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Let's stop flipping out and start flipping legislative seats! A weekly conversation between three progressive activists in Texas. Segments include: "Political F*ck, Marry, Kill," interviews with special guests, and "Did Y'all Know?" fun facts. Plus, we'll offer some simple, straightforward "Sh*t To Do" to turn Texas blue. Hosted by Rouser: Becky Bullard, Ashley Cheng and Kristen Gunn.

Let's stop flipping out and start flipping legislative seats! A weekly conversation between three progressive activists in Texas. Segments include: "Political F*ck, Marry, Kill," interviews with special guests, and "Did Y'all Know?" fun facts. Plus, we'll offer some simple, straightforward "Sh*t To Do" to turn Texas blue. Hosted by Rouser: Becky Bullard, Ashley Cheng and Kristen Gunn.
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Let's stop flipping out and start flipping legislative seats! A weekly conversation between three progressive activists in Texas. Segments include: "Political F*ck, Marry, Kill," interviews with special guests, and "Did Y'all Know?" fun facts. Plus, we'll offer some simple, straightforward "Sh*t To Do" to turn Texas blue. Hosted by Rouser: Becky Bullard, Ashley Cheng and Kristen Gunn.




Gina Ortiz Jones throws shade at Will Hurd re: kids at the border | Psst, you might not get in trouble for pot RN | Republicans hate healthcare | Jen Ramos, #1 Young Democrat in TX

Trigger warning: In this episode, we discuss some personal experiences with attempted suicide during our FMK segment. If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please PLEASE please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention hotline: Plus, shero Gina Ortiz Jones throws shade at Will Hurd for not showing up for the kids at the border. We also learn about why a whole bunch of Texas counties aren't prosecuting possession of "the Devil's...


Happy birthday, USA! Let's do democracy: register voters, help your precinct chair (or become one!), get yoself to the Dem Convention. With Brittany Switzer of the Texas Dems.

We love America so hard it hurts! In our 4th of July week ep, we talk about good ways to do democracy... like starting right in your neighborhood by becoming a precinct chair, registering high school students, or joining the Meme Army (whaaa!). Also, is the next best thing to online voter registration, and their new map tool helps you funnel voter reg funding to your neighborhood or anywhere you want for only $1/voter!


The babies at the border and how you can help them with special guest TX Rep. Mary González and guest host Cheasty Anderson

If all you can think about this week are the babies at the border who have no toothbrushes, soap, or even diapers, this is the episode for you. We were desperate to understand what was happening to child migrants and how we could help, so we made an episode all about just that. Plus, in a surreal twist of fate, Becky's pansexual stan Texas State Rep. Mary González (who inspired her to come out on last week's pod) represents the district where the Clint facility is (the one in the news this...


Pride Special! | Becky comes out | Erica Nix, Briona Jenkins & Charlie Bonner do FMK the queer way | Save the drag queens | Gay bunnies

GAY RIGHTS! In this special Pride episode of The Rabble, three of our queer heroes, ahem QUEEROS, take over "Political F*ck, Marry, Kill" -- all the love to Erica Nix (Workout! with Erica Nix), Bri Jenkins (Out Youth and the Queer For It pod), and Charlie Bonner (MOVE Texas and also the best parts of the Internet, generally). Plus our very own Becky comes out! (surprised face emoji)


Pod Bless Texas/The Rabble Crossover Episode! | "Never have I ever" with Kendall Scudder and Lillian Salerno | We salivate over Whataburger shoes

Like that time ALF landed on Gilligan's Island, we beamed ourselves up to the Big D for the Texas politics podcast mash-up of the millennium: The Rabble meets Pod Bless Texas! We got to know our new friends Lillian Salerno and Kendall Scudder over a bottle (or 3) of champagne and a revealing game of "Never have I ever." Plus, we join in the fun of everyone's favorite Pod Bless Texas segment, "OBSESSED!"


Awkward Ted Cruz/John Cornyn 3-way F | Supermajority co-founder & shero Jess Morales Rocketto! | TX ain't "The Friendly State" for homeless folks

The ladies of Rouser discover MATH foreplay. Tr*mp tries to take away avocado toast from millennials, and we’re shocked at which Texans actually stood up to him. We find out Barbara Jordan and Ladybird Johnson were the coolest besties-with-a-cause ever. Plus, we're obsessed with Supermajority co-founder Jess Morales Rocketto, who shares with us how (spoiler alert!) women are going to save democracy.


Drunk (recent) history: 86th TX lege edition | We learn why "vote blue no matter who" is B.S. | Max Lars, Chief of Staff for the TX House Dem "Freshman of the Year "

We drinking game-ify our wrap-up of the 86th TX lege, so pour yourself a local craft beer (that you can now take home from the brewery, thanks to one of our highly fuck-able bills!) and join us. Plus, we get to talk with Max Lars, one of the 13 African American chiefs of staff who served in this legislative session -- the most in Texas history. Oh, and? He was the one running the office of the Texas House Democratic Caucus's "Freshman of the Year," John Bucy. Fire emoji Plus, we learn how to...


Hell week in #TXlege | A dirty Ted Cruz f*ck | Dear Rep. Stickland: Boy 'bye | Progressive strategist Kolby Monnig explains WTF is "sine die"

The 86th Texas Legislature is about to gavel out, y'all! We learn about zombie bills, WTF "sine die" means, and how special sessions are made with founder of Blue Ocean Strategic Solutions and former legislative staffer Kolby Monnig. Plus, did Ted Cruz do something f*ckable? We'll let you decide. Becky shares her experience testifying before a Texas House committee for the first time, and we start to look beyond the legislative session.


Gird your uterus! | <3 A'shanti Gholar of the Brown Girls Guide to Politics <3 | The voter suppression/low-voter turnout infinite loop

Gun safety and voting rights and abortion, oh my! The end of the 86th Texas Legislature is just a few days away (May 27!) so things are moving at lightning speed over at the Capitol. It's hard to drink from the drama firehouse at this point, but we're trying! Super organizer and Annie's List powerhouse Shellie Hayes-McMahon filled in for Ashley this week and dropped some serious truth bombs about local elections, why representation matters in our cities, and how those of us who aren't people...


Help a mother out | Social justice activist Cluren Williams talks Sandra Bland | Art as activism | Jail is no place to be pregnant

We made a Mother's Day episode without even meaning to! This week we're keepin' pregnant women out of jail, creating art for moms and kids awaiting their asylum hearings, advocating for medical cannabis for more Texans, and trying to protect black and brown lives from an unfair criminal justice system. Good thing we didn't wear mascara today.


Young peeps savin' the day | Internet holes FTW! | 1922 lynching victim gets a proper memorial | First-time school board candidate Aisha Ojha

This ep accidentally became a tribute to young people because youngin's are doing ALL THE DANG THINGS, Y'ALL (except voting in local elections, derp. Let's please change that this Saturday, May 4, mmmmmkay?). Here's where you can find info about the May 4 local elections:


Did we just talk to our next prez?! #SheThePeople2020 | Ashley does Dallas | Even the word "marijuana" is racist

We share our experiences from inside the #SheThePeople2020 presidential forum in Houston and also what it was like to be in the media "gaggle" talking to candidates (spoiler: not all candidates are treated equally). Plus, we are pumped about the possibility of cannabis decriminalization in Texas, we are Dallas's #1 fans this week for so many reasons, and we're frustrated about how poor kids aren't being treated well in Texas.


(LIVE!) We play "Westeros or Texas?" | Must-hear anti-conversion therapy testimony | Young Democrats 4eva

On this week's first ever LIVE podcast, recorded at the Austin Young Democrats meeting at Cheer Up Charlies, we debuted a new game (of thrones) we call "Westeros or Texas?" There are some forehead-smacking similarities... We heard that progressive advocates are being out-organized at the Texas legislature by conservative extremists (YIKES) and how we can start showing up better. Plus, we interviewed one of our ALL-TIME FAV young Democrats, Mason Reid from Texas Rep. James Talarico's office...


Gun nuts - now even McNuttier | Beto's '18 campaign manager Jody Casey on parenting & politics | Pink spandex v. InfoWars

Grab your popcorn, 'cuz this week's episode is full of drama. We get into the soap opera of Texas gun extremists vs. "mainstream" Republicans, plus we hear about how Tony Tinderholt wants to kill women (and missed his calling for the WWF), Ashley dance-battles InfoWars in a pink spandex leotard, and Beto's former campaign manager Jody Casey joins us to talk about parenthood and politics. And so much more!


Wendy Davis 2020 (zomg) | Is unwanted hair-sniffing ok? | The TX House gets As (except Stickland) | No more guns on toilets plz

We try to maintain our cool while interviewing shero Wendy Davis about her plans for 2020, lessons learned from 2014, and how a "painfully shy" book-loving little girl grows up to become a modern feminist icon and rabble rouser. Plus, we wade into the "Creepy Uncle Joe"-infested waters and discuss intent vs impact. And we get a primer in how our Texas schools get their dollar bills and learn about HB3, the most comprehensive school funding legislation Texas has passed in decades (no thanks...


April 1 | RBG's notorious retirement party | Road trip to Pound Town | I don't vanna Ivanka

We have major FOMO re: RBG's notorious retirement party. But we console ourselves by planning a road trip to historic Pound Town (formerly known as Dripping Springs). And more!


Dick Pic-Free Zone | OITNB actress Ashley Jordyn on #StartByBelieving | Stop the anti-LGBTQ SB17 | Gerrymandering, the board game!

This might be our fav ep so far. We welcome OITNB actress Ashley Jordyn to talk about #StartByBelieving day April 3 and how we can support survivors. We are FOR HB2789, which would make sending unwanted dick pics a crime, and we are AGAINST SB17, which would make it easier for bigots to discriminate against the LGBTQJ+ community.


In the weeds on marijuana | A love letter to Texas | Let's stop paying for baby jails | We fangirl "Pod Save the People"

Everything you always wanted to know about marijuana policy in Texas but were too stoned to ask. Plus, we write a love letter to Andrea Grimes and her "Texas is the last stop" Medium piece, we get inspired by DeRay McKesson of "Pod Save the People," and we explore whether telling the stories of asylum-seekers who are under attack by the Tr*mp administration amounts to "tragedy porn."


Beto! Beto. Beto…? Existential presidential thoughts | We have a period f*** | We talk to presidential hopeful Andrew Yang

On this episode of The Bachelor, oops, we mean The Rabble, Beto finally gives America a rose. Do we accept? Plus, we gush about people doing good work in the world of periods, and…! We interview presidential hopeful Andrew Yang about what sets him apart from the rest of the crowded field.


Nancy Pelosi was here | "I had an abortion and I ain't sorry" | We fangirl over Rep. Talarico's whole office | Save the mamas

ABORTION! It's okay to say out loud. Special guest Zoraima Palaez from the Texas Freedom Network shares her story with us. Plus, we go heart-eyes for Nancy Pelosi's visit to Austin and fangirl out over Rep. James Talarico's efforts to support "The Whole Student" so our kids can succeed not just in school but in life. Plus, we learn about ways to keep Texas mamas from dying in childbirth. Also... unicorn onesies!