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45. France, What's Really Going On? George H W Bush and Justice.

What do we know about the "gilets jaunes" protests? Why did it start? What are their demands? And is it getting worse? Then we talk about District Attorney-elect, Rachel Rollins from MA, who has made a list of crimes, and fantasy crimes, she will not prosecute. Is she playing politics, and does it hold up to the scrutiny of time-tested principles? Lastly, we discuss the legacy of George H W Bush, and why both sides are the aisle are praising his service. Support the podcast >>>...


44. Polls Against Humanity with Ocasio-Cortez in the Congressional Dorms?

We open up with Shane's imminent trip to the land of strikes and protest (France) and discuss the quality of alternative media. Then, is anyone really a surprised that democratic socialism cheerleader Ocasio-Cortez capitulated? Maybe Pelosi found her a place to sleep, but it better not be in the congressional offices, that's just wrong. Or is it? Finally, as further proof that the free market is basically the greatest, Cards Against Humanity hatches a plan to Save America! >>>...


43. Smythe Duval, Extensive Conversation, Voting, Elections, IT Security and Privacy.

Smythe Duval, Libertarian candidate for Georgia Secretary of State joins the podcast for one of the most extensive conversations about voting, voting machines, voting systems, IT security and privacy, election law, Smythe's origin story, why we have secret ballots... et cetera. We also discuss the details of the Georgia gubernatorial election featuring Brian Kemp, and Stacey Abrams. Which main party candidate has the moral high ground? Support the podcast >>>


42. The Runoff is Over, War in Yemen Continues and Congressman Swalwell Wants to Nuke Gun Owners.

After lawsuits and a recount, the GA7 race is finally over. Banks and Shane discuss why they stayed out of the election. Then a series of Trump tweets. Will the white house prosecute anyone for treason? An extensive look at the war in Yemen through the US' long relationship with Saudi Arabi and tariffs are back in the news with the latest jobs cut by bailout darling, GM. Finally, we take apart Democrat Swalwell's assertion that gun owners hate children, law enforcement and should be...


41. 71Republic's Matt Geiger, CEO, High School Student, Journalist, Libertarian.

The back story on how high school student and Libertarian activist, Matt Geiger and a handful of 12 to 18 year olds founded 71Republic, a media outlet focused on unbiased news and alternative editorial spin. Check out their work >>>


40. Top Movies About Rebellion.

Need some great movie recommendations? Meredith returns to the podcast to talk about top movies about rebellion on this Friday after Thanksgiving. Banks and Shane discuss their top picks and reveal favorites from our listeners on social media. How is it that there are so many good movies about liberty vs tyranny, yet too little of that spirit in the real world? Are there kids movies about rebellion? Support the podcast >>>


39. Michael Maharrey, Author, Podcaster, Tenth Amendment Center Communications Director.

From typical conservative Republican background to nullification activist, Michael Maharrey tells us about his political evolution and why the principle behind the 10 amendment is so important. We debate whether individuals are predisposed to liberty and if so why? And finally a look into his podcasts, Thoughts from Maharrey Head and GodArchy. Follow him @mmaharrey10th and learn more >>>


38. Criminal Justice Redemption, War in Yemen and Felons Voting.

After a quick update on the yet to be resolved GA7 race, Banks and Shane jump into Trump's support for the First Step Act, a broad criminal justice/prison reform bill with bipartisan and celebrity backing. Then why voting isn't a right, and following referendums in Iowa and Florida, should felons be allowed to vote. Finally, a recap of the ongoing war in Yemen unconstitutionally facilitated by the US military and calls to end refueling that could save lives. Support the podcast >>>...


37. Voting is Not a Civic Duty and Your Skin Color Shouldn't Matter, Midterm Elections Part 2.

Banks and Shane tackle both extremes of the value of voting. Is voting a civic duty or does it make one guilty of supporting everything the government does? Wisdom from Lysander Spooner helps us debunk both assertions. Also, has identity politics gone too far? Is your skin color, gender or other demographic relevant to the proper role of government? Finally a quick look at the latest in entertainment politics, Trump vs Acosta. Support the podcast >>>


36. The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime, Midterm Elections Part 1.

With the dust settled from the midterm elections Banks and Shane look at the results. Did stalwart liberty candidates Amash and Massie win reelection? Was it a blue wave or a red tsunami, and how did libertarians play into the mix? At the end of the day, what does winning look like in an age of entertainment politics? Support the podcast >>>


35. Veterans Question Foreign Policy and Military Spending.

Veteran B1 Pilot and Air Force Academy Graduate Scott, joins the podcast in the first of what will be an ongoing series of conversations and storytelling with veterans. Intertwined with Scott's anecdotes and insight, we discuss how military spending can get out of control and hypothesize why. Then we jump into the subject of war, the Constitutionality thereof and why veterans from all branches are taking the moral high ground. Support the podcast >>>


34. History of Cannabis Prohibition, the War on Drugs and Harry Anslinger.

A comprehensive look at the history of cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs in America. When and how did it start, and who is responsible? Sharon Ravert shares her and her daughter's encounter with law enforcement, illustrating the potentially horrific consequences for a "normal" family. What is the position on cannabis of candidates for GA Governor? Libertarian candidate Ted Metz joins the podcast for a short interview. Learn more >>> and support the podcast >>>...


33. The Purge, Violence, the Migrant Caravan and NPCs.

As the social media purge continues on Facebook and Twitter, alternatives like Minds look to fill the demand for freer platforms. Following a request to explain what NPCs are, Banks and Shane analyze the Honduran migrant caravan subject without hyperbole or party politics propaganda. Is it an invasion? What does immigration look like in a free society? How does welfare change things? Ending with a long-form discussion about violence with a clip of John Brennan. Support the podcast >>>...


32. Jacob Leddy, Libertarian, Pragmatist, Musician and Texas Congressional Candidate.

A young candidate from Texas joins the podcast to talk about his race for US Congress. The in-depth interview covers his entrenched opponent, how he got involved in politics, immigration in a welfare state, the drug war, gay marriage, civil asset forfeiture, foreign policy and his disillusionment with the national Libertarian Party. Mixed into the episode you'll find a lot of laughs and some surprises, like the name of Jacob's band. Are you ready for Leddy? Learn more >>>


31. Cannadabis and the First Recording with Meredith Hazel.

Banks and Shane discuss Canada becoming the second country to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide. It's really punny. ;) Then the first recording of the spinoff podcast as Meredith Hazel returns to The Rebellion. Behind the scenes, Hazel edition, the future, kids, possibilities and love. Support the podcast >>>


30. Austin Petersen, Candidate, Rebel, Freedom Ninja.

Former Presidential and US Senate Candidate Austin Petersen joins The Rebellion to give an update on what he's been up to since the primary. We talk about Austin's background, his religious views, and how he keeps a positive outlook in politics. We finish with his take on Trump and now legendary lighting round. Follow him on FB, Instagram and Twitter @AP4Liberty and support the podcast >>>


29. Kanye West, Hillary Clinton, Demographics and Voting Out of Fear.

A listener driven episode as Banks and Shane answers questions, expanding upon voting out of fear, the ramifications thereof and why thinking more is the solution. Speaking of more thinking, we talk about Kanye's visit to the oval office and his support of Trump. To finish, clips of Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder as more proof that Democrat elites care more about winning than anything else. Support the podcast >>>


28. Pat McGeehan, Author, WV State Delegate, Air Force Academy Graduate.

How does a West Virginia State Delegate fight unconstitutional wars? Pat McGeehan joins the podcast to talk about HB 2168, "Defend the Guard" that would prevent overseas deployment of the State's National Guard without an expressed declaration of war from Congress. We also talk about Pat's latest book, "Stoicism and the Statehouse", where he draws upon the Stoic philosophy, and the story of Cato the Younger in an aim to advance the principles of liberty. Buy the book on Amazon >>>...


27. Comedy in Politics and Culture, Fantasy Crime and Leftist Violence.

Banks and Shane jump down the rabbit hole of comedy in politics and culture with clips from Hannibal Buress, Samantha Bee, Michelle Wolf, Dave Smith and Joe Rogan. When does political humor cross the line into political propaganda, and are jokes just funny or can they lead to interesting insights and dark truths, even about something as innocuous as jaywalking? Also in the episode; a Joe Biden warning, leftist violence and an update on the podcast. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter...


26. Lyn Ulbricht, Mother Turned Activist.

Lyn Ulbricht, mother of Silk Road founder, Ross Ulbricht, joins the podcast to give an update on the case, promote the petition for clemency (86,000 signatures to date) and talk about everything she has been doing to bring awareness to questions of privacy, due process, sentencing, relevant to anyone who loves liberty. Learn more >>> and sign the petition >>>