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Real talk with bestselling author, journalist, and rabble-rouser Remso W. Martinez and friends. Support this podcast:

Real talk with bestselling author, journalist, and rabble-rouser Remso W. Martinez and friends. Support this podcast:


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Real talk with bestselling author, journalist, and rabble-rouser Remso W. Martinez and friends. Support this podcast:






Check out On the Run w/ Remso W. Martinez

Remso has a brand new series at the We Are Libertarians network! Subscribe today for brand new episodes--> --- Support this podcast:


When to Quit a Job (and How to Get Kicked out of Malls)

STORY TIME! Remso gives you a rundown of signs you should quit your job, and also explains how he was kicked out of five different stores in five days. --- Support this podcast:


How Not to Bomb a Book Signing!

The Do's and Dont's of book signings! Advice for authors and non-authors alike. --- Support this podcast:


The Inner Peace Episode

You probably didn't want to hear more stories about when Remso was either unemployed or a make-up salesman, but this one isn't nearly as depressing. Learn how he learned to stop being such a bitch, the lesson he learned from buying a fake watch, and ultimately what having a grateful attitude can lead to. You won't be disappointed, and if you are, that's your problem, you could have just gone and listened to literally anything else. --- Support this podcast:...


Why Tulsi Won't Be President

What started out with high hopes is crashing and burning before our very eyes, so Remso covers the three main factors that have contributed to the eventual downfall of the Tulsi Gabbard presidential campaign. --- Support this podcast:


10 Life Lessons I Learned in College

Despite my horrendous GPA, I did actually learn some things in college which have helped me become a (hopefully) better person as a result. Now, based on audience demand I discuss some harsh truths to provide you with laughs and wisdom, all at my expense. --- Support this podcast:


Floating and the Electric Technicolor DMT Machine

Sometimes the hippies get things right as Remso learned during his first float therapy session in the mysterious (not so mysterious) "sensory deprivation tank." Also how a strange lamp can create a DMT like experience. All that and more in this episode! Read Remso's original article "Floating and the Electric Technicolor DMT Machine" which was featured on's Mindfulness section: ---...


Working Your Terrible Part-Time Job w/ Dignity

There are a lot of listeners transitioning from college to the real world who are about to get a wake-up call this year. Remso talks about how he learned through being a mall cop, makeup salesman, and GameStop cashier how he began to value his money, look for alternative opportunities, and discover dignity in the act of work. Also, he talks about how he almost screamed at a customer's kid one time (haven't we all wanted to scream at another person's kid once or twice?). --- Support this...


Leadership Lessons and More From Star Wars: Rebels

Remso discusses an article covering the five main takeaways from the Star Wars: Rebels series. From leadership skills to personal development, there is a good amount of wisdom to gain from the Star Wars universe. Article discussed --- Support this podcast:


How to Sell to Strippers and the Importance of Sales

You're not the best looking, you're not the funniest, but by Thor's hammer you are capable of doing one thing and one thing to keep you from begging for nickles on the streets... in the rain... in the winter... in the worst part of town- SELL. Remso discusses the jobs that taught him the importance of sales, the magical "Law of Averages", finding your target market, and taking "no" for an answer. --- Support this podcast:


Your Blog is Unread and Your Podcast Will Fail

What does it mean to work twice as hard for half the results? What does it mean to demand respect when you discuss something if you have no credibility? How many podcasts launch each year and fail? Remso talks all of this and so much more in this episode --- Support this podcast:


War on Cash takes a turn, Wuhan zombies, and "off the record" snafus

MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY.... Remso is here with a rundown of stories you should keep an eye on. Articles...


'Give up and sell drugs'

Remso is back and is surprisingly sober and employed. New episode with bad advice, cringe stories, religion, and some other stuff worth listening about. --- Support this podcast:


Richard Obenshain: A Spirit of Fire

This week Remso is joined by author Joel Hensley, who recently published his debut book "Richard Obenshain: A Spirit of Fire." They discuss the legacy of one of the conservative movement's underdog heroes who would go onto inspire a generation of Virginians years after his passing, even helping pave the way for the Reagan Revolution. Get a copy of the book here: Articles...


OJ Simpson for President

Remso and Brady from the No Gimmicks Podcast ask whether you'd trust AOC or OJ with a baby? Whose hotter, ACO or Tulsi Gabbard? and who the Hell are all these Democrats running for POTUS? Also, support Remso's Indiegogo for his next book "How to Succeed in Politics (and Other Forms of Devil Worship)"--> --- Support this podcast:


Larry Sharpe is going #FullSharpe in New York and Beyond

Former 2016 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate and 2018 Libertarian nominee for Governor of New York, Larry Sharpe, joins the program to discuss lessons learned from the midterms, his advice for LP candidates, his goals for the year going forward, as well as some additional insights into the 2020 presidential field. Check out Larry's sites: Donate to the "How to Succeed in Politics (and Other Forms of Devil Worship)"...


Remso Goes to a Moms Demand Action Rally (and Rants with Tim Preuss)

You're just gonna have to listen to find out. --- Support this podcast:



Great news for fans of Stay Away From the Libertarians! --- Support this podcast:


Brian Nichols and Remso Enter the Twitter Endgame

Libertarians beware, we are a people with no nation now since Twitter has made it very clear they just aren’t that into us. Oh, and Brian Nichols is back too. --- Support this podcast:


Federalist Writer Assumes Libertarians Can’t be Christians

A piece written by the managing editor at the Federalist assumes you obviously can’t be a Christian and a libertarian, right? Oh, and the angry Christians want to steal back the public square… with strongly worded arguments! Learn what’s up in this episode. Read the original article here --- Support this podcast: