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Episode 99: Genetic medicine w/ Ethan Weiss, drug industry infighting, & a microbiome review

Can biopharma police itself? Who decides whether something's a disease or a difference? And will fecal matter ever become a drug?


Episode 98: Les Funtleyder on biotech investing; the Zolgensma lottery & billionaire philanthropy

What's the right way to give drugs away? Is $3 billion even a lot of money? And when is biotech hype justified?


Episode 97: Fake outbreak news, treating coronavirus, and biotech's Mount Rushmore

Is peer review underrated? Can biotech stop an outbreak? And would you mind giving us a call? We're coming up on the 100th episode of this podcast, and we're using the occasion to actualize our long-held dream of running a call-in show. Dial us at 617-517-6130 and leave a message with any question you'd like us to answer on the podcast, and you may just hear it on air in the coming weeks.


Episode 96: A chemist breaks bad, the latest on the coronavirus, and pharma’s slow Bern

Is it wise to lie to the feds? Is pharma taking Sen. Bernie Sanders seriously? And what constitutes a "public health emergency of international concern?"


Episode 95: The latest on the China virus, Sarepta's ongoing FDA saga, and biotech at Davos

Are we dealing with a SARS redux? Has the FDA lost its teeth? And what do billionaires talk to each other about?


Episode 94: EQRx's Alexis Borisy, Stephen Buck on his website for cancer patients, and a JPM recap

Why weren't there any big deals announced this week? What does the word "equivalar" mean? And why is information about prognosis so hard to find?


Episode 93: Josiah Zayner on getting canceled, good news in cancer, an Ebola vaccine saga

Does pharma deserve more credit? Will history forgive He Jiankui? And how does a laboratory eureka become a lifesaving vaccine?


Episode 92: The decade in breakthroughs, the year in bad CEOs, and the viruses that cure disease

Which drug defined the decade? Who's the worst CEO in biopharma? And how does gene therapy actually work?


Episode 91: CAR-T's future, an alarming cancer trend & Chris Garabedian on Sarepta's FDA legacy

Has CAR-T lost its luster? Why is colorectal cancer on the rise? And did the FDA forever change in 2016?


Episode 90: Biogen's big reveal, hot takes on Alzheimer's, & the science of one-eyed sheep

How do you know if a "positive" study is positive? And how did one-eyed sheep lead to a drug for certain cancers?


Episode 89: Warren's awkward home front, a dwarfism drug, and the sound of STAT Summit

Can Sen. Elizabeth Warren ever go home again? Is it ethical to make little people taller? And when will AI come up with a new drug?


Episode 88: Dr. David Sable on an alarming genetic test & Jorge Conde on the perils of bio-Twitter

Do you trust Google with your health data? Is "Gattaca" an outdated reference? And what's it like to get dunked on?


Episode 87: Derek Lowe on China's new Alzheimer's drug, blockbuster fish oil, & STAT's birthday

Why hope for China's new Alzheimer's drug turned into skepticism ? Is three a crowd in CAR-T? And what's a Bionomy?


Episode 86: Drugs that don't work, wearables in the desert, & excess 'innovation'

When should a drug be pulled from shelves? How do you pronounce "HLTH?" And how does Ann Coulter decide what to tweet?


Episode 85: Every angle on Biogen's shocking Alzheimer's news

What exactly is Biogen doing? When is a press release worth $12 billion? And what should patients make of whiplashing news? We're devoting this entire episode to Biogen's stunning announcement that aducanumab, its once-discarded treatment for Alzheimer's disease, is getting a second life.


Episode 84: CRISPR with Netflix filmmakers, Pharma's future in China & where VC dollars come from

Should drug companies be free-speech advocates? Is your retirement dependent on CRISPR? And how useful is a glow-in-the-dark dog?


Episode 83: How biotech VC works w/ health care journalist Maggie Fox, Vioxx and synthetic biology

STAT's Matthew Herper joins us to dig into the history of the infamous pain drug Vioxx and a new effort to bring it back as a rare disease treatment. Then, we discuss how the synthetic biology industry is growing up and getting corporate. Finally, health care journalist Maggie Fox dials in to explain her deep dive on venture capital in biotech.


Episode 82: Drug shortages with Dr. Ben Davies, congressional paralysis & biotech's foul mood

Does impeachment have a pharma angle? Who's to blame for drug shortages? And why is Wall Street down on biotech?


Episode 81: Vaping upheaval, DNA test dynamics, & the future of genome editing

What do we talk about when we talk about "vape"? Are there limits to business of DNA testing? And how hard is it to get yourself CRISPR'd? STAT's Megan Thielking joins the gang to break down a major week of news in the world of vaping and STAT's Sharon Begley relates the story of a desperate patient seeking off-the-books genome editing and its implications for the future of medical research.


Episode 80: Unicorn growth spurts, Amgen's future, & mice on Twitter

Who puts horns on unicorns? How do graying drug companies find green ideas? And what would mice tweet?