis Report Live: Medical Marijuana - March 15, 2018

Staff reporter Penelope Overton and an experienced panel discusses one of Maine’s newest growth industries: medical marijuana. The panel explores what business opportunities exist in this market, how the caregiver network has evolved, proposed state legislation and rules that could transform the industry, and how the launch of Maine’s recreational market could impact patient access, demand and business opportunities. On the panel: Catherine Lewis, chair of the board, Medical Marijuana...


Maine Voices Live: Tim Cotton

Detective Lt. Tim Cotton runs the Bangor, Maine Police Department’s Facebook page. In the span of three years, with a little help from the Duck of Justice, Tim Cotton has grown the department’s following from 10,000 to (almost) 275,000—more than eight times the population of Bangor. He's now the Criminal Investigations Commander within the department, but he still makes plenty of time for social media. Tim Cotton was interviewed by Portland...


Business Breakfast Forum: Tax Cuts – Help or Hindrance?

President Donald Trump signed The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law on December 22. How will this affect Maine businesses? Hear from a panel of Southern Maine’s business community about the changes that they have seen thus far in 2018 and what they expect in the coming months. Are businesses changing their incorporation status? Will Maine lawmakers seek conformity between Maine’s corporate taxes and the new federal rates? Press Herald business reporter J. Craig Anderson...


Business Breakfast Forum: Cybersecurity and Privacy

All businesses need to protect their networked assets, and securing customer data from the start is a top priority for best practices. Small businesses need to consider what services are worth the investment… and what schemes are worth anticipating. Hear from experts about the best strategies to retain and grow your business during a time of rapid technology development. Moderated by business editor Carol Coultas. The panel today is: Durward Ferland. He helps lead information assurance...


A meeting with the mayor

Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling pushes back against criticism of his leadership style with his own critique of the media's focus on personality and what he sees as a failure to engage in issues that matter to the city, in a conversation with Editorial Page Editor Greg Kesich.


How the Maine People’s Alliance is cracking the code

In 2016, a victory at the polls for a substantial minimum wage hike was a small bright spot for progressives in what was an otherwise devastating election. Now, some of the same people behind that referendum were able to pass a Medicaid expansion law over vocal opposition from Gov. LePage. Hallweaver is the legislative director for the MPA and she discusses these policy successes, progressive politics in general and the organization’s next big goal— a state-wide referendum on a universal...


Whose opinion is ‘Our View?’

After a more tense than usual municipal and state election season, host Greg Kesich and assistant editorial page editor Sarah Collins answer questions from readers about how the Press Herald Editorial Board makes endorsements of issues and candidates. Then, co-host Bill Nemitz unpacks his Sunday column that decried misleading use of the Press Herald logo in a candidate’s mailer. He feels it represents a trend of hard-edged political tactics in and around City Hall.


Telling the story of the Girl in the Next Room

At 12 years old, Sarah Perry woke up to a fight in her home. When she got the courage to leave her room, she found her mother brutally murdered—and would have to wait more than twenty years until the killer was found. She spoke with reporter Kelley Bouchard about After the Eclipse, her memoir about life before and after the crime. Bouchard reveals the difficult responsibility of covering both brutal violence and personal stories. Also in this episode, Kesich and Nemitz take a few moments...


'Compassionate Caveman’ Mike Violette cheers as Portland progressives ‘eat their own’

A huge school construction bond along with ballot questions that could block future rent increases, no-cause evictions and some developments have created divisions that are playing out in a three-way race for an at-large city council seat. Violette, a West End resident, observes how a liberal city can get mired in infighting if there are no Republicans around to take advantage. Violette also shares why he voted for Trump, despite never loving his personality.


Sex and power in the workplace not limited to Weinstein’s Hollywood

Now that Senator Collins has officially decided not to enter the governor’s race, host Greg Kesich, columnist Cynthia Dill, and marketing project manager Molly Adams talk about the influence a moderate politician could have in such a politically divided time. They also break down the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and why, despite the familiarity of his behavior, it has shocked us into a new national conversation about sex, gender, and power. Finally, Greg talks with Megan Doyle,...


Maine used to be a blue state. What happened?

Editorial Page Editor Greg Kesich and columnist Bill Nemitz sit down with Roy Lenardson, a longtime Republican strategist. He has worked with conservative candidates and causes for more than two decades, and is currently sharpening the message for gubernatorial candidate Mary Mayhew and the anti-casino Vote No on 1 campaign. Lenardson explains his theories about why elections in Maine have become less predictable and pulls back the curtain on how he frames the issues that that will...


Podcast: Democrats are lining up to face Poliquin in Maine’s 2nd District

This week on the Podcast, politics reporter Scott Thistle joins Editorial Page Editor Greg Kesich and columnist Bill Nemitz to talk about the political dynamics in a race where no one really knows how the votes will be counted. And ranked-choice voting is just one of the, “multiple messes on multiple fronts,” the state government will confront in the months ahead. Related stories: LePage was to meet with Trump today in Washington Lucas St. Clair enters race for Maine’s 2nd Congressional...


Opinion: Party or parties? Maine Democrats try to patch the cracks

What are the issues that bring Democrats together and what are the ones that drive them apart? What are the lessons learned from election losses in 2010, 2014 and 2016? Will the enthusiasm of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign show itself in Maine politics? Bill Nemitz and Greg Kesich spend some time with Ben Grant to dig into those issues as the state gears up for the next gubernatorial election.


Hillary Clinton’s book, the Democratic Party rift, and Trump’s negotiating skills

Hillary Clinton’s new book “What Happened” is her reflection on the 2016 election, but critical reception suggests some people wish she would keep her analysis to herself. Dill and Nemitz try to define the ideological division within the Democratic Party without using the names “Hillary” or “Bernie,” and discuss whether Trump’s immigration deal with Democrats is a new negotiating tactic or more of his predictably unpredictable political style. Related stories: Trump crosses aisle to...


News and opinion: Residential referendums in Portland and the Republican political spectrum

In November, Portland residents will vote on two ballot questions driven by citizen initiatives. One would allow resident input during the re-zoning process for new construction. The other would create a number of new rules for the city and its landlords with the goal of stabilizing rising rents. Randy Billings has been covering both issues. Host Greg Kesich and columnist Bill Nemitz discuss different political philosophies within the Republican party, both in the Maine governor’s race and...


Listen to Sen. Collins tell her side of the health care vote to reporter Joe Lawlor

Host and editorial page editor Greg Kesich is joined by health care reporter Joe Lawlor and columnist Bill Nemitz to talk about Republican Susan Collins's position on health care policy that put her in the middle of the ACA debate and on the edge of her party. Related stories: Sen. Collins likely to be at center of Obamacare fixes Susan Collins withstood intense pressure, ultimately voted against health care repeal Bill Nemitz: Whine about insurance? For many Mainers it's really about...


Opinion Podcast: Confederate statues, LePage's stationary, and the week in Trump

Host Greg Kesich is joined by columnists Bill Nemitz and Alan Caron to discuss the history that statues teach, Gov. LePage's propensity for penning personal notes, and to analyze a presidency that is like no other. Plus, Nemitz previews his upcoming column on a class-action lawsuit against Poland Spring. Related links: Bowdoin relocates Confederate plaque LePage pens notes to those critical of his stance on Charlottesville Lawsuit says Poland Spring water is mislabeled because it...


Opinion Podcast: Charlottesville riots, the long life of American Nazism, and where Sen. Collins has the most power

A few days after the violence in Charlottesville receded, our panel gathered to discuss the waves of social change and unrest in recent American history, including the arms-length relationship political parties have long-held with racist voting blocs. Then, as the more and more candidates throw down for the Governor's race, Alan Caron takes a stand and asks Susan Collins to stay in Washington. Related links: Alan Caron: The nation needs Susan Collins Lewiston-born white supremacist...


Good sportsmanship gone bad, election fraud, and cell phones in your car

Our columnists take a final look back on the 2017 Beach to Beacon, and Cynthia Dill makes the case that our good feelings were misplaced while watching the viral moment of sportsmanship, Bill Nemitz shares a behind-the-scenes, bipartisan, bonding story from Secretary of State Matt Dunlap's time on Trump's Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, and then they all predict the future of using a cell phone in your car in Maine. Caution: hot takes ahead. Related stories B2B Maine winner...


News and Opinion: Marijuana regulation, food trucks, and Sen. Collins in the spotlight

Since Maine voters approved the legalization of marijuana for recreational use last fall, there have been a lot of changes and updates to exactly how the state will regulate recreational marijuana industry and business. Reporter Penelope Overton gives a play-by-play of recent rule-making in the legislature and explains how the laws will apply to home and commercial growers when they are implemented sometime next year. And our columnists have projected and predicted plenty around Senator...


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