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A movement to encourage civility and respect when engaging in discourse between people of differing viewpoints regarding the areas of politics, religion, relationships and so much more! Martin Luther King championed the Civil Rights movement - this is the “Right to be Civil” movement.

A movement to encourage civility and respect when engaging in discourse between people of differing viewpoints regarding the areas of politics, religion, relationships and so much more! Martin Luther King championed the Civil Rights movement - this is the “Right to be Civil” movement.


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A movement to encourage civility and respect when engaging in discourse between people of differing viewpoints regarding the areas of politics, religion, relationships and so much more! Martin Luther King championed the Civil Rights movement - this is the “Right to be Civil” movement.






Goodbye For Now

The Purple Evolution Podcast is taking an indefinite hiatus.


Episode 29: The Silent Majority

We know what the right stands for. We know what the left stands for. But what about the majority of Americans who are somewhere in the middle? And are there more in the middle than we realize? The media glorifies the fringes on either end – often making us believe that we are at war with one another. But when we really look at the numbers, most of us are not so polarized – we’re just trying to make a decent working wage and live a comfortable life. We even wish the same for our neighbor. So...


Episode 28: The Misery Compromise

The Missouri Compromise was, among other things, a way to “table” the debate of allowing slave states into our nation. The MISERY compromise, on the other hand, is how many of us think about budging toward letting our “opponent” get what they want - especially when we KNOW they’re dead wrong! Of course, our opponent knows we’re dead wrong as well. So, is compromise a good thing or a bad thing? Or is it neither. Some folks say that compromise is the only way toward a peaceful society while...


Episode 27: Billboard Wars

They’re everywhere! Signs, signs, everywhere a sign. Sometimes they’re billboards, sometimes they’re church marquees. But no matter the look – they don’t hold back. It seems everyone has an opinion to share and some paint to make it known to all who pass it on the street. But how purple are these signs? Armand and Doug show specific examples of these signs (many of which are politically motivated) and break them down into levels of civility. Do you agree with their assessments? Watch, listen...


Episode 26: David Meyers Interview: Fostering Care

What does the foster care system have to do with being purple? Apparently, everything! And, not only that, but it’s proving to be a more purple system in the social services than just about any other. Seasoned lawyer David M. Meyers meets with us to discuss the need for (and often successful integration of) purple ways. Foster care seems to demand a purple approach if those involved really want what’s best for the families. Are there other occupations like this? Can we use the foster care as...


Episode 25: Laurie Safford Interview Part 2: What Does A Purple Conversation Look Like?

Part 2 of this purple conversation between right and left ideologies picks up where we left off; this time including subjects such as: American Jobs, Media Power, Censorship, The Supreme Court, and so much more. Tune in to see if you believe they handled themselves in a "purple" manner. The topics are hot - but did the personalities remain civil?


Episode 24: Laurie Safford Interview: What Does A Purple Conversation Look Like?

What does a “purple conversation” really look like? How does it sound? Do all parties get their needs met? And what exactly ARE the needs in a conversation between two people whose views will probably not change due to the ex-change – regardless of the color of the conversation? This may even beg the question “why bother at all?” Our solidly conservative guest, Laurie Safford, goes toe-to-toe with Armand (our decidedly liberal host) on topics such as the recent election, the Capitol...


Episode 23: Dian Killian Interview: Non-Violent Communication

Is it possible for all parties involved in a disagreement to get their needs met? Dian Killian, certified trainer with the international Center for Nonviolent Communication, offers a resounding YES! Founded by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., NVC believes that all actions are a strategy to meet needs – and that conflict resolution can be achieved with ease if those needs are understood and acknowledged. Dian discusses with Armand and Doug the basics of NVC and offers a big picture vision of the...


Episode 22: Blinders

Doug, Armand and Angelina investigate the power held by two of the most debilitating traits that keep Americans divided: wearing blinders and pointing fingers. Blinders are part of the bridle we fit ourselves with in order to only see what we want to see and finger pointing is an industrial strength ratchet that tightens the blinders. But how do we loosen the ratchet and remove the proverbial bag over our head?


Episode 21: Happy New Year 2021

Wow – what a year! 2020 is in the rear-view mirror and 2021 is upon us – apparently ready to start with a vengeance! Armand, Doug and Angelina discuss the past, present and future regarding how Americans act and respond to monumentally significant current events and the consequences of the chosen behaviors. There will not be a pop-quiz but bring your notebook – purple (and non-purple) examples will be on full display!


Episode 20: Daryl Davis Interview: The Klan Whisperer

Hailed as one of the greatest Blues, Boogie Woogie and Rock ’n Roll pianists of all time, Daryl has performed and shared stages with legendary greats such as Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Dave Brubeck, Willie Nelson, Aretha Franklin and so many more. But music is only one of his passions. As a black man, Daryl has made it his life’s mission to find out how people could hate him simply because of the color of his skin. Going directly to the source, he asked KKK members that...


Episode 19: Confirmation Bias

Facts are facts. Or are they? Where DO we get our facts from and do we sabotage ourselves by only receiving information from outlets that will support our theories? We may say that confirmation bias is “other people’s” problem but do we go out of our way to listen to viewpoints that conflict with our own? If we won’t listen to the viewpoints of our adversaries, how can we expect them to listen to ours? Is this causing more friction than necessary in America’s political arena? How about in...


Episode 18: Extending The Olive Branch (Fascists and Snowflakes)

Well, the election is over. Pretty much. Some recounting to complete but, for the most part, people are moving on with their new reality. So, what does that look like? Have Biden supporters earned the right to gloat? Do Trump supporters get a free pass to revolt? Is it any particular group’s responsibility to submit a peace offering? And, if so, whose? Does the possibility of reconciliation even exist anymore – or has that ship sailed? Armand, Doug and our very special guest discuss possible...


Episode 17: Election Eve

‘Twas the night before the election And all through the land Not a rally remained Thank God! It’s here. The election is upon us. Come tomorrow night, we will be rid of campaign commercials and… well… isn’t that enough to celebrate? But what will become of us? Not the country – but us as individuals. Where do we go from here? No matter who wins, there will be a lot of work ahead; work to change ourselves, not just our country. Armand, Doug and a very special guest discuss the real...


Episode 16: The Rebel Flag

Does the rebel flag represent slavery and/or bigotry? Should the rebel flag be allowed to fly in government spaces? Can the rebel flag be a simple sign of southern pride without condescension or hate? These questions are investigated and answered by our listeners during an intriguing conversation about symbols and meanings – and the emotions they elicit.


Episode 15: Supreme Court - Supreme Conflict

What is “fair” in politics? Is “fair” even a word that should be associated with politics? Has our society gotten to the point of such polarization that we no longer even attempt to do what’s best for the majority of Americans – but rather what’s best for “our side?” The newly vacant seat on the Supreme Court has spurred much debate on the appropriate actions to take in filling it and questions regarding the law of the land vs. personal integrity are now being asked more frequently than...


Episode 14: Live From Kenosha

In the immediate aftermath of the tragic events in Kenosha, WI, Doug traveled there for work and was able to talk to many of the city's residents. We then opened up the phone lines to The Purple Evolution Podcast and spent hours upon hours listening to different opinions on what transpired; from the original shooting of Jacob Blake to the protests, riots and looting and then the killings by Kyle Rittenhouse and his lawyer's self-defense plea. Committed to being Purple, we used this episode...


Episode 13: Does Intent Matter?

Does intent matter? Have you ever had someone get so frustrated with the semantics of what you said that they overlooked what you actually said? Were you trying to be generous and they mistook you for being judgmental, picky, lazy, contemptuous, or… fill in the blank? Were you shocked that they missed the big picture and focused on a seemingly small detail of how you voiced your thought? Have YOU ever done this to someone else? Be honest. In today’s political climate, our judgments seem to...


Episode 12: Tim Bottorff Interview: Sex, Slurs, & Scrabble!

What’s a word’s worth anyway? Well, these days it’s more than the “Q” and the “Z” combined on a triple-word-score! Or so describes one of the top Scrabble players in the country, Tim Bottorff. A mild-mannered librarian by trade (well, not so mild – he’s the Rosen Library department head at the University of Central Florida,) Tim puts on his linguistics and etymology cape at night and takes the English language by storm. And playing Scrabble on the competitive circuit (yes, there is such a...


Episode 11: Cancel Culture

“Cancel Culture,” or the purposeful derailing of another’s career, reputation or even life is becoming an epidemic in America. Why now? Where does this attack mentality stem from? Boycotting is a form of protest but Cancel Culture seems to go beyond the protesting of a person’s product or service – it protests the person; denying the leeway to make mistakes. And many of the words or actions that act as the impetus for cancellation are not even offensive to the masses but, rather, the...