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164. The Dog Face Pony Soldier Race with Bloomberg, Bernie, Buttigieg, Biden...

Banks and Shane recap the happenings of the Democratic Primary for President since Iowa. Is Buttigieg the new favorite? How will Biden capitalize of his new found comedy career? Is Bloomberg colluding with the elites? Check out the POTP #545 >>> bit.ly/potp_545 and Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod Bernie? Who's Bernie?


163. What? Two Anti-Federalists in One Week!? Papers 13 and 14.

You read it right, Anti-Federalist 13 and 14 are here to provoke you're inner Rebel-osity. We hope you enjoy, you're welcome and thank you. Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod


162. The Anti-Federalist Papers 11 & 12.

Banks and Shane get snowed out, but nothing can stop The Rebellion! The prophetic Anti-Federalist return with installments from the 11th & 12th papers.


161. Lincoln Chafee, Jo Jorgensen and Co, More LP Interviews.

Banks and Shane round out the interviews of candidates for the Libertarian nomination for president with three candidates: Lincoln Chafee >>> lincolnchafee.com Jo Jorgensen >>> joj2020.com Erik Gerhardt >>> erikgerhardt2020.com Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod


160. Brexit, Farage, God Save the Q... Wait What?

We've talked about it before and it's finally here, Britain has left the European Union! Or has it? We talk about the details, the sentiment on the ground and the de facto leader of the movement, Nigel Farage. We also look at the future of the EU and their "President" Ursula von der Leyen. Check out her full nomination speech (English dubbed) >>> bit.ly/tr_uvdl and Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod


159. Adam Kokesh and Dan "TiT" Behrman, the LP Interviews.

Two more candidates for the Libertarian nomination for President site down with us to talk about their ideas and their strategy for liberty. First a Combat Vet with a rather novel idea, Adam Kokesh >>> kokeshforpresident.com and on Twitter >>> @adamkokesh Then, the guy with the middle name that says it all, Dan "Taxation is Theft" Behrman >>> behrman2020.com and on Twitter >>> @DanForTexas


158. Imitators and Imposters: Milk, Guns, Libertarians.

We open up the show with a special message from Shane that you don't want to miss and a recap of the LP Convention/party politics. Then Virginia, what has happened since not so racist and completely peaceful Second Amendment rally? Finally, did you know you can't believe everything the free market tells you and why the government can help! #DairyPride Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod Episodes mentioned: Hannah Cox / Death Penalty >>> bit.ly/tr_79


157. The LP Interviews Continue, Joshua Smith and Co.

Banks and Shane are joined by a slew of candidates running for office under the Libertarian banner. Check them out (in order of appearance) here: Joshua Smith for National LP Chair >>> @JoshuaAtLarge Ryan Graham, current Georgia Chair >>> @Graham4GA Mark Whitney for President >>> markwhitney.com Martin Cowen for Congress >>> cowenforcongress.com Sam Robb for President >>> samrobb2020.com Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod


156. Jacob Hornberger, the LP Interviews.

Banks and Shane talk the candidates vying to become the Libertarian Party's nominee for president in 2020. We start out with the great Jacob Hornberger of the Future of Freedom Foundation. Learn more >>> jacobforliberty.com and fff.org Then, Blake Ashby, a former Republican who contends that we need "democratic capitalism" to fix America and a more practical approach to libertarian ideas. Learn more >>> Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod


155. The Sh*t Show, with Gervais and Brother Hazel.

Brother Hazel returns to the show for a special episode of pop culture, beer and a lot of hard work on Shane's part to blip out all the explicit commentary. We focus on Rick Gervais' seriously funny, and seriously serious performance at the 2020 Golden Globes. Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod


154. Credit Where Credit is Due.

We could all imagine the worst when we heard of the retaliatory strikes from Iran, but the worst didn't happen, on the contrary. We listen and talk about Trump's press release and comments from Sarah Sanders, Thomas Massie, Matt Gaetz, Mike Lee, Mike Pompeo, and Nancy Pelosi in response to war powers. Read House Resolution 83 >>> bit.ly/hcr83, Check out spendingtracker.org and Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod


153. War with Iran, Where Does it End? Part 2.

Part two episode on the recent developments following the targeted strike killing General Soleimani. Where is the war propaganda coming from and who is consistent? Then we make the mistake of diving into the comment section on social media. Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod Full show notes >>> bit.ly/tr_153 Episodes mentioned: 97. Iran, The Sound of War in the Gulf >>> bit.ly/tr_97 141. Scott Horton >>> bit.ly/tr_141


152. Iran's Soleimani, an Assassination to End the War? Part 1.

We christen the new temporary studio with a two-part episode on the recent developments following the targeted strike killing General Soleimani. How loud is the war propaganda, and why you should be skeptical when claims come with no explanation and no proof. We listen to Trump's PR and we talk about the Constitutional implication. Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod Full show notes >>> bit.ly/tr_152 Episodes mentioned: 97. Iran, The Sound of War in the Gulf >>>...


151. Is Wholeness the Answer to Changing the Course of History in 2020?

The first episode of the year with a continuation of a less political side of The Rebellion as Shane and Banks discusses the value of wholeness and the steps you can take to change the course of history. Plus a little politics sprinkled on top towards the end. Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod


150. Top 10 Favorites from 2019, Gifts, Life Hacks, Youtube...

It's a Christmas episode as we veer off from the usual political track to focus on some fun from 2019. Don't worry there's still a bunch of liberty crammed in, and some unavoidable politics. Banks and Shane give their list of 10-ish top favorites from 2019, including gifts, life hacks, youtube channels, podcast episodes and more. Merry Christmas with friends and family and may the New Year bring you Liberty and Peace. Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod Favorites mentioned...


149. You Better Have a Bachelor's and Be Nice to Cops, Or Else.

First, with student loan debt at $1.5 trillion (view the numbers here >>> bit.ly/sld_f2019) we discuss the value of the piece of paper itself with insight from Elon Musk and former Rep. Charles Gregory. Then, AG Barr thinks that if we aren't careful in our consideration of law enforcement they may not "protect and serve" us anymore. Finally, a look at retiring Sen. Johnny Isakson's farewell speech. What's important to an establishment politician of 45 years? Support the podcast >>>...


148. Hornberger, Military Conscience, the Cannabis/Gun Conspiracy.

Banks and Shane take a look at one of the favorites for the LP presidential nomination in 2020, Jacob Hornberger where they discuss his take on foreign policy, specifically what it does to active duty military and veterans. Then we discuss the cannabis/gun conspiracy. Are States using legal cannabis to deny gun rights? Read the ATF letter >>> bit.ly/atf_canna2a Finally a new grant proposal might offend some. Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod


147. Transitioning Children, Sex, Gender, Definitions... the Not a Debate.

Follow up on episode 136. Transgendering Children in America the Debate. >>> bit.ly/tr_136 with friend of the show, Stephen Johnson who came on the show, not to debate, but to question and clarify points and continue the conversation of the subject of children transitioning in America. What are the proper definitions? What's the science? Where is the culture? Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod


146. Long Form with Candidate, Donald Schmidt.

A long form conversation with candidate for Georgia's State House, District 103 in the 2020 Republican Primary Election. If you are, or know a candidate who wants to come on the podcast, regardless of party, send an email to >>> info@rebellionpod.com, Check out Donald's website >>> donaldforgeorgia.com and Support the podcast >>> patreon.com/rebellionpod


145. Expose China, Disobey Gun Laws, Trust Wikileaks, Buy Gold.

Clarence Thomas clickbait comment about liberals being Klansmen. Look at US Senate appointment in Georgia and how the MAGA crowd is reacting. Then, we talk about sanctuary second amendment counties and Rep. Stewart Jones' lastest bill to open up currency competition. Finally a look into the Wikileaks, 403 pages of documents exposing China's internment camps for Uyghurs/Muslims. Read the script for returning children >>> bit.ly/nyt_wiki_china and support the podcast >>>...